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In the hamdulillah

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under the National who want to stay in who want to start Pharaoh will be one of our Qawwali when our other below him and surely unforeseen our Min sejati Molina when you have to hit that whole family law woman Euclid Villa de la Chateau La ilaha illallah wa who la sharika wanna shadow Ana Mohammed Abu

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Salah hola hota Allah Buddha Dean ad hoc leovera who Allah de Nicola de Vaca fabula he shahida facil Allahu alayhi wa seldom at the Sleeman kathira de la la banda in stock and Hadith he can tabula or haven heavy Abu Mohammed in Salalah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were in a shopping mall the Marta to her wedding Nicola Wakanda tiempo la moq Allah, Allah Allah,

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Allah Allah Allah azza wa jal karimabad anahola below him in a Shakeology him

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because he can also Allah come in amber Mr. conserva on it now commonly known as Accra, men are the anchor for in Abuja, camino Yeoman Thea Mati viscera. Obviously somebody who has suddenly Emory Hello Dr. Samuel descending, calling Allah Tabitha handle multi Billa ilaha illa Allah, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala will be what also the sub i mean, yeah, but I mean,

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interest the Bible speak to you about a couple of places that are close together in the Quran, these are towards the end of surah Baja, that's the 20th surah of the Quran. And the first place I'm going to start with is the 99th and 100th idea.

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Before I go into these aisles, I just want to tell you what the essential subject matter is. A lot of times you run into somebody who says, Please don't tell me if you tell me something that's let's just say you're talking about something is halal or haram. You're learning about something being halal or haram. And in the conversation, you meet somebody who says, Listen, I don't want to have this conversation, please don't tell me. Because if I know, then I will be responsible. So it's better. I don't know that way, I'm not going to get in trouble. Because if I find out and Allah will ask me about it, I'll feel guilty about it later, it's going to be a burden on my head, I would

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rather not feel that burden, and not even have that conversation. In fact, you'll meet people that will say, Listen, I try to stay away from any conversations, learning about Islam or learning about the Quran, or learning about what the prophet said or what is right and what is wrong. Because I don't want to be in trouble. And I noticed that you're starting to learn some things, save yourself. Because the more you learn, the more burden you're going to feel. Because you're going to learn some things that you shouldn't be doing, you're going to learn about some changes you're supposed to make. And when you learn about those changes, it's going to put too much pressure on you. And you'll

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just be in trouble for no reason. If you want to stress free or free life, it's better you kind of stopped from learning so much, because it's just going to make your life difficult. Right? And why put yourself into that trouble. See, if I don't know that I can't get in trouble for it. Now, before we go into the verandas, just take some examples in life. See if that works in life. A doctor tells a patient Listen, you have a very serious and patient says no, no, don't finish that sentence. Don't tell me. If you don't tell me, I'll be fine.

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Because if you tell me, then I don't know, maybe I'll need surgery. Maybe I'm going to have to get heavy medication. So if you just please don't tell me at all. My life was just fine until you told me.

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So let's just I'm leaving this office. I don't want to finish the rest of the sentence. And another situation, somebody's sitting at home and changing TV channels, or they're watching their weather app. And it says severe warning. evacuate the city because in the next five hours and you turn off the app, you turn it on, and I don't want to hear this. So long as I look outside the weather is fine right now. I don't want this guy to give me bad news. I hate the weather man. He just keeps giving me bad news. And I don't want to deal with it. If I didn't change this channel, my life was if I were if I didn't watch this channel before my life would have been good. Thank God, I turned it

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off in time.

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Does that sound like an insane person to you? Or

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a friend of yours in school says Hey, did you forget the exam is in exam is next Tuesday? No, no, don't finish that sentence. I don't want to know if it's next Friday, or next two days from now or next week? Don't tell me because if you tell me that I have to study. Don't tell me just I don't want to deal with it. My life was fine. But did you even bring this up? Save yourself I even looking at the calendar yourself.

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This is safer for you. This mentality doesn't work anywhere in life. Why? Because in life, we are dealing with reality.

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And then you say well, no, Allah is different because Allah is an authority. And so if I didn't know the rules, I can tell Allah on Judgement Day. Y'all know, I didn't know the rules. That's why I didn't follow it. Right?

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Well, that's that that we all get away with it. Because ignorance can be you can plead ignorance actually in court in the court of law. You can actually go to the judge and

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And something else a defense for someone who claims to be innocent. They can say I plead ignorance. Right. So somebody was, you know, they entered a do not enter, you know, no trespassing it says private property or something else, right. And they didn't see the sign or the sign was covered by a tree or something. Or they were in a hurry, and they didn't read the sign, and they entered. And now there's a case against them. And they come in front of the judge, and they say, I didn't know I didn't see the sign. And you could actually plead innocent, they could get away with that. But let me give you a different example. You're driving your car.

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And you never wanted to learn traffic laws, you didn't want to learn about stopping at a red light, you didn't want to learn about stopping at a stop sign speed limits, you don't want to learn any of those things. So you're going through a few red lights, several car accidents has happened. Finally, the judge, the police catches you, you're standing in front of the judge before they throw you in jail for all kinds of chaos you create. And you say I never learned these rules.

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But this is different. Because if you never learned these rules, why did you get inside a car?

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Why did you get inside the car if you if you think that you are capable of getting in the car, then that getting in the car comes with responsibilities.

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So actually, my life and yours is similar to the driver. The moment Allah put us on this earth,

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He put responsibility on us.

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The moment we became the age of adulthood, when we reached what's the harm caused by the law shut down. When you reach that age, you and I become what's called muscle responsible, worthy of being asked. Human beings will be asked on Judgement Day. You're in a bubble in some younger in the market, the Mahabharata before a human being will be informed in great deal about the priorities they made and the things they put off till later. We are not simply roaming for free, and we have no responsibilities. So insano and Yutaka. sudah, the human being thinks that he's just left around without purpose. But when a human being thinks that they are roaming free, and until if they find

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out that they're responsible, then the responsibility begins. Right? That's actually not the case. You're already in the car, you're already on the road. And if you do if you say I didn't know, if you say I did it, no, that can only work. That excuse can only work. If you looked everywhere for the rules, and you couldn't find anybody. And then you drove whatever way you could. And then you say, Well, I tried my best to learn but I couldn't find any resources. And that's why I messed up. Now you have a defense. There were people who lived at a time when there were no prophets before Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam there are people who are alive and they didn't have Muhammad

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Rasul Allah. They didn't have the Quran. Maybe they lived in a village where they never heard about it. Some of these Salaam they never heard about Musab Acela, they never heard about Sharia was hardly heard any of the problems they don't know. They don't know anything about any profit, nothing. So they don't know how to pray.

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And they are looking and looking for an answer. And imagine for a moment that a person like that is looking for an answer, and they die looking for an answer. They never found the answer.

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And allow me to question this person even though that's not how the question it will be. Why didn't you pray five times a day? Why didn't you do Hajj? Why? Well, it wasn't even revealed yet. Or I didn't know. I have no idea. That kind of a person might even have a defense because they had no resources. They had no access to the the way Allah will judge them, Allah knows.

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But for sure, Allah does not hold someone accountable when he didn't provide them with guidance. Right? Whatever guidance Allah provided that person, whatever opportunities are provided that person, Allah will judge based on that.

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So now come to you and me. You're talking to somebody about what Allah says, or they're talking to you about what Allah says, and you say, Don't tell me what Allah says, Please stop. If you tell me it's gonna,

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it's gonna weigh heavy on me. Now, this thing, this attitude, first of all, the first part of this whole I wanted to highlight how illogical that is, how does it make any sense? And how you're assuming that you're not already responsible when you think like that. So this thinking is wrong. I am already responsible, whether I learned or not. The fact that I delayed my learning makes me more liable. It doesn't free me, it actually puts me in more trouble.

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And believe me, people have lived a life where they didn't want to learn, they didn't care. And later on in their life, something about putting their heart they decided to start learning. And when they decided to start learning, instead of feeling more burdened, the truth of it is you can ask millions of people that have gone through this experience when they first started learning about their religion properly. You know what happened? First time, they actually truly felt free.

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They didn't feel enslaved or burdened, they actually felt freed. They felt freed from the

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The change of culture, they felt freed from the expectations of people. They realize they've been trying to make people happy when they should have only been concerned with making Allah happy. And making Allah happy is very easy. And making people happy is very difficult. They've been putting themselves in difficulty all this time, then they realize that they've wasted so much of their life. The they look back and say, I should have been learning this 10 years ago, I wasted so much of my time. Instead of saying, Man, I wish I delayed another 10 years, I could have had another 10 years of freedom. When someone actually does start learning instead of regretting it, they regret the time

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where they were in ignorance. That's what they regret. That's what a person actually regrets. That's the reality of it. But today, what I really want to dedicate this whole back to is when you and I decide that we want to ignore something on purpose, we don't want to know, because we're gonna become responsible.

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You know, in physics, we talked about how in Newton's laws of physics to every action, there's an equal but opposite reaction, right? And that's in physics, right? There's action and reaction.

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Well, sometimes we take an action,

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and there is a spiritual reaction. So we take an action in this life in this world, but the reaction is in the unseen. The reaction is in the world that we cannot see. The reaction is in ways we cannot gauge by physics or chemistry or biology. And those reactions, Allah teaches us about some of them, and they'll cry.

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And this action, someone who wants to ignore on purpose, there are a couple of reactions. And there are actually three reactions, not one, there are three reactions to this one action, which means this is a pretty serious action.

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It gets three reactions. Let me tell you, how do you remember these three, one of those reactions is in this life.

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One of those reactions is on judgment day. And another reaction is after Judgment Day, in the aka, after that.

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So there's three reactions Allah talks about in some of

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this life, there's a reaction, piano, there's a reaction resurrection, there's a reaction, and then in the afterlife after that, there's also a reaction. This is pretty serious stuff. Now, the heat in that in that order he mentions, the first reaction he mentions is Yama, Yama, the Day of Resurrection. Why? Because the Day of Resurrection is a day when we are held responsible for everything we did. And mentioning that is absolutely essential in the 99th and 100. ir. Allah says, Welcome to attain our commander, the nacra we have given you from ourselves especially from our treasures we have granted you away to remember the clock.

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Now though, this Vicar is the Koran and then Allah says, woman, I know that I know when whoever ignores it on purpose, whoever deliberately intentionally ignores it. What does he say about them for in Ahuja, Camilla, Yeoman, Pia Methuselah, and this person is going to be the one that will be carrying a huge burden on the Day of Resurrection, they will have a burden on them on Resurrection Day, look at the power of this speech. This is a person that said I don't want the burden now. That's what they said. And Allah says, this person did not want to carry this burden now. So I will make them carry a huge burden on the Day of Resurrection. Now you decide, would you rather carry a

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burden now? Or would you rather carry a burden in the next life? That's a decision you have to make. And what's incredible, is in when Allah talks about the carrying of avahi, when we carry the response, the burden of obeying Allah learning Allah's word, learning about the Prophet slicin, and when we carry that it doesn't actually become a burden on us. He says, you need Allah holy, you happy for uncle by, by putting that burden on you, Allah actually makes your life easier. He puts the he reduces the load from you. It's the opposite effect. It doesn't work like this world, it's the opposite effect. The more we carry Allah's word, the lighter light becomes life becomes life

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becomes not heavier, but lighter. It's the opposite effect. So now let me take you another place. This is actually where things Allah explains this further in the same surah. That was the 99th and 100 theia. Then he goes on in the 120/5. This is where we're gonna learn about this life. I said there are three reactions, the reaction on judgment day, we're gonna have to carry a burden. Whatever we didn't carry is going to get much bigger and to carry them. But what happens in this life, he says, woman I don't know I'm decree for in Allahumma, Isha Wonka

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and whoever purposely ignores remembering me, and remembering Allah is what remembering the word of Allah, remembering the guidance of Allah, whoever purposely ignores remembering me, mentioning me. Someone wants to walk away from that. And Allah says, For this person, there is no

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about it. This person has a life of marriage marriage in Arabic is used for a life that is blank. There's a strange word in the Quran pretty much never else hasn't been used. It's been This is my Asian marriage and banca is actually the most offensive. It's an adjective. Now, what does this word mean? Let me just explain this word to you, you might find a translation that says a depressed life or a tight a difficult life. But I don't want to use the word depressed because some of you are in the counseling profession or psychology profession. depression can be a term, a clinical term. And the Quran is definitely not using clinical terms, right. So I don't want to use those words. So

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let's explore this word a little bit than understand a person who ignores Allah's words or a law on purpose. They get something happening in their life, every part of their life, their family life, their career, life, their alone life, their sleeping life, their waking up life, they're there, physically, everything is described with this one adjective, it's not like one part of their life is affected, their entire life is affected, their days affected, their night is affected, their relationships are affected, their thoughts are affected, affected with what this word comes from Boone cotton, which is actually used in Arabic for sukham. Meaning when you have a stuffy nose, and

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you have a cold, and you have a lot of mucus built up and you can feel feel your face swell up like a like, you know, sinus pressure, right, and you can't breathe from your nostrils, your nose is completely blocked, and you're feeling like your eyes are swelling up. And you feel like there's somebody just pumped something inside your face and you're feeling stuffed, right, that's actually called zoeken. That's called Blanca, Telmo Alma thuc, a hunka deeds and something that has been if you took a pillow, and you put things in it, and more things in it and more things in it, and you keep stuffing it in tightening it in, that's actually also a kind of, it's called the knock. I

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looked as I'm attorneys, they talk about a person who's getting really really fat, like the meat is stuffed inside this person, they're actually called they're called the Nagas or dunnuck, actually in Arabic.

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So this word is an also used

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the roof if you just me, he when he when he was a person who so pressured in their life, because you know, the more you fill things in, like if you put air too much air in a balloon, the pressure increases, right? You put too much anytime the pressure increases, when you put when there's too much mucus inside the pressure increases, the headache increases, right. So this pressure, internal pressure is actually what been refers to. And the Arabs used it before Islam to talk about a person who's experiencing one, or what they say about this person, this person has become weak physically, the overview just me when I've seen he's become weak emotionally, they become stressed too easily.

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They become anxious too easily, they become angry too easily. They start crying too easily. They become they lose their their their thoughts too easily. They can't concentrate, the psychologically they've become weak, they see what he and in their opinion, meaning they're not able to analyze things properly, they're not able to think straight. Because you know, when you're under a lot of pressure, you can't think straight. When you're really late for work, where the keys were the keys, and keys are in your face, they're right there, but you can't see them because you're under pressure right now. Even things that you can do normally, you stop, will you you can't have the ability to do

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them because you're under pressure. And then we're ugly, and even their ability to think there's so much pressure they can't think straight. Just like when you are stressed out, we can't think straight.

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When you and I are really under a lot of pressure, we can't think clearly. It's very difficult to be under pressure and be able to have presence of mind. What is Allah saying? describing the person who ignores what Allah says, He says their entire life gets filled, gets described as Bunka. And it's interesting. Also, that Duncan is a Muslim. It's an adjective, it's actually an infinitive. What that means is, they're not I it wouldn't be enough of a transition to say they have a life filled with pressure, no, their life itself becomes pressure.

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That's the power of these words, the light, their life itself becomes pressure. They're always stressed and anxious. They might even have physical ailments, they might not even be able to make correct decisions in your life. You get in trouble from all sides, in their life, constantly under pressure, constantly under stress. And then why did this happen? Because the one place that could have removed all of the stress from their life was the word of Allah was the vicar of Allah and they said, No, no, I don't want any kind of Allah that's too much stress. That's too much pressure. I don't want the easy How ironic that is. You see how funny that is? They did that the person ignored

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the word of Allah because they are

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wanted to avoid pressure, avoid stress, they thought it would make life tight it would be too strict. And what does Allah say about his his his guidance, maturity level and yeah do yashraj Sandra whole Islam, whoever Allah wants to guide Allah expands their chest for surrender. Allah describes coming to his word surrendering before him he describes it as your chest expanding, loosening. He tells the prophets like Selim when revelation came and revelation was very heavy. In NASA, nuclear Anika golden era we're giving you a heavy word. And that revelation when it came to the province is Allah, Allah reminded him of his favor on him and he said, Allah, Masha Allah

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because Allah, then we expand your chest for you, then we broaden it, meaning they will give you relief. So the irony and the ignorance of this person, the tragedy of this person is they think they are giving themselves relief by not learning, by not coming to the vicar of Allah. And the crazy thing is the only reason they've got pressure in every part of their life is because they're, they're not releasing that pressure by coming to them that kind of Allah. They're hurting themselves. This is the second and heavy consequence in this. In this consequence, y'all already told us, the person who ignore the less responsibility will carry a burden on judgment day. Now look

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at the tragedy of this, this person, I see the dunya. Without her, this life was filled with pressure with bonk on every turn. Once with the children don't quit the spouse pressure with children stress with children anxiety, which children anxiety with spouse anxiety with parents anxiety or anxiety, finances, anxiety and help everywhere they turn this problem problem problem pressure, pressure, pressure, and then they come on judgment day Oh, finally dystonia is over. Might as well get some no now the archived version of the wizard. Now the burden.

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And then Salma describes this person and these ions and he says, not only are they living this pressured life here. Now he adds another problem on judgment day, when national who young multi Amati Arma.

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We will raise him and hurt him on Judgement Day in a state that that person is blind.

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We already learned that they're carrying a burden.

00:22:17--> 00:22:30

Now they're blind on top of that. They're blind on top of that. And when a person is raised on Judgment, a blind, they're in shock, because they weren't blind when they were in this life. And this person is raised blind now. So he says, I cannot believe I shot me.

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My wife, why did you raise me blind? I used to be someone who saw I used to have vision Why am I being blind now and judgment day? And Allah says to him Kanaka danika Attica tuna. That's how our revelations are I came to you. You remember how I came to you for the sea dogs and you forgot all about them. Forgetting means forgetting. Forgetting also means dismissing you know how you say somebody, man, forget you.

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Forget that guy. Forget the guy with one ignore it. A friend comes to you and says, forget about this grant stuff when you leave

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the CETA omean when I'm who when

00:23:14--> 00:23:39

they stop others from doing it and stop themselves from doing it. From from coming to it. So the here he says, Allah is telling this person on Judgement Day. My art came to you, you forgot them. You ignored them. You were blind to them. You wanted to see reality with your eyes. You didn't want to see the vision that allows giving you with his new. Well, you didn't want new.

00:23:41--> 00:24:08

If you don't want new then you don't get newer on judgment day. You have no light in your eyes. Because Anika Yama, Yama don't sign just like that. Today you're being ignored. You're being forgotten. being forgotten means you don't think about somebody you don't care about somebody you don't hear about their cries. Allah is basically describing this person is becoming irrelevant on Judgement day because they consider it a loss I am irrelevant in this life. Look at that you can actually even refer this is the conclusion of today.

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Just wanted to complete this, this small passage ends at 128 and 127. workaholic energy when I saw this in this ayah Allah has given us a secret. This is the last secret of these, I thought I'll share with you and that is how we will give reward

00:24:24--> 00:24:32

or we will pay back those who went too far or suffer those who went too far. The ones who go in excess.

00:24:33--> 00:25:00

If you had an argument with somebody, they said something different harsh to you. You responded with something harsh, okay, they scored one you score one, they said something mean to you, you you you came back with 100 different 100 times insults. That's a stuffer. As a sort of You went too far you exceeded Colorado law to sort of fill pattern women. When when tribes used to go into into fights with each other one villager killed another woman

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From a different tribe, now this village comes and kills the entire village is an awful cattle, I'm gonna kill you, your cousin, your chicken, your burn your house down, I'm going to take you all out. Anybody that ever carried your name, I will end your lineage, right? Because, you know, you slap my goat or something that was slothful cotton is now phase one, someone who goes too far too far, as far as can be in spending. Allah talks about that in the Quran, right? So, you know, it's rough is, for example, you need certain things, but you want to go far beyond that and keep getting more and more like, for example, if you got invited to a wedding, or linamar, you know, our pizza, some

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celebration, right? And you're not that hungry. But you see, the guy in front of you took five pieces of chicken and ate kebabs and a mountain of rice. And you're like he built a mountain of, I need to at least have, you know, a lot of hours, at least something I should I should compete. So you and you're not even that hungry. But you're like, there's three more people behind me. They might get the next drumsticks I'll take 12 drumsticks, and I'll take the entire salad. And you know, and you're just building this like, monumental architectural work on your plate that you can't even carry at this point. And you take it and you weigh two bites of it, and you're like, I'm done.

00:26:18--> 00:26:41

That is wrong. You didn't need all that. You wasted all that stuff right? Now, why did why did we subject today wasn't this half the subject today was a person who ignores the reminder. A person who says I don't want to know, Allah is telling us now the secret that he knew all along about a person like that, that person knew all along, that they're doing something in excess.

00:26:43--> 00:27:26

They're talking about other people in excess, their, their their their backbiting, in excess. They're spending in excess. They're doing some kind of other being vengeful, they're taking revenge with others in excess. They're developing hatred in excess. There's some excessiveness in them. And they do that if they get a reminder from the word of Allah, the word of Allah will call them out on their excess and they don't want to hear that. They don't want to hear that. Because that will put them in check that will make them stop doing they know what's wrong somewhere inside them, they know what's wrong, and they actually want to ignore what Allah is saying. Not because they don't know but

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part of them already knows I have a pretty good guess Allah is not okay with what I'm doing. I'd rather not hear it directly.

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It's they're not an innocent so since I didn't know that I'm not responsible. I know you knew something in some you're in some part of your consciousness poking you. And so what does Allah say? kundalika workaholic energy, man Asafa when I'm you mean bi Atilla that's how we compensate the one who went overboard, the one who was excessive and did not believe in the iota of Islam. With the other party, I shall do upca and the punishment of the Acela member, the third reaction is even worse, and is even longer lasting. So judgment, it was already scary enough, this life was already scary enough. I don't want to live a life of pressure and misery. I want to feel relaxed in my life.

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When you guys have pressure from the exam, when you have pressure from finishing a work project, when you have pressure from a huge family obligation, pressure, pressure, or you know, when the pressure is done. When the event is done, when the exam is done, what do you do? I can read, there's a release, this person does not get a release in this life, they get out of one trouble, they end up in another trouble, another job, another bank, another bank, another one in every part of their life, and then the burden on judgment day. And Emma says, This is nothing compared to what's coming in the last life because what they're getting into next the final life. In addition to being blind

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and being scolded by Allah, what's coming in the final life is far worse and far longer lasting than any of this. Allah protect you and me from it. So this, this state, this fake figure of speech that we use in English, they say ignorance is bliss. Be careful with test is very ignorant statement, and there's no bliss in it. There's absolutely no blessing. I pray, I pray Allah protects our loved ones from falling into this trap. And I pray Allah protects you and me from falling into this trap. And if we have become someone who has been ignoring the word of Allah, in any part of our life, then we will then meet maybe we might realize that the difficulty that has come the one that has appeared in

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our life in different places may have been because we ignored Allah's word. And when we remember our last word, and live by it again, maybe a level bring, you know, unlock the doors of his blessings and release and mercy and that pressure that we've been feeling will go away. So I pray Allah removes that pressure from all of your lives and gives all of you relief, and myself particularly Welcome to call it lacking on a family or community.

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hamdu lillahi wa salatu salam

00:30:04--> 00:30:28

ala Fahim, Mohammed Nabina Muhammad amin, an early Asahi edgebanding. Allah has always unforgettable kalimba Nakula Villa he mentioned Connor Rajim in the la llamada eketahuna Llandovery, you lived in Amman, somebody he was ending with a Sema, along with Sony Allah Mohammed Ali Mohammed can isolate Allah. Allah Allah for hemophilia alameen. In the Gambia Majeed Allah Vedic Allah Mohammed Ali Muhammad

00:30:29--> 00:30:45

Ali Ibrahim, in the Gambia Majid, Allah, Allah, Allah in Elia. He would have said when he died they were inherently flashy with one card already cool. I cover all that we never matters now. I'm going to set up in a salad I can't believe Nikita makuta