Omar Suleiman – The Du’a That Answers Every Prayer & Removes Every Hardship

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The conversation covers the worst times in history, including the Central America, Islam, and the recent death of the Prophet Muhammad. The narrators describe embarrassing situations where people were on the wrong side of the road and did not respond to police. The importance of unifying Islam and protecting its citizens is emphasized, along with the use of gelato in people's cellar for relief and the use of a dry language in the conversation. The speaker concludes by laying out a cut to the segment.
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Salam Alaikum Welcome to library accounts out our scenario ministry policy was handed in. I mean, what are the warning mean? people to look in last Sunday was Central America because we can Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was lucky he was 17 and Kafeel. So there is an emphasis specially in hard times on what should we make? What prayers should we make? What supplication should we make? Which ones are the best ones for this situation in that situation? And of course, you know, we start off with this idea. And this is this is an established fact that the best draft is the one that's from the heart, the best application is from the heart. And when we talk about the prayers of the

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pious, no one is more pious than the prophets. And therefore the prayers of the prophets are the most pious prayers. And there's a very beautiful narration that I'll share with you all today. And it has a great story behind it. It's a narration that's narrated in Muslim apartment, as well as Amazon. It's an authentic narration, and it involves some of the most beloved companions of the Prophet slice alone. And it's narrated that sadly, we will cancel the Allahu anhu who is the one narrating this he says that we were in the era of Omaha Pablo the allot of time, meaning he was the halifa. And I went to the masjid and I saw her smile. And I found all the long time I'm sitting in

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the masjid. He said, so I went up to him. And he said, not only did we make eye contact, he said that his eyes captured me entirely. Like he had a blank stare. And he was looking at me staring at me directly. And I was right in front of him. And while he was staring at me, I said to him, I said, Mr. ECAM, and he didn't respond to me. So he said, it was really strange to me and I was very offended because I went into the masjid. Or if not all, the low end was sitting there and we know who Earth man is this amazing noble Companion of the Prophet slice of them who is extremely shy, extremely sweet, extremely humble, and you have sided and it will cost the uncle of the Prophet

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slice alone. So noble saying to him as salaam alaikum on earth man completely ignored me. And it's not like he didn't see me. He said, he was actually staring at me. He I completely filled up his site. He said, so I went to Omaha, Pablo, the allot of time of the halifa, to ask him about what happened and to, you know, to complain him basically to get some context. He said, I went on for a long time. And I sat on the hopes that I'm on equal peace beyond to you. And he said that something very strange just happened. He said, Has anything happened new in Islam and Islam?

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And he said, I asked him twice, has anything new happened in Islam? Meaning, is there some sort of new ruling in Islam that I'm not aware of, or something that just, you know, that could make sense of the situation that just happened to me all day long? And he said, No, he said, Then how come I passed by Earth nominally a long time on to the risk management method I passed by Earth man, a man like Earth man, in out of all places in the masjid. And he said, and I made contact, it's not eye contact. It's not like he didn't see me. I mean, he looked right at me and I was full. In front of him, I filled his entire site. And I gave him to them. And he didn't respond to that set up. So

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almost for probably a long time. And who said that strain, so he called for asthma? So he says to Earth man in front of side, he says, Why is it that you did not respond to the salon of your brother? Why did you not respond to the peace? The greeting of peace, the salon of your brother? And if not all the long time? And who said what are you talking about? So sir, it says, I passed right by you in the masjid and sets it down to you. And you looked at me. And I said Salaam to you and you didn't respond to my cell? So it's not on the line who said that didn't happen. He said, You did not say Salaam to me. And he didn't even come up to me. I didn't see you today. So sorry, below the line

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who says he had to have what he left to? I mean, he said until he took an oath and I took an oath. So you've got almost a pod, who's an extremely fair man, just man sitting with side of me well, cos an earth man have an iPhone, these two great companions of the Prophet slicin. And both of them are swearing to the opposite thing. They're both taking an oath to the opposite thing side saying, I saw you and I sat down to you. Or if none of the line was saying that you never came up to me and you never said salon to me. So it's a perplexing situation. So as they're in the midst of the situation.

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Sarah is on the line Who said I started to paint the picture to Earth man where he was sitting how I came up to him. When I spoke to him and as I started to remind him of where he was sitting in what happened earth model the law and was suddenly was taken aback, and he said, a little luck stuff, but a lot of stuff that

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Allow it to be the stuff that will lower today. I see forgiveness from Allah. And I turned to him and repentance, I seek forgiveness from Allah. And I turned to him and repentance. He said to say that will be a lot of time he says, I'm so sorry. I was, I was trying to think of this draft this supplication, the prophet sly seldom said that this is a drop that no person would say, except that it would remove every hardship and he said, I never think of this drop or this that never comes to me, except that it completely removes my sight. Or it completely overcomes overwhelms my sight, my heart and an everything about me. Okay, so it takes over me when I think of this too. And this is a

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supplication that when I start pondering over it, it completely occupies me and occupies my site. It occupies my heart it occupies my thinking, and I blank out basically. So he said, Now I remember sight of side of the line. That's how preoccupied he was with the supplication. So sad all the time. He said, I will tell you what that is. I'll tell you what that supplication is, so side is going to share with Earth man, I know exactly what prayer you're talking about. He said, I remember that I was sitting with the Prophet of Allah solahart. He was in peace and blessings be upon him. And as I was sitting with the Prophet, peace be upon him. The prophets lie. Some of them said, shall I not

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share with you all the first supplication that if a person says it, then all of their prayers will be answered. And just as the profit slice was about to say that a bedwin entered into the gathering, he interrupted the profits of the lauricella. And the profits by son became preoccupied with talking to that bedwin and addressing him, and we never got the prayer. We never got the supplication that the Prophet slicin was talking about. So sorry, I was too embarrassed to say to the Prophet sly, so I'm a messenger of Allah, you forgot to tell us what it was. So he said, so I followed the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam home after that gathering, and I was hoping he take note of me behind

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him. And just as he was about to enter his house, he said that I made a noise with my foot on the ground. So I kind of struck the ground. It's like someone walking behind you and clearing your throat clearing his throat, right, so to catch his attention. So he said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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said, Who is this is that elbow is hack Getting Started all the time is that was hack society what the law said, not only our sort of law, he said, Yes, our messenger of Allah. Then he said, I said to the Prophet, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that the reason why I followed you is because you were about to share with us the first supplication and you were talking about the amazing reward of the application. And then that are became that bedwin came and busy do with him so he didn't get a chance to share it with us. So the profits license said yes, that is the draft that is the application of the known of Yunus it has allowed the prophet Jonah. He said that is the supplication

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that he said as he was in the belly of that whale La ilaha illa Anta superamerica in new continuing on one Ameen, La ilaha illa Anta some handcut new quantum and of lighting in La ilaha illa Anta subharmonic it and you continue in our vitamin, there is no god but you there is no god but you declared the oneness of Allah subhanak you are free from all imperfection in the quantum in a while, I mean and I was amongst the wrongdoers again, La Ilaha Illa and there is no god but you sapan account perfect. Are you free from all imperfections and how imperfect Am I in the Quintanilla learning? I was from the wrongdoers when he said that. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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and this is the most important part of the Hadith after the DA he said so a lot of it he was some of them. Learn yoga to be her Muslim rub the whole feces in the pot. No Muslim will call upon his Lord with that prayer at all cut Okay, so there is no exception to this. So if someone starts thinking, well I'm not unify Islam, I'm not worthy of my job being answered. I'm not the prophets license that no believer will call upon Allah with that prayer, except that Allah subhanaw taala is in less than Jabba who accept that Allah will answer his prayers. No Muslim will call upon Allah with that prayer except that Allah will answer his prayers. Think about that for a moment. And we've talked about the

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different ways that ally answers your prayers, but no Muslim will ever add into their prayer or call upon Allah with La Ilaha Illa, anta, subhanak and equanimity, allow me to accept that Allah will remove all of their distress and answer their prayers. Now let's talk about this for a moment. And gelato is a very profound thing that the Prophet slicin has given to us. Number one, again, don't sit there and think Well, perhaps I'm not worthy. All right, the profit slice I'm setting

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Muslim will call upon Allah with that prayer. Also remember that when a lot tells us the story of Jonah the story of Yunus it cetera Allah says wicked that he can mean and just like that we also rescue the believers. So just like we rescue Yunus It is time we rescued the prophet Jonah can that he can engine meaning that's how we rescue the believers as well, with their words with that expression with that sincerity. You witness it his cellar represents a person in the lowest of low, calling upon Allah acknowledging His Majesty and His glory with absolutely no imperfection. So unicity his salon is at his lowest points. And he calls upon the last panel to address it because

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the alarm was set. In the darkness of the night, in the darkness of the ocean, in the darkness of the belly of that whale. Jonas, it histogram calls out from the bottom of the ocean La Ilaha Illa, anta ceramic, and you can tell by me

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it's an extremely profound narration of the Prophet slicin is given to us and I want to talk about a few things with this drought that are that's usually not spoken about. Number one, unified Islam did not ask a lot to be saved, but by his pure expression to Allah subhanho wa Taala, his pure thunar his pure praise of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah saved him anyway, Allah rescued him anyway. Yunus did not ask a lot to remove him from the belly of the whale. He did not ask Allah subhana wa tada to save him in this life. He called upon a lot asking a loss of habitat for forgiveness. And that's because the Prophet slicin said that whoever sticks to his default whoever sticks to seeking

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forgiveness, Allah will take care of all their affairs anyway. Okay, Allah will take care of all of their affairs anyway. And so he didn't even have to call upon alone. ask Allah for the specific saving and rescue that he was asked. It was just a complete, comprehensive, Oh Allah, you are perfect. I am imperfect. You were always generous to me, and I am consistently deficient in my responsibility to you. Right, the acknowledgement. And you know, you think about say that is default the master of seeking forgiveness the prophets license of the chief of is to fire the chief of seeking forgiveness. bhulekh have been aromatic it will be numbered. Right admitting allows blessing

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upon you and admitting your shortcoming towards him. Okay. La ilaha illa Allah Subhana Allah and incontinent of lightning. So no one is excluded from this because karate can engender meaning. When I'm Andrew Muslim and no Muslim no believer no movement, No one calls upon a lost parents either

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period with this to accept that there is answered how Allah answers that that's a different story, right? But there is nothing that you could call upon a loss trance are more pure and more beautiful than with this drought and the prophets lie. Some of them said, you know, he did not say let this be your only job added to your job, let it be frequent on your tongue, and at the same time, add it to your job, and the prophets lie Selim mentioned to us to keep our tongues moist with La ilaha illAllah. And all of all of the variants of La Nina had no luck. So La ilaha illallah wa Hoda, Sharif and an Old MacDonald handwara acquisition de la ilaha illa Anta Sahara in new quantum in a

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lot. I mean, you start from the place of La ilaha illAllah. And then you go to the next part, and this is the draft of the one who is in pain. This is the draft of the one who is in the lowest of low. This is the one who is anxious, and no one makes us to ask sincerely except that Allah subhanaw taala would answer it and remove that which they're calling upon a loss of time before. Now I want to add something else to this which is very powerful.

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If you look at how Allah responded to us it Salaam, Allah subhanho wa Taala rescued Yunus it has Salam in more ways than one and Allah subhana wa tada gave Yunus even what he had not expected when he made that because Allah His answer is always better than your expectation. All right, in the case of Yunus it slum he was just asking for forgiveness a lot for gave him a lot elevated him a lot saved him a lot of returned him to his people and his people who caused him to fleet were now coming towards him and had now come to him as believers. So again, Allah saved him a lot forgave him, Allah subhanaw taala elevated him, right. Okay. A lot chose him. Allah elevated him. Okay, so you went to

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Saudi Islam after this prayer after this incident was better than he was before it. He was better than he was before he went up a notch went up the station. Because of his repentance. Allah saved him a lot, gave him what it was, returned his people to him as believers, you would assign a snob did not expect all of that right. But the purity of that supplication, if it is said purely, is so comprehensive, and that's why the response of Allah was comprehensive, more comprehensive than Eunice Isom could have possibly comprehended himself. Right. So Eunice hadn't

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No idea, the extent to which that answer would come. And that's how we should be as well in terms of trusting Allah subhanaw taala. Worry about the sincerity of your supplication not the wisdom of the one that you're supplicating to worry about the sincerity of your request, not the capacity of the one that you are requesting from. Allah will do his part, you do yours. So again, No one calls upon a loss of penance either with either a

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new quantum and a vitamin except that they are responded to make this a daily habit of yours added to your existing prayers. Let your tongue be moist with La ilaha illallah wa Hola, Sheree. Kela Holloman cola have the water coalition COVID let your tongue be moistly La ilaha illa Anta sapan Okay, and you couldn't come in a lot of me. Let your tongue be moist with La la la la throughout the day, and let your heart Let your heart beats often with those words. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala that one God that we call upon to rescue us from all of our hardships and to elevate us in ways that we could not have imagined in ways that we are not worthy of being elevated. But Allah is most

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merciful and most gracious and most wise, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, to be with us throughout all of our moments, through our hardship and through our ease, through our difficulties, and through our most blessed times, and we ask Allah to forgive us for our shortcomings. Zach Hello, Hayden, thank you all very much. So I wanted to lay out a cut

Sh. Omar Suleiman shares and reflects on a beautiful du’a stated by Prophet Yunus (Jonah) as he was in the belly of the whale. This du’a is said to clear all hardship and be answered by Allah (swt) if given sincerely by the believer.

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