The End Of Time #43 Jannah Part 9

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Sit down with a light I don't want a cat

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yes means I don't want a

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cat oh

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yeah hello.

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Yeah Hello masaba

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then ln ln

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ln one must have been.

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Land so busselton ln ln allow Eman length Fatima widecombe Hello Sister Fatima

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likoma Hello, LAN. Zainab. nicoma South LA VIDA cattle.

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Welcome to the end of time I label the halfways lenses the Nadia Salam Alikum Li, zi. And Layla Lola robe. So Michael, what law? Are you missing you? It's been a long time.

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It's been a long time. Those of you on Facebook. I need you to tell me in shallow to let you know today is because I've changed the new of we bought a new modem. Not more than but a router. My son's law habit. We got it from Best Buy this nesh you know, like the Apple and Google, Google Nash. Or not nest nest, Google nest. I'm not into this thing. Google nest. So

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it suppose the connection is supposed to be a lot stronger, you know better. So let me know shout out to either if those of you on Facebook, you feel the you feel the speed. I feel the need the need for speed. If you feel the speed.

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How's everyone

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Alright, so that's what I'm using rasmalai right. That's what I'm using. Here. I am Sarah hot lava cat or Yamaha by Yamaha. Learn Harley's.

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And then waldau it comes around hot lava kettle dabit. So we have

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Where did we leave last time? Oh, yeah. Last time. Last time. We're talking about fun stuff. Last time. It was not just gender. We're talking about the women of gender right? And hamdulillah bad I mean,

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Lama condemned. So Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam so less than America hot light over the country sisters and brothers.

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This is reality zazzy. We're coming into another session of the end of time. This is session number 4343 lectures and

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and today is Jana. Part nine, Allahu Akbar Zen apart night imagine, you know so 43 lectures today is the 43rd and agenda Part Number eight, nine, we had eight sessions just talking about Jim net. Today is number nine.

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So welcome to all of you. In the last session. We talked about you know, women

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in Jannat. And we talked about who's going to be more engine men or women, right men or women? I answered that question last week. And then we'll heavy and then my love. And then have you be lumpy. Helena zz I missed you my man. So the last week you remember who's going to be more in Jannat men or women?

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answer that question please. Who's going to be more in general men or women? I'm talking to Instagram here and Facebook here. They're gonna be more women than men in general. Absolutely not. And that was an I explained it beautifully for remember that those of you who have missed a session, go back and watch it. It's on my Facebook right? Because I have Instagram and they have Facebook right here

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Mashallah, there's more people on Instagram always. So, and then we talked about, you know, the women of gender we talked about her name, right, a description of her lane. And how they,

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you know, the fact that the, the, the, the, you know, the, the description there the beauty and, and the singie and, and whatnot, but also I mentioned that

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the the

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the I am

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I mentioned that my brothers and sisters,

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that the women of dunya will be the queens of the women of gender.

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Right? You remember that? I explained the fact that there were women and I spent a full session just talking about that, that men, you know, women, brothers and sisters, I think you're fine, right? Because if you are, if it's been disconnecting, then I think it's from your end, because from my and Hamdulillah, I even see, I have up to 500 kbps, you know, 600 kbps, you know, live on Facebook. So if it's, if it's breaking pieces to the wall, duck, go back and check from your end, you know, but from here, people on Instagram, they're just going, we're flowing. And even on Facebook, if you have any issues, please go back and you know, double check the connection. Anyways. I let me let me let

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me connection is very good. That's what they're saying the connection is very good. So anyways,

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again, one more time.

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The with regard to

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the fact that women in general women, or women wouldn't be the Queen's of the women agenda. And the unexplained that right, I'll give you a session the fact that these women you know, the whole aim, they are not macula, they didn't have to fast they did not have to pray they did not have to,

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to the end, but you these women, your moms, your sisters, your wives, they they're the ones who had this, right, they are the ones who had to, to

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obey the commands of Allah subhanho wa Taala, as they all do, but not only that, but to fulfill the commands to fulfill the pillars, right and beyond just the pillars the pillars and beyond. So from the justice of Allah subhanho wa Taala from the attitude of Allah is that the

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women are no less panatela will make the women of this dunya the Queen's of the women of gender. And we also spoke about the question that I left last week, the the the cliffhanger question, the cliffhanger question. For men, they have something called holy, other than other than their own, you know, wives, they will have her laid, right? And nice explained the fact that every man in general will have the strength of 100 men.

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Every man in general will have the strength of 100 men. So now the question was if women if men have this whole lane extras like other than their own wives, how about

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how about women, especially women who let's say, who are divorced women who never got to be married,

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who never got to be married or the widowers, right? widows? What's going to happen to them in the agenda? No. Do they? Are they going to remain single? So here's the question, the answer is I have this question in maybe three sections.

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There will be nobody who is single in Jannah. This is the summary. Nobody will remain single in general. Those who have

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those who were singling dystonia, those whose husband have passed away in dystonia, those who are divorcing dystonia? Right. Those who never got married, basically, period in dystonia, right. They will nobody even from men, there were some men who are single, right?

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They never got married, then they died, right. So but in Jannat, nobody would remain single. This is the summary, right? No, but now the detail.

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Number one,

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if you are and this is for a belief in a woman,

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and she was married to believe in men,

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and her man her husband, miskeen was sick.

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He was sick, and he could not fulfill her needs. He was really sick.

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And she

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and she was patient with him. very patient persevered and everything.

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Although she was not very happy with demand, but she was very patient with him. Sisters and brothers. I remember when I said your husband would not be the same engine that he will be. JOHN.

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Remember that one? Remember what I said last week. We'll all the men will be joining. There's no Superman there is no Iron Man. There is no Captain America. There is Captain Jana.

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there is competition that is not Captain America there is no you know, Batman, there is.

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No, so he was sick in this dunya if your husband was Miskin married in Santa, he will be a superstar with a superstar beyond the superstar, you will get to marry him inshallah, hashtag engender, you will get to marry that husband and husband and shallow data, he wouldn't have the height of Adam alayhis salaam 60 arm's length tall he will have the age of recently said I'm 33 years old, he wouldn't have the arm he will have the the beauty of of your Safari Sam, you know that beauty of Israel he will be he will have the strength of 100 men you know a lot of soldiers will change your husband your husband will not be the same husband was gonna was sick and all that, you know, this is

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case number one. And that has been he will fulfill all your needs. Alright, I'm not gonna go into the details. The sisters they're smart, they understand all their needs would be fulfilled and beyond to infinity and beyond is he would fulfill all the needs.

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case number two, you were married. And you got divorced.

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And you died divorced.

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Right? You died divorced.

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What's going to happen in Jana? Are you going to remain you know you're divorced or divorce see divorce II know

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either the two cases either Allah Subhana Allah Donna would bless you with a husband, who was also divorced.

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And you get to choose that person you choose. Maybe you want to marry this person who was divorced.

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But he was a good person. A very good person. or or or

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Allah subhana wa Tada. We'll make a brand new man for you.

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Brand new men.

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These are agenda man.

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Not agenda man. A brand new man for you. Zero mileage.

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Zero mileage. No, there is

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a brand new man just like her lane for women. For you. You would have a brand new man.

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You know, he has never been married.

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He has nothing on his odometer. odometer says zero. A brand new car just came out

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like this.

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You get to choose that. If you want you get to choose that.

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Or you get to have a human from this donia

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anyone from dystonia? Who are very good, man. Very good, man.

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They never got married.

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Exactly fresh from the box out of the box. You You get to open him yourself. Ah, you get to open him yourself like this.

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And then you're so excited. You get to open and he says

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you get to open him. Anyways, come on.

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Well, Mister, I'm serious. I'm serious. Eliza we make a man for you. If you want brand new, or maybe these people from the dounia from this dunya who never got married, right who never got married

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and they were very good people.