Oh Allah, Reduce My Pain But Not My Reward

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Sh. Omar Suleiman revisits the concept of reward based on patience shown in times of hardship and how you should focus on asking Allah for the reward without asking for the struggle.

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So I want to go to library counsel. I mean, are you going to Shakeology mister No, Mr. Heyman handed in a little bit. I mean, what are in one Elavil by the mean, when I prefer to look up in a lot more suddenly was sitting in the background because we can Mohammed in Salalah. When he was alone, he also he was selling them to seem interfere. So tonight, I actually wanted to share, I guess you can consider it a bonus of prayers of the pious, because it speaks to a lot of the themes that we hit on last week in particular, and this idea of not seeking out struggle, but at the same time, embracing the reward of the struggle over comes your way. But having a good opinion of a loss of habitat and

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having a good opinion of your Lord, and asking him the best of this life and the best of the hereafter asking him to give you the reward always and not thinking that he cannot bestow that reward upon you. And so we've we've gone through many different scenarios, the idea that how can I get this amazing reward? Staying in my home in the midst of a plague? How could I get this amazing reward without struggling in some of the ways that I've seen and again, this is not a message that a person should expect not to struggle? But a person should ask Allah for the reward? Don't ask Allah for the struggle, ask Allah for the reward. And I came across this beautiful statement from and half

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of the manado Hina latonya. Maldonado. He said that some of the pious predecessors some of the stuff they used to say when they would be struck with some sort of sickness allotment this minute wonder what a tankless mean.

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Oh a lot reduce the pain but do not reduce the reward, Oh Allah reduce the pain and do not reduce the reward. So again, they would say a lahoma I'm Chris, reduced, reduce mean a ledger reduce from the pain, what a tom customer and do not reduce from my reward. And some of you might actually remember since I brought up prayers of the pious if you go to Episode 13, of prayers of the pious, a series that we had, today, all bonds ago, there's a very beautiful dude on episode 13, where we have the drop of Saddam nuclear probably a lot of time on Rahim Allah, where he said Allah in Quinta love that I hadn't been anybody can slaughter him, delta 10 Viva La fabella Neha, Bill afia. O Allah, if

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you have granted any rights as servants of yours, a station because of a trial they faced, then granted to me while sparing me of that trial. Okay, so a lot if you have granted a servant of yours, a station because of a trial that they faced, so allow me to be granted that station while sparing me that trial. So what's the difference between the two, and it's not a difference in that there's any contradiction. But it does speak to a different reality, which is that there's a difference between the reward that you get for a trial, and the station that you get for a trial, which is a reward in and of itself. There are stations with a loss of Hannah Montana, there are categories of

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people with with a lot, that are special categories that we should strive to be. Okay, so you have the station of sincerity, the station of patience, the station of the grateful. And that's why you find books about these stations, but that was decided in the famous book, of an opinion by him a lot to Anna, which talks about the stations that we see from a loss of habitat. And so we're seeking a more calm, we're seeking a place we're seeking the station with our Lord, it's not just to get the reward of this trial, is to get the blessing of being elevated to the next level in the sight of a last panel hotel. And so in the first iteration, which was a drought, it's not traced to an

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individual by having been monitored by him a lot either. But he says the Bible setup that some of the pious predecessors were narrated to have said, when they were struck with any particularly mentioned sickness, by the way, particularly mentioned that model illness. And that doesn't mean it's restricted to that, again, when it comes to the prayers of the pious. It's not like the prayers of the Prophet slicin, where you try to memorize each word, but you take the lesson and through the lesson, you extract concepts, and you extract ways that you can converse with your Lord, the way that the best generations did. And so he said that they would say that, Oh Allah reduce the pain,

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but do not reduce the reward. and in this situation, the darat that I mentioned, Episode 13, from praise of the pious, which is, Oh Allah, if you have granted a station to one of your servants because of a trial that they faced, then grant me that station elevate me to that level, elevate me to that station without without putting me through the same trial that they went through. And so that's a beautiful way to approach a loss of parents out of what are some of the things number one has never been in the law, just that good expectation of a law, that good assumption of God when you call upon him that he is most merciful?

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For. And, you know, we know that that is something that is especially a theme in Milan, loving the castle and to headbutt off of our flying right all along you are the forgiver you love to forgive, so forgive me so to ask a loss of Hannah Montana, for such a high station, something as high as Shahada, by the way as the reward of martyrdom, while staying in your home, something as high as the station of a slavery and the patience without actually being tested with the tribal, that many people have been tested with. It's not that Allah won't do right by those that actually were tested with those things. And it's not that we necessarily will be spared from those things, but at the

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same time, Oh Allah grant me the reward, and reduce from the pain, oh, Lord, grant me the station. But don't necessarily put me through the things that had to get me through this station. And there there are multiple iterations of that part too. So for example, you know, when the prophets lie, some says, enter moment that you are with those whom you love. So even if you can't be like the Prophet, slice them fully, even if you can't reach the station of the profits by your deeds, but you are with the ones that you love. So if you love the Prophet sallallahu sallam, then you will be with the prophets. I sell them on the Day of Judgment. And in general, we asked the last printout to make

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us from the inhabitants of generative food there was a lot I mean, so while I share with you all tonight, again to go back to Episode 13 a praise of the pious, some exciting news and chocolates added on Tuesday morning, we're going to be releasing the promo for this year's Ramadan series in sha Allah which is a very special Ramadan series. It is my favorite finished recording and it is my favorite of any normal law series I've ever done. And so look out for that on Tuesday morning in sha Allah to honor for us to release that on top of that by the way every night in Charlotte so there's going to be a little Milan series which is our typical 30 day which is incredible you know,

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opportunity in Charlotte for everyone to follow along but there'll also be something else in Charlotte island that every night will also have something a little bit more relaxed and informal

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as well and Ramadan will will be summarizing wonders of the poor and then sharing reflections and that will be which I called a lot of Guru myself and we'll have a scholar or a fellow from European Institute joining us every night and shall let's have a very informal way just reflecting on that Joseph every night as you get ready for tonight we inshallah tada so the series that I'm talking about will be released the promo will be released to the inshallah and again every night Ramadan. We'll be having an informal session just summarizing the edges inshallah the chakra for all 30 nights and sharing some gems from that chapter to look out for with a group of scholars inshallah.

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Tada, so does that mean all favor unto you all and in Charlottetown I'll see you tomorrow night. So I want to come back into like eat we're gonna cut