Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P26 267A Translation Qaaf 1-19

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group of characters, including a woman named Jana, a man named Levison, and a woman named Leila. The characters express their frustration with the actions of the group and their potential danger, including violence and destruction. They also mention a woman named Leila and her potential danger.
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So I'm ready comrades, Allah who would go through

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that hurdle on a Sunday or they'll Sudhi he'll get him another Earth Pharaoh the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim. Rubbish luckily Saudi way acidity Emery rock that I'm really sunny of cuckoo coli or bananas in our Ilma Sudha Tov is number one to 19 Translation

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off of Whirlpool and by the Quran Al Majeed, the honored the glorious Bell rather Ijebu they were amazed. They wondered on that journey a home he came to them. Would they run a warner men home from them for color? So he said Alkaff you rune the disbelievers Heather this che on a thing or G Boone strange

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show either when mitzner we have died, what could not and we were to Robin DUST THERE Lika that Roger on a return buried on far. But in fact, our alumna we no matter what ever done Kusu it reduces Ill Will the earth men home from them. We're in Ghana and with us kita born a book her feelin preserved but rather get the Boo they have denied Bill help with the truth Lama when Jaya whom it came to them, for whom so they fee in Amarin a matter Meridian confused. a felon did they're not young guru, they look, Isla towards a summer the sky, felt the home above them kafer how B'nai near her. We constructed it was a Jana her and we adorned it warmer and not love her for it, men from for

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origin, any gaps while of birth and the Earth Mother dinner her we stretched it what Alpina and we put fee her in it rwasa firmly anchored mountains.

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What am BATNA and we produced we cause to grow fie her in it. Men from Cali every zodion gained by Heejun beautiful

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double silicon and insight where they Keira and a reminder liquidly for every arbutin a servant Moon even one who repeatedly turns one Zona and we sent down Mina sama from the sky ma N water. Marbella can one bless it for an Betina then we cause to go be with it. Jana gardens will have and green and her sleep the ripped one noclip and the date palm bassy cotton ones that are tall, lofty, Lucha for it fall on fruit, nobly don't arranged, one above other or no bleed, arranged in layers. This can a provision literary bed for the servants. What are here Nina, and we give life be with it by the turn land Mater that Gallica likewise Aloha Rouge the exit Gaza but it denied Avila home before them.

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FOMO people no hint of new. What else herbal and companions a loss of the rest of the world. With a mood and some mood. Why don't we fit around and fit our own? What is why no and brothers loot of loot? What else horrible and companions l acre of the forest walk home and people took birth of the colon each cadaver he denied of also the messengers for help. So it proves true or Ed My threat

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did for then our Hina we became tired. Bill Hulk with the creation of a well the first bail rather home the fee in Levison a confusion, men from Hulk a creation God then new one occurred and certainly Holika we created an insane the human being. We're not alone, and we no matter whatever. To us we sue it whispers be with him with it.

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Natsu his soul when new and we accruable are closer, la he do him men than Hubble rope or vein and worried the jugular or unworried the vein in when Yet Allah call he receives l Motala. PN the two receivers on from earlier mean the right one and from a shimmer the left or Eden while sitting, may not yell fugu he utters men from Colin a word Illa except Lyday he near him, rocky been a watcher, a guardian or theodon one who is ready. One who is alert.

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What a ended game. Circa two, intoxication, agony a remote of the bill help with the reality

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Velyka that ma what, Gunther you were men who from it, the heat you avoid?

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Let's listen to the recitation

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awk wonderful. Majeed, the Najeeb

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minimum more than caveolae che Najeeb

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either me

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or the

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happy Bell can help Phelan magia.

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De Marie marry

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me Oh Enos

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gave up Elena was

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one of

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Fe police

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Chronicles chronically are the Mooney one is Nina's?

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Me one Singapore

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leader it is only

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he can look

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good can

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why I do

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what else

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do you have to back

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that up?

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Power I

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mean polluting energy in the world

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one Swiss will be enough so, why national

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daily lowering need EDA tell

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me anywhere on a Shima

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