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The Prophet sallama's influence on the region's culture is discussed, including his recitation of the Quran and legal system used in court. The church's actions led to fear and anxiety, including the use of the title in media coverage and shaping society. The Prophet's teachings and shaping society have been key drivers of society.

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So I call him and I want to talk about accounts everyone welcome back to the first Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah by the early he also can be here women wider. So inshallah tada tonight we will be talking about silent mode Have you heard leafa or the Allahu taala and Homer. And I know that with a broker, they federal the Allahu taala. And there was not much about him. But it's important to situate his context when it comes to Solomon with the allow Tada. And Whoa, it's not that there is so much that's known about him or the amount of data and it's the position that he would attain in Islam, despite all of the shackles that makes him so noble and so

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admirable. So it's not that his biography is huge. It's that when you look at the things that Allah subhanaw taala blessed him with, then you really can see how Islam came to liberate people to their full potential. And full potential is to be the most pleasing person to Allah subhana wa tada amongst the people despite everything. Now if you said, Sal man authority while the law of town hall, so the man the Persian, everyone knows who you're talking about, right? But if you said saddam alafasy Salim the Persian, right, very few people would associate that with him. Well, the Allahu taala. And in the case of submodel, the Allahu taala and who he knew who his father was, and his

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father was, of course, a chief from the Persian cleanse, in the case of Saddam or the yellow Tang, who his family is completely unknown, likes and model the Allahu taala. And he was of Persian descent. Unlike submodel, the a lot of time. I know his history before Islam is almost completely unknown. So he was a freed slave. As we've mentioned, above her data are the Allahu taala. And, and because we've already covered about her data, that reduces our load with saddam over the allotted time, and we can focus on the highlights with him.

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As he was a freed slave above her, they follow the law of town I'm home about her, they married him to the daughter of alvalade in Aruba, who was of course his brother. Now,

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there's so much to talk about just in this part here. Remember, on the other side on the day of budget, was the father of abacha. Deva Greta shaver his uncle and lead his brother, his older brother, there is a woman by the name of Fatima once again, Fatima bint urllib narrativa okay Fatima, the daughter of what even Aruba and she is the niece of her diva or the Allahu, Tatiana and 30 ma bint alwaleed made his right to Medina and was one of those who accepted Islam and and had a difficult time. But there is almost nothing known about her. There's something so powerful about the fall team as as you can see, right so pauwela fall team, I've been tested for the hotel and our, our

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Of course, our queen, fall team, I've been to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam or the Allahu taala and her and we see Fawlty mother, the mother of aborted Ava who embraced Islam and made the hedgerow to Habesha. Now you see a nice about her Deva, who is the daughter of an Waleed, who was a staunch opponent of the profits license as well, who makes the Hitler to Medina. And she was considered one of the best of those who was unmarried that made the hitsville put this in perspective, she's prominent, She is known for her beauty, she's known for her wealth, and she could be married to any one she wants to from the Sahaba. Right. And she is someone who by gently

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standards as well, especially by the standards of the day of ignorance, everyone would want to be connected to that tribe to that family, abou her diva takes sallam, or the Allahu taala. And Salem, who is unknown in his dissent. We're not even talking about the tribe in terms of, you know, the tribe being a weaker tribe. We're talking about a man who has no tribe whatsoever, who comes from a background of no wealth whatsoever. And he pairs him off with his nice faulty model, the Allahu taala, and the daughter of an elite. And she was getting an incredible husband in the process as well. So this was part of the way that you see the JSON here that was shown to saddam, by about her

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data in truly bringing him in and making him feel like a son. Now, there's one thing, too, it's one thing to be brought in as a son to this prominent family and not to be weighed down by Japanese standards. We see in another way the profit slice I'm integrating him, not just in a way of making him feel welcomed, right, but of giving him a high position in Islam by virtue of this man's love for the poor. So when you talk about sila middle the Allahu taala at home, other than

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his family and his background. You cannot talk about Salim without talking about the Quran. He was considered amongst those who had the most beautiful recitation of the Quran. You loved to hear the voice of Salem, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam love to hear saddam recite the Quran. And I'm just giving you a hint from now look out for a narration in the Ramadan series and Charlotte's Island, okay, particularly about how much the prophets lie some love to hear the voice of Salim or the Allahu tiedown, who specifically leading the poor and all of the Sahaba used to love to listen to him. And when there was a request in any gathering, for the poor and to be recited, everyone looked

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outside of the middle the Allahu taala at home and said, let him read the Quran. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Take the Quran from four people take the Quran from four people, you know, the love the mystery of the whole the Allahu taala we already talked about him. Well, they have no capital the Allahu taala and who, whereas bingeable are the Allahu taala and Salim Mola. Have you heard the FDA, or the Allahu taala. And so these are the four people that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, Take the plan from them, meaning listen to work from them and understand their interpretations how they have familiarize themselves with the context of the revelation of

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those verses to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. So in Mecca, they would listen to him read the Quran, and his voice was known to be beautiful and his memorization was peak. And in Mecca when the Sahaba would pray together, and not an outcome. Of course, if the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is there, the prophet slice on leaves the Salah, but if the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was not present, then solemn or the Allahu taala and who is the one who would lead all of the other Sahaba insula so if you want to talk about Imam and Maha Janine, the Imam of them huddling in Mecca, it was silent on the Allahu taala, and who a freed Persian slave who had absolutely no weight

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in the sight of people in terms of the jahai standards in terms of the days of ignorance. And this is in Mecca. He's leading the Sahaba in in Mecca. Now, because he was the freed slave of Abba Baba, the alongside I know, he had the protection of his tribe, so silent a lot of time on who was someone that people did not feel comfortable around because of who he was. But at the same time, they had to treat him in a certain way because he had the protection and the love of our data. So he was able to be in those circles, despite the fact that he was looked down upon because he didn't have the status in terms of his lineage, or in terms of his wealth, or even some how long in terms

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of his background he was not even an Arab. And still at the same time, he's able to be in those circles. Of course, when they follow the law of town, I'm home migrated to Habesha Salah model the law of town who migrated with him and here is probably somehow a distinction that you have to really appreciate about this man.

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He led the Sahaba in Mecca. When the Prophet sallallahu wasallam sent out the Sahaba to Allah Medina, particularly to Oba the man of the unsought in Koba was Salim Mola. Have you heard Eva? So Salim was emammal Maharaj drean, while unsought by the time he was in Oba and he was appointed to lead the Salah for those that migrated from Mecca and the fresh converts of Medina. You had the likes of honorable hopital the Allahu taala at home, and some of the seniors of the companions president and silent while the Allahu taala at home, was there enough in Oba until emammal mursaleen the amount of the prophets arrived the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and then the prophets lie some

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took his place. So he is he ma'am and Maharaja de Waal Ansari Subhan Allah we of course already spoke about how he was you know

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how he was taken as a son by the FDA and how the unique circumstances of Tibet money affected him were Salim rhodiola hotel and who and you know unlike they didn't have a lot of time who does not go back to being saddam the son of anyone but simply becomes silent Mota. Have you heard Eva? What were some of the other things they used to call them? They used to say silent a silent or silent Minnesota him because we didn't know his status. So they would say saddam, the righteous one or silent is from the righteous people until they settled on molar. Have you heard Eva? Because his relationship with Abu hanifa survived everything. Okay? he participates in every battle with the

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Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam along with a believer or the Allahu taala and in every battle silence will be a long time and who is noted for his courage so he's amongst those that would not flee from the battlefield but all the allot of time, but would plunge forward and we will see this by the way, in his last battle or the Allahu taala on a boy who they thought would look for him he would look for her they first so

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You know, at the end of every, every battle every family accounts for itself. And for asylum, it'll be a long time. Whoa, that was just a headache. Right? Are they counting for him after every battle and he accounting for about her they, while the alarm will turn on. And we see that,

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you know, as he is reciting the Quran, and as he is leading with the Quran, he connected that to everything that he did. He connected that to everything that he did. So anytime Saudi middle the Allahu tideline, who would see a good deed in front of him or something that was needed to be done. He would say, Woe to me, a carrier of the quarter and how could I not do this? Or if he saw a prohibition or if he saw something that was harmful? And he you know, and he saw other people undertaking he said, Well, to me, I am a half of the quarter and I'm a hamlet of quarter and I have to hold myself to a different standard. And that's something for us to think about. Right? So how to

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love that Salah model the Allahu taala and who did not take memorization of the Quran and the recitation of the Quran is just something to be done in some sort of a, you know, a conference or in some sort of a hall or, or to be a source of pride in and of itself. Instead, Sanam, or the Allahu taala held himself to a standard with the Quran. And that particularly shows in the Battle of the Amana when the Battle of Yama happens, and saddam will the longtime man who has fought every single battle courageously and gone forward, when the Battle of yamamah happens sinem all the Allahu taala insists on being on the front lines. Now, what's really important to understand here is that the

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whole reason why a will back to the stick will be a lot of town who had ordered a different fabric, it'll be a lot of time at home, to collect the Quran in one must have was because of the amount of five the amount of people that would be killed in this particular battle, and in dealing with the False Prophet maceda. So under the rule of Mussolini, the false prophet who claimed revelation falsely, so many of the father of the Koran and not all of the companions were her father of the Koran, memorizing the Quran, so many of them were killed. That that was the first time that it dawned upon them to really you know, see the writing of the Quran as a as a necessity to its

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preservation. That's not to say that the Quran was not written prior know the Prophet, slice alum would have written the Quran was gathered all together in the house of hafsa, all the Allahu tada and all of it with its loose pages and loose pieces that it was written on. But there were so many people that memorize the Quran, that there was never really a fear, right of any sort. But the amount of her father that this false prophet was killing leads to a sense of worry and a sense of concern and have the lack of blood. I mean, Allah has guaranteed to us that he will preserve this way that he will preserve this revelation and Indeed Allah subhanaw taala had preserved it through

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the hearts of these men before their tongues or before these before their pants. And so you see saddam all the alarms on on. He's on the front lines of the battle against maceda al Qaeda up and he insists on going forward insists on going forward insists on going forward. And on that day, he looked towards zaidan kabob it'll be a lot of time to answer so he was near because they didn't have probably a lot of time and they didn't have Bob was the brother of honorable hotdog or the Aloha No. And Amaro, the Allahu anhu used to say about Zaid he used to say he beat me on two things. He became Muslim before me and he became a Shahid before me right so Pamela, this son of Al Khattab this

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brother role model the a lot of talent who like his sister file team up until hatami, Allah tala Anna, this brother of all model the Alon, who was barely known in the books of history, proceeded on model the a lot of time who not in virtue, but almost I used to say he preceded me in Islam, and he preceded me in Shahada he became Muslim before me and he became a martyr before me as well. And saddam while the allow Thailand who was near as a didn't kebab, who's leading the way on that day in the Battle of India Mama, and solemn are the Allahu taala and who sees the Sahaba start to fall? One by one. their necks are being struck the spears are hitting them the arrows are hitting them they

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were greatly outnumbered by Mozilla and Salim are the Allahu taala and who shouts out and he says Yeah, hello Paul on Xenon called an br 90 Malecon Yeah, hello por Anza you know, call on the Armani con. Oh, you who carry the Quran Oh people have or and those who want to be considered amongst the people of Quran. beautify the Quran with your deets beautify the Quran with your deeds, meaning beautify your recitation Now is the time to show the beauty of your recitations and how he takes pride and what that we are added on. We have to take this idea of being her father Sarah.

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If you just study the story of Salem alone, by the way, the whole notion, the whole everything that surrounds how we approach health of the portal and in our ranks changes, so he's shouting out to all of the Sahaba and particularly to those who are considered amongst the reciters of the Quran. Yeah. And they you know, are on br anally comm Oh people have the whole and beautify the Quran with your deeds. And as he's going forward, he then shouts out to himself. Right, so he shouts out to everyone, specifically the people. Of course, he then says about himself. He says, Mohammed will call Annie Anna Lowe, who demon Muslim woman cleverly he said, what a wretched bearer of the Quran I

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am if the Muslim moon if the Muslims are attacked from my direction, Subhan Allah, so he's blaming himself for the Allahu taala on him as he's fighting. And as he's guarding, to make sure that no one comes from his site, I'm going to hold my ground. And he said, I would not consider myself to be considered amongst the people of Iran, or what a poor carrier of the poor and I would be if the Muslims are attacked from my directions. Pamela, once again, if you're half of their you want to be a half have listened closely to the words of Solomon of the law and when the deep implications of what he is saying they lost the countertop preserved the whole and in our hearts and our memory and

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our tongues, and then our deeds, Allah I mean, and as he's going forward further on the Battle of Yama, they say that Samuel the Allahu taala, and who was bearing the flag, and his right hand was severed, and he picked up the flag with his left hand while his right hand was bleeding. And he started to recite from

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what came in the V and part of the matter who would it be your honor Kathy, from Lima or Slava Humvee. subete. Illa will now borrow for one must account or Wallah, your head will slavery, how many times that a prophet fight in the way of Allah, and with him fought large bands of righteous people, but they never lost heart if they met with disaster in the way of Allah, nor did they weaken, nor do they give in. And Allah loves a sabreen Allah loves those who are steadfast. So this was the last word of silence or the Allahu anhu or the last motto of sound of all the Allahu taala and who was a verse of the Quran as he was going forward and saw them on the Allahu taala and who

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was struck once again in the chest as he shouted that out. And sadly middle the Allahu Allah and who was laying in the battlefield, and the blood was flowing from him when they got to saw them over the Allahu taala. And when they got to say the middle the alohar and they found him in the battlefield.

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The first question he asked them, he said, what happened to about her they

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remember after every battle, your family asks about you every the brothers asked about each other and the friends asked about each other, but particularly the families account so Salim is laying in the battlefield and the blood is flowing from he says, Where are they from? And they said to him, look at this tu*a about her data has been martyred and salamati Allahu taala. And who knew how badly they follow the law of data and who wanted to be a Shaheed and silent or the Allahu taala and who he can barely speak now. I mean, you're looking at a man with his last breaths, right as the blood is flowing from inside and one of the Allahu anhu said, Can you put me close to him? Can you

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put me close to him? panela he's about to die and he wants to be close to him. And he knows that about her. They follow the law that I know was like a father to him a brother to him. A companion to him who embraced Islam with him. Can you put me next to him? And they said saddam McCarthy's tu*a Phoenixville McCann he's already right next to you Subhana Allah without even being planned. About her they follow the Allahu taala and who fell in battle right next to silanol the Allahu taala and who and Sallam was dying Agha Eva had already passed away but because of the situation of Salim as he's looking up in the blood is flowing from him. And he's breathing his last he didn't notice how

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close above her they thought was to him. Think of that scene right there on the ground together, these two that embraced Islam together. was even opened. One of them had the highest status in this life. The other one was considered a person of lowly status. But now they were both given the high status of Shahada, the high status of martyrs in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So they said to me, I started looking at the sushi chef enough's in Macau, he was martyred in the same place as you saw the middle the last time he smiled, and he died.

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He was so happy that he was next to him. That was the last thing he asked for in this world. The last request was Can I be next to Abu hanifa are the Allahu taala and together they entered into Islam, together they were inseparable companions and together they were sure had that very next to each other roaming the gardens of Jana together, may Allah subhana wa

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I'd be pleased with them both May Allah subhanho wa Taala join us with them and all of the righteous that preceded us Allah, I mean, I want to end with one thing, and shuttler to Allah. And that is when Amaro the Allahu taala and who was dying

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when Omar will be allowed to and who was dying and all metal the long line who said there are some people that I would have appointed as an Amir over you, if they were still alive. He mentioned about Aveda agenda. And then he mentioned solemn molar Have you heard before he said, If solemn was still alive today, I would have made him and me it over you I would have appointed him to be the halifa this man could have been your halifa Subhanallah this man could have been your heavy foot will be a long time. And if that does not speak to the incredible new standards of Islam, I don't know what does a Persian slave have no wealth, no background, no nothing and our model the law and who said if

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that man Hamilton or an who lived the Quran, who carried the Quran, who fought with the Quran, who beautified his actions with the Quran, who was persecuted with the Quran who was killed with the Quran if he was alive, I would have made him and I made over you. I would have made him your leader of the Allahu taala and what are the Allahu Germain that shows you something different about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam oma and how they were able to change society so quickly. And the standards that not only shifted outwardly, but shifted inwardly as well, when they saw saw the middle the Allahu taala and who they didn't see Salim allphotossee Salim the Persian have no wealth

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or status. They saw saddam, the man of Iran who led us in Mecca and led us in Medina. May Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to be joined with him and with Abba Deva and with all of them and genitive for DOS, Allah I mean, just like hello Hayden was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh