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Dear brothers and sisters, so often when we talk about the concept of duality, and we talk about a do a prayer, I can't tell you how many times someone walks up and says, Can you give me the draft for this situation, we're often looking for the perfect formula, the perfect dress, the perfect supplication to fit our situation. And sometimes we look for the longer dogs, the ones that have such poetry to them, because they're able to encapsulate what we are feeling in such a poetic way. And we know that it comes from our Prophet sallallahu it was said I'm so we attach ourselves to it. So we love these long poetic drafts. And I want to write it down and make sure that you send it to

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me and make sure that you give me this and make sure that you give me that. And there are two things that are missed in the process. One of them is the value of raw data, the value of your art and your own language, supplication in your own language, where you express those feelings where Allah does not need you to rhyme, or to sound poetic or to sound beautiful or even to speak Arabic When you make your dua. Allah Subhana Allah loves to hear your voice and hear its sincerity. And that is the most important ingredients. However, no doubt, there's blessings in the droughts from the Sunnah of the Prophet slice on the second part of that the things that we say so regularly that we lose value

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for those things. And we don't realize that they are in fact expressions of drought. So for example, a Santa Monica is a

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piece beyond to you what I meant to law, what occurred to me the peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you. It's your app. And so it doesn't really make sense when someone says Salaam to you, but they intend everything that is in opposition to that peace. Right? So you say Salaam and anger and you go on harming and backbiting and hurting the person that you say Salaam to no Salaam is a contract. It's a prayer and a contract between two brothers and two sisters, that there is peace, that you're not going to be harmed from my end. And then I will pray for your peace and for your mercy and for blessings in your life. It's a contract that we may betray sometimes, when we act in

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opposition to it. The other one most common one is Alhamdulillah. To say Alhamdulillah. And to say it in a way that betrays the Al Hamdulillah. How are you know?

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Hamza Hamdulillah, is an expression of thanks to Allah. It's a it's a prayer and hamdulillah all praises and thanks are due to Allah. But someone says in hamdulillah in a way that's complaining even in the way that they say it, or they say it hamdulillah and then they attach on to it three sentences of complaints. What's the point of your Al Hamdulillah? If you're going to betrayed in the way that you say it and immediately with what you say after it's, and hamdulillah is a

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it's a prayer, it's an invocation. It's a powerful one. How are you? How are things going? How are you feeling? How are you coping and hamdu Lillah no matter what the hammer belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala the praise and thanks and grace belongs to Allah subhana wa Tada. Now, what we come to today, builds on what we've been speaking about over the last few weeks, but I want to preface it with the following the Hadith of the Prophet slicin that we all know where the prophet SAW Allah why he was set himself up in the unread movement in the umbra, who Kula hate that how wonderful is the affair of the believer. Everything in his regard is hate, it's good. If something bad happens to him

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in asaba, to some law, Shakira, I cannot fail under who, if he is touched by something that is good, he is grateful, and that is better for him. We all know how to express gratitude, we said hamdulillah. And that is better for him when I saw that toolbar, la sarafa kana fade on knuckle. And if he is harmed, or if she is harmed by something that is painful, by something that causes them grief, then they are patient, and that is better for them. It's how we express the patients where we actually find most of the drugs.

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Let me be clear here. The amount of times that I've been asked for do ask for patients versus new as of thinks, is highly disproportionate. Because the reality is we usually look for words when we're in pain. When it comes to gratitude, yeah, hamdulillah hamdulillah. But when it comes to pain, and how do I get this debt away from me, how do I get this pain away? How do I make the situation better, that's when people start looking for the long dresses, right?

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And that's where we find these blessings from the sooner. The drag that I'm going to talk about today has never been given to a prophet before you and I want to say first and foremost what that means. When the Prophet sly seldom was there on the night of an assault with mirage. On the night of the ascent. He was told up should be no rain who teach Alma lamb yoke Tahoma Bian cobbler can be received

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the glad tidings of two lights that have been given to you that were never given to a prophet before you, and the Prophet slicin was told that he had one Kitab wa T mu Surah Al Baqarah, the opening of the book Al Fatiha and the last two verses of Al Baqarah are two gifts that were given to you that were not given to any prophet that came before you. Now when you read Quran when you when you when you get into Salah

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How often do you lose appreciation and friend thought he had because it's, you say it all the time you get right past it. And now let me think about the sutra that I'm going to read. But at Fatiha is a gift from Allah subhanaw taala there's a reason why and It's for your own good that you recite it every single record in your prayer and your prayer is invalid without it is greater than what will come after it. So read it over and over and over again and ponder over it learn its meanings, and immerse yourself in the thoughts you have because it's profound. It's beautiful. And there's a reason why those last two verses have certain bacala or two verses that the prophets iPhone taught

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us we should never leave before we sleep every night when we go to sleep. We should read those last two verses of sword and buckler every single night don't miss them. Just like you don't miss it. It's cool to see don't miss those last two verses have certain bacala so it indicates that Allah has given something special to the Prophet slice summoned by extension us. It's a gift that Allah gives to this oma that he favors us with that allows us to gain greater blessing from him. So that that I will speak about today sorry the new job as well the Allahu tada and who says minority a hidden minority attack the hill well, or at least I had the honor clear hi jacoba his Salam and unjust

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Merida Cody he asked us if he said the words that I'm about to share with you were not given to any oma before you. They are a gift from Allah not given to any oma before you and if they were given to anyone before you it would have been given to Yaakov it has said I'm Jacob when he lost his son use of it and said I'm Joseph. And what does he say in the Quran? Oh my grief over use of yassa Allah Yusuf so sorry ginger Badal the Allahu anhu was saying if Allah was going to gift these words to anyone before you surely it would have been Jacobo it is Salaam, but the expression you know if I say ready, write it down. It's going to be many lines. You have to memorize this if Carlos de la

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jolla massage the morning and evening remembrance no you know what the words are in Nadella when Roger

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sentire build up for in Nadella he were in LA he Raji Rouen

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you know the thing that you write when you hear someone died? you texted you say it's sort of as a matter of habit, in the lie or in a in a nod your own verily to Allah we belong unto Allah we return it's only mentioned once in the code and that is where Allah subhanaw taala says what that * is saw the deen and give glad tidings to the patients Remember we said will suffer and patients is that the first strike and Latina either are far better mostly but those who when they are struck by any tragedy follow in danila he were in LA he Raji rune, they respond with what is known as instead of Jarrah the homecoming due to allow we belong into a lot we return Oh yeah, he can he himself a lot

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and then what became what I was doing as a result of that. When they say that when they're struck with something harmful, when they respond within that in it when a rod your own, Allah descends his prayers, his forgiveness is mercy upon those people and they will remain amongst those who are guided What do you hope to not lose in tragedy perspective you hope to not lose your way right that the tragedy stops you in your in your return to Allah subhana wa tada stops you in your Toba stops you in your consistency with worship stops you and your happiness stops you in your journey. So Allah says when you say in Allah when I read your own, he descends upon you, his prayers, his

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forgiveness, His mercy, and he keeps you upon guidance continue along your way. So let's talk about this do an app in Nadi nahi. We're in that era here on June that we often just throw out there because we know we're supposed to respond that way to tragedy, specifically death you don't really hear in Nadella when I heard your own being used outside of the context of death, but what makes this such a gift

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that Allah chose it for this oma and Allah subhanho wa Taala did not give it to anyone before the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as a word and that's why you don't find it. You find him many times the praise of Allah many times in the words of the prophets, but you don't find instead of jack. What is this gift that Allah subhana wa tada has given to us. First and foremost, I want you to pay attention to the times that you probably just saw it as the beginning of

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the story of unsettled model the Allahu taala

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Her when her husband Abu Salah model the Allahu anhu died and when Abu Salah died on Selma thought I have nothing at this point Abu senemo was an incredible human being and he indeed he was a great Sahabi I've got nothing to look forward to in life anymore and the Prophet slice on taught her to say that you're out along the journey female sleep It was lovely hi Ron minha Oh Allah compensate me for my tragedy and give me better than that which was taken away from me you know what that had to do actually is the dude is in Nan de la he were in LA he Raji Rouen along the journey female sleep It was lovely Hydra minha it starts off with in LA LA when la Rajaram to Allah we belong into Allah

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we return Oh Allah compensate me for what you have for my tragedy and give me better than what was taken from me. The deer out of the Prophet sly someone Ibrahim his son died. We all know the direct nine attachment that the eyes shut tears The heartbreaks Wynonna poder de la mejor de la and we only say that which is pleasing to Allah but you know in every single narration the prophets I'm starting off with in Manila he were in LA Roger on the way I want you to think about it. It's like the best mela is to the surah of the Quran. Bismillah R Rahman Rahim. Sometimes you say it's so quick and you forget that it's actually there for a reason.

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In that lie when a Raji rune is in every one of these narrations and the Prophet salallahu it he was some of them said, Whoever is struck by something was stellar jack, and they respond with in Nadella he were in that room verily to Allah we belong and verily to Allah, we returned, he said that Allah subhanho wa Taala will surely compensate them for their grief and Allah will give them better than that which was taken away from them. The Hadith of the Prophet sly sundram where he said, either matter whether the Abdi tala halimeda uktv. When a person loses their child, Allah says to the angels about to monitor Abdi Did you take the child of my servants? And they say neram they say yes.

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Allah says and this is Allah showing you He knows how you feel about some thermometer for a D. You took the apple of his eye you took the most beloved thing in the world to them. Yes, all

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for your corner. kulula nada Abdi Allah says in What did my servants say? And Allah knows what his servants said. And they say, how many decades was selja?

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They said, hamdulillah and in Allah He

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rarely to Allah we belonged unto Allah, we return. they applaud Allah. Allah says, ignore the debates and Phil Jana was a Moodle beta. Build for my servants a house and paradise and call it the house of praise.

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In Allah when a rod your own is not just the first sentence. It's the core of it. It's the most profound thing you can say when a tragedy hits you. And it's something that we could take for granted and Subhanallah there's even a narration for late and I adore him Allah. One time he saw a man and he saw this man and he said, catatonic I'm in a scene, how many years have passed and he How old are you? He says the tuna center. He said, I'm 60 years old, called our man limited and the caffitaly Allah insha Allah, do you realize that you're in that age now? We're getting close to Allah. Right? Wake up beat be certain now like make sure that you take advantage of every moment.

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Because Allah has given you 60 years to know Him and to direct yourself towards him. That's a gift in Allah when na raggio he responded that way. And they said,

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Our tournaments are cool. Do you know what you just said? And he said, Yeah, I said in Allah when Allah Harajuku and he said, Do you know what it means? He said, No.

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I just said it because I was taught that way. We were taught that when disaster hits say in that Allahu la Roger and he said, it means exactly what I'm telling you. He lay here, Nigeria and you're on your way back to Allah.

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You're on your way back to Allah, you're getting older. So fix yourself, correct your ways now because you are traveling towards Allah subhana wa Tada. So what is the meaning of this word of this powerful? Number one, it is a statement of fact number two, it is a supplication of hope, combined. In one, a statement of fact, in Allah, we belong to Allah. That's a statement of fact, it's acknowledging and affirming what is reality whether you acknowledge it or affirm it or not. If you deny it, it doesn't make it any less true. In Allah. We belong to Allah Gunilla, home American milk to the milkman, Tasha what 10 0 million came in man Tasha, what is zoom and Tasha what we did lumen

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Tasha big Cal hi inadequately shaken Kadir

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say Allah

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The one who controls everything who has dominion over all things you give to whom you will, you will hold from whom you will you honor whom you will you disgrace whom you will the point is big can Ohio.

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We affirm that goodness is all in your hands in the Canada cul de sac in Cardiff. And you have power over all things, meaning it's a statement of fact to collegial Hey, me and me, UT were totally dreamy, you know, hey, you take the dead from the living in the living from the debt statement of fact, and then Oh Allah, I know that you own me. I know that I am in your hands. I know that I have no power over myself. So it's a statement of fact and a statement of hope. Yeah, I wouldn't want to be anyone else's. I wouldn't want to belong to anyone else. I wouldn't want anyone else to control my affairs. I wouldn't want anyone else to be my master. It's just you, Oh Allah. And I'm happy with

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that. So it's an affirmation of fact, a statement of hope in a theological room to you we return you're returning to Allah whether you like it or not, whether you acknowledge it or not, right.

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But he lay here, Raji rune is a statement of hope. Y'all Allah, you will not let me down when I meet you. So long as I did what I was commanded. Yeah, Allah did not let me be amongst the disappointment. Yeah, Allah Do not let me be amongst the deprived. Yeah, let the pain that I feel now that I responded to with praise be granted paradise on the Day of Judgment. All of these are embedded in NA here are general and I'm coming back to you, oh, Allah. This just reminded me that I'm on my way back to you as well. You took something away from me in this world, to remind me that this entire world is eventually going to be taken away from me. one layer of the veil between you

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and I has been pulled back until the entire layer which is life as a whole pulled back must not okay. Leona Hadid with death. one layer has been pulled, one curtain has been pulled back, the entire thing is eventually going to be pulled and I'm going to be standing in front of you, Oh Allah. And I have hope in that moment, Oh Allah. I have hope in that moment, Allah Allah, that I stand before you. So it's an affirmation of fact, and a supplication of hope. The last thing that I want to say to your brothers and sisters is a story from the Prophet slice, I'm in the sila, where sometimes the way that the Sahaba used to use these words is completely different from the way that

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we use these words. Okay, so panela how La quwata illa Billah in general, right, like culture dictates sometimes the usage of these words, one of the most powerful uses of usages of these words, is in the story of the slander of at each level, the Allahu tada and it wasn't her that use the word. How did the entire slander of it shall be allowed to happen? They were on their way back from bending was Pollock, a shadow the Allahu anhu went to take a nap under a tree she overslept. The caravan left thinking that she was in her place, and she was not. And so the profit slice I'm in the caravan went ahead and it started the allow and has slept through it. All right, this is how it all

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starts. A man by the name of soft Juan and then Laughlin well the Allahu taala animal South one goes out, he's the one that would check after everyone left. And he sees out he saw the Allah under the tree.

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As he sees her, his first expression is in Nadella when I like Rajaram. He actually says it.

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Why does he say it? Because he knows. There is no way that those people that gossip and make fitna are not going to turn this into something it's not as soon as I wake her up, and even if I act in the most noble way, which I will so fun, literally sits as camel down, goes back, lets her you know, get on the camel and then takes her into Medina doesn't even talk to her to maintain that nobility in that barrier to keep away columnists to keep away the words of the people and the gossip of the people. But he knew as soon as this is happening, he's a smart man. So when

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I know what comes next, I know what comes next. So panela and what came exactly what he feared. As soon as he walked into Medina I'm the love No babe and Soto sees them and says her math study maths Minho. She was not saved from him, nor was he saved from her. I guarantee Something happened there. Then the whole fitna happens, right, Allah Subhana which Allah cleared the name

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of Allah he saw the Allah Allah as we know. But what did Allah subhanaw taala also do first offline because of the way that he responded he did exactly what he was supposed to do, right? He did nothing wrong. He did everything right. And we always talk about the story of our mother out he saw the law and have been cleared and indeed 10 yards for he saw the 11 her amazing, were lost parents out clears her name. But Allah Subhana Allah to Allah says in verse 26, Allah He can mubadala una Maya Kowloon, those two they are free from what was said about them.

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long forgotten what is concurring.

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They have been granted forgiveness and a wonderful sustenance. You know, the Baraka, the blessing that comes in the life of someone after that incident because he responded the way he was supposed to respond as well. So if one is in this equation too, he's just the one that fades into the background. But Allah says he was forgiven, also cleared from the heavens, what is going terrine? And Allah descended upon him all sorts of blessings, and he Mammon, according to the Rahim Allah says in conclusion of this dear brothers and sisters, that also lost my son taught us to say in Allah when a Raji rune, even when the lamp goes out,

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you know, sometimes the power goes out, what's your first response the Prophet slicin was was in the lucky winner. And

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that's how we are to function with this beautiful word. So let's bring back the life of this phrase, the way that we bring back the life of Al Hamdulillah. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to always find us in a place of praise and in a place of responding and returning to him. Allah I mean a whole lot of stuff a lot even accompanies Muslim infested fill in a hole for Raheem.

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hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah while he was off to be a woman, Allah la mina mina 12 Muslim in order Muslims here in Mecca Samir and Karim. Allah McQuillan our Hamner, wonderful I know what

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Robin Allah and fusina in lambda for Linotype Hamner, then a Coon Animal Hospital in LA in the Capital One Kadima to hibbeler for for Allah, Idina wilbraham Omar Kamara, bonus era as far as you know the Dr. Tina kurata Aryan or Jana Sakina mama llama sort of fun I'm still dafina FEMA shadow Omaha Rebekah, la la mina with vlogging meanwhile footage and out with one and a beanie himself I mean remember lighten the load a little bit earlier with SM will eat the reformer are inherently fascia women carry well documented either come to the Coronavirus Corolla school come watch guru Harlan erema. Is it la comunidad que la koala Yamato snur own markings