Do you enjoy unhealthy food?

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You don't have to eat, you know, top expensive food every day. Some of the healthiest people are those who eat the cheapest food in terms of money, but it's the healthiest food in terms of nutrition.

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They say something strange about food, people love food, some people live to eat. Okay, have you noticed the unhealthiest of food is the tastiest of it? He ever thought of it. Think of it. The unhealthiest food is the tastiest of it, why perhaps Allah has a wisdom behind it to say oh man, do not indulge more than a certain amount I'm going to make sure that this is going to be unhealthy for you beyond a certain threshold Subhan Allah so that you realize that you know what goodness is for genuine this dunya have a little bit of it tasted thank Allah and carry on you you were created for the hereafter you're going to go to the year after