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The poor have a right

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Mufti Menk

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There is a right that the poor people have in the wealth of the wealthy. Did you know that there is a right? And this is why when you give people who are poor in your society community and you have a massive business, they will pray for you because they know when they walk past your store and they see this big place Mashallah they say Oh Allah help this man, let him do well because some of that money comes to me.

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Two and a half percent shares in that business Subhan Allah, the poor have two and a half percent shares in your business. Do you know that? That's from Allah, whether you knew it or not?

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They are partners. The only thing is, it's up to you to give and you make sure you give the people I know, I have a habit when I know that this person actually gives out in charity. I make sure I go to that business and I make sure that I pay fully and I make sure that I buy as much as I can and I need from that particular business because I know where the money is going.

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It's a habit.