The Firsts #18 – Lubaba Bint Al-Harith (rA) – The First Woman After Khadijah (RA)

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So now on a call to law What better counsel or the witness and they don't even know I'm Mr. Heyman handed in I mean, whatever go on Ilana law. I mean, what are people to subpoena what muscle do a set of about karate go to so he can Mohammed in Salalah it was Adam, and only he will succumb, he will send him to semen. kathira Welcome back to another episode of the first and inshallah to Allah as we spoke about last week and outcome, outcome, and we said that there is a man while the Allahu taala and who a young man who always used to be in the background, but his house became the most famous house in the history of Islam. We now move on to a woman who had a lot the way that I would describe

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this woman is that she's a part of everyone's story, almost literally, but at the same time, she kind of disappeared she's in the background of all of these stories and her story alone, you know, in and of itself, which is a remarkable story is never given its due right and obviously, you know, we're gonna come across a few of those and no matter how much we speak about these people, we will never give them the honor that Allah subhana wa tada gave them and that is deserved to them. But at the same time, you know, this is a woman that I'm particularly excited about covering because I want you to take a look at this family tree and this is pieced together from various biographies. Okay?

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This woman is Lou Baba didn't inherit it no hasn't made a loss of hundreds I'd be pleased with her. She is the wife of an imbecile the Allahu anhu and the mother of the famous of the love nor bustle the Allahu anhu Ma, who, of course, was the first scholar the first, Hebron oma, the great scholar of Islam, the scholar of this Omar beloved rhombus, but just look at how everything is tied through this woman. And I wanted you to actually be able to see a visual of it to realize that pretty much everyone or many of the people that we speak about are related to her in some capacity. And that is because her father had had no hasn't married multiple times and her mother hen Pinto also married at

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least four times. And so let's go through her family tree for a moment here. Through her relationship or with her with her relationship to her sisters, she becomes the sister in law of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam twice. So first, you have maimunah bint al Hadith Well, the Allahu taala and the last wife of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, who was her full sister, who married the Prophet slice alum only after he was able to come back to Mecca after having spent years away due to the persecution so she is the sister of maimunah on the Allahu taala and her the full sister of May, Manuel de la vida, and the sister in law of the prophets lie some through that route.

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Her half sister is Zainab bint was a mama while the Allahu Tanana who is her half sister through her mother. So Xena Benzema is the daughter of Hinzman to OAuth and was the only other wife of the prophets lie some to pass away in his lifetime other than Khadija will the Allah hotel on Susanna bento zema. May Allah be pleased with her own Misaki the mother of the poor known for her her charity known for her generosity. She passed away only a few months after being married to the Prophet sly summon Medina. This is the half sister of Lu Baba or the law of Thailand her so she's the Prophet slicin sister in law twice as well as of course, being married to the uncle of the

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Prophet sallallahu wasallam and Ibis and then you have a smart bintaro mace and Salima bent or mace. A smart bintaro mace is her half sister again through her mother through hindes bento and a smart bintaro Mesa someone we will have a whole episode to because she was married to Jaffa aboubaker and Allie may Allah be pleased with them all. Subhan Allah so this was a this was a woman that married three of the greatest people to walk the face of the earth, and of course was widowed three times in the process. Her sister Salma bintaro mace, also the half sister of Lu Baba, may Allah be pleased with her was the wife of Hamza all the time. And then after Hamza was martyred Mary to shut down if

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needed had little deola hotel I know so married to two great companions as well. So, before I go any further, the prophets lie some would refer to Lu Baba maimunah as smart and Salma as a hot minute the faithful sisters so when you hear the prophets lie Selim actually say that name a lot to me, not the faithful sisters. He's talking about those four may Allah be pleased with them because of how early they came into Islam. And the support that they gave to the Prophet slice them and the way that they believed in Allah and His Messenger sallallahu it was sent him so he referred to them as a group, those for a hot minute, the believing sisters, the faithful sisters, and then you have Lu

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Baba a surah

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The younger sister of Lu Baba, about the law of Thailand. And this is the mother of holiday, de la the LA hotel and so she's also the aunt of harlot, or the Aloha Thailand. And of course as we mentioned her husband and I bus her children are beloved my bus and follow them by bus or by the love my bus close on my bus, all of them her children and more. And then lastly, a beautiful story which we'll speak about and Charlotte's added towards the end and her saying ignore it. All the Allahu tideline Houma the great Imam, the person who was so beloved to the Prophet sly said I'm one of the most beloved people in the world. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was her son

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through breastfeeding, which we'll speak about inshallah Tada. So this is why some of the scholars say that this is the most noble mother in law in the history of Islam, the most noble old person elderly person, a Chroma Jews, Islam, because everything seems to connect through this woman may Allah subhanaw taala be pleased with her. And you know, she's she's literally the the sister in law or the in law of all of the Raja Deen in some capacity except for his model, the law of town and home. But I'm sure that if you put this all together, you can find the link to earth model the law of Thailand, as well. So what's her story, right? I mean, this is the family tree and this is the

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woman that's a part of everybody else's story. And you can just pull her name out of every biography through some sort of relationship. But what's her story? She's from a tribe by the name of Ben Oh, hidden. Okay, so she's actually Lou Baba and Leila Leah, are the Allahu taala and Han she's referred to in that way. And bento Hillel was a tribe that was particularly known for its ability to deal with the extreme circumstances of the desert. So they were a Bedouin tribe. They were known for their ability to live under extreme conditions. They, they were experts in agriculture. So they were they were amongst those that would grow crops in difficult circumstances. They would,

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you know, take care of people's cattle and sheep and their camels. So they were known to be, you know, good shepherds as well. People would send out their children to live with bento Heyerdahl so that they could learn how to deal with rough circumstances. So if you wanted your child to learn the life of a bedwin, to learn how to deal with difficult circumstances, you sent them to be amongst Venezuela. And some of the scholars say that's how highly there'll be a lot of Thailand who actually learned the skill set that he learned the nephew of Ababa, because Khalid, you know, grew up amongst Benno Hillel. And that's something that you put on your resume at the time, right that you grew up

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and you were raised amongst bento healers because they knew how to deal with the difficulties of the desert. So Lu Baba are the Allahu taala and have been tell Hadith. She comes out of this reality and she has the characteristics of bento heda She is a tough, strong woman, a woman who we'll see throughout, actually her biography was a courageous woman was a fearless woman was a woman with a presence that would instill fear even in the hearts of people like Abu lahab. right because of the way that she carried herself for the long time. She is the great Auntie of the Muslim community. Okay, truly, that's the best way to describe her Subhan Allah when you talk about her relationship,

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not just to the Prophet slice of them, but to everyone else that we mentioned here. She is the aunt of the Muslim community, right she's, she holds a level of respect and there is an honor amongst the Muslims that the Prophet slicin fully recognized. But above all of that, Omen father, who of course, I should mention as being her oldest child, her nickname is Omen father, Omen father, Lu Baba has a distinction that is higher than all of these things that are represented through these family ties. And that is that she took pride in being the first woman to convert to Islam after her digital the Allahu taala. And she even says that she embraced Islam on the same day as Khadija or the Allahu

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taala can now realize again, she's an aunt of the Prophet slicin through marriage right she's married to an Ibis and I bustled the law and who was close to the Prophet slice them and also not too much older than the Prophet slice them so had a relationship with the Prophet slicin them that was both one of an uncle and a nephew, and also one that was brotherly.

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But as soon as she heard of Islam, as soon as she heard through the family who was first notify that the prophet SAW some had gone through this experience. She knew the Prophet size sums character. She loved the prophets license, she admired the prophets lie Selim, she immediately went to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and embraced Islam. And, and you know, it's as it said in Sierra Leone novella, remember that'd be Rahim Allah collects the

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No one it was said that no one accepted Islam from the women before her except Khadija with the Allahu tadhana. And even Hajj Allah Hema hola he says that the only one that could have possibly accepted Islam before her might have been faulty moved into the hot tub the sister of Allah, may Allah be pleased with them all. So she immediately goes to the house of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam to embrace Islam, and she will support the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in his mission. From the very start. She also had a very close relationship to her the shadow the law of Thailand, so she, she would speak of Khadija de la Juana extremely highly, and because of her

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relationship to Khadija and then her relationship to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, through her husband alat bus. She was one of those who used to go and sit with the Prophet slicin. I'm both in daughter outcome, as well as in his own house. Right. So imagine in that home, where the family of the prophets lie Selim, some of them are embracing Islam. You know, whether it's the children or the women or some of the men are embracing Islam and the community is growing around the Prophet slice lm lo Baba was one of those who is distinguished to go and learn Islam, from the prophets lie Selim from his house, as well as in our club. And that is not something that many

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people had the ability to do, especially in Mecca. But being amongst Banu Hashim. And being having that closeness to the profits license, she took advantage of that, and sees the first of a whole lot and what may not the faithful sisters that the prophets lie Selim used to refer to even unbiasedly a lot of time on who he speaks about this, our beloved our boss, he speaks about this, this reality in, in Mecca. He says that, you know, as long as he remembered his mother was openly declaring her Islam and always in a state of Salah, so he said couldn't to Anna will only mean animal slaughter, Athena, I mean men and Nisa, he will, will done that I and my mother were from the midst of that I

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think we were considered amongst the weak in Mecca, who embraced Islam and who suffered as a result of embracing Islam, through Alibaba, or the Allahu taala and her own father, Uncle Rafa, who was the the servant of Allah bustle the law of Thailand who will offer the free sleeve and Ibis also embraced Islam and began to practice secretly. So Alibaba was open about her Islam, about author who was the free slave above the low tide and who practice Islam secretly. And, of course, abass himself about the Allahu taala and home. You know, there's a difference of opinion as to when he embraced Islam. When did he embrace Islam privately? When did he publicly embrace Islam or At what point does

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he embraces his religion, the religion of his nephew, and become who he became, it'll be a lot of time. But it definitely was not as early as Lu Baba. She used to make dua for a bus to come to Islam. And she used to make the art for him to abandon a rebel. So she had a purity and that she hated the practice of usury. And this is something that we find from these noble people, that their fitrah aligned with what was to come of Revelation, their natural disposition, their natural inclination, already aligned with what was to come through revelation and Riba which really took the the form of late fees and burdening people in debt through late fees more than anything else in

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Mecca. Riba was something that she hated and rebar was something that an Ibis was famous for. And that's why you see when the prophets lie, some abolishes that about interest in user he particularly says those that Oh, it's an Ibis are forgiven for their their interest in their usury. Why because Basel, the law of Taiwan who was a rich merchant, and he used to give out loans he used to, he used to have a lot of debt that was owed to him. So she would make dua to Allah subhanaw taala to guide her husband and Ibis, both to come to Islam and also to abandon Riba even though Riba would not be forbidden for years after she would pray to Allah subhanaw taala for that, she would prompt and

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bustle the lowdown on how to embrace the religion of his nephew. Now I want to give you some context to this because it's important to understand the home dynamics here. What would make it easier or not easier because I don't want to detract from her snob but what makes no Baba are the law has had on her so you know, open to Islam right away. And an Ibis about the law of time and was so closed off initially, and I bustled the allowed time wanted to follow in the mold of doubleton

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and so obatala of course protected the prophets lie Selim took care of the Prophet slice on served in the best way that an uncle could write gave his life protecting the Prophet slicin on once revelation came to him, right

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The rest of the life bubble plot of shielding the profit slice them from heart. And an Ibis Of course, picked up the reins of that responsibility when a bull pilot passed away. And that's why best with the law and who is the one who took the prophets lie Selim to take Bayer to take the pledge of the people of Medina, of the unsought right. Ibis was the representative, he was the protector of the profit slice on him. But I bustled a lot of time on who was was living in the mold of double positive, and that he wanted to be the protective uncle that was still loyal to his tribe. Okay, so he's the hashemy, before anything else, the kurashiki, the hashemy, before anything else,

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the Hashemite who loves his nephew, and takes care of his nephew, not out of feeling that his nephew is a prophet of Allah, or not necessarily protecting him for that reason, but protecting him because that's what good uncles and good fathers do at that time. This is a tribal society. And so I'm going to be noble, like my older brother, Bob, and take care of the prophets lie Selim, and almost expressed an indifference to his religion more than anything else, right. And that's, you know, I will thought of did not use to speak against the religion of the prophets, I sell them, right. But it was almost within indifference, like, I don't care what his religion is, he's my nephew, and I'm

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gonna take care of him. So while Lu Baba is becoming more and more, you know,

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convicted in her faith, and I busted the allowance on and who is holding back for some time, from the religion of Islam, and this includes during the boycott, which was, of course, the most difficult period, in the life of the tribe, at least a bento Hashem a difficult time for the Prophet sallallahu wasallam the effects of which, you know, a butanna would would, of course, his death would be induced hijo de la Tatiana would die as well, due to the extreme circumstances, the hardships of the boycott, that would be placed on the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And, of course, bento Hashem and bento will follow. And somehow it was during this boycott, that you found that the

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morale of the community was also you know, taking a major hit, they've been through persecution, they've been through all sorts of hardship, they've seen the likes of Somalia or the allow on her killed, they have, you know, they have people that have escaped persecution to go to Abyssinia. And now the cruelty of boycotting this tribe, so that they could starve to death, so that they die, you know, away from the people starve to death. They don't have basic goods, they die in, you know, while being stigmatized in that society, of course, and all of that pain is then thrust on the Prophet sallallahu. And he was some that you did this to your people, right? If you renounce your

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religion, then your people don't have to go through this anymore. So it's a difficult time in the life of the Prophet, slice alum and everyone from the family of the prophets lie Selim had to go through this boycott, whether they accepted Islam or not. So the entirety of his tribe it is Salatu was Salam is suffering, the consequences of this boycott, and it was here, that Lu Baba or the Allahu taala and her own father, may Allah be pleased with her who was, you know, so close to the prophets lie Selim so close to Khadija all the a lot of time and her watching Khadija Lila and her you know, die as a result of the boycott going through what was happening. It was here that Lu Baba

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or the Allahu taala and her became pregnant with a child. And in the midst of the most difficult days of the Prophet's life, it is Salatu was Salam. It was here during the boycott, actually, that Omar favela gave birth to Abdullah if not impossible, de la junta and Hamas, Abdullah habited oma, the scholar of this oma was born in the boycott. Okay, during the boycott, during the most difficult days of the prophets, liasons life, some of the scholars say that that's, you know, that is one of the reasons why the Prophet slicin loved him so much. You know, when you're in difficult circumstances, and a loss, penta sends you a blessing like that, then you enjoy that blessing, you

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appreciate that blessing that much more. And so the prophets I send them you know, of course, was extremely sad, you know, and distressed by the situation of the boycott, but when he would see the love nobis he would, you know, be overjoyed he played with him, he loved him so much because he came at a certain time as well. And somehow, when he was born, lo Baba asked for Abdullah to be brought to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to do the technique, which is to take the date, and to rub it on the roof of your mouth and in the roof of the child's mouth. And they didn't have any dates. panelist so this was a technique, but there was no tumbo there was no dates.

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The time of the boycott. So the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he took saliva from his mouth and he put it in the mouth of Abdullah without anything but his own saliva mixing with the the saliva of the love and our bustle de la Tyler and Homer, and Mujahid though him Allah said, Abdullah is the only child with that distinction. It's Pamela who would grow up to become such an eloquent scholar, person who the prophets lie some would hold and say a llama festa hoefer dny Lim hota we'll, you know, ask Allah to grant him knowledge and wisdom and understanding of the religion, proper interpretation, all of these things that the prophet SAW Sam would make the app for Abdullah and

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that's how the relationship starts between the Prophet sly seminar the love nobis will be a lot one Homer, who would always be a light for this. Okay, so Subhana Allah, that's where he was born. And you know, of course, the years of Mecca went by the profit slice on makes

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and when the profit slice son makes his bus while the low tide and who stays behind with his family in Mecca. So at this point, an Ibis has not embraced Islam at least publicly. Okay, for sure, not publicly, he may have embraced it privately. And then the Battle of bed that comes so Alibaba is experiencing now that she's experienced the death of the Dalai Lama Thailand. she's experiencing the separation from

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you know, her nephew and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam who of course was so beloved to her because of who he was already his slots was set up. And you know, now they're in Mecca, and the Battle of bed the, you know, break sounds, and an Ibis or the Allahu taala. And who went out with the mushrikeen of Mecca, he went out with the disbelievers of Mecca, even though he was the one who protected the profit slice out of them. When the prophets lie some took the bait when he took the allegiance from the pledge from the people of Medina, and I bustle the low tide and who still had to go out with the noble ones of Mecca, to you know, to this fight of the Battle of better and the

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prophets all along he was Salam he said before the the fights before bed that actually would even take place. He said that there's some people from Mecca.

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Callaghan, they've been brought out by force, they have no interest whatsoever in fighting us so if you see them Don't kill them. Instead just just you know capture them and bring them to the prisoners right but do not kill them because they're not here to kill you in the profit slice I mentioned about a book three employees Sam and ally boss. So he said these two men are not interested in fighting us. They're not there to kill us but they were forced by their people to go out so I bustle the loads out on home. Surely, you know, he came out to the Battle of Bedford and he did not raise his hand one time against the Muslims. He was captured, quickly brought to the Prophet

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sallallahu wasallam and the Prophet size some have had to still treat him in the same way that everyone else's relatives were being treated. He could not it his slots was so damn show favoritism to his uncle even though he knew his uncle's heart was different. And so the prophets lie some of them if he loosened the you know, the chains on a bus or the low tide.

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The cuffs on a bus he said loosen them for everyone. Right? It's not just an imbecile the A lot of times everyone has to have it, loosen them. And when the Prophet slicin um, collects ransom, of course lets people leave. He cannot show favoritism to his uncle, because he loves his uncle. And so when he goes to his uncle, he tells his uncle to to ransom himself just you know, you're a rich man ransom yourself. So he you know our boss tells the prophets lie some I don't have that kind of money. The prophets lie, some says for anal Mandala, the defender who until Omen father Where is the money that you and your and your wife or mother father hid away you stored away. And you said to her

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if I'm killed in this battle, then save this for and father Abdullah and Kusum. So the Prophet size M is telling us about a conversation that he had with Lu Baba in Mecca and there is no way that the Prophet sly son would know about that conversation. So and Ibis says what La Jolla rasulillah I know that you are a lost messenger, because this is not a thing that anyone except for my father and myself knew just mean no Baba had this conversation. There is no way that you would have known about this had you not been a messenger of Allah. So he told the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. to, you know if he could count the 20 lupia, which was a weight that he took from him in the battle, the profit

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slice on him said I can't because that's the spoils of war. So what was taken in the battle itself doesn't count. And that's one of the

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bas are the lowdown on who ransomed himself with a promise with the money that he had hid away with oldfather and that's when Allah subhanho wa Taala actually revealed. Verse 70. When Allah Subhana Allah and surah number 88 you will Idina amrapali Yeah, you call the man Fie community Ocelot. And the acronym ALLAH hafiz guru become Hira. You can hide Amina, okay. The men come we have lokhandwala for Rahim, that oh prophet of Allah say to the captives that are in your hands, if Allah knows of any good in your hearts, then he will give you something better than what was taken from you, and He will forgive you and Allah subhanaw taala is most forgiving, Most Merciful. So in social and fun

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last Pentatonix sang to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam to say to him that this will come back to you anyway if you are a believer, right? So if you have a man if you have faith in your heart, than anything that you gave to ransom yourself, know that Allah subhanaw taala will give you more than what was taken from you. And Allah subhanaw taala will forgive you as well. And a lot is all forgiving, Most Merciful most forgiving, Most Merciful. So let's get back to them unfolded. Okay, no, Baba, this is this happens with us. He's out in bed. And, you know, he went out forced to stand on the other side of his nephew it his Salatu was Salam never intended to hurt him, he would never

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hurt the prophets lie Selim, or hurt the Muslims, and even was willing to be killed instead of kill or hurt on that day. But, you know, before a bus would get back to Mecca, those that were not taken prisoners made it back. Okay. So I was soufiane and and and some of those that fought that did not die in bed, they were able, of course to flee from bed that and make it back to Mecca before the prisoners would make it back. So I would offer who we said was the freed slave of abass. he narrates this incident, he says I was sitting and omo Baba was sitting and Abu lahab, Abu lahab, none other than Abdullah hub was was pacing around the room. Okay, so imagine the scene. And he, as he paces

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around the room waiting for news of what happened that bed that he sits down and he says he put his back on my back. I mean, you can just imagine the scene I'm gonna fall into sitting in the room. A Buddha is sitting there, and Abu lahab, you know, sits down and puts us back to the back of an office waiting for someone to come back from bed and to give the news. Then he says Abu sufian approached. So Abu lahab stood up, you know, obviously excited, wanting to know the news, anxious to know the news. And he said, metal hub. He said, what happens? What happened? I was a fan. Give me the news. What happened in the battle about that? So it was tough. Yeah. And he said, you know, we

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went to fight them. And we found that they were people that were small a number, but the quantity of those people did not match their courage. They killed us. However, they wanted to kill us. They captured us however they wanted to capture as meaning we were completely overmatched by the Muslims, even though they were much smaller in number, and he said and they had these huge men alongside of them that were fighting, and we couldn't do anything to them. So they would strike us but we couldn't strike them. So but offer he got excited, obviously because he's a Muslim. And you know, he was a vulnerable Muslim. No one was going to touch through Baba because of who she was. But I would

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offer he saw this and he stood up and he started to say typical ally, he had Metallica Tilikum on my helmet like as I swear by a lot, that's the angels that's the angels you fought the angels you fought the angels. And he said that out of such excitement that Abu lahab punched him and he said Abu lahab got on top of me and he started to beat me to a bloody pulp. So the blood started to flow from above Rafa, as Abu lahab was punching him. And, you know, he said he almost died. All the loads had anaerobic Buddha was a huge man. And he was, you know, hitting him with all of his might so angry just having heard the news of what happened in Bedford and at the same time finding out about

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offset had the nerve to celebrate the victory of the Muslims over what I saw on that day. So what does Lu Baba do? This woman, robot or the longtail and she grabs a 10th pole and she takes the tangible and she she cracks a hula hub right right on his head in his face with that pole.

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And I will not have had completely splits open and the blood starts to flow from a bola hubs skull and she stands on top of Ebola hub and she says a Kavita Allah hiya Bella hub stuff way too early and others

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And who say you do? Do you think you're stronger than him? Oh Bula hub Are you taking advantage of him just because his say it is gone, you think of that bus is gone. So you could do whatever you want to put off and he's not yours, you don't get to treat him like this. And she hit him so hard with the pole that Abdullah hub couldn't get up, and the blood was flowing from his head. And instead, somehow just imagine the scene, right? This is tablet. Yeah, that'd be lab and whatnot. The only enemy of the prophets lie some whose punishment is I mean, who's named alongside his punishment in the end. And this woman is the one that sends him to hell, in that sense, right, who pops him

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upside the head who has the strength and the courage to hit him upside the head with a pole, and a bola hub couldn't do anything about it. And because of the severity of the crack and his head, you know, he immediately had to get treated, and so had a lot he died just a few days after that. So if you want to know the story of Abu lahab, who Allah azza wa jal tells us about his punishment, the one who stood up in front of the prophets lie some at Safa, and and said tempt and luckier Mohammed Ali, his salatu salam said to the prophets lie some of those horrible words may you perish and ally responded to Abu lahab that way, the one who would strike him and kill him, and put, you know, send

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him to that next phase of his existence, which we know is a miserable existence, because of what Eliza has told us is none other than this woman, no Baba Ahmed problem of the Allahu taala. And so you're starting to see the healer Leah, come out and her it'll be a lot of time. And this is not a woman who was afraid of anyone or anything. This was a noble woman that carried herself in such a powerful way. And Ibis Of course, came back. And she continues to prompt abasa villalta on how to embrace Islam. And as we said, we don't know when exactly and Ibis embraced Islam. Imagine this household that includes the child, our beloved Ibis, that family that's so beloved to the Prophet

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slicin, but they're held back in Mecca, because they never actually formally or at Ibis never formally embraced Islam. When did abus embrace Islam? Almost, you know, two decades after his wife, he finally publicly embraced Islam after the Treaty of her day BIA shortly before Mecca. So not long before the conquest of Mecca and I bustle the law of Taiwan who embraces Islam, and, you know, moves along with his family, to Medina, to live with the Prophet slicin for the last three years of his life. So I want to give this some context. The prophets lie Selim married may mourn out well the law of Thailand her as you know, as he was coming to Mecca for the first time and this was one of the

00:32:46--> 00:33:26

one of the blessings the gifts of may monado, the Allahu taala and Han who she was and then Ibis was the one who married maimunah his sister in law, the sister of Lu Baba among fallen to the Prophet slicin after the Prophet slicin married mamoon out of the Allahu taala and they all move back to Medina. Okay, so maimunah obviously is the wife of the Prophet sly send them an imbecile the allot of time and hope finally is able to settle in and Medina and on the father lo Baba, may Allah be pleased with her and all of her children are able to settle in Medina, we know what's going to happen with our beloved nobis. For the next three years, you're going to have this young man from

00:33:26--> 00:34:10

the age of 10 to 13 shadow the prophets lie Selim wherever he goes, and whatever he does, right, so for the next three years, Lu Baba will send off her son, and her son will stay by the side of the prophets lie some through everything. And so that's why you have the narration of the Prophet slicin I'm riding with the love nobis on the back of his riding animal and speaking to him and saying, Yeah, hula inurl imoca Kenny Matt, oh, young man, let me teach you some words of the law, or the law to do to to jack until the end of the very famous Hadith. Be mindful of Allah and Allah will protect you. Be mindful of Alon you will find him in front of you until the end of the Hadith. So you start

00:34:10--> 00:34:54

to find this connection. This this beautiful connection that develops between Abdullah her son and the Prophet slice and in those three years, you also have, you know, a person, a young man who asks permission to sleep in the house of the Prophet slice on them on the night that his aunt or the law of Thailand honeymooner is with the profit slice of them. So you have the law her son who will go and sleep at the feet of the Prophet slice on them and may move out while the law of Thailand and it will carefully observe the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam cmll his nighttime habits to narrate it to us and to teach us what the prophet SAW Selim did with his key amulet and how he woke up for

00:34:54--> 00:35:00

his the amulet. You have the young man that became the will of the Prophet Sly Stone, he would fetch the water from

00:35:00--> 00:35:38

The profit slice of them. So when the prophets lie some would intend to make, he'd already find that the water has been prepared for him, he say who did it, Abdullah did it. And the Prophet slicin them would hold him and make their app for him. So this is the son of Nevada, or the law of Taiwan. And what he serves the role that he will play in the life of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and obviously, the mother, the wonderful mother, the aunt who is their low Baba woman, father or the law of town, and she used to visit the Prophet slicin, frequently in Medina, just as she did in Mecca. Now, obviously, there's a lot of time to catch up on and her sister maimunah is now married to the

00:35:38--> 00:36:18

profit slice of them. And she also did hedge with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam so hydrated were there, which was the farewell hedge of the Prophet slice alum. me more about the Allahu taala and her I'm sorry, amen father, all the alongside accompany the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And this is this is a very important point to understand the blessing of this family. Just like you have the narration of Abdullah on the back of the animal with the Prophet, slice Allah and the narrating the pm of the prophets lie Selim. Most of the narrations are a large number of the narrations of the prophets have jati his salatu salam come from a father

00:36:19--> 00:37:03

who was writing also on the back of the animal with the prophets lie Selim throughout the Hajj. So throughout the Hajj of the prophets lie some kept unfolded with him. And so we have all of these narrations about the one Hajj that the Prophet sighs um, did in Islam through and father, just as we have all of these narrations through Abdullah, both of them raised by this magnificent woman, almost called the low Baba, it'll be a long time, you have a famous incident that happened in hajj, that, you know that Oh, my father is directly behind. And, you know, some kind of law if you if you've ever been to How'd you know that? The heat can sometimes really, really become a burden. And I want

00:37:03--> 00:37:13

you to imagine being an alpha and under the hot sun of alpha, and not knowing whether you should be fasting or not.

00:37:14--> 00:37:56

So in Medina, they started fasting alpha well before, right, I mean, they've been fasting for now for seven, eight years before the prophets license hatch. And now they're making hedge with the profit slice of them and this is the first hedge of the profit slice I'm with them. And they notice that the Prophet slice alum has not eaten or drink drank anything, and that he's just making that he's exerting himself into out he put his hands up it his salatu salam after salah and he continued with his hands up never wants to his hands come down it his Salatu was set up. And so the Sahaba Are you know, coming around the Prophet slice alum they don't want to interrupt his look at the end of

00:37:56--> 00:38:36

that they have the manners that they have with the messenger it sorts of stuff they don't want to interrupt him and ask the Prophet sighs alum should we be fasting or not? And at the same time, they're getting dehydrated, it's hot. They don't know if they can break their fast or not only for the low Baba, may Allah be pleased with her, she sees the scene happening. And so she takes a you know, she takes a glass of milk, lemon, literally. And she hands it to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam so that there could be an intervention without there having to be an intervention if the prophet SAW some turned it away, then obviously they know they're supposed to be fasting and this

00:38:36--> 00:39:14

was after awesome so they've already spent hours wondering if they should be fasting on the day of Otto for not when Allman father hands him the glass the Prophet size knows exactly what is happening. So the profit slice on him, he raises his, his glass to the sky, and then he drinks from it at his slot. So as soon as he did that, everyone starts to take a drink, because they knew now that they didn't have to fast on the day of alpha, if they were actually in alpha. And that was the wisdom and the participation of almond folded all the a lot of time as well, who had that vision who understood what was happening and saw away and enjoy the closest to the profit slice to get the

00:39:14--> 00:39:41

Sahaba out of that bind. The last thing that I'll mention here is the beautiful story behind her connection to and her saying it well the Allahu tada and Homer, the beloved one of the prophets of Allah hardy who was setting up and so if you look back at this map, you end up now with this one connection and Hussein or the Aloha tada and how is it that she's able to nourish and Hussein although the low tide on

00:39:42--> 00:40:00

inside narrates this and this is married and other places as well, that she had a dream one night and she told the prophets lie Selim the dream the next day and this was shortly This is right after they moved to Medina. She told the prophets lie sundiata little lie her I had an

00:40:00--> 00:40:42

Interesting dream. She said, I had a dream that a part of your flesh was in my home was an interesting dream, right? So part of the prophets lie some of them was in my house, but not the whole of the prophets, Allah lahardee was on them. And so when she said that to the Prophet slice me, she didn't know what to make of that. She said, fathima, about the Allahu taala Anna is going to give birth to a child, and you are going to give birth to a child, and you will breastfeed your child, as well as the child of Fatima, and who was the child and her saying will be a lot of time. So it was a bush law, a glad tidings that she would breastfeed a child from faulty model the law and

00:40:42--> 00:41:23

then at that point actually clicked on was already was born before and he's saying all the time, no, so you will breastfeed a child along with your child. So this was a late birth, and a life unfolded. Right, this was not an expected birth, it was a late birth. But somehow she had flowing milk at this point. And you also just noticed that the way the prophets license spoke you know, of an Hussein all the a lot of time, and you're going to see, you know, an incident that comes out of this as well. But you know, just the dream that a piece of the profits license was in the house of almond folded and the profits license that Hussein or the allow animals from me, right like Hussein is a piece of

00:41:23--> 00:41:58

the profits of the lahardee was the Aloha in Hawaii. So let me shows you the love the profit slice some had for this family, which we spoke about, when he talks about ID and fathima. And their and their and their children, may Allah be pleased with them all. So the dream came true. faulty metal, the law and he gave birth to it Hussein and Omen father was, was the mother of her saying through breastfeeding, she would nurse and her same all the a lot of time on how to assist, faulty model the alone time on her and her task of being a young mother. And one one day

00:42:00--> 00:42:35

she is caring and Hussein. So just imagine this beautiful scene put yourself in Medina. She's caring and Hussein and of course when the Prophet sly Sam used to seal Hussein all the time who the prophets lie Selim would be so excited, right? He saw it as someone who's saying the prophets lie Selim would immediately become Grandpa, right? I mean, he'll get down from the men but he'll sit them on his his lap, they'll climb his back and salute the prophets lie Selim would would run to them, they would run to him he would hold them he would always be seen carrying them he would kiss them he would laugh with them. There was a love that the prophets lie some hat for them. That was

00:42:35--> 00:43:01

very special, right? So imagine the scene here comes home and she's carrying young Hussein or the Allahu taala. And, and the prophet SAW some sees her, sees her and sees him and starts to cuddle. And Hussein starts to play with him starts to throw him and then guess what her saying urinates all over the Prophet slice alone. This is an actual story right? And her saying oh the Allahu urinates on the Prophet sallallahu wasallam so the prophets lie Selim

00:43:02--> 00:43:46

you know, tells them to hold them while he could clean that urine and almost folded she she Spanx and her saying well they allow for for doing that to the Prophet slice them for urinating on the profits ally salah and the prophets lie some of them says to her, because when she when she she she spanked her same of the a lot of time he started to cry the baby started to cry the prophets lie Selim actually says to her Subhan Allah, he says to her, the 20 feet of me You've hurt me with my son right? You made my son cry, and you've hurt me by hurting my son may Allah have mercy on you so hon Allah This is what the prophet slicin was saying about at the same of the a lot of Thailand who

00:43:46--> 00:44:21

with just this tap right like just for him crying as a baby in a very natural you know incident right and so then what then some hell of those who murdered Hussein will be a lot of time right and this is something that we have to claim it's a part of our history it's something we have to hold in our hearts as well right and how hurt the prophets lie some would be by that is it no Josie Rahim Allah makes a connection to this as well. So you know she lightly she Spanx and her saying the prophets lie Selim says, they tend if you enter the, you know, you hurt me by hurting him. You shouldn't have done that. It's okay. And the prophets I send them gives the the hokum the ruling

00:44:22--> 00:44:59

that when a boy who is exclusively breastfed, urinates, then you can sprinkle, you can sprinkle the area of the water, and there's a distinction between the urine of the baby boy and the urine of the baby girl and some of their intimate they talked about wisdoms of that, you know that there is a loosening of the restrictions when it comes to the urine of the baby boy, as opposed to the baby girl as long as the baby boys not eating solids yet, and I'm not going to get into the thick of baby urine here. Okay, just to understand the context of this. But, you know, appreciating the story of this, that this was the closeness that Alibaba will follow.

00:45:00--> 00:45:43

All the allowed time and had to the prophets lie summon his family, right literally, the the the mother of an Hussein will be allowed to dine home through breastfeeding. And this is where you find that narration that becomes a famous narration to be used in the books of filk is through this incident between the father and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and his beloved Hussein will be alone town on. So this was the the way that she lives around him. Other than that, what we have narrated about her and narrated through her, she narrated about 30, a hadith from the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and this is collected through Of course, her son Abdullah of nobis through nsfx

00:45:43--> 00:46:22

nomadic through made through some of those famous companions, but there's really only one Hadith which is the famous Hadith which is the Hadith we just mentioned. So Pamela, that incident between Omen father, and her saying, and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, which shows her closeness to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam this woman lived on the Allahu taala at home and father until the khilafah of Earth mama the longtime Ando and she died in the life of Earth man will be alone, and was preyed upon and buried in about here at a loss penalty. I'd be pleased with her and have mercy upon her and reward her for all of the support she gave to our beloved messenger sallallahu alayhi

00:46:22--> 00:46:49

wa sallam and so many early luminaries of Islam, may Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to meet with the great aunt of this ummah, you know, who bore the scholar of this woman of the love nobis and gave us so much through her children. And last penance I reward her for all of her sacrifices and all of those sabich wanted a widow and a llama amin Chatelet Tana, I will see you all next week. Just a little height on us that Mr. de como la he got a cut