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appreciate how powerful the salon is for someone that is watching it or witnessing it for the first time. And you know, there are many things to admire about the salon about the way that we pray that people will mention often they'll mention how orderly it is right? Or how uniform it is across the world, right that the people come together. And they worship Allah subhana wa tada in this salon in the same way around the world, or they'll comment on the rows being assembled in the combat and how miraculous that is. But there's one element of the salon of the prayer, the beauty of which is often not appreciated, and it cannot fully be appreciated. And of course, it's the central part of the

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slides the sujood it is the prostration and you know, when I did the last 10 nights of Ramadan

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the servants the Most Merciful.

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I talked about whether the Navy tonight they don't become Superjet then what pm right? Why a lot puts such debt, why a lot puts prostration before even standing up in prayer. And I wanted to share the story. It was a panel of brother that embraced Islam, just about a month before the shutdown. So this was either late January, early February, and I had a conversation with him today, which particularly makes me want to share the story. So he came to attend a lecture at the masjid. And after the lecture he stayed for so lots of a shot. He watched the ratio prayer. And after the initial prayer, I looked at his face, and I could just tell that he was so moved by the ratio prayer

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as well. I went to him and I spoke to him. And, you know, we sat and talked and his first words were, he said, that prostration What do you call that? What's that? What? How do you how do you refer to that prostration that you all were doing? And I said it's called subdued. And I said, actually, Masjid means a place of suits place of prostration and he's a brother that's well versed in the Bible. So he goes, I wonder why we don't do that anymore. What do you mean? And I wanted him to elaborate. So he said, You know, I read about Jesus peace be upon him prostrating I wonder why we don't prostrate anymore. The way that the way that you were prostrating? How can we don't prostrate?

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And as he said that, you know, you could tell that the tears were starting to come down his eyes. And, you know, we talked for a bit after that. And he said, Can you lead me in a prayer? Can Can we pray together? So I told them well, you know, sure, I'll show you how to pray and you can follow along. And we went into the route and, you know, he he immediately as he went into the studio, he started to, you know, to cry quite a bit. So anyway, and hamdulillah that night, he actually did embrace Islam. And, you know, today as I was speaking to him, I asked him how he was doing and he said, and hamdulillah still upon Saturday, still upon prostration, which is the first time I'd

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actually ever heard that expression. That's how a lot you know, with I just wanted to share this reflection of the beauty of such that that's often lost. It is the act that a person becomes closest to Allah subhanho wa Taala the prophets lysozyme said the closest that a person becomes to Allah Subhana Allah is when they are Institute is when when they are in prostration. He also told me it'll be I've no candidate so me all the time.

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When we asked the prophets, I saw them how he could have his companionship in the profit slice I'm told him to assist him. Because

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by frequently making sujood by frequently prostrating and so in this world, the closest you are to God, the closest you are to Allah is when you fall on your face and such then prostration. And the closest that you are to the Prophet peace be upon him in Paradise, is in accordance with how frequently you are close to Allah in such that in this world, and so there's a connection there. There's also something about the singularity or not that it's the only solution but that such that is a place that you go to salute is a place that you go to, whether it's out of Chicago or out of suburb or out of Toba. It's a place that you go to for gratitude. It's a place that you go to for

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patience to ask Allah subhanaw taala for assistance to ask Allah for help to shed your your pain right to grieve to Allah subhanaw taala Institute will ligonier be tonight it'll be him so Gemma piano how many prophets spent so much of their lives on their faces in prayer grieving to Allah subhanaw taala right. It's, it's how you release your burden, you put your face on the ground, and the the burden starts to come out of you and is completely removed from you as you grieve to a loss of habitat. It's a place of Toba, which is of course, how we grieve for our sins. And we go back to a loss of how to how to intubate in such that in repentance and we, you know, we take an oath to

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Allah subhanaw taala to never return back to those sins. And if you were to walk into a

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Closer than you see two people making sudduth and prolonging their surgery, you would not know why that person is prolonging they're such that it's such a private, beautiful conversation between a person and the loss of autonomy. And especially in the know, often in the voluntary prayers, it's a time for your time for supplication where you can take everything from your heart, everything from your mind and put it into that, such that in that communication with a loss of Hannah was on. And so I just wanted to, to just just share that because I think we do lose sight of how beautiful the such that is. And with that, actually in Charlottetown, you might have seen him to Russia from the doors

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basics series has been coming out now where he's going to cover the five pillars and I think that it's important for us to not just understand these pillars, but to understand some of what they represent. And I think that those of us who may have grown up on such that would have ended in not that we lose sight of how beautiful and profound it is. And I could go on and on about you know what the such the means and inshallah tada you know, you can go back and check the rebuildable command series the servants of the Most Merciful, but we ask Allah subhana wa tada to always make us from a sagia Dean, to make us from those who prostrated and we asked a lot of parents out on the day of

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judgment that we immediately prostrate when the time comes to be amongst the saj Dean and such that is where the draft of the prophets lie. Some is answered on the day of judgment and his Shifang his intercession. So we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us from the aroma of the Prophet slice alone, always on the practice of St. Jude as soon as we ask Allah to count us amongst the surge of Deen and to elevate us on the Day of Judgment, through that so Jude and to relieve us of our struggles through surgery in this world and to make sujood the most beloved of positions to us, and to make our position our rank high in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala because whoever lowers themselves

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for Allah, a lot elevates them. What does that mean? Little feta means that I might equal for him to lie here.