Hatem al-Haj – Recognition of Allah or the People

Hatem al-Haj
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of avoiding distractions and competition in life, as it is the worst thing to do when destroying one's focus. They also mention the benefits of being recognized for their leadership and values, as it brings people together and helps them achieve their goals. The speaker emphasizes the importance of being committed to one's role in society and not just seeking recognition from the people.
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So, avoiding the distractions is by being a minimalist, avoiding distractions is by avoiding competition you're not, you know, competing with anyone, because that competition when when destroying your focus when we're completely take you away from your objective and your focus and petition is the worst thing, right wrong. Because we're always competing, competing with someone else. Men and women older and younger, there is always competition between us. But if you're really a stranger of wayfair, and your target is the gentleman and you're the pleasure of a lot, you know, beyond the agenda is your your greatest and your ultimate objectives, then you're, you're not going

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to be competing. And once you're not competing, your heart would be liberated from the worst form of captivity.

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Once you're competing with people for this flight, you're only competing for the pleasure and the pleasure of Alaska.

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So, fame and celebrity popularity is one thing that we were always, but what is the benefit of popularity? What is the benefit of

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it? What is the benefit of all of this, that

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is the book that he mentions at seven o'clock at night to America after the benefit of our own, he went back to Amazon at holiday gift and asking him about modems to me that definitely the mysteries and the sound of an altercation mentioned to him so and so from iron.

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so on, so on, so on. So from the most distinguished of the companions of the Prophet SAW Southern that were killed in the Battle of

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and let us say,

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we're very room Cassie, live ly iPhone camera.

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Keep in mind, remember this?

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and many others, that mirror mini does not recognize

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me or does not recognize. So

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the markers of this song?

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I almost cried first. And he said, Well, my

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so what harm would be for them if they are not recognized?

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recognized? analysts have either

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gifted them with the Chicago market is Congress. So what what benefit is to be recognized by our for what harm is there in not being recognized? If you're being recognized?

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So think about it in this in this journey? As a traveler, do you want to have the reputation of the people of this town?

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As a stranger? So

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are you competing for office for a political office in this town, you're a stranger here in our GIG and never going to be able to get to, you know, political offices.

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So it doesn't matter for you, you're here for a certain business, you're not busy looking for recognition here. Can we really do this, that is one of the hardest things because you could give up a lot of things. And you could give up you know, you could be sad in the sense of not being so eager for money or the this or that. But this is the hardest thing. That is why I came up with

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that I've seen that come down to the hearts of the good of the team, the righteous people, is their love of leadership, the love of leadership, because it comes with recognition comes with praise and so on. And that is one of the hardest diseases to come out of art. But those who really embrace the studies have

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a philosophy of life as a life a way of life. He embraces these the meaning of this Cadiz you will really not be so thirsty and eager for or hungry for that recognition. As long as

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will be recognized.

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People's recognition will not matter to you whatsoever. That is why you will do the right thing at the right time.

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That will be most pleasing to Allah.

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Not the thing that will earn you the most recognition.

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So that is number three of what this means.

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You have to get your own place, he don't get distracted immensely.

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This is not being it's not about being an alliance, it is not about abandonment.

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Because you could sit down you could

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hear some people talk about zone and all of these concepts as detrimental to civilization in the sense that it will basically keep you away from good works that will that are essential for progress development, you know, the well being of humanity. This is not about this.

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This or this is about complete commitment to your role in the society without wanting the recognition from the society but once and it from Allah. So when you are committed like Sandman, Sam and the prophet SAW Salem commended him for this statement in the barbaric Erica hochkar

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aniconic A haka for the bicycle, a hectare

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of economic activity, Papa, your your, your buddy has rights on you and your family has rights on you and your guests have rights on you and your Lord has rights on us give everyone their due rights.

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That is what that is what you should do. So it is not like you're going to basically lay back and relax and

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not honor the commitments and not work for your family and for the government, not only of your family, but the betterment of your society and the betterment of your nation. You're doing all of this work about seeking very word from Allah for Allah, Allah, and you're not seeking recognition from the people, you know, the people's recognition does not matter. Does that is that really destructive to any civilization? Or is that like a civilization builder?

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Because it will be a civilization of virtue not only a civilization of material progress and material development, but it isn't a civilization of death, as well as virtue and morality.

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That is how we think of this country. It's, it's, it is positive, it's a positive force. For civilization, it is certainly a positive force. For civilization, it means that you do work hard, but you see the rewards from the last time

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visa. And keep in mind

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that once you once you really embrace this,

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you will really have a good life.

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Because that's the only way he will have this interest. The only way you can enjoy your life. It's nice to have

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this interest in life. That's the only way people could really really truly enjoy their life.

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