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AI: Summary © The story of the people of the cave is a long series of narrations and references to the moral of the whole idea of the Halacha. The story takes 12-15 hours and is a long series of narrations and references to the moral of the whole idea of the Halacha. The story is a problem that needs to be addressed and is a long series of narrations. The importance of practicing Islam and the need for people to remember its lessons is discussed, along with the potential for "bringing people to live in a new country." The history of Islam, including the implementation of Islam in Colorado and the use of multiple language, is also discussed, along with the importance of belief in Islam and showing the truth.
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Like I mentioned before, if I ask you to learn how many stories you have in your life, you tell me Oh, I have so many stories to tell you, anybody have so many stories, even though you lived only 34 years or 50 years? How about Allah subhanaw taala chose this 2530 stories from Adam and Eve salaam, all the way to the day of judgment. He picked those few stories through that shows you how important are the stories to be learned and implemented in our life.

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Today's story is very well known

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story. And

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it has a surah named after it in the Quran. And today's story is the story of the people of of the cave, as hub, as hobble calf.

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There is

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a narration about the reason for the revelation of the surah

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SOTL calf, there's a reason is a narration mentioned that have been cathedra. And I checked on it and it turned out to be weak narration which we all know people came from Medina

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to crush or crush and two men to Medina to ask the Jews. How can we test Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and then they came back and say ask him three questions. Ask him about the people of the cave, ask him about the man who traveled from east to west and ask him about the soul. If he answered two out of three that means he is a prophet.

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So this narration in the beginning of it, it says rational must three.

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So there is a unknown, one of the narrators is unknown. So the narration is weak by itself. And many many people use this as the reason for the revelation of Surah Alkaff.

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Now the story starts by Can you give me

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the story is started

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by Allah subhanaw taala is telling us

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and by the way, we all know that circle cafes if you open the Quran in the middle, right in the middle is Surah calf. So the story took around 12 to 15 hours to discuss the story. So Allah subhanaw taala said, and Hasidic and as herbal Kathiawar rocky McCann woman, Tina algebra.

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So it's talking to Rasul Allah Salah Salem.

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And he's telling him

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Do you think that the story of the people of the cave is something strange ajeeb achieved is the same in order, right? The same thing is ajeeb.

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Because sometimes, we

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like for example, President baju I want you to give us a lecture that yeah, and he will put me on fire.

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They want the Sheoak to become Arnold Schwarzenegger and you know, become action figures. And I want to know this Subhanallah and we forget, we forget the moral of the of the whole idea of the Halacha. Yanni sometimes we get so amazed by how the ocean split with Musa alayhis salam, and we forget the greatness of the ocean.

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And we forget how many great creatures are in the ocean and how this ocean is functioning. We get so amazed by the moon by the splitting of the moon and we forget the greatness of the moon. We get so amazed by people reach the moon, which is something great but we forget that this is nothing compared to the rest of the creation the harlequin Sonata on all these Milky Way's that are millions of Milky Way's and this earth is is a small.in this whole Milky Way and there are 10s of millions of Milky Way's and we get amazed by something simple and we forget the Creator

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so Allah saying Do you think that keeping seven eight people seven people or whatever we're going to discuss in sha Allah in a cave for 300 and something years is something strange or something hard for Allah subhanaw taala it's not something hard. It's very easy for Allah subhanaw taala very easy and passive does have a look if you are rocky McCann women 18 algebra is I will fit here to El Cap. So how is the story started the story started by there was a village

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ruled by a king and these people were worshipping idols

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and some

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youth young fit here. fit here

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is plural of Fattah.

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There were young men,

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that they did not like what they see.

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They did not like what's going on, they definitely felt that it's impossible that this whole world is running with these idols impossible. There has to be a creator. And they were from very, very rich families, they used to live a very luxurious life.

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These details are extremely important and you will know why in a second.

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So they did not know each other.

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They did not know each other.

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There was a major carnival festival, wherever you want to call it in the village celebrating the items, so they decided to refuse to attend. And they went there sat down, one of them left and sat down under a tree, the other set another under another tree, and then they met each other and they said, What are you doing here, and then Subhan Allah, just like Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Alka lube, you know, don't move Canada.

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The hearts are like soldiers. If they

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are on the same page immediately and instantly, you feel like they felt the love right away. And if they are not on the same page, immediately, no matter how nice they were, could be, but they're not on the same page, they would repel from each other. So all of a sudden, these young men, they get together. And they

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spoke about the situation in the village and how they hate what's going on and they have to do something.

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I'm going to take one lesson today, discuss it

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or a couple of lessons.

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And then as we go, we will discuss the story of

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respect to the brothers and sisters. These people were living a luxurious life.

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The big palaces,

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they serve servants, the bodyguards, whatever they want

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children of kings.

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So the matters of dunya that a lot of us are striving for and struggling for and forgetting their Deen because they had them already.

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They had it.

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This is on one side on the other side, listen carefully.

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These young men did not have massage it did not have she you did not have YouTube did not have lectures, did not have role models to look up to. There was no profit at that time.

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There was no universities to teach Islam.

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With all that,

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being not available.

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They still rose and figured that there's something wrong and we got to do something about it. And Allah, honor them, honor them.

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By making us

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review their story, once a week.

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Once a week, to read the story, in the best day of the week, read their story, and understand their story and live their story. This is our problem. We take the stories as just a story, beautiful story. But why these people of the cave was so honored why there has to be a command for the solar system is telling us to read this story every single Friday 52 times a year.

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So without any support, without any

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information, enough information, they were able to stand up

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and obviously, become victorious.

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So the first lesson

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if you're truthful with Allah, Allah will make things easy for you.

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They were truthful, they were sincere. They wanted the heat to be established on Earth.

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And they did what they can do.

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I can't change everybody.

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When they attempt to move.

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They decided to leave everybody

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because they were prosecuted the first thing that comes to your mind.

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I was taught to go to the cave. What if there is no air conditioning?

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In the cave, what am I going to eat there? What am I going to drink there? What if there were snakes in the cave? What they're going to do to me they're gonna arrest me

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Don't say any of that. They put the trust in Allah and Bismillah

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and they were honored to the level that till the Day of Judgment, the story will be told and people will be reading it every Friday.

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Allahu Akbar

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so the main

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one of the main lessons of the story of the people of the cave

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is that when I notice

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and I feel that I cannot practice my Deen somewhere

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I have to do something

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yeah by the Alladhina Amman

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in out of the US Yeah. For in yah yah boo don't

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sweat Lanka boat.

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Oh my slaves

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my land

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is fast was huge.

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And then he reminded us for the reason why are we here? So worship me.

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Not of us. Yeah. Yeah, you're fat boo. Don't worship me.

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Y'all Allah

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there was so many people fighting

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or mistreating the woman with hijab so I have to take off my hijab ya Allah

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Ya Allah I could not pray if I pray at work that he's going to fire me

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yeah Allah we could not do this we could not do that. Yeah Allah

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Allah said

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You named it these names Manzil Allah will be having some fun all these names of the countries you named it but it's all my land

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and whatever. You could worship me the best

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because this is what you're going to be questioned about.

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Right after that, Ryan right after it what is it?

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Anybody knows?

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Cologne FC?

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Why? Why does it right after that? Because we keep delaying.

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It would be okay. Kelowna.

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Remote, you're gonna die. Every soul. The King will die. The president the white, the black, the rich, the poor, the Muslim, the non Muslim, the Arab leader, an Arabic You will all die? And what are you going to say? Yeah, Allah. When he asked me and he asked you, why didn't you worship me? Why don't you pray on time? I only put you on earth to do one thing and he did not do it. You were worried about the risk to as right after that. Allah gives the resume to whomsoever he wants.

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What are you worried

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serve, the reason you're created for and I'll take care of everything.

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That's what he said, Subhana serve the reason that you were created for and I'll take care of everything.

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One of the stuff I used to say.

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He said,

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he asked me to worship Him. And He promised me to take care of my risk. So I'm doing my part and he's doing his

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but we are always scared and weak and afraid. What if? What if? What if

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these people even though they have no lectures every single Monday, Thursday, Tuesday, they have no easy click to any chef who could they could bring any chef from earth to their living room.

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And the Hadith, Quran miracles right in front of their hands, they've had none of that. And they stood up and said that's it. You cannot take this anymore.

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Even though I cannot maybe make the change. I'm leaving. But the cave is this dark hug. So right Allah will take care of everything.

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And Allah did.

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Allah did miracles.

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And we're going to see what how he changed the sun, how he how he made the location of the of the cave, so convenient, because they did something for him and he is ready to change the geography for them.

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trust in Allah subhanaw taala

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is I will fit here to eel calf and I

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I want all my young brothers and also the older brothers and sisters to memorize this is our fifth year to El Caffee. For Colorado, when they went inside the cave, they made a beautiful which every single one of us should make. Rob benna

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Midleton, Milan Kurama

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where he

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been a marina

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your Allah

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showered us with Your mercy, because this is all that matters. And give us the Russian

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give us the wisdom give us the hikma

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to do whatever

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is pleasing to you. Unfortunately, a lot of times we are so

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we are so specific about what we want from Allah.

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Right? I want this I want this I want this I want that. You know you are so specific. They said something comprehensive, inclusive Robina without drama, we cannot do anything we cannot be talking you can be hugging your son. We can be anything. Robin attina Milligan Kurama why yet Letterman Andrina Rashida, your Allah whatever it is something that is Rashid. Make me do it. Just like we said before the best ever or better attina for dunya Hassan just for dunya hacer una and we said that this has an A in the dunya includes a good wife

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good life, good income, beautiful home. Great parents health. That hasn't. Don't be specific. Not that you can be specific there's nothing wrong. I'm just saying

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Russia yeah Allah we are being

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tortured. We are being prosecuted. Ya Allah. How much do we need this dua in this time that we are living right now. I've been attina Milan Kurama

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Marina Russia Daya Allah

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immediately for the Robina then infill calf you see Lena added

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why immediately Allah subhanaw taala said we close their ears. Because when you're tired and you're exhausted from a situation, the first thing you want to do is to sleep. Want to rest. Right you want to rest. We all go after a long day.

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Brother basil takes half an hour talking after he actually leave us alone you want to go home and sleep.

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You want to go and rest.

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And what is the most thing that wakes you up?

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When when when when people have alarms on their phone? But does that alarm do makes noise because to go to the ear and the ear will react and make make me and you wake up so Allah subhanaw taala to make them rest for the rub now. Any him is the source of waking up is closed. Don't worry, no one will bother you. Today, I was at the brothers. He has a shop I was changing oil. Ask him you know my first question to everybody. What are your treasure? Yeah, brother. This is my favorite question.

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So it's a brother.

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Problem waking up.

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I put three four alarms and the alarms are you know you know any so loud and nothing makes me me it makes me wake up about to your wife, Ellie my wife and he used to be living in Lebanon. And they have the tanks been bombarding everywhere. She did not

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wake up. So forget about my wife.

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So I went and I start searching in the net for alarms for deaf people.

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There are some sprays water on you. There are some that shakes your mattress. There are one is one day it's a helicopter that it comes in hits you and start running you have to run after it to turn it off which makes you awake Subhanallah so we have no excuse not to wake up for fission.

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So Allah subhanaw taala said further up there any hidden filter if you see Nina added

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from the back now Mina anima Yun has been assigned in my lab, and this is extremely important. Na nakasu Are there you can build

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these stories in the Quran, they are complete. And the beauty of the stories of the Quran. The beauty of the story is the Quran. Subhan Allah, what are the names of the people of the cave?

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We don't know. How many were they? For sure. 100% Nobody knows. Where did it take place? I don't care.

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When maybe who was there? What's the name of the king at that time? I don't know.

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What color was the dog? What was he man or female? I don't care. Let's get to the point straight nakasu alayka number one bill finish no names no nothing no location in a home fit yet on air man OB Rob be him was it in our home ohada

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This is the main

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This is the main

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point and the main base of the story. They are fit here, young men that believed in Allah. And when you believe in Allah and you ask and seek help, Allah subhanaw taala will increase you and a man will be him. Was he the home holder? He did not say and we guided them. No, they will already guide it because they were believers. They already got it because they went against the stream. So Allah said they were young men, they were believers and I Allah increased them, was it the now Hamada?

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Like Allah says in surah Miriam, well your Z Allah Who levena Hooda what does that mean? That means you will never ever, no matter how long you live, you can never ever say I am done.

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I am fully guided. I have done everything like there's a term in one of the country's name and

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I have done I have gave Allah has rights.

00:21:32--> 00:21:37

I have given Allah his rights, the statement is absolutely wrong.

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You cannot say that, how could you give when when the I was revealed it took Allah Hakka Takata what happened?

00:21:47--> 00:21:48

When Allah said,

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worship Allah the way he deserves to be worshipped, the Sahaba start trembling. Rasool Allah we can handle anything but this we can handle it they know who is Allah and they know that there is no way if the angels from the day they were created till the day they die, they are incision wood and when they lift their head from sujood they would say yeah, Allah ma Kahakai bed attic, your Allah we did not worship you the way you deserve to be worshipped and all their life what ensued all their life.

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We come to measure three four times we give $1,000 donation we fast Monday and Thursday.

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Don't talk to me Brother, you know who you're talking to. I was fasting today.

00:22:37--> 00:22:40

And I gave a check. I don't know what to say but was $5,000 brother

00:22:42--> 00:22:47

and there's two orphans in Indonesia. Taken care of Yeah, and he starts telling everything

00:22:49--> 00:22:52

no matter what we do, Allah He no matter what we do

00:22:55--> 00:23:09

not Nanako Salah you can about humble hand in amphitheater and it will be up to him. Was it the now nada so the Hoda the guidance is always there's always room to increase in guidance ya Allah always make it

00:23:10--> 00:23:20

more increase us in guidance Allahumma Zina Hooda Allah Medina was it Nevada where Jana southern eliminated and make us a reason for someone to be guided.

00:23:23--> 00:23:24

Or take one more

00:23:26--> 00:23:37

What about na Kenobi him is calm with a call Rob buena Ragusa what he will learn another woman Duni Illa la colina even shutter

00:23:39--> 00:23:51

so the king asked when he heard about them he said come over my palace tell me what's what's going on. Well, what is this thing that you're coming up with? They came respected people dressed properly Nice.

00:23:54--> 00:24:12

What a bookmark Columbian. That's why I will finish with this because of the time. This is extremely important to make this dua for our brothers in Syria. Our brothers in Iraq, our brothers in Burma, our brothers that are suffering all over the world. say Ya Allah, Allahu MurderBot Tala Colombian,

00:24:14--> 00:24:18

Roberto, if you just translate it literally means die.

00:24:20--> 00:24:47

Okay, but he means ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala put so much peace in their heart. What a batma Allah Kenobi put so much peace in their heart, that they have so much debacle. They have officially divorced dunya they don't care how much they've done Rabbana and equilibrium and all that happened because Allah did this. Robert, on the hearts. Where did this happen again?

00:24:48--> 00:24:53

In which surah Allah said there was one more person Allah said, we did Robert.

00:24:57--> 00:24:59

Excellent, the mother of Musa and he

00:25:00--> 00:25:16

I think his salon when she lost when the baby was gone now hula and the robot ma cobia if we did not do the robot, she would have said hello, this is my son, she you know we all know the feeling of a mother and and a son. Similarly here what

00:25:18--> 00:25:37

we gave them this Robert the strength this power this piece, this Tawakkol they stood up in front of the king and they said Rob buena Babu similar to you and Lana Dhawan and Dhoni Illa will never gonna worship or call to anyone other than heaven.

00:25:40--> 00:25:45

If we do, then we have done Shut up. We have said something completely wrong completely off.

00:25:48--> 00:26:01

And we all know what as soon as I said and said the biggest jihad you could ever do is claim attack and the Sultana to say the truth in front of somebody who might torture you because you said the truth.

00:26:03--> 00:26:08

So they stood up calm for Carlo. And they said Kelly motto hate.

00:26:09--> 00:26:12

Allah is One. He's the only one we're going to worship.

00:26:14--> 00:26:22

I'm going to keep you excited and tell you what happened next Thursday insha Allah Tala Zakho Nokia welcome multicam Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh