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You can't deal with these people. There's no need to try. There's no need to talk to them.

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Israelis have to take over alarm Muhammad who's one of the UFC fighters had on his Instagram. Most Jewish people don't live in Israel.

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Many Jewish people always oppose Israel. Many Jewish people rejected Zionism.

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There's only one way like, I would carpet bomb them.

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It's the only it's the only way you could deal with it. Some of the videos that you sent me of soldiers shooting at people that are not doing anything, right we need to kill their hobbies.

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I still only come greetings a peace. Welcome to the deen Show. I'm your host. And my next guest, Abby Martin is an American journalist, TV presenter and activist. She's also the director of Gaza fights for freedom. Now before we bring her on, let's go ahead and get into her documentary. And then we'll bring our special guest on Israel treats every Palestinian with the presumption that they're a terrorist painting itself as the true victim.

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Gaza has a story

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if you look at Mass Media the story you find is that they fire hundreds of rockets into Israeli cities right across the border. Everything before that point is left out. Most commonly we hear of rockets hitting the border city of star wrote it is home to the notorious star wrote cinema where settlers drink beer and eat popcorn watching bombs fall under Gaza

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stare wrote was once called Hush, a village that was 100% Palestinian and Muslim Israeli historian Benny Morris uncovered that not only did Palestinian residents get along well with Jewish settlers, but they actually hidden protected them from British occupation forces in 1946, when a British army dragnet was rounding up members of a Jewish paramilitary the Palestinians have have kept them safe.

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It came as a shock to them when just about a year later, that same paramilitary violently expelled every single resident of harsh all fled to Gaza house was renamed stare wrote, go ahead and subscribe right now. Hit that notification bell help us get our numbers back up. Did you know that many years ago, the de show and we started 2006. We used to broadcast for many years on halifa clothing channel, currently known as digital minbar. So we're trying to get our numbers back up because the channel at that time got closed, then we started the official D show channel, we're trying to get our numbers back up to where they should be. And that's this number here a 55 combined

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where we currently have 442 we should be over 1,200,000 subscribers help us to get our numbers back to where they should be with that small setback that we had many years ago. You guys can help us by subscribing right now and hitting that notification bell. Thank you very much enjoy the show Salaam like and don't forget to support us on our Patreon page. And this is Abby Martin, the director of Gaza, fights for freedom. How are you? I'm doing great. How are you? It's really an honor to have you on the show. Thank you for being with us. So tell us you are someone who is really taken to this topic here of Israel and Palestine. How did you get involved in this?

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Yeah, I think it really just comes in conjunction with kind of an awareness about the war on terror and us imperialism and looking at the world through the lens of us Empire. Back when 911 happened, which is kind of my awakening point, I remember that the US political establishment and the media actually first directed our attention to Palestinians. And I'll never forget that property that was sold out there to conflate Palestinians with terrorists. And then of course, Israeli officials were paraded around our media saying, now you can embark on your own war on terror using Israel as the blueprint. So really, since that day, kind of my larger awareness was awakened about Palestine that

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of course, just meeting Palestinians, getting to know people who were affected directly by what's going on. I mean, this genocide that's subsidized by my tax dollars.

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So what's the difference? Explain to us

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You have the mainstream media, CNN, Fox News, NBC, ABC, that type of media and where we get our headlines where we get much of the news and then the type of journalism that you do. Yeah, there's there's two warring, warring media,

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you know, industries here. One is the corporate owned US media. Essentially, this is an apparatus that acts as an extension, and an arm of the Pentagon. Basically, it tells us who our friends and foes are. And it's always basically demonized Palestine, it's always peddled the Zionist line. You can see that this is very apparent when you look at someone like Jeffrey Goldberg, who's the editor in chief of the Atlantic, who was actually a former IDF, prison guard. And then you could look at something that's supposed to be this impartial news wire that's then editorialized by these publications, something like AP and Reuters, when you had a woman who was just a member of a

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Palestinian students justice organization at her college, and she was fired from AP for simply being a member of this organization. And mind you this was after the AP building was directly demolished by Israel, for no reason at all. So war crime upon war, crime, it doesn't matter. These agencies will bend to the will, of the Zionist line. And of course, the US empires line because it all fits together. Then you have the independent media apparatus that is independently funded, grassroots donor funded places like Empire files, places, I'm sure like the deen show. And we try to tell the perspective of victims I mean of these atrocities around the world, we try to uplift the voices of

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the people who are ignored, who are, you know, basically just swept under the rug when it comes to these horrific policies that are being perpetrated in our name. Now, before we go deeper into the subject, a lot of times this label gets thrown out anti semitic anti semitism, I want to bring on a Israeli friend of mine, you might know him also. He's also an Israeli Jew. And he's doing some great work. So I'm going to bring him on real quickly a video clip and then get your reaction to this term, anti semitic anti semitism. Then another claim that is often made, and I'm sure you hear this a lot is that criticizing is the state of Israel or criticizing Zionism is anti semitic.

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says you criticize Israel, you're anti semitic, which means you're racist.

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Now, this is a very strange claim for several reasons. First of all, most Jewish people don't live in Israel.

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Many Jewish people always oppose Israel. Many Jewish people rejected Zionism.

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So are they also anti semitic?

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What about those Jewish people?

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That's number one. Number two.

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So opposing Israel is anti semitic and racist. In fact, they're saying this more and more today.

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So what does it mean when you support Israel? Is there a name for that?

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Because if we support Israel, we support the state that has 1000s of political prisoners.

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If we support Israel, we support a state that has laws that discriminate against the non Jews.

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If we support Israel, we support a state that gives less water to Palestinians, because they're not Jewish.

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If we support Israel, we support to state that on a regular basis as a policy killed civilians, Palestinian civilians, not by mistake, not as collateral damage, but as a policy.

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So opposing all of that is anti semitic, and supporting all of that is okay.

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How Does that even make sense? How is supporting all of that, okay, this is supposed to help the Jews.

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This is supposed to help anyone.

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So it's very threatening for people to criticize Israel for many people because they don't want to be called anti semitic. But on the other hand, the whole claim that it's anti semitic is completely absurd.

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Because criticizing Israel is the right thing to do. criticizing any racist regime is the right thing to do, regardless if they're Jewish or Muslim or Christian or anything else. Your comments on his term anti semitic micos, a good friend of mine, I really revere him. And he really has broken it down very lucidly. And he did this recently on an empire files podcast that we did together where he talked about how anti semitism is in the same broader ideology of white supremacism and Zionism. They are all hateful ideologies that are founded and premised on the other realization.

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Right on dehumanization of another people to actually call a state government that is committing horrific atrocities that is imprisoning 1.2 million people in an open air prison that is perpetuating an illegal occupation illegally annexin land expelling people killing people imprisoning people torturing people employing an apartheid state, two sets of laws for Palestinians and Jews, that is anti semitic to criticize a government. I mean, how is it Islamophobic to criticize Saudi Arabia for executing prisoners? Or I'm sorry for executing political protesters who are trying to just protest their government? Of course not. So why is it called anti semitic to

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simply criticize a government that is engaged in absolutely atrocious policies in our name, this is a tactic. This is a tactic that has been used and weaponized against anti racists against progressives against people who really are staunchly opposed to these policies. And that is why it has worked so well, because of course, people who are criticizing Israel don't want to be called anti semitic. Of course, this is why this is such a third rail issue, why it is so taboo, because you don't want to be labeled an anti Semite. You don't want to be smeared and slandered and have your career destroyed, because you're simply criticizing a government. So this has been a tactic

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used by Israel, this has been long employed, and deployed and has actually worked quite efficiently. But I don't think it's working anymore. I don't think that the narrative has been able to be held. And that way, because for the last 20 years, specifically, Israel has gone on the offense, invading countries bombing Gaza relentlessly. This is an open air prison where caged people are continuously bombed. All the things like I had too many, all of these moments that have happened. And then especially the great march of return, I think, really has has exposed Israel as the occupier as the violator of human rights, they can no longer claim that they are on the defense and that they are

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somehow protecting themselves from, you know, rabid anti Semites who want to destroy them. It's all this hypothetical nonsense that's used to essentially justify their horrific acts. And for the longest time, progressives have been scared to go out front and center and say these things because they are afraid of this label. But again, I mean, it's time to flip this narrative on its head and say you are a defender of apartheid, you are a defender of war crimes. So now you have to defend that you can't now come at us and say, Oh, why do you criticize Israel? Are you anti semitic? No, no, no, no, no, you are the apologist, you are the defender of apartheid. And now you need to be put

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on the defense about why you do that. And so once we get that narrative, going, which I feel like it already is, I feel like apartheid, Israel is facing the beginning of the end of their regime. And it's part and parcel because of now independent media, Palestinians being able to film their reality with their own eyes and Israel no longer having control of the narrative anymore. You know, it's interesting, my my guests that I brought on a couple of weeks ago, who was also from the area there by Gaza. When I brought this term up, he said they don't use that with us, because it's interesting. Palestinians are also Semitic, they speak a Semitic language, they practice the Semitic religion,

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Islam submission to the Creator, not the creation. So it's like to them they say it's funny, you know what I mean? And they can't get away with it. But they only push this to the American public who is ignorant of some of these things. It's a trick we always use it. When from Europe, somebody is criticizing Israel, then we bring up the Holocaust. When in this country, people are criticizing Israel, then there are anti semitic

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that's why you have that's why you have all these Israeli officials speaking English. Naftali Bennett and Netanyahu, they're very important figures because they are speaking to us. This is a propaganda campaign to manufacture consent with the American public, specifically, Hebrew is the national language of Israel, these people are paraded around our media specifically to speak to us and to put this narrative out there and it's quite fascinating once you realize that, I want to get into another clip you are in I believe, it's called you actually went down there you went down to this area. in Palestine, you went to you visited what's called a tolerant square. Is that correct?

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Yeah. In Jerusalem. Yeah. So let's get into this clip and get your reaction to some of the reactions that you got. Is is not think that the Islam is it's a very bad disease. Not not just for Israel, for

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all around the world.

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We can see it. They think they, they all have to be Islam. If you're not Islam, they will kill you. So against the Jews should marry Arabs

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because Jesus is special nation that God gave it to the Jews. And we want Jews to get mixed up together with a different nation. I think

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Israelis have to take over and they have to kick them.

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Kick them away, it will be much better.

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Not to not to kill them just to to go back to Arab countries. You can deal with these people. There's no need to try there's no need to talk to them. What we can do is when that they do enough harm we retaliate. That's war. And that's the situation that any Jew lives in Israel has to deal with. But short mouth

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theme, very Coleman cowbell show Sepi guattari clavo. Gotta blame me first novella, Solano bio Kalia beside me obok financial I am. And that's known as here, Paul autofilled. Bear had called with Adam. I think also that every Arab that doing terrorism attack, we have to kill him. And not because he's Arab. Because he's a terrorist think he should also kick out the family. Because it's all begins with the same

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education. Whatever they teach the kids, the kids does, you know, it's families I met since that day, we need to

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I think we should give them a country. If you don't any problem, you just go in there to give them a contract. And it's gonna be a war between countries. You know, if they're gonna throw rockets, we're gonna throw one big one and done.

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I don't think there's any answer to it. There's only one way like, I would carpet bomb them.

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on its own, it's the only way you could deal with it, like org or try to stop them a different way. It never worked. Make it be grim. And they we need to kill their hobbies.

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What does it mean for our audience? Some people never heard this term to carpet bomb them. What does that actually mean? It means to basically liquidate an entire area of civilian infrastructure and housing. So with just wanting bombing campaigns that have no regard for human life at all, which is pretty much exactly what we're seeing the IDF

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employee, Hiroshima, Nagasaki. Yeah, yeah, that I mean, that I mean, that's, that's a, of course, a nuclear holocaust. But I mean, you saw right there, an Israeli citizen, or an Israeli settler basically advocating that he said, once we give them a state, we can just drop one Giant Bomb, aka a nuclear bomb and just destroy the entire area. You know, I was pretty floored when I went into this this region within 48 and talked just randomly to average Israelis on the street. I mean, these were Americans. These were settlers. These were people from all walks of life, not cherry picked at all. And I think it really just shows you even though it's anecdotal, I think it really is reflected in

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polling, that this represents the mainstream current of Israeli society. You have a young girl laughing gleefully actually saying kill all Arabs, it's very triggering. But this is what people think, gleefully endorsing genocide to an American documentarian. I mean, if this is what people will say, on camera, what are they saying and advocating for behind closed doors? It was very, very disturbing to hear these interviews, because all we hear, you know, as Americans living in this country, this is completely sanitized from us. We hear about Israel being a democracy, we hear about human rights. You know, we hear about Israeli society trying to push someone like Netanyahu or

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Bennett, I mean, that those are aberrations and outliers that they don't represent the mainstream of Israeli society, but in fact, they do. They absolutely do. They are an outgrowth of where Israeli society is that it's increasingly fascistic and right wing, and actually, genocide is a mainstream current. This is reflected all across Israeli society, and it's very scary. I mean, we just saw, we're seeing what's unfolding shake jaw right now, which is, you know, 10s of 1000s of people marching through the Old City destroying Muslim homes, businesses chanting death to air

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In their memory, to be a leftist in Israel as a slur to a leftist basically means that you just want more humane occupation, it doesn't mean that you're anti Zionist. So, you know, Nico has laid this out really well about the composition of the Knesset and how tokenized the couple Arab seats are, but really, the vast majority of political parties and the vast majority of people in general are Zionist. They're unabashedly so and they believe in the Jewish supremacist state, which basically is predicated and premised on the continuous expulsion of indigenous peoples. And that is genocide, because basically what it's trying to do is erase their entire culture.

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You talked about how this is, I mean, this is known Jimmy Carter's talked about American president anybody who's actually gone down to taking the time to really you know, visit the area they talk about it being an open air prism. They talk about Mikko pillared brings us to light and many Jews actually, you know, Doc, Doctor got Holocaust survivor, many who come out and it's not about being Muslim Jew critic is about just a human, you know, if you have like yourself, I mean, just the humanist comes out. And you see these atrocities, babies just being blown up, you know, and like they were saying, this carpet bombing that happens, you know, indiscriminate, it's just, you know,

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if you have a heart, if you're human, it's just, it just awakens you to want to speak out, and you have good people speaking out like yourself. So tell us when you visited Gaza, so you talk about counting calories, refugee refugees, they're not allowed to leave like, what does that mean they counting calories?

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Yeah, I mean, this is this is basically when we say this is an open air prison, it really is true, because people are not allowed to leave this area, it is a 25 by five mile strip of land, that's essentially been cordoned off by Israeli authorities. Alongside the Egyptian military, which acts in compliance with Israel, you need a permit to leave, you need a permit to get medical treatment that you can't get within the territory. So for comparison, if you get breast cancer, just 10 miles away in 48. So in Israel, you have a 75% chance of survival. If you're diagnosed with the same cancer within the Gaza territory, you have a 30% chance of survival. That's the disparity that we're

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talking about. We're talking about no clean water, the vast majority of diseases within Gaza are because of diseased water. That's not sanitized, because they continue to bomb their water solid nation plants. Food. This was a policy that was written up explicitly in Israeli government documents that said that they wanted to count calories. So essentially just provide just amount, just the the minimum amount of food to get into Gaza, so that there wouldn't be malnutrition. So to keep people just on the cusp of being able to survive electricity, they only have two to three hours of electricity a day. This seems like oh, you could survive that way. It's very hard. I mean,

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think about freezing meat, you know, think about keeping food cold. Electricity is as important as the air we breathe. As someone who was in our documentary says, I mean, he says It's humiliating, right? The fact that they need to worry every night about their children lighting the house on fire, because they have to use candles, when we were getting the footage for this documentary. And now I was banned for life from actually entering Gaza. I was in the West Bank for a month. And I tried to get into Gaza, I had all the proper press credentials and paperwork filled out. And I was told by the press ministry that I was an Iranian spy, and a propagandist and that I was banned for life from

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entering the territory, which was devastating. So I actually worked with six journalists on the ground to direct the interviews to get the footage that you see in Gaza fights for freedom, which people can check out for free on our YouTube channel, and also go to Gaza fight for freedom calm. But in this movie, it's really an accurate depiction of what this great march of return was because what it reveals, and of course, people are going to be protesting and, and resisting right that are living in this besieged enclave that are essentially continuously tortured by the Israeli government and punished collectively that's the key is they are collectively punished. But the great march of

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return was so and it's such an incredible event, because what it showed is what the Israeli government will do to peaceful marchers. Because we always hear this conflation of Hamas shooting rockets. And oh, they have the right to defend themselves, which they don't of course, but this instance 27 2018 2019 the great march of return word 1000s of people were going to bed chests to this artificial border fence that partitions them from their ancestral lands, standing there with flags, and they were mowed down by Israeli snipers. 200 of them peacefully marching and this wasn't just people. This wasn't just men of military age. This was children directly targeted by Israeli

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This was medics administering medical aid. This was journalists killed, targeted and people who were disabled. These are all violations of the Geneva Convention. Even if this was a war between armies, these would be war crimes. So what this movie is really what what our intent was behind the movie was to really kind of push the needle to hold Israel accountable in front of an international War Crimes Tribunal, because that's exactly where they need to go.

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People are seeing this. Is this actually something that people were wearing? What does this represent? That is one shot two kills this was a T shirt that was issued by members of the Israeli apartheid defense forces. And this shows a pregnant woman. And they say one shot two kills because this is how much they've dehumanized and devalued Palestinian life. They actually are advocating to kill a pregnant woman to take out the unborn baby. This was not a one off. This was something that was circulated throughout the Israeli military. in Gaza fights for freedom, you can see that Israeli snipers are actually filming themselves killed children who pose no threat to them at all, and

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laughing, sharing. This is how much this is kind of how sadistic this mentality is. I mean, when you are part of Israeli society, I mean, just like that guy said in the clip, you said, it starts with the education. Yeah, it does. It starts from birth, the segregation, the education taught to hate and dehumanize the people that you're ethnically cleansing. You have to, you have to otherwise how could you How could you embrace such a Nazi like mentality as wearing that shirt? I mean, that's where we're at. You know, America is a very racist society because of the remnants of slavery and genocide of the indigenous population that happened hundreds of years ago. Right. But we still have

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racist institutions that are remnants of this disturbing past. Well, Israel's colonizing now. They're openly colonizing another people killing expelling these people. So of course, can you imagine how prevalent racism is? That it's part and parcel with Zionism, Zionism is racism. colonialism is racism, this is happening now. So people really need to wrap their minds around the fact that this is this is their reality every single day. And it's very disturbing. I mean, where else in the world is anything like this happening, but because of this cover of impunity, that's given to them by the US Empire, they continue to do it with no consequences at all. Let's get into

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our final clip and your reaction. And then we'll go ahead and close it up. Voila, Muhammad, who's one of the UFC fighters had on his Instagram. And I texted you that it's

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it's so again, this is another thing, right? So difficult to understand what's actually going on. There's so many pro Israel, people that put their head in the sand and don't want to look at some of these atrocities and don't want to look at some of the videos that you sent me of soldiers shooting and people that are not doing anything. Right last time. And you talked about this, one of my email accounts was flooded with literally a chain letter, the same letter like denouncing you and your lies in your anti semitic perspective and your anti Israeli perspective. It was, it was weird, because it was the same email astroturf, gab.

00:28:31 --> 00:29:13

Let's start with that term. Many people don't know what this term astroturfing is. Can you explain that to us? Yeah. So what Joe Rogan received, because he basically received the brunt end of the Israeli lobby campaign. So astroturfing basically appears that something is organic and grassroots. So in this case, it was Israeli lobby forces, namely, the organization stand with us, which is an extension independent of the Israeli government. And this is why you see Barry Weiss out there trying to debunk me wherever I go on platforms that are big enough like Joe Rogan, she'll go on and try to, you know, debunk my claims. She's received money from stand with us and the Israeli

00:29:13 --> 00:29:54

government. But this letter campaign that was sent in mass to Joe Rogan, pretended that it was from just hundreds of different people that were outraged at my appearance, but really what it was was a stock letter that was sent out, essentially being astroturfed in that way, and I think this is really revealing, because they were so threatened by me going on such a large platform talking about Palestine, that they needed to pull out all their cards, right. They also produced a video labeling me an anti Semite trying to debunk my claims, but what they did was just make themselves look ridiculous because they basically just deny the existence of the occupation. They ignore everything

00:29:54 --> 00:30:00

going on in Gaza, and they just talk about Israel's democracy, right, and they ignore all

00:30:00 --> 00:30:36

these atrocities that are happening outside their borders. But the Joe Rogan experience was really such a shocking one because it showed you how threatening how threatened they are and to what extent they will go they actually tried to lobby Joe to have an Israeli government official come on and debunk me. Luckily, he didn't do that. And I'm glad he talked about this on the on the show, because it shows you what they'll do, you know, they won't let these claims stand, they won't let people who are going out there and countering the narrative. They won't just let it happen without trying to put the hammer down hard. And in my case, that's exactly what they did. So Joe Rogan, I mean, he was

00:30:36 --> 00:31:18

talking about how you were sending him some of these clips, and he was acknowledging many of what's much of what's going on, he mentioned below Mohammed, a UFC fighter, seeing some things that he's posted. So he's pretty well educated on it. And you did that program and people were so happy to see you on that program, educating you know, his audience, do you think you'll be back on again anytime soon? I think that we'll find out in the coming weeks if I'm going to come back on. But Joe is really, really a great guy. He's a friend of mine, he really cares about the issue. Every time I've come on in the last couple of years, he's let me just have the floor to talk about this. And, you

00:31:18 --> 00:31:56

know, hundreds of people, if not 1000s of people have told me that they have found out about Palestine, that they have changed their mind about the conflict from listening to my appearances on Joe Rogan. And that really, it means a lot, because people criticize him a lot for not having enough left wing voices on. And sure that that might be a valid critique. But the fact that he's let me have the floor to criticize Israel on such an enormous platform, I think speaks volumes about his integrity, and his willingness to stand up against this. And he set himself on the program. He said, That's Nazi Germany. That's Nazi Germany, when you have T shirts being printed that says one shot

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two kills, targeting a pregnant woman, when you see video footage of Israeli short soldiers, happily executing children for doing nothing. What else can you call that? That's the mentality that we're fighting against. And I appreciate, you know, everything that you do for shedding light on this and hopefully public consciousness can be, you know, I feel like it's really on fire right now. And the latest assault on Gaza was really, you know, I think a turning point, I think that we've reached a line in the sand that people know that this is apartheid, we have Human Rights Watch, which is notorious for kind of both sides in an office getting the issue. We have members sitting members of

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Congress, who have been notoriously bad on this issue before, of course, Congress is the body that allows all this to happen that subsidizes is really a part dead. But when you have several sitting members, declaring that this is apartheid, and all of these world bodies declaring that this is apartheid, when you have the International Criminal Court announcing that they are going to investigate war crimes in these territories, that's a line that we can't draw back from now. Now, everyone agrees This is apartheid. So now it's what can we do about it? How do we fight it? How do we defeat it? And I think that's a huge, huge thing, a shift in the Overton window that is now

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we can't go back from that we can't backpedal from that term. So now it's a matter of how can we make apartheid fall? And that's exactly where we need to be. And again, putting people on the defensive, why are they defending apartheid? Why do they defend these atrocities? Please let Joe gamma Hello for me. He actually wore one of my T shirts, you know, I teach. Also, he had the my team shirt resolving jujitsu, he worked one time on the show. So that's amazing. That was cool for him. Alright, so we show the video on you on the streets. We just show clips. So what's that call so people can actually get the full version of that video? What's that called? titled? So people if

00:33:51 --> 00:34:28

they want to see our everyday Israelis expressed genocide to Abby Martin, I highly encourage you to check out the whole video. It's on our YouTube playlist on Empire files. So subscribe to us on YouTube. And then you can check out our entire playlist reporting from Palestine we have about a dozen or so videos that are extremely revealing from all across the West Bank, Gaza interviews with Israeli dissidents, interviews with Palestinians that speak for themselves and then of course, our feature length documentary Gaza fights for freedom about the great march of return Gaza fights for freedom. That's your newest documentary. You directed it right. Yes. So people everybody if they

00:34:28 --> 00:34:49

want to know about this, what's going on there? They should watch this documentary politicians, people of influence everyone should watch this documentary that's on your channel. Yes, it is. And you can go to Gaza fights for freedom calm to watch it in Arabic subtitles as well. God bless you. You're a brave soul. Thank you so much. It's really an honor to have you on. Thank you so much. It was an honor to be on

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