The Firsts #18 – A Dip in Jannah

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The promise is Jenna, the promise is paradise. And that should be enough. That should be enough. And that's what the prophets lysozyme is giving to Samia. All the Allahu Tatiana, and the acid and Amar that your place is in Gemini, your promise is paradise.

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And it has the profit slice Emma's walking by them and seeing them in this way. I want you to imagine some of the lower unhemmed that had torture experimented on her dipped in all sorts of ways into different types of water, in containers into the sand, tortured, humiliated, abused, and she is the first Shaheed the first martyr of this oma and the Prophet slice on him said that on the Day of Judgment, the person who had the worst type of either the worst type of punishment in this world, I said the nasty Bella and overshadow Nassim Taleb and for dunya would be dipped in paradise one time you'll muscle for Noreen Thompson will just be dipped one time in Paradise, and it would be set to

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that person. Have you ever seen a difficult day? Have you ever seen any type of sadness helpful at books and putt, ever any type of misery or sadness? And that person would say, never. I've never seen sadness in my life. I've never seen misery in my life. panela in my existence, I've never seen anything sad. I've never seen any hardship because of one dip in paradise. Imagine the first woman the first martyr, right? This woman so maybe it'll be a lot of time. I know we're not just talking about a dip in gender. But the way that Allah subhana wa tada comforts this woman, and the fact that you know, this was not a woman that saw good days before sun.

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Right in the sense like this was not a woman that lived a life of ease before Islam, nor did she lived to see the glory days of Islam. Her life was a difficult life until she embraced Islam, and it only became even more difficult in Islam.