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I was given a sheet on the regime. Smilla Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Marathi who remain my beloved brothers and sisters in Sudan Malik Omar lovely to catch up

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen always and forever and in every situation and condition we begin by praising and thanking Allah subhanaw taala. And we testify that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala and we send our greetings and loves to our beloved Mohamed Salah Salem to spice up your family, his companions and all those who follow you soon until the end of time. May Allah bless us to be amongst them. I mean, I mean when hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah, one of the functions of an imam. One of the things of an imam is that you are the cheapest form of therapy. And Al Hamdulillah it's it's good that people still turned to the Imam first you the first port of call,

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whenever there's a problem. I think the only thing that Imams don't get calls for is like I'm stuck on the side of the road check, can you help me change my tire, but Imams get called for everything, my mother in law, my kids, my husband, my work, my job, everything hamdulillah and it's good, because it shows that our community trust that our ama our Imams have the best interests at hand and the solutions lie in Islam, that Islam can help me solve my problems. But you also get to see the suffering that a lot of people go through the hardship people are very, you know, they Subhanallah we see people they smile, they work they they okay on the outside, but they are crumbling on the

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inside. And as an Imam, you'll see this, people ask you this desperate. And at times the question that always comes up, why is this happening to me? What did I do? That Allah subhanho wa Taala is punishing me? I'm not a bad person. I'm not a terrible person. Why is Allah making my my life so miserable at work? My life so miserable at home, my marriage is falling apart my kids hon Allah, so many parents crying over the kids, Allah blesses with two kids. I mean, health, sickness, parenting death. And so why does Allah allow suffering to something we stopped last week, but we really do it this, this off this afternoon, insha Allah. And today I want to talk about the reasons behind it,

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and how you should what you should do when you go through suffering and hardship. What is should go through your mind, and how do we move forward from that? I'm sure each and every one of you you have, you have stress, you have worries, you have things that keep you up at night, some more than others. But Subhanallah there's nobody that is without any stress.

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The first point is remember that everything that you get every situation is a test. All of us are going through a test from Allah. Sometimes the test seems nice. We like the test.

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And we think it's a blessing, but it's a test. And sometimes we think this is a calamity to Mercy. It's a punishment from Allah. It's a curse from Allah, but it's at least and also sort of Fajr listen to the ayah Allah says for a man in sun s for mankind, either Mabbott Allahu Rabu when his lotus seem for a chroma who wonder Amma who by being generous and giving you more what is the tastier you got the promotion? You say? Mashallah. hamdulillah Allah was really happy with me, Allah my, it's a test. It's not this silly blessing. It's a blessing Hamdulillah you enjoy it. But Allah say I'm testing you with us. You're going through an examination. And sadly the tests of blessings

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are the ones we failed the most. The tests that make us happy are the ones that are the most dangerous ones. So Allah begins so mankind it steam with generosity and blessings. And then he says fire cooler be Accra man Oh my lord is very good hamdulillah My Lord is nice. Well I'm gonna elaborate Allah will do man when we take him for cada or a disco and risco risk or high risk low and ice and I restrict his risk by Akula Robbie Mahan and he says, Oh my lord is bad. Then he becomes dissatisfied with Allah. Allah reminds you that everything in life, good or bad. There's no such thing as good or bad. It depends how you respond to it. It is a test from Allah and everything. You

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raise money going up money going down health, good health or sickness, life or death, a new child or janazah all of it is an opportunity to attain Jana. All of it is an opportunity to get close to Allah and Allah because Allah says, He does not want you to worship him. situation that he Allah says well I mean unless there are some people may yeah but Allah Allah whorfin They worship Allah as if on an edge they unbalance on a tip they worship Allah situationally for in a Sabo hide when goodness comes with comes to him. It might not be that he is happy with Allah. And then if the Messiah comes to him, in Colombo, Allah wa G turns away. He turns away from Allah. He only wants to

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be pious, when things are his way. He wants to worship Allah under his terms and conditions. I was this up Iman, we submit to Allah and we love Allah and we thank Allah and we praise Allah, whether things are fantastic, we are on holiday, or whether we are in misery every time in every place we think Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Praise be to Allah. So why does Allah

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I willingly knowingly put in our taqdeer hardship. Why is Allah giving me cancer? Why is Allah causing my my risk not to go forward? is closing all the doors panela Why is Allah doing these things? There are certain calamities that Allah inflicts, nothing happens without chance, nothing happens without a reason. And there's a number of of wisdoms behind the suffering. So as I mentioned, I'll begin by saying that there are two tests, these are blessings and tests of hardship. We went through what hardship? What does Allah DWAI? Does he seen hardships? The reasons? Number one, yes, indeed. We need to reflect when hardships come to us. It could be a punishment, it could

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be a result, we did something wrong. So Allah is sending a punishment. Allah says in the Quran, the Haram facade, you feel very well, that evil, corruption, pollution, or

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the earth is dying, why be my customers ad and nuts, because of what you did, I was not saying I don't even have to send the calamity, you are just in keeping what you sold. Because you do the evil, you do the wrong I don't even have to send the punishment. I don't have to send an Angel upon you. This is just the result of your consequent other the consequences of your actions. And then Allah says that he wants you leave the car home that they may taste, bodily damage to a small portion. Allah says I want you to taste a little bit of what you are doing. Of the sinful lives you're leading. Why? To punish you to hurt you to get a vengeance, no landlord May or June so they

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can come back to me. So even in the punishment in the dunya. The punishment itself in the dunya is a means to bring you back to Allah. It's awakened. Allah is throwing a stone at you today. You can't continue like this. You might not like the stone, but you're driving off a cliff. That stone is bringing you back on track. It's almost so sometimes yes. If things are going bad in your life in my life, I need to reflect perhaps I've heard somebody and that person's do all that person's

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pain is being coming back to me from Allah subhanaw taala. Listen, you need to make things right. Perhaps my money is haram. Perhaps you're not performing my salah on time, all those kinds of things and that's why things aren't going right in my life. So yes, we have to reflect on that. Sometimes, as we said,

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we have lived a negligent life. And so Allah subhanaw taala out of His mercy also, he sins hardships on the dunya to prevent the hardships in the era Allah says we make them taste menial, either Bill adna. The small yellow use of the word adab is not using a word. So the test is a struggle. It's an adverb. It's a punishment. Although I do punish people on the dunya why doing an admirable Akbar to avert the big other

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I don't want you to taste the bigger dab in the Acura so I give you some of the law alone again along your journey so you can come back to me any punishment on the dunya any so it not every calamity is a punishment understand that not every hardship is a punishment from Allah could be a test and could be a blessing even but every but even the those that are punishments even if Allah is not happy with you, and He punishes you in the dunya it is actually a way to bring you back to him and avoid the punishment in an era that is Allah's love for us.

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It could actually be that difficult that you're going through, it's an act of kindness. It's an act, it's actually a gift from Allah. How Subhanallah we know in the story of Surah Kahf Allah says, We know the story that killed the boy he murdered a boy innocent boy playing on the beach and the victim is CERAM gang grabs the boy and tosses Nick snaps his neck when he uses ya Allah What did you just do? We just killed an innocent person. Then see that this tram system Musa Amana coulomb as for the boy I killed him for kind of a while who me Nene his parents are pious people we killed him because his parents are pious people. What? How does that make sense

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for her Sheena, so we feared and unique Ummah to hear no COFRA Allah subhanaw taala advised that this boy is going to grow up to become an evil person, not only so not only evil in himself, he will abuse his parents and he will force him to become kuffaar This child there was something wrong with him for Aradhana so I saw Allah come on me to kill him for Aradhana and Hubert de la humara Bahama and his load and they load the parents Allah wanted for them to change him. How you don't mean who's accountable, accountable Rama a better child. Now obviously for those parents imagine that they have no clue they son went out innocent five year old boy goes out to play some serial killer comes snaps

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his neck. No one knows who the killer is. This is gonna be a pain for the rest of their life, suffering for the rest of their life. Yes, I was gonna give them another child. You'll never replace one way or the other. But when they see at the end of the day, when you see all the pieces, Allah Subhan saved the parents from becoming evil. I will say that innocent child from growing up to be that serial killer monster that he was going to become Allah save him from being there. And Allah gave them a child as well. So all of this was actually a blessing, but you don't see

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The behind the scenes of Qatar, and what changed the Korea important, this is the path they were on. But I was just because they were pious, I sent him this blessing, disguise as our chip. But this was actually a gift from Allah subhanaw taala. Allah saved the child.

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It could be that also as I mentioned, Qadr sometimes has nothing to do with you. Allah has a plan and you can't avoid that plan. Allah says ma Saba Musa whatever calamity befalls you fell out of the water in on the earth with an earthquake or in yourself even even in your own person in your family. He left victory in Kabul and Nebra it has been already decreed in a book long before you were even created.

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And Nevada Allah yo see it and it's easy for Allah. So then Allah and the next I was just Whatever befalls you on the dunya whatever promotion you must, whatever marriage failed, whatever sickness came to you, this was already decreed by Allah. And yes, it's a different discussion. Can we change the color of Allah you can through piety like we saw the parents that good parents, Allah change the decree that was meant to them, they were meant to have a terrible son grow up to be you know, Hitler, Allah change that. But your Allah says, Whatever calamity befalls you, this has been decreed. And then Allah says in the next ayah li Kala, I say this to you beautifully, Allah says,

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I'm telling you why I tell you this. Lucky, let so Allama factor calm, so that you don't beat yourself up about what you've lost in this life. Don't blame yourself and beat yourself up, I should have worked harder, if I only presented if only I did this and that I would have gotten it. So nothing to do with you. So don't feel too bad about the things that didn't materialize what I thought we might tell them and don't feel too good about yourself when things go we always say not really about you, Allah gave you that blessings will come to you irrespective.

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Now you can blind Allah does not like those who are postal. Sometimes the hardship, the calamity, you're going through the career that is stuck the marriage that is going through hardship that call that his brother just had another puncture, whatever might be the thing that Allah wants is the key that unlocks a door of great blessing and we take this from from the story of Nabi Musa and Surah Kahf as well. So we know nobody moves out I said, I'm gonna fit around the boat, the boat belong to very poor people. And he that damages the boat and esalaam and, and then the people says, How could you do this? I mean, you this pious, great man, Allah says, I must learn from you. The first thing

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you do is you vandalize the people's boat. What What kind of man is this? He says, Don't worry, be patient. I'll tell you what this is all about. Afterwards, we know that a king comes around and he grabs he steals. He nationalizes all the boats that's in the harbor takes all of them and the only boat that's he sees this small tiny fishing boat of these poor people, but it's in the dock for the piece. I don't want that boat. Leave it so the only boat that isn't being stolen by the king is this boat when they repeat they the only fishing company in town

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may become millionaires overnight.

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They did a good deed by bringing these two they didn't know this isn't me Musa Anna Buffy the little these are two poor people looking for a left they will themselves for but they said look we poor but we got a boat. They needed more than us so they gave him a lift. They give the strange lift these guys vandalized about them so yeah Allah no good deed goes unpunished. Yeah, Allah, what's going on?

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No good deed goes unrewarded. That should be said, Allah rewarded them with a hole because that hole made them millionaires later on. So sometimes the hardship in your life

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the difficulty the setback, you needed to go a different direction, which was really unlocking that door.

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And you sometimes feel that I'm doing the right I'm doing good, but I'm going backwards. Yes, Allah once you you have to first go in reverse, to go where you need to get and that is Subhanallah how you need to sometimes look at the calamities in our life, the hardships, it is Allah, Allah putting you on a different course because he loves you. And then we know sometimes this is a spiritual thing. Allah genuinely wants He loves you and he wants to raise your status. We know many Hadith as we speak about so many times that whatever happens Whatever hardship no matter how big or small, the believer Allah elicit the prophecies the believer is not harmed even by a thorn or anything greater

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even feeling frustrated on a Monday morning and grumpy for work. Think of the most trivial traffic so Hamdulillah I hope inshallah we get a lot of rewards for the sitting in traffic. Yeah, Allah, how much frustration no matter how difficult or how small the frustration is, how annoying that email is. Every single one of those things Allah is counting and rewarding you adding to your skills in the dunya and akhira. Allah does not let your unhappiness go unaccounted for. And think about the Mercy of Allah. He doesn't take anything from were you feeling happy. When you are in a good mood, when things are good, he doesn't take anything from you. But if your mood changed, not even by him,

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you just woke up on the wrong side of the bit. You feeling a little down? You must be rewarded for that. My creation should not go through a hardship without me compensating him. And so by that Allah removes your sins and heroes

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As your status he elevates you through hardship and then to be solemn promises the believers, life is going to get difficult and Allah trials will come to you before the believing men and the woman in him himself his life is risk his children Subhan Allah, Allah is going to test you and everything and make it hard and sometimes how many people try to you get calls Allah you get these calls, we will say, is it haram for me to make dua to die? Am I allowed to die can't live anymore? My life is unbeatable. Can I ask Allah take my soul away?

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We shouldn't do that. The best one was also squishing we shouldn't do that. Unless it becomes so difficult in the pick the most UK says yeah, Allah decree what is best for me. If it's better for me to live, then allow me to live. And if it's better for me to die, let me die. But do what is peace. People go through such difficulties. And so when asked why is Allah doing this? Perhaps the reason is, as we said, Allah wants to sweeten you so that when you meet him, there is no sin on your account. That's why people before they died, Pamela and Rama, Allah give them a sickbeard. Allah gives them aches and pains. Allah gives them the not so nice parts of your life for the last couple

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of chapters. People die up it may Allah grant her parents, children long life, but you see you part with the people that you love, you're not able to work and do the things your faculties leave you why? So that Allah can purify you that you leave Elverson behind in the dunya and you meet Allah clean, pure, and you only have Jana in the Athena, they only have Jana TerraNova. And you know, it's panel, and this is just a side note that I'm gonna speak from my own Hawaii, especially COVID. So a lot of people pass away, and I have a friend who's runs a hospital and it's amazing. Strange, you'd see people go through this terrible sickness, and they get to a point where they are like, they're

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gonna die. And then Subhanallah they make a miraculous recovery for a day or so and then they die. You know, they almost like, have a second wind, and then they die. And Allah Allah, but it could be that if Allah is purifying you through that sickness, the minute the sickness is that the minute the sin is done, Allah doesn't put the sickness on you. Now the person needs to be good, I wasn't going to put you through suffering. And so you die, actually, without the sickness without the pain, because there's no reason to put you through any more trial. Let is the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala one of the reasons why he teaches us is to strengthen our connection. This is the real blessing, a very simple test as the Allama squishes us all the time. And the standard answer is, whatever Allah sins you have blessing of hardship of things of good or sadness, whatever he sends you, if it brings you closer to Allah, that is a blessing. And if that thing takes you away from Allah, then it is a masiva then it's actually a calamity. If that sickness brings you to the masala that was a gift from Allah. If that job that raise that increase took you away from the masala then that was actually a burden Allah put on you. Allah says we're in the MCS Calabi during

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Fela Kashi, Mala Illa, who the word ever hardship before and also in this is whatever difficulty befalls you. None can whatever hardship he puts on you, none can take it away except him or idioms and refrain from water pollution, codeine and whatever he even good he gives you He has power of all things. And so it is to remind yourself everything comes from Allah.

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My calamity cannot be removed except for Allah. So when you understand that when you sit there feeling depressed, when you sit there feeling poor, feeling lonely, you realize Allah is the only one that can solve this thing. So let me speak to him. Make me big to him and return to Him. And in that Allah will remove the calamity if he so wishes, and you attain his, his relationship Taqwa you got closer to him as well when when you got the dunya and akhira.

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Allah subhana wa Tada Inshallah, all of us will love him. But there's very few people that attain the love of Allah and you'll find it in the Quran. Allah only mentions very specific people that they tend to attain the love of Allah. Yes, you can attain the word of Allah, you can attain the Jannah of Allah, but the love is a higher higher level, much higher level. Many love Allah but doesn't mean that everyone attains Allah has in the love to get that one of the roads to attain the love of Allah is sober in masiva.

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It sober in masiva.

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You cannot get to a certain you know, their levels of E or levels of status with Allah. You can only get so far through Salah only so far through charity, one of the steps on the ladder.

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But to get to that a sin to that high level of love with Allah is Saba through masiva Allah says Allah Lina, Allah talks about the pious people, the people that he loves, they are the ones you will frequently surah he will Daraa they continue to give charity they continue to be uphold. Uphold the IBA in good times and bad times, in ease and in hardship will occur the meaning of life

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And they withhold the anger, they sorrow the frustration, ketamine, they smother it, whatever is inside them of negativity. They don't give it off to all the world because I had a bad day now all of you must have a bad day because I have a problem. I'm gonna give a hoot about that you all going to feel like you're going to Jannah No, you keep back. Care the meaning of life. How many of us Pamela, when we have frustrated in office, everyone knows a hominid a bad day. Ah, suddenly good mood. No. The people that Allah loves when they go through hardship, they will hold it inside themselves will often add an a nurse and they pardon when others are not at the best. Wala Hibben

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Marcin, Allah says I love these good people.

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That in hardships, they're patient, when things are bad, they don't lose themselves. And when other people lose themselves, they pardon them. This is one of the paths to attain Allah's love. And then lastly, Subhan Allah, one of the reasons why Allah is distinct from Allah granted, this is the reason because he loves you.

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Because he loves you.

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You love me, this is how you, you deal with me. Well, that is the way of the Gambia. If you look at all the villains of the Quran for your own cartoon,

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by the balance sheet of the life, they having it all. You look at the Gambia by the balance sheet of the life that a single Nabi Musa and federalism are begging for food, but even around in a pocket.

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How many of the Gambia see not the parents, you know, they were orphans, their kids died, whatever it might be. Allah we know from the Hadith that the Sunnah of the Sunnah of Allah is that he places this upon those who can carry it, calamities will come and therefore he looks at the hearts that are the most pure. And the people that are the real superheroes, the real heroes of this dunya and he placed it upon the shoulders because he knows they can carry it because he loves them. The prophecy says those who face the toughest and hardest tests of this dunya or the Gambia or the Gambia because they can manage it. And in the most pious people after them, I mean, Lisa and the Lisa Eman that

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people have. Allah puts this calamities are placed on them, because he knows if they can't carry you can't be it. So the people have the strongest Iman, like steel. What kind of steel holds up the skyscrapers? The most strong ones? The same with this? Maybe Allah subhanaw taala is testing you. Now I don't want you to say Ah, my marriage is failing. Everything's failing because Allah Allah, Allah tested me or hamdulillah my life my wife left me my friends don't talk to me. Allah loves me. That's why I think maybe it's an adverb from Allah because of your sins. But for each and every one of us we need to sit down and reflect the hardships in our life. Is this a test? Is this something I

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can control? Is this something I need to change? Is this something that Allah wants me to be aware of? Is this maybe something I just have to have some I can't do anything but it's a means for me to attain Jannah and so Allah and I endo for the ayah Allah says that he will most certainly the ayah that you've all heard so many times, when he evolution conditioning, I will test all of you some of you. Mental health, you will get you you will only feel hope meaning sad, insecure. Your your test in life is you won't feel so good. That's for you. Some well during one oximeter and one some with poverty

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will unfold and some with loss of life. People who love what Thammarat and the loss of children that's obviously the biggest is to lose a child on a particular whereby she saw a video but give good news to that saw between the people of patients Alladhina ADA Saba Tomas, Eva, those who go through hardships Carlo in in LA.

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And all of this was from Allah, you took it back, it belongs to him and he took it back and ultimately I will go back to him.

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And I may Allah Subhana Allah granted our tests be a means by which we attain Allah's love and pleasure and Jana mela removal hardships and may attain allow us to attain Jana without going through difficulty. May Allah grant us Robina attina The best of the dunya and the best of the era and protect us from Jahannam Hola, ICARDA him Salawat Allah says to those people, when you have this mindset when you go through a hardship and you're patient and you seem to rely, what do you get? Not just Jana, this is perhaps something higher. Allah Allah Allah him Salawat Mirabai him more often. Allah says I praise you, Panama. Allah praises the Salawat he since annotations on that person, what

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are from and he gets the Rama what are we like a woman we don't and those are the people that are rightly guided by Allah grant us to be amongst them mean or Salah say no Muhammad Ali also have Islam Celine. undoubtably Allah mean so don't want to keep going