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40 Hadiths on social justice: Hadith #4 – To Seek Or Not To Seek Leadership

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big announcements. Number one, if I could ask to someone to make sure that if the kids get loud in the room behind me that if someone can voluntarily,

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you know, take care of them inshallah.

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And that's pretty much it. We are at my favorite personal lesson in the entire series. And the reason being, particularly when we're talking about methodology when we're talking about men hedge, and what it means to have a methodology of social justice. This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions, if not the most frequently asked question that comes up. Should I pursue a form of leadership? Or should I pursue a position so that I could bring goodness to my society? Sometimes it's genuine and sincere, and sometimes it's a trick of shape on and sometimes it's a mix of the both. Okay? But there are so many practical lessons that we can take from just this question.

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And there's something unique about this week last week, and next week inshallah, that all three of the ahaadeeth that we will be starting off with, are narrated by the same person who remembers who narrated last week's Hadith on the scrolls of Abraham scrolls of Ibrahim alayhis salam. And I said he's a companion that frequently asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam meaning he frequently goes to Yasuda Allah for quarterly catolica I asked the Prophet slicin um, and he said to me, this, abou, el Rifai, about the Allahu taala and who so last week's Hadith was narrated by Abu Dhabi. This week's Hadith is narrated by Abu Dhabi. Next week's Hadith is also narrated by Abu el montay Allahu

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anhu. He's a very special companion. He comes from the tribe that was known to be a tribe of highway robbers that was known to be one of the most difficult tribes in Arabia, which is the tribe of leaf on the father literally, were a group of thugs. All right, you didn't want to go through their neighborhood, you didn't want to get into it with them. And even though without all the low tide It was a was was a Muslim, at the time of persecution, and he went out and announced his Islam at a time when it was dangerous to do so when the people started to beat on him for going out and reciting the Quran or announcing Islam and above the low tide and who came out when they started

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hitting him and he said, You guys better watch out woe to you. Don't you know, this is a man from when he fought and they all backed off. Because even when he was a CIO, he wasn't guarded or protected. In Mexico when he came to accept Islam because he was from the nobles. He was guarded because people feared the man's tribe. So he came from a very, from a rough background, entered into Islam. And his name was actually many people don't know this and sometimes it shows up in Hadith literature and it catches you off guard, his name was actually joondalup. Abu Dhabi is the Kenya jujube lfra around the Allahu taala. And, and I want to say something about Abu Zubaydah before we

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get into this discussion, okay, because I believe he's been mentioned in every class so far, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said about the law of China and human on one little hollow, what a continental US document a visa that the Earth has not carried, nor has the sky shadowed or in nor has the sky covered, and then more trustworthy, and truthful than above, without us document of either a man who has that much sincerity and truth. And so it is an intensive form of sincerity. So there is no man more truthful and sincere than this man about the allowance, which makes the Hadeeth that we're going to narrate that much more peculiar. The title of this chapter is to seek or not to

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seek leadership. So here's the Hadith. Without the law of title, he narrates, call a call to Yasser Allah. He said, I said to the Prophet, sallAllahu, wasallam Allah testimony, aren't you going to use me in any way and what he means by that? Aren't you going to appoint me as a leader in some form of public office? Aren't you going to give me a position?

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And who is not asking for his ego? He's asking I mean, clearly the profits lies on him testify to his internal purity, that there is no man with more subtle, more truthfulness than this man inside of him. So he wants to be used, he is genuinely inquiring for the sake of Allah subhana wa tada so that he can be in a position to do more good for the sake of his religion. He says that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam found Ba ba ba de Allah men, QB McCall, that he put his hand on my shoulder, like the Prophet slicin put his hand on my shoulder to console me to tell me something. And he said to me, yeah,

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in naked life. He said, Oh, without, listen. You are a weak man. We're in a manner. And this leadership position is a trust. The prophets lie. Some use the word trust, Amana. We're in

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Yo metal pm it is young when Adam and on the Day of Judgment it will be disgrace and remorse. Now what have we been talking about? Mmm when either the man who was under or the woman we said because he mom can be extended, the leader who's under the throne of a loss of Hannah Montana, the people that have the monopoly of the pulpits of light, but those are the few that are able to make it with the test of leadership, just as the majority of the people have held are wealthy and the majority of the people of heaven, the people of Paradise, are poor, but those who are wealthy and you know the prophets lie, some said Lavanya shocking that the rich, grateful man, or the rich, grateful person

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is just like the man Zilla thought Mesaba, just like the one who's patient who fasts, meaning there'll be wealthy, righteous people, but they are the minority of the people of paradise. Likewise, with leadership, the minority of those who take a position who ended up in some form of position will end up being incredibly honored, intense, you know, intense, with intense honor on the day of judgment and honor that that would cause everyone to envy them. But at the same time for the majority of people the profits why someone says it is a cause of disgrace and remorse. What in the hell mill piano tea is the one when Adama lm and other her be happy here? What are the lie, the

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profits license that except except for the one who fulfills its obligations, and properly discharges its duties attentively. So a person who observes its obligations and fulfills its obligations here, that'd be happy means that they didn't acquire the position in an unjust way that they acquired it the proper way. And so it really refers to the means by which a person assigns to that position, a sense to that position, and then how they deal with that position. Okay. So they discharge their duties with attention, another Hadith, which is in the same spirit, that one is narrating Sahih Muslim, this one also is a Muslim by the way in other collections of without all the alongside and

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who said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah already? He said, he said to me, yeah, about in the urraca wife and he said, Oh, I was out I see you to be a weak man. He says what in me or him Buddha, Mohammed enough. See, I'm not he said and I and I love for you what I love for myself. what's the what's the effect of the profit slice? I'm telling you out of that? Why do you think he's Why do you think he's telling him that after calling him weak? Why do you think he's telling him that

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like, I'm not trying to insult you? This is not to put you down it's because I love for you what I love for myself Meaning what? I want salvation for you. I want you to succeed in the market. I want you to have gender. So I'm not telling you this out of you know, to put you to I mean, it hurts to be called weak by the prophets Isola. That would hurt like imagine the prophets license stood in front of you and said in Mecca Latif, you're a weak person. So that would hurt him. But the Prophet slicin um, has his hand on his shoulder and says, Listen, you're weak. But I love for you what I love for myself. I'm not telling you this to put you down and listen to what he tells sets up

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without all the Allahu tada annual. He says la de Marana Allah His name. When they enter allamani a team he said, Don't ever find yourself in a position where you're in charge of two people. Like No, I'm not just talking about public office. Don't ever even be an immediate of two other people don't ever be in a leadership position. And don't ever be entrusted with the money of an orphan with the wealth of an orphan like so how about the first one is like you can't be a governor. This time the prophets lifetime is telling him Don't even find out.

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Sooner you appoint a leader amongst you make sure you're not that one. Even though you are the most truthful man that's ever walked the face of the earth. Somehow this is seriously puzzling. All that taqwa all that righteousness, all that piety in the prophets, I'm tells them you are not qualified to ever be in a leadership position. And he says, I love you. And that's why I'm trying to protect you. Interestingly enough, when the profits license I'm setting the a lot of time off for the last time to Yemen to be a leader. He said, Yeah, more out in the book. He said, Omar, I love you. So he loves one person. So he puts him in charge. He loves another person so he withholds the leadership

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from him at his salatu salam. And that's from his wisdom. And there's a lot of wisdom in this subject and shout outs and hopefully, it will be coherent as we try to go through all of the different Hadith and ayaats about this and the way that our scholars spoke about it. Number one, this tells us something very important that the Prophet slicin him said, the first form of injustice you need to fight is the injustice of yourself. Meaning what you need to protect yourself from being in a place of injustice, if by getting put in a position

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You're gonna solve other people's problems, but then you will become problematic. And you will start to fall into injustice, and you will start to ruin yourself, it's not worth it, it is not worth it. So it starts with yourself and your and you know, and making sure that you are not going to do something that's going to ruin your afternoon. No glory in the world is worth the humiliation of the hereafter. Nothing is worth the disgrace of the hereafter. Number two, what did the Prophet slicin mean, when he called up without a week? was up without weak, physically weak? Was that what he was talking about?

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No, that's not what he was talking about. What do you guys think? What does weak mean here?

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Did he have a weak personality? No, he actually had a very strong personality or the allowed angle, which would which would get him into arguments sometimes. Because he had a strong personality, a lot of the amount what they said that it's one of two things. And there are two explanations that I found prominent in the in the explanations, and it was really intriguing to me. So I kept looking shot after shot after shot to see what what does life mean here. So there are two explanations that were most prominent. One is that without have did not belong to one of the powerful tribes. That's one explanation. He didn't belong to one of the powerful tribes so he wouldn't be taken seriously by

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the companions. So he could not be in charge of them. Because he, you know, it was required. But that explanation is not satisfying because the prophets license appointed people that did not come from powerful tribes over others. So to me, you know, the explanation that made the most sense, and Allah knows best that some of their intimate mentioned, they said that the Prophet sly son was talking about his restraint, temper. And that's also from the Hadith of the Prophet sly son when he said, Lisa studied the surah, that he said that the strong person is not the one who is able to overcome his opponents. But the strong person is the one LLVM, Nico nafsa, who and a lot of the one

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who controls himself in his time of anger. And so what the prophet slicin was referring to is that without all the allowance, Daniel, sometimes we would get into arguments and confrontations and he maybe he didn't have the the restraints, that is required from a person that is in leadership and the messenger slicing them was worried about him, compromising his status in the hereafter. And so the prophets lysozyme told them what, without, you will live alone, you will die alone, and you will be raised up on the Day of Judgment alone. He's a fascinating companion, you will live alone, because of without would not he was such an ascetic he was such as that hit, that he was tough on

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the people, including the Sahaba he saw them, you know, getting rich and he got upset, he got angry, and he you know, he said, Why are you guys you know, selling yourself with this dunya. So, without had a particular asceticism, a particular strictness to himself a standard that he held himself to, that made it hard for him to really get along with people. And so he was lived alone and he died alone. He died alone and that's a beautiful story in and of itself, but he died, you know, really alone isolated from the people and the profit slice I mentioned he would be raised up alone in a status of his own. So, yeah, stick to yourself, keep away from it, do not let this position this

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anona ruin you. You have enough with Allah subhanho to add and this is this is this sort of sets the basis for the discussion that we have inshallah Tada, we will try to reconcile these things. Number one, most of the misfortunes of the oma throughout history. And we said that the beauty of Imam when added the reason why the prophets lie, some always mentioned the first category of adjust ruler, is because adjust ruler enables society, to be filled with righteousness and justice. So all the other categories of righteousness really are you know, they become easy to attain under adjust ruler. On the other hand, most of the problems that we have had throughout history as an oma is because of

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betrayal and the pursuit of power and people trying to you know, remove each other and take each other out and people trying to claim authority over others, and people doing, you know, whatever they could to attain that power. That's our history. That's our history. You know, one of my teachers, he said that Islamic history can be summed up in two words, he said he cannot refer to

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betrayal and conquest. It's always one of those two things going on throughout our Islamic history. We're either ruining each other, or we're spreading Islam to the world. It's just it's always somewhere between the two. So he was saying, Pamela, we're always stuck between these two. So most of what corrupts our oma is this pursuit of power. Right, this pursuit of leadership. I mean, massive politics around the country. May Allah protect our messages and your messages to if you're watching at home, may Allah protect our likes.

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Like having to call the police to, to officiate Masjid elections and people beating each other, you know, in massage it like civilized human beings that are doctors and dentists and, and and you know and lawyers and engineers that are so civilized at work, but they will beat each other and massage it and ruin each other's lives over position. So the pursuit of power ruins people within the scope of Dharma, that the ego that would push some people, you know what their inner map Messiah and people that poses are the mountain Messiah all are subject to their ego. And their influence and their and their pursuit of that that prominence, causes them to envy causes them to try to bring

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other people down causes them to hate cause it real everyone suffers as a result of it. So, you know, on the profit slice I'm speaking to him without he's speaking because he knows what will happen to this on what is the profit slice I mentioned, he said, lauscha and ecoman. I'm not worried about poverty with you people. You're not worried about poverty, poverty won't ruin you. So what I'm worried about is what that the dunya is open to you and you start to kill each other and fight each other for it. More people will fight over power than wealth. Right and that and prominence than wealth. So the profit slice, I'm left it open. He also said what a law would protect us from our

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external enemies. A law would protect us from disease, but that's all they know. Their misfortune is between themselves people betraying each other people trying their best to attain power and prominence. And usually, for most people, success entails the failure of someone else. So I need to make someone else feel I need to do this I need and that's nothing but pride and ego and destructive behavior. It's destructive to our spirituality as individuals. It's destructive to our oma collectively. Right? So leadership is important here. And that's really why I put this very early on. So when we talk about what leadership is, first and foremost, what is leadership? The Prophet

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sallallahu wasallam was asked, When is the day of judgment? And what did he say? Either amount of fun positive, Sarah, when trust is lost than await the hour? And they said to the Prophet slicin, on what is, you know, how, how is Amanda? How is trust lost? He said, When authority is given to those who do not deserve it, then wait for the hour, when leadership is misplaced, wait for the hour. So it's, you know, first of all, the prophets lie, some calls it and anana he calls it a trust. Secondly, the prophets lie. Some says that when leadership as a whole is taken away from those who deserve it, in the in both in the realm of scholarship and in the realm of hokum in the realm of

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judgment. So in the realm of scholarship, what did the prophets lie Some say? cub didn't really matter? Not a motivator, not the death of scholars and people can't distinguish people of knowledge from people you know, people have speech anymore. Photography, the nostrils and Johannes after belated InfoWindow of Allah. So people take ignorant people to lead them and they give fatwa, they speak on behalf of Allah, without any knowledge for Waterloo, Waterloo, and they are Australian, they lead others astray. Think about the garbage that we celebrate in our communities. Think about the people that are viewed sometimes as spokespeople for our communities. Think about that, right?

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So in the scholarly realm, and in the realm of hokum in the realm of authority, when these two are gone. Then what happens to what we said about so Fianna thodi Rahim Allah, when he said that there are two people, if they are righteous, everyone is righteous, or everything is good, and if they if they are corrupt and everything and everyone will be corrupt, and Moloch will agree that the rulers and the scholars so this realm is really broadened and includes these two categories of people and it's an Amana. It's a trust from Allah subhanho wa Taala. The first question becomes pursuing leadership as a goal. What are the evidences? What are the evidences when we're discussing this

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concept number one, distinguishing between pursuing leadership as a goal and as a means when Allah mentions to us the MBR the prophets of Allah in the Quran, and obviously they were protected from their egos. They were protected from their egos, and they recognize that the most effective way to enact change in society is from the leadership level. So in suit, a man at his salon asked some loss of Hannah Montana, humbly mill can lie in bed at Adam and Daddy, grant me a kingdom that you would not grant to anyone after me, Grant me this amazing kingdom. It wasn't so soon a man could enjoy this dunya so the man at his salon was wanted it as a means to establish righteousness throughout

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the earth and Allah gave it to him. And so a man died aiza had he died and acetic despite the great kingdom that Allah subhanho wa Taala gave to him. When Yusuf Ali Hassan said to Aziz, he said to the ruler of Egypt, he said a jolly alpha in and out in the alley. Place me in charge of the Interior Ministry of the time. I know what I'm doing, I'm qualified use of honey Salaam salt as a means

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to a greater goal, he wasn't pursuing it as a goal. And he was protected from his ego. When Ibrahim alayhis salaam taught us that there have been a habit dynamic as well as you know the reality and I put about the limit Sakina imagine that Oh Allah make from us for, you know, from our from our spouses and our offspring, make them the coolness of our eyes and make us collectively as imams as people who lead the way. Now granted the leadership here, the imama, according to many of them will first sit in his email and fill hire people that lead and proceed in righteousness. He's really not talking about material leadership. So it seems, but you know, some of the scholars say that is what

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he's talking about. So I'm not saying conclusively, I'm saying that some it could be that that Ibrahim alayhis salaam means by that leaders in height, but the point is, he's not seeking position here. He's seeking the institution of righteousness throughout the earth. That's why when he's building the cabinet with his son, he's thinking about years and years and years later, 1000s of years later, when he's in this barren desert, he doesn't want the gratification of leadership and in his lifetime, he could care less about that. But he wants his leadership to continue, he or he wants that height of the goodness that he brought to the world to continue. Okay, so these people saw it

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as a means and not a goal. So we need to be very clear that leadership as a means is praiseworthy leadership as a goal is where the problem is. And the problem is the big problem with that is it goes back to the individual How do you know if you're pursuing it for for the sake of praise or for the sake of some something worldly? Or if you're pursuing it for the sake of Allah subhana wa, Tada. We definitely don't know that about others. And sometimes we don't even know about ourselves. Right? We're questioning ourselves whether or not we're doing it for a loss of Hannah Montana, in the first place. So it starts off with what? Number one disconnecting yourself. So number one, disconnecting

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yourself from the desire for Lou to be elevated in this world. Where do we take this from? A loss as an antioxidant, Dara ophira and jalahalli Medina Allah you redo gnaraloo and fill out the facade when there are people to attain that this is the home of the righteous this is the this is Jenna, this is paradise. We granted to those who don't seek power riilu elevation status in this world, nor do they see corruption. And victory belongs to those who are pious, those who fear loss penalty are the most. So not desiring. Alou can go hand in hand with leadership. How's that possible? Omar bin Abdullah Aziz Rahim Allah was appointed halifa without his knowledge, meaning what? So they might

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have not did Malik Rahim Allah did a great favor to the oma. He willed that Omar would be his successor. But he didn't tell Omar before he died because he knew that Omar would reject it.

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So he wrote it down he had it witnessed and after he passed away, they came to us and said you're ready for now? And the man who delivered it is Raja heiwa a man Rahim Allah from Gaza. He was scary. He was big man like you're gonna take this khilafah you're gonna do this. And Ahmed have been absent as he says that hold our quota allowable answer somehow he starts to cry. And he says while law he I did not ask Allah for sin one hour Alani. I didn't ask Allah for it privately or publicly. What law he like he's swearing. Yeah, I didn't ask you for this not privately or publicly. And he's so conflicted. How did this happen? You know, it was supposed to go It was going according to the

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brothers, you know, what do you do not have that amount of medication? Why did it come to me What happened here? Right. So he's so he any he swears he testifies? I didn't ask a lot for it privately or publicly. Do you think he's telling the truth? He's telling the truth. So his inauguration speech on the member was what his inauguration speech was his resignation.

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So this means that all sorts of summarizing the law, he said that I've been appointed as Khalifa and I'm giving it up. So you guys choose amongst yourselves. And he gets off the member. You know, what the people do? They pick them up and they put them back on the member. And he literally somehow Allah, this is our thought he literally tried to run away. And they kept picking him up and putting them back on the member and saying, We want you that someone that does not want leadership, but it's being forced into it, right. That's the extreme. I'm not saying that you have to test it every time you get a point as leader, like, are you guys gonna pick me up or not? You're gonna put me back on

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the road or not. You know, I might test that this Juma and say, I'm not giving multiple this week and see if you guys actually picked me up and put me back on the Monday. Right? But you know, he really didn't want it. And eventually you just resigned them. You know what, fine, I'll be your affiliate.

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And he and he and he asked the last offer protection. He tells the people to hold them accountable. And this man is

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Pamela, when he passes and this is very beautiful because he was only 37. He was 25 as the governor of Medina 37 as the halifa. I mean, he's he's a young man. So how to LA he really, really could have been driven by his ego and he comes from a family of rulers. You know, these are his cousins that were horrified. These are his uncles that were horrified like he comes from that family. He's from the Omega dynasty, but he doesn't want and Allah grants him this at his death when he's passing away. When he's passing away, his face lights up and he says what happened behind the hill with Joe and the delays that we will do here in Somalia john is welcome to these beautiful faces that don't

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belong to angels or jinn.

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I mean, I'm sorry that don't belong to Jin are human beings so he's seeing angels face starts to light up? He says, What are these beautiful faces that are entering upon me now? And he recites tilaka Dara Acura jalahalli Latina LA, you redo nalu and fill out the Alfa sada well, alphabet tournament trucking. he recited that verse that this gentleman this paradise is for people that don't seek status in this world.

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He had been halifa for two and a half years, he could have used it. And he could have been corrupted along the way. He didn't want it. He didn't want it before he started. He didn't want it while he was doing it. But he did an excellent job. And there's a lesson in that. It's not like I don't want it so I'm gonna sit at home and be horrible about it. He was so great as a halifa. Then in two and a half years, he rectified a mess. I mean, put the woman it's golden age in a way that it would not see until the timer si son comes back. He put it in its golden age. So he didn't want it spiritually. But he did his best other hobby happily her. Right. He did. He took it by its right.

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And he discharged his duties properly. But even at his death, he says what? This is what he's reciting he dies reciting this ayah he dies resigning This is so he never pursued or knew. He never pursued the sense of status in this world. And that's that that's the lesson to take from them. that none of these people wanted it as a goal Abubakar or the alarm on who's the most qualified candidate for her refund history. And I went back and tried to deflect.

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He said, here's, here's our beta choose one of them. He tried to deflect it. Right. But he was so he was the unquestioned Khalifa at the time. So not wanting it, but being forced. And what does that mean? So this is the second thing What if you're not, you know, what's the difference between? or What does it mean when you don't want it but people are asking you to do it. This is where it's natural, the Alon who comes as normal, the long time who was told by the prophets lie Selim, there will come a time when people will ask you to resign from your position. And Allah gave you that position, said Lufthansa commission comma sakalava. Do not take off a garment that Allah dressed you

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with the wisdom of the prophets lie some don't take off a garment that Allah put on you. So if you are put in a position rightfully and people try to take it away from you wrongfully the profits license said you got to keep it. You do what you have to do. Stick with it. Don't abandon your post. That's essentially what the prophet sighs I was telling him Don't abandon that post. So sometimes you don't want it and it's forced on you. Anyway. Now how do you protect yourself from this it comes back to your own individual self right.

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That's why when the alarm and we'll put signs up we'll pass on the alarm and was the governor of of cufon. And on. The first advice he gave him was half of the other Sala.

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guard your prayers in Mecca in lejana to half enter the mercy of the app. If you lose your prayers, you will lose everything after your prayers. If you compromise your Salah as a result of this leadership, you will lose everything. And one of the easiest one of the excuses you give yourself when you're in a position of leadership. It's such a trick from shavon Sinhala for, for the chef for the Darya for the for the Imam for the for the for the you know, for someone who's who's an activist, one of the greatest delusions of shape on is that your public work, your public work, you know, allows or makes you immune, you don't have to worry about the private stuff anymore. You're no

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longer accountable privately, you no longer have to keep up with your spiritual fuel. And armor is telling sad Listen, I'm putting you in charge. And the first thing I'm telling you is you better guard your prayers. Because if you mess that up, you'll mess everything up. So your connection with Allah has to remain. If your connection with Allah remains your leadership will continue to be for Allah. If your connection with Allah is severed, then your leadership will become about you. So guard your prayers and somehow look what happens to him very successful as as a governor and when you know when when turmoil broke out in the in the

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In the oma when things went went bad and when there was disputes and pfitzner sides of Nabeel cos did what he shunned everything. He didn't want anything to do with it. He went out and he raised sheep in the mountains, went to China and did our built the first Muslims in China, the uncle the profits license last winter, I mean, he completely avoided he wasn't going to compete for it at all. And his son was opposite. His son he had a son named alma amarapura side of Nabila cos who wanted leadership, he wanted to use his dad's name for position. And he goes out to his dad one day and Saturday, class was, was dealing you know, tending to a sheep. And Sayid looked at him and said,

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rubella him and Sheree had an ad I seek refuge in Allah from the evil of this one that's coming to me. He's his own son, because he knows what he's coming to do. And Omar comes to him and tells him Why don't you take your rightful position? Why don't you you know, you, you could be a halifa you could be a governor, you could be all kinds of stuff. Why are you avoiding all of this? And he said to him, I heard the prophets lysozyme. Say in Allah, you have Beloved, Al hafi, I'm sorry, in Allah, you have a turkey, Al hafi, Allah honey, in the law, you have Beloved, at t, alpha,

00:31:18--> 00:31:27

alpha v, l, honey, it's, I might be mixing up the order of the three but he said, Allah loves a person who is tough, he is pious, he fears a lot.

00:31:28--> 00:32:09

He is Kofi, he's hidden from public sight. And he is a honey. He's self sufficient. He doesn't need anybody. So these three characteristics, he said, the prophets license that Allah loves this person who is tukey has piety, that personal connection with Allah, huffy hidden from public sight, and honey, completely self sufficient, right doesn't need anybody. So somehow, these are beautiful words, and he avoided it almost precisely, what are your thoughts on the end? Unfortunately, you know, his pursuit for leadership led him to being with the army that killed him Husayn all the time. That's how badly he desired to be a general or via gov or something. Right? So it's a it's a

00:32:09--> 00:32:38

disaster. So the quest for leadership can literally ruin your spirituality, it can completely destroy you as a person. But when a person removes that and keeps their connection to Allah, then they will only accept a post if it is for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. So the reconciliation how do we reconcile some of the the ID from the serum and Sahih Muslim there are two chapters, one of them is bad, and now here and tolerable imouto will help CLA.

00:32:40--> 00:33:27

It is the chapter of that prohibits desiring a position and an actively seeking, okay, again, it's bad. And now here and followable imara will help see the chapter that prohibits a person from from requesting leadership and being determined to achieve it like actively seeking it. And there's a hadith from Abdullah, Malibu Sumeragi Allahu taala. And who he says that I asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for to be in charge of my tribe or to be in charge of my area. So he said, the prophets lie. Selim said to me, yeah, I'm the Roman law. Email, he said, oh, I've never asked to be in a position of leadership. He says, and this is profound. The Prophet size says, that

00:33:27--> 00:33:35

indicate in order to her, if you are to be given it, and must Allah because you were asked or killed to LA,

00:33:36--> 00:34:06

Allah would abandon you to that position of leadership, you would be entrusted to that position, meaning you would not have the support of Allah, if you are given that position, because you sought it, because you sought it out, then you would be given it but you would, in the process, what you would lose the support of a loss of Hannah to Allah. He says some a lot of money was sent in, or at least to her and the lady must Allah and if you are given the position without asking for it, or internally, Allah would support you in that position.

00:34:07--> 00:34:34

So by asking you forsake what the help the support of Allah Subhana Allah, if you are asked to be in a position, and you take that position, then you would have the aid of Allah subhanaw taala. So the prophets lie some it's very important to know from this Hadith, the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam made made the help of a lot the support of a lot conditional upon what's not requesting it, not requesting that position. If you're given a position

00:34:35--> 00:34:58

and people find you qualified, and they put you in that position, and you take it with the fear of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah would aid you in that position, Allah would support you in that position. One of my teachers he said, I believe it was Danny, having the whole life was beautiful. He said that the most successful halifa was the law. No, because he wanted it or he he despised the position. The most.

00:35:00--> 00:35:37

Like he hated being Khalifa song or he hated the idea of being in position so Allah supported him the most. So all the success that came Under Armour mahapatra de la Han. And when his son when people came to him and said, Your son should be next what did he say said? He said, you know, the he laughs or only one person from from this family should have to go through this burden Enough Enough enough for the family of a hotdog like we're done. I don't want my son on this. I don't want I don't want this to continue as a succession some handla so he he wanted it so little, that Allah helped him so much. So the prophets lie some if you look at this Hadith, he conditioned the support of

00:35:37--> 00:36:10

Allah subhanho wa Taala on the way that a person seeks that position or does not seek that position in the first place. Now another Hadith from Abu Musa about the love of Thailand Oh, no, I'm sorry. I just read that Hadith. Another Hadith. This one is from Earth man. I've been I've been asked risk management. I've been asked about the law and wizards, I asked the Prophet sallallahu wasallam to make me, the Imam of my people. And the Prophet slicin said unto him, you are their Imam. So consider the weakest amongst them.

00:36:12--> 00:36:52

Isn't it a contradiction? This man asked the prophets lie Selim. Make me the Imam of my people. The prophets lie Some said you're their email and consider the weakest amongst them. Okay, so how do we reconcile the Prophet slice I'm saying we don't give this to people that asked for it. And that's another Hadith By the way, were the messengers. Like Sam said, We don't give this affair to those that ask for it. All right, the opposite of campaigning. And in this Hadith, the Prophet slicin said, You are there enough? And remember, no, we put this under another chapter. And the name of this chapter is Bab Cara here till tomorrow be hiree. Laura. Okay, the chapter of hating or you know

00:36:52--> 00:37:32

hating to be in a position of leadership unless it's a necessity. Signal Hi, em, Rahim. Allah reconciles these Hadith in the following way. He says that the prophets lie some of the reasons why the prophets lie, some gave a motto or he gave that leadership to one who asked, but told another we don't give it to those that that, you know, that asked for it is that he recognized the sincerity and the position of his management abilities. He looked at it as normal, you know, in the US. And he saw that his man was not only the most sincere and that he wanted it for a lot, but he was the most qualified. And he says that this man was not even asked was the already pretty much the leader of

00:37:32--> 00:38:07

his people. So basically, the prophets lie some it's after Islam, the Prophet slicin was validating his leadership. So you understand he was already the leader of his tribe, he was already respected, he was already being followed. Now Islam comes now he's who's going to lead the Salah, who's going to be there I muted the Prophet slice, I'm already intended to make him the Imam already intended and make him the leader. So he told him, You are their Imam. And there's another situation that an Imam and no we mentioned, which is the Adnan Hadith, of the Allahu taala, and who the prophets lie, some recognize that he was fit for it. And he recognized that he was already the leader of his

00:38:07--> 00:38:27

people. So the prophets lie, some validated that leadership that was already in place. Alright, it's getting late. So let me try to go through some some points. All right. So seeking leadership, when does it become permissible? Number one, this is a rule. All right. Number one, if people find you qualified, and people ask you

00:38:29--> 00:38:31

to be in a position of authority,

00:38:32--> 00:39:07

you should ask Allah for protection. And you should do it. Unless you know that there is something that really is stopping you from meaning. Unless you really know that there's something hidden from the people like, you know, may Allah protect us, you're guilty of a major sin, but you're keeping it to yourself and you're trying to get over it. Or there's some sort of corruption that people are not aware of, or you know, that there's something in you that would stop you from being a good leader, you know, that some obligations that you have, but if people push you to a position, you should ask Allah for protection. And you should take that position and do right by it, because this is the the

00:39:07--> 00:39:20

methodology that the Prophet slicin wanted to establish in this oma that people don't seek it, but instead it seeks them because the people find them to be qualified and they put them in that position. Number two,

00:39:21--> 00:39:29

it's important for you to not only assess yourself but to ask people that will be sincere in their advice to you.

00:39:30--> 00:39:31

And that will not hold back

00:39:32--> 00:39:40

and telling you whether or not you should do it. All right, meaning what look the prophets lie some out of love for without or said you're weak.

00:39:41--> 00:40:00

If the prophets light, you know, some of us would say that's hurtful. Why didn't the Prophet sighs I'm just saying, okay, you can be the you can be the leader because he loved them. And he told him that he put his hand on his shoulder and said, Listen, I'm telling you this out of love for you, you're weak, you don't belong in a position of leadership. So a person should go and seek those types of advisors if they are

00:40:00--> 00:40:29

approached? And they should they should, you know, be willing to hear the right answer and Don't go, don't go looking for people that are going to confirm what you already do know, go to people that you really know will give you sound advice, and that will give you sincere advice and tell them Look, don't hold back. And if they call you weak, don't punch me in the face right there abiding by the pseudoknot. Let them hear it out from them, but seek that from people. And any moment of Azadi Rahim Allah to Allah He says that,

00:40:30--> 00:41:07

he says that nothing should cause you to take a position except for the truth and nothing should cause you to withhold yourself in position except for the truth. So he says that it's the fear of Allah, that fear of a lot at the end of the day that Scylla that connection with Allah that Omar mentioned to Sarah, that's so essential to a position of leadership. He said, The fear of Allah is what scares a person from refraining or I'm sorry, scares a person into refraining from leadership, when they know that they're not the best for it when they know that they're not the most qualified. So it's the fear of a law that keeps them back. And it's also the fear of Allah, that would make

00:41:07--> 00:41:32

them take it when they see that the job is not being done, and the people are pushing them to it. And they know that they're qualified to do it. So that's also the fear of Allah. It's the hack that motivates them to hold back and the hack that motivates them to go forward. It's the truth, it's not themselves. Well, how do I know? How do I know? There are two things, two questions now? Number one, you have to question yourself, would you only do the work in a leadership role?

00:41:33--> 00:42:11

Would you only do the work in a leadership role? Meaning what if you're not committed to the cause without position and the position is just for your ego? If it's really about the cause, if it's really about doing then you're gonna find a way to work and do things for the sake of Allah, whether you have a position or not. If you only show up to get to work, making the position conditional upon like you've got, I've got to be in a place of leadership replace a position or else I'm not going to do it. And that's problematic. You know, me a lot. And I have to be careful because I know the brother is watching. There's one brother and he knows who he is. In, in. In Muslim, Beckett, where I

00:42:11--> 00:42:41

was in New Orleans, people didn't know when he was or wasn't on the board, because he was always working his you know, just working as hard on he was doing his best all the time. So people thought he was on the board, even when he wasn't on the board. People didn't know when he was voted out when he was voted in and people just assumed because he was not because he was asserting himself. But because Mashallah the brothers always working like whether he had a position on the board or not. He was always in the method, always doing his thing. He could care less about it. And I used to laugh when people would think he's the president of the board. He's not even on the board.

00:42:42--> 00:43:18

So Pamela, and people put them on there and force them on there. That's the spirit that we should have. I'm committed, I'm going to work. If the position comes, I'll do my best with if the position doesn't come, I'm still going to do my best. Right, I will still be present and I will still do my best. Number two. And this is a question that's actually derived from a poem. It's a poem from beloved Buddha. Beloved, the Allahu urashima license something beautiful about Omar bin Abdulaziz. He says, What has he done up here but please leave that you make the most beautiful perfume smell even better?

00:43:19--> 00:43:34

And he says about the Philippines and Canada Hashanah foccacia Rafa, if the philosopher has nobility to it, you just made it more noble. You made the hereafter noble? What does that mean? You have to ask yourself, is the position beautifying you? Are you beautifying the position?

00:43:36--> 00:43:57

Is the position beautifying you? Or are you beautifying the position? Meaning what and this again, on a practical level, very practical level, you know, they have people that make these irrelevant titles relevant by the amount of work that they do, and by the goodness that they bring forth. And they have people that make relevant titles irrelevant because of the lack of work that they do and the lack of goodness they bring to it.

00:43:58--> 00:44:38

Right? So are you beautifying the position? Or is the position beautifying you? Does the title make you or do you make the title? Right? And that's a question that we have to ask ourselves. The last point that I'll make here, and this is one that we often forget in our sincerity, we often forget that sometimes the most qualified for a position isn't necessarily the most religious. Why? Because Above all, had more tequila and more sip and truthfulness than anybody. But he was not qualified to even lead to people. And sometimes we make that mistake where we assume that just because a person has taqwa and just because a person has a lot and righteousness, that they belong in a leadership

00:44:38--> 00:44:59

role. Some people have personality flaws, or they have obligations or things that would stop them from being good leaders. It's not just he's a good brother. She's a good sister. It goes beyond them. Do they have leadership qualities along with them? And this is where we see the wisdom of the Prophet slice on putting everyone in their place. Like the Prophet slice them didn't make cards all the time and who a governor How did belong

00:45:00--> 00:45:37

In the battlefield, the prophets lie some knew who to send to Yemen, he knew who to send to, to Medina, he knew who to appoint in different places, he calculated these things thoroughly, not just on the basis of their righteousness, these are his companions, but on the basis of their qualifications, and how well they would do in those positions. So he chose people perfectly, and is salatu salam, and the Hadith that I'll use here To conclude, and it's it's, it's a funny one, but somehow it has so much humility and and so much wisdom. So the Hadith which is actually narrated Bahati that the prophets lie Selim walked by some people, and they were planting some trees and the

00:45:37--> 00:46:04

prophets lie, Selim gave them a suggestion on how to plant their trees. And when they took the suggestion of the prophets lie, some you know what happened, the tree died. And the fruit stop, you know, like it actually was, you know, it actually wasn't good advice from an agricultural perspective. So the Prophet slicin passed by their garden, he said, What happened to your trees? They said, the law you said so and so. So the prophets, I send them said, Angela RLM, will be Emily dunya.

00:46:05--> 00:46:42

You are more knowledgeable in regards to your worldly affairs. Meaning I wasn't giving you this advice as a prophet, I was giving it to someone just in my own experience of zero on my own experience of planting, I thought, maybe that's the best thing for you to do. But you should, you know, don't feel like you're compelled in this in this worldly affair. And some animal, the Emily dinyatakan, the most religious person in the world ever said, You are more knowledgeable in regards to your worldly affairs. That's a great lesson for us that we should know our capacity. So Aki mala emiliana Anima Katara, Tennessee the prophets license and may Allah have mercy on a person who knows

00:46:42--> 00:47:16

his limits, knows their balance. Just because I'm qualified in this regard doesn't mean I'm qualified in that regard. So if people sometimes people will think you're qualified for something by virtue of your greatness, and by virtue of your nobility, and by virtue of your top one, you have to be able to say, Actually, I don't think I really fit that position. Okay, I don't think I actually should be leading that position. But you're this and you're that's but I also don't have experience in this regard. I don't have knowledge in this regard. You do better giving it to so and so. Who would do it you know, who who's also a good brother, a good sister, but isn't, you know, maybe,

00:47:16--> 00:47:41

maybe, maybe they might not be as not as good as that person is. But still, they have more experience and they also have the qualifications of taqwa and righteousness, they're better in that position. Right? So we need to also understand this when we're allotting positions whether it's to others or to ourselves. May Allah Subhana Allah to Allah guide us to that which is best for us. In our dunya in our, in our Deen May Allah subhanho to Allah.

00:47:42--> 00:48:11

May Allah subhanho wa Taala always put us in the positions that are pleasing to Him And may Allah subhanho wa Taala not allow our new force our egos to obstruct the truth in regards to our own affairs in regards to the affairs of others, may Allah Allah allow us to fulfill the trust that he has entrusted us with in any capacity. I lost parents I forgive us for any shortcomings and not let us be diluted by any of the pleasures or the titles or the wealth of this world. allama mean

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