Yasir Qadhi – Understanding The Traditions of The Signs of Judgement Day – Episode 5

Yasir Qadhi
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smilla rahmanir rahim

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lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali, he was so happy he married my birth. So today's topic we discussed in our previous lectures, we discussed the coming down of the malady, we discussed the concept of the journal, we discussed the the dumbing down of Risa, to a great extent. But I feel that there was one topic that is interspersed in all of this, I referenced it many times, but I never really gave a dedicated lecture to it. So, I felt that, in fact, it deserves an entire lecture about the science of Judgment Day. And that is the wars or the fighting, or the Armageddon or the great battle that will take place. So, I referenced this a number of times,

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there are many traditions that mentioned warfare towards the end of times. And the fact of the matter is that these traditions, although numerous, they are cryptic, as usual, because we don't have a chronology we don't have are all of these ahaadeeth talking about one war, or many small wars, or wars that go over many decades or many centuries? We don't know. It's simply predictions of a judgement date. And there are some words that simply are sorry, some ahaadeeth that simply say, of the signs of Judgment Day is qatal. There will be warfare and the process of predicted you will have days of how'd you how'd you outage? They said, What is how much he said, bloodshed. So there are

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predictions of lots of wars. Now, does this mean the time of the Sahaba, the Civil War all the way throughout Islamic history where the Muslims are fighting, or we are talking about only one timeframe, this is where there's no clear cut? Answer, and Allah knows best. So today's lecture will be somewhat A lot of it is my own ish jihad in terms of piecing together, obviously, the ICD 10 coding you are IDs, there's no HD HUD there. But trying to find a chronology, trying to make sense out of all of these ahaadeeth it's human ht HUD, and Allah knows best It is my reading, and Eliza knows best that these ahaadeeth predict, firstly, a continuation of wars, from the time of the

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Sahaba up until judgment day or more to be more precise, up until the Great War. But secondly, there are a number of a hadith that mentioned civil war between the Muslims towards the end of times a massive war that will take place between the Muslims. And also there's a series of a hadith that mentioned a big war between Muslims and an ally, and a non Muslim, so Muslims with one group of non Muslims versus another group of non Muslims. And also this is genre number two. And then genre number three, there are a hadith about the big war. In Arabic, it is called el mal hammer tool, Cobra, this is a prophetic term as Mel hammer. mill hammer means the disaster, the catastrophe, or

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the bloodshed, Metal Hammer, just the bloodshed. And this is the equivalent of the Christian concept of the Armageddon. So there are a number of a hadith that mentioned a civil war, that's not the Armageddon, that's before the Armageddon, then there are a hadith that mentioned a big war, but not quite the big war. So there will be a big war, but not the big war. And this is all he had, because some Roma have merged them all together. And then there are a hadith that mentioned the big war. And of course, the big war, the Metal Hammer is between the ease and the job. That is the end the final battle that will take place after that there might not be any more wars after that as we're going to

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come to later on that might be the end of all wars and then other things will happen after that. So Allah knows best this seems to be the this seems to be the in a nutshell what we are talking about. Once again, first and foremost, a series of continual battles, mini battles, the prophets have been predicted. Once the sword is unsheathed from my own mouth, it will never be put back. This is a generic Heidi. The Muslims will be continually fighting petty battles from the time of the Sahaba major battles took place Battle of Safin Battle of jumble continuation throughout Islamic history. Muslims have been fighting one another you look at right now what's happening.

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Muslims are fighting one another right this is standard is going to happen, then there will come a time where there will be major wars between the Muslims. And there will come a time between there will be a major war between Muslim and non Muslim on one side and one other non Muslim on the other. Now whether this is going to be before and after the big major war between Muslims we don't know, we don't know. And then it will conclude with what with the big war them and how much we'll cover. So today inshallah Tada. Let's discuss some of those traditions and get a clear understanding of what this notion is. We begin with the famous Hadith in Sahih. In the title COVID asaka, which is oft

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quoted many times it is authentic hadith, where Abdullah bin hawala said we were with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And we complained to him how poor we were, and that we didn't even have clothes to where we're complaining to him. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, rejoice, don't worry about that, for I am not worried that you will live in poverty, not will not I'm not worried that you're going to live in poverty. While law he this oma will be in continual good until Allah subhana wa tada opens up the lands of the forest, the Persians and the lions of the Romans, that's the Byzantine Empire and the lands of him era that is Yemen. So in Makkah, the prophet system

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predicted, don't worry, we will conquer the Persian Empire. And that happened, and we will conquer the Byzantine Empire. And that happened, the caliphate and we will conquer Yemen and all of that happen. Then the Prophet system said, you will become three armies. So he said you will become this is the oma, this is the civil war we talked about between the Muslims, you will be called three armies, June to be Sham war, June, Iraq war jonesville. Yemen, an army will be in a sham, an army will be in Iraq and an army will be in Yemen. And wealth will be so much that a man will be given 100 dinars. Now 100 dinars. Maybe if I were to say in our times, like $5,000 is a large amount, but

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not an obscenely large amount. 5000 is no joke. 100 dinars is a good amount of money, right? A person will give 100 dinars and think man, this is nothing. This is not a good amount. In other words, wealth will be so much that a good amount of wealth would be considered utterly trivial. Even how I said Yara pseudo law when that happens, which of these three armies should I be with? Which of these three armies should I be with? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, I tell you to be in the army of a sham of Syria, because it is the chosen of a lot of people and it is where the Yama will take place. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam predicted that there will be three

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armies and army in a sham, an army in Iraq and an army in Yemen. And he told everyone how to choose the army in Yemen. I already mentioned under sorry in a sham sorry in a sham. I already mentioned another heavy that I mentioned right before going for Hajj. We mentioned that when I mentioned the concept of the MADI, we went over this hadith quickly it is in the six books authentic hadith pseudonymity module where our Profit System said this is about the melody. We jump to the melody part. There was a phrase there I glossed over and that is you're protected or in the kensico Salah kulu Ebner halifa

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three sons of a halifa will fight amongst you, at your treasures for your treasures. What treasure is this? Some have said, this is the treasure in mcca. There was a treasure buried once upon a time, but the Heidi doesn't mention Makkah and it is my opinion, it doesn't make sense to interpret it as mcca rather, there will be a treasure of the oma oil natural resource, Allah knows best. There will be a treasure belonging to the oma and three sons of a halifa three princes, all of their fathers or royal family, although their fathers are ruling, so three sons of a halifa will fight one another. So these are within the oma, this is the internal civil war that we talked about. And none of them

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will be victorious. They're all three going to fail. None of them will be victorious. And then the black flags will come from Horace son, and then the melody and then it goes on. So we jump to the muddy but where does it begin? There will be an internal Civil War. And what this hadith shows is that the mud the will come at a time when the Muslim Ummah itself is internally fighting, and the mighty will unify the oma from within. This is pretty clear that the malady will unify the oma the oma will need a leader. The oma will need somebody they can trust somebody whose integrity is beyond doubt and the person that they will look to

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The person that will unanimously go behind is none other than the Maddie. So there will be massive Civil War. But the Maddie comes and that civil war will be finished because how can you fight one day Maddie is there. So this is a very clear indication that there shall be a time of massive internal civil war between the oma and frankly, when you look at what is happening now with the internal superpowers, I don't like mentioning names, but you use your common sense and knowledge of politics right now. There's already massive wars going on right now. Muslims are dividing amongst themselves. Each one of them doing its own and Muslims are being harmed in the process along with

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Stan, what's even worse, by the way is that these are being used by non Muslims, right? The problem comes, the superpowers of the world are using their proxies in these regions, each one of them thinks that they will be the lap dog of the big superpower. In reality, the superpowers never care about their lap dogs. In any case, I go into my tangents hear what I'm saying? We should be slightly terrified. No, we should be very terrified, looking at what is happening in the world and looking at these ahaadeeth about the end of times and Allah knows best. So this is the issue of the internal war. Let us now move on to other wars that are predicted. One Hadeeth mentions that one of the tab

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your own was in Kufa and Kufa was the land of urban Miss route, urban Massoud established his madrasa in Kufa, the greatest Sahabi of Kufa was urban Massoud and he died in Kufa as well. So even Mr. Ruud was in Kufa and one of these dabir in his name is to say to Punjab, but he said, One day it was very cloudy and a dark storm, a dust storm came in the daytime block the sun, and it seemed very terrifying. So a man came shouting to the masjid or even miss Ruth Oh, you must rule the day of judgment is coming. Looking at what is happening. He became terrified. He's running tivemos route, saying, look, this is karma coming. Even Miss Rodin stood up amongst the people that people are

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looking to him for comfort for wisdom that people are terrified. They're gathered in the masjid. Even Mr. Rhodes stood up and he said the kiama will not come until and then he gave a series of predictions now, important point before I move on. Whenever a Sahabi listen to this as a rule whenever a companion

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mentioned something about ilma labx. Automatically what he says becomes a headache. This is a rule. Whenever a Sahabi says something about the knowledge of the unseen if a Sahabi says that Oh, the righteous person will be given a white palace agenda that has gardens if a Sahabi speaks of agenda. If a Sahabi speaks of Judgment Day on the Day of Judgment, such and such will happen. If a Sahabi speaks about the signs of the judgement date, automatically, that statement gets a free upgrade goes to first class, right free upgrade, what is the upgrade? It becomes a Hadeeth Why?

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Because how could a Sahabi speak about minimal hype? Unless

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he heard it from the prophets of the law. So now, if a Sahabi says something is how long are held on this remains the opinion of a Sahabi because how Rahman had at least he had he had Herman Hillel, you have the right for each the heart and the Sahaba different about how common Hillel like all of this great scholars did if this has helped them, this is how the Sahaba differ. They have the right for each that they wish they had a has a high level but it doesn't become Quran and Sunnah. But when a Sahabi speaks about Allah as origin, his names and attributes, the judgment, the signs of judgment, automatically, it gets a free upgrade. In this Hadith, the Hadith begins as a statement of

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truth, then in the middle, automatically, even Massoud says, and then the prophecies are said, so we even prove the rule through this hadith that is narrating what the prophet SAW is Adam said, and then in the middle of the Hadith, he subconsciously says, and then the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, the Hadees does not begin in the middle where he says and then the prophets have said, it becomes from the beginning because it talks about the knowledge of the unseen so go back to the Hadith interesting, it had been mustard stood up. By the way, this idea this is a Muslim, I forgot to mention, and it's a long Heidi. Even Mr. Rhodes stood up and he said the pm is not going to come

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until you see these signs and the signs haven't come. So this cannot be the tiama. Number one, he said, people will not be able to divide their inheritance. This means

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massacres and death will be so profound that a person will have no family left.

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And people will not be happy over aneema war booty once again, means there's no family. And we're and this is exquisite ritual caught by that. Then he pointed towards a sham Syria he isn't Iraq. He points towards the land that is known as a sham. And he said and an enemy will gather forces against the Muslims and the Muslims will gather forces against them.

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A Man in the audience said, Do you mean a room? The Romans? He said yes. Now the Romans refers to European civilization, the Christian empires. And there's no problem extrapolating the concept of Romans to the modern nations that look up to that Empire as being there, if not biological, their theological and their intellectual ancestors, we all know went over this as well. So the term Roman Rome can de facto apply to the majority civilization, the superpowers of our times. So and by the way, this is interesting, because again, these are predictions that we are now seeing taking place. So even those who said yes, I mean, the Romans, and at that time, there will be a severe fighting a

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fierce fighting, the Muslims will send a battalion to fight to death, and they will not return, they will die, they will fight until night, neither side will be victorious over the other. On the second day, the Muslims will send another battalion and they will fight to death and they will not return victorious. On the third day, the same thing will happen. And then on the fourth day, so for three days, Muslims are going in, in in and it is going to be massacre after massacre, nobody will remain alive from the first batches that go on the fourth day, Allah xojo will grant a victory to the Muslims and the enemy will be defeated. So there will be four days of battle somewhere in Villa de

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sham. Now, is this the great Armageddon? Or is this the precursor to the Armageddon, this is not the great Armageddon, it looks like this is the precursor. This is a massive war that will take place before the Armageddon. Now the Hadith goes on.

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And this is from the state statement, this will be a battle the likes of which have never seen before. This is very terrifying. in human history. No battle has taken place that is more terrifying and more severe than that battle that will take place towards the end of times. And then even Mr. Root said, and this is so powerful, and it's not even muster that is from the profits a little low, send them so much so that a bird that will fly over them will fall down dead. Now you tell me before move on. You tell me no matter how many people are killed by the swords on this land? will it affect a bird in the heavens?

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No, what will affect a bird in the heavens, not swords, get the point, not sorts, something's going to happen, that a bird in the heavens will be flying over it will come down dead. And then the idea goes on out of a family of 199 will perish and one will survive the attrition rate in this war 99% alone was done what war in human history has had 99% death? None. I don't know if any 99% the victory was given to the 1% 99%. And this is when the Prophet systems that Mr. Rude said, so how can anyone be happy over vanilla or any inheritance be divided? In other words, may Allah protect all of us if somebody was to give you a million dollars, but you have no family will know what sane person

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will choose that family is worth more than this whole dunya. So the profitsystem is saying how can anybody be happy when he gets all the honeymoon and 99 of his family had that he's nobody left no parents, no children, nothing left? How can anybody be happy? What is the point of that honeymoon, it's all gone. How will inheritors be divided when there will be no family left? So this war will destroy 99% of those fighting in it while they are doing this. And they are finishing the battle collecting the huduma recovering, they will here there is a bigger calamity than this war. What could be a bigger calamity somebody will shout out that john has come where your families have been

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left behind. So in that state, tired bruise bleeding, but their families are being attacked, whoever is remaining in the land that they left behind beloved, the Sham wherever there is, they will run they will rush back to that land, and they will discover that it is a

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a lie. It is not true. And in one Hadeeth it is mentioned that they will send their 10 best horsemen to go verify that news, the 10 fastest horseman and then the prophet SAW said him said I know their names and the names of their forefathers and the colors of their horseman the colors of their horses, and they will be the best horseman on the face of this earth Now, does this mean we will go back to horses and swords? If there is that type of war in all likelihood, we will. If there is that type of war, when nuclear weapons and whatnot and every side and whatnot then we will go back to those days when there was no electricity and whatnot.

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We're going to go back to this, or is it possible that we're in the process of saying horse, he means a vehicle? This is also possible. It's not too much of a stretch, and Allah knows best. So this hadith mentions Now, does this Hadeeth mentioned the melody Yes or no?

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But does this Hadeeth mentioned the MACD? No, it does not. But other ahaadeeth mentioned that the MACD will be the one that will be there when the news comes that that the job is around. So it appears that this big war that is being referenced is a war that they will participate in, even though he's not mentioned in this in this one. Right. So it is a war between our room and between the Muslims, it is a massive war. Now, many have said this hadith is a reference to the Armageddon couldn't be true. Because here's the point is the Armageddon one battle, or is it a series of battles, it goes back, if it's only one battle, then in all likelihood, that will be the john and a

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sub volume. But if it is a series of major battles, then it makes sense that this Hadith, in fact, is one of those big bottles of the Armageddon, Allah knows best. The next Hadeeth will mention which is a very cryptic one. And it has been used by the terrorist group known as the Islamic State as their basis. We don't agree with this group and I have very publicly criticized them. And all you need to do is look at how much damage they have done a lot of times, and by the way, I gave many lectures about this, obviously, I'm new to the community still, but you will know which I'll only go on. So panela look at what the prophet system said about the hottest lights the whole outage. He

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said, their speech is beautiful, but their actions are deadly. Their speech sounds good. It is sweet, but what they do is evil. And this is exactly what these groups all of them. If you just listen to snippets, all we will reestablish Allah's command and we're going to do this we're going to do that then you look at what they do and the number of Muslims that they have killed and their tactics and and and and you realize these are exactly the How did you like the Prophet system said, read the descriptions of the Hata jets look at what they did to the Sahaba look at their philosophy and attitude, and will law he will see all of these groups, they might speak that which sounds like

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honey, but in reality, their harm is much worse than even the harm that non Muslims do. And this is the reality that we see with our own eyes. So this group known as the so called Islamic State, which is now on its last legs and it will inshallah be completely eliminated. This this group use the Hadeeth, I'm about to quote you, as its basis as one of its main bases. And it is authentic hadith. And it is the Hadith in Sahih Muslim, Abu huraira narrated

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that the judgment will not come until a room will come out to fight you at a place called Aramark or dabiq. Now dabiq is an America as close to a dub is a city in Syria. And the so called Islamic State took it as its capital. And they intentionally fought to get a small city very mid size or small sized city, they wanted to capture that city. Why? Because it's mentioned in this heading. And we had said a few weeks ago that it is not allowed to do what do you remember I mentioned this very clearly.

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It is not allowed to do what?

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write a screenplay from the head. If we don't write a Hollywood drama from the Hadeeth. It happens it will happen. We do not extract the drama and enact it. We've seen what happened throughout history when people have attempted to do that. No, we don't do that. It happens it will happen. But you don't think you're the one who's gonna go do that we have seen time and time again, people have attempted to do that. And it has failed miserably. And one of the most important examples. This is another example of ISIS and who and what not. Another example we mentioned is Joe Heyman and his takeover of the Kaaba, and he thought he would enact all of the headings that are mentioned, but he

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couldn't because again, you have to pick and choose just like over here and anyway. So the idea goes on, that the Romans will come and fight you at a land called a dabiq. And the best of the people of Earth from the city of Medina will fight will leave Medina and fight against them.

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When they are getting ready for war lining up for war. Listen to this very cryptic. The Romans will say to the Muslims,

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leave us with the group amongst you who have forsaken their religion. We want to fight them.

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I'll explain. The Muslims will say, law will law he we will never leave our brethren and will never abandon them to you

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Finish the Hadith and explain. So the battle will rage on the battle rage on one third of the Muslims will retreat out of cowardice, and Allah will never forgive them. When the battle gets tough, they will flee. And the profitsystem said, they will never be forgiven, one third will be killed. And they will be the best of Shahada. They stood their ground, they died martyrs, and they will be the best of Shahada. And one third will conquer one third will win, and they will not be tested maybe the test of the grade, maybe the test of the data, they will not be tested, Allah will bless them and they will not be tested. And they meaning that one third will then conquer constantly

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Nia Constantinople. Again, we'll explain this in a while since last Friday, when they will be dividing their aneema after they've hung their swords on the you know, the trees to be oiled, then they will hear shavon cry out that the job has appeared amongst your children thinking it to be true, they will march to fight that the job, but they will find it to be a lie. And they will reach below the Sham Syria. And when they have lined up to pray fudger that is one reason ammonia will come down after that the judge has actually come and he will then lead the Muslims in war and battle. And when I do will law that the judge sees reasonable volume, he will melt like salt is

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dissolved in water. And the Prophet system said if he were to be left in that state, he would die. But Isa will kill him. And the people will see the blood of Isa on the sorry, the blood of the gel on the weapon of ERISA, and Hadeeth. Now, again, this hadith is very, very cryptic had mentioned many things. First and foremost, it also reiterated the previous concept of a massive war between the Romans and the Muslims. Now, in this Hadith, it mentions one third only will die whereas the previous Hadith mentioned 99% will die. As I said, it appears there will be multiple battles, not just one, and in some of them 99% and in some of them one third, this hadith mentions that this army

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will conquer Constantine iya whereas the previous ideas is not mentioned that so maybe there are multiple wars going on in the world, and that the jobs announcement will take place on all of them she thought is gonna frighten the Muslims that Jarl is here, they're going to be expecting the job because they're seeing the idea take place. So she thought we'll use it as a tactic. So maybe multiple groups will run back to be lather Sham, and there they will be with the melody and the melody will then be leading them in slider and the jar will actually have come at that point in time. And then Lisa will come down as we had mentioned, another headset that mentions all of these

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as well is that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the fortress of Muslims. On the day of the Metal Hammer, this is where it is mentioned the Armageddon the Metal Hammer will be old law, which is a city near demisch. One of the best cities in a sham this Hadeeth isn't a Buddha, it is authentic. Three things are mentioned a whole pile demisch and be that the Sham altar is a small city it is still inhabited to this day. And it is maybe an hour or so outside of Damascus. I don't know exact timing but somebody maybe a Syrian brother can tell me but it's not far from Damascus, when the Prophet system said this hadith demisch hola and below the Sham word, the heartland of the

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Christian Byzantine Empire. This is like somebody saying, oh, Texas, California. These are not lands that belong to Islam. But the prophet system predicted that demisch and holter will be a part of the oma and that when the great Armageddon takes place. I'm translating Metal Hammer as Armageddon. When the great Metal Hammer takes place, the fortress the base, the camp of the believers will be where it will be in hula it will be in the city of volta in Bangladesh. And of course the concept would be that the Sham is mentioned many times in the Hadith the profitsystem said Hadeeth ism was other than how come is authentic when the fittest occur EMA and will be invalid a sham when the fit and take

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place when the big civil wars a man will be in billet a sham now let's pause for a while and look at these a hadith and tried to extract a series of incidents what can we extract from all of this? So first and foremost realize that belong to Sham doesn't just mean Syria belong to Sham in classical Arabic pre partition. When I say partition don't think 1947 that's the partition of India Buxton and whatnot. I mean pre partition the psychs Pico agreement. The Pikes Peak are in 1917 and then the Treaty of Versailles in 1990, which then enacted it before the partition of the Muslim Ummah, before England and France.

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Decided to carve up the old man hand gifts out to the to the victors. And they took up the Ottoman Empire. Before that beloved a sham was essentially what we now call Syria. And of course, also Jordan, and of course, Palestine. And of course, the occupying land that I don't want to mention now, the land the country that is the occupying regime. So all of this was beloved to Sham, okay, this entire region is called without a sham. It's not just modern day Syria, yes, the mission has been to Sham but Philistine is also been out to Sham and the cities are Philistine and the cities in the modern occupying state, all of them are allowed to Sham understand this point, okay. So realize

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this. Secondly, it shows that towards the very end of all of these trials, the Muslims will be united and they will be fighting outsiders they will be fighting non Muslims and the people from other lands will come like Medina, they will come because they know that they have to fight on the side of the truth. So the fact that even from Medina, people are traveling all the way to be fighting, it shows that they recognize what is going place. It is also very clear that these wars are taking place with the MADI being alive. And when the melody is alive, there is no Civil War. How can you fight when the melodies on one side? Right, so this is a war between the MADI and the

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believers on one side and the unbelievers on the other side, this is a very clear issue. It also shows as I said that, in all likelihood, we're talking about multiple wars, or maybe Allah knows best. The mahadevi himself is going region to region in one battle, one third will die in another battle 99% will die alone knows best again, we don't know it just we're just putting all of these together. And the fact that the bird is mentioned, shows that this isn't your typical war, that chemical or nuclear or whatever seems very likely in these types of ahaadeeth will loan was time. Also, what is this cryptic phrase where the room are going to say, hand us our brethren? And the

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Muslims will say no, they are our brethren. What is all of this? This is very interesting. It appears and Allah knows best, that there will be a large group of converts from Bella the room to the land of Islam. And they will be fighting on the side of the muddy and the Muslims. And the bairrada room are going to view them as being traitors. And from their perspective. They're right. From their perspective. They're right they are traders. So they will say first, we want to deal with these guys. Because they betrayed us and our values. And the Muslims will say what? They're not your guys, they're our guys, law will law he will never abandon our brethren for you decided as a Muslim.

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It's really profound and insha Allah indicates that there will be massive conversion. So much so that the Bilodeau room remnants are angry that how can you have those people they're angry, they're irritated. And this also shows that these ahaadeeth are not anti semitic or anti Western. No, it is good versus evil. And you will find people of all ethnicities on the side of good. And you will find people of all ethnicities on the side of evil as well. We've talked about this last week, these are headings are not anti semitic, there will be righteous people who see the truth and they will be fighting on the side of truth. And that's why the other group will demand we want them back to us.

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Another heading now we move on to other Hadeeth and then again go back another as for the issue of custom tinea, we'll come back to it.

00:33:58 --> 00:34:41

A very interesting narration goes back to ebonheart Abdullah bin hawala, he has a number of interesting narrations about judgment date, Abdullah bin Howard, the prophet system said, Oh, it'd been how Allah when you see the Hereafter, having been descended to an audible mocha Deus, which is Jerusalem. When you see the hill after having been descended to Audible, mocha does then know that the zela zil and the Phaeton and the balaia are coming, meaning the great wars and whatnot are going to happen and that piano is closer to mankind than my hand is to you or to your head. So he was hand was on you know, even how well his chest or whatnot. So know that piano is closer to mankind than my

00:34:41 --> 00:34:59

hand is to you. Now, this hadith tells us there shall be a philosopher, but not based in Mecca or Medina, not based in Iraq like the Ibis is not based in demisch like the oma yet, but right

00:35:00 --> 00:35:42

Either based in the goddess either nessa tell Kayla for both of us now in all likelihood This is the Mati. Some have said maybe as before the Maddie I am highly skeptical. There's too many a hadith that mentions civil war and fighting and whatnot and the oma has never been united since the time of Earth mundo de la Juan and Andy do you think is going to get united again but we strive for you to do but realistically, it's not going to happen until the MADI comes also our processes and predicted that the falafel will come back towards the end of times from Mexico. No, he laughs at an El amin ha Joon nimbu, it isn't Mr. De Mama, then there shall be a laugh upon the prophetic methodology. In all

00:35:42 --> 00:36:24

likelihood, this is Allah knows whether this is correct or not. But in all likelihood, it seems to be none other than the methey himself. And the Prophet system is telling in how Allah when the melody comes, judgment is going to come tomorrow. And that's very true. When the melody comes, go to him, be with him. And the judgment is going to be the very next day basic meaning immediately after that, and that's, again, very clear. Now, another point here as well. Another issue, which is, again, all of these headings, you just have to try to sift through them, see if we can understand them. So another issue that is explicitly mentioned is the conquest of Gustin linea crystallin.

00:36:24 --> 00:37:15

linea. Costantini is, of course, Constantinople, named after the Roman Emperor Constantine, they were so humble that they wanted to name cities after themselves, you know, so it was very common to name cities after themselves. And so Constantine basically made the city his capital, and he named it after himself, Constantinople, and Constantinople, became the bastion of human civilization for almost a millennia. This was the city and the land. This was the really, there was no competition with any other civilization, up until the coming of Islam for a millennia, 1000 years, almost almost. Constantinople was the cradle of civilization. And amazingly, our Profit System predicted

00:37:15 --> 00:37:58

Constantinople will be ours. Again, we are coming so many centuries later, we don't even think about this one of the most significant episodes in human history, or I should say, recorded human history. One of the most significant episodes is 1453. And the conquest of Constantinople. This is something that we just take for granted, put it in our, you know, footnotes, most of our kids have no clue. But in reality, it was the most cataclysmic the most seismic, you know, disruption that happened in medieval history, because it signified essentially the end of the Roman Empire, and the conquest of Islam over the Byzantine and Roman Empire. And the Muslim Ummah, eventually conquered, obviously

00:37:58 --> 00:38:37

Constantinople, of course, the beginnings with more our he wanted to conquer from the time that's what we went inside, he passed away outside Constantinople from the time of the Sahaba. They wanted it multiple expeditions took place, but it was left to Solomon. Sorry, so upon the fact that the Mohammed the second Mohammed, they call them the Turkish called Mohammed, Mohammed the second, the serpent and Fatah, in 1453, who finally conquered Constantinople, and he converted it to Istanbul. So Istanbul is of course, what Constantinople Of course, you still go and you see, I mean, really panela personal note here, I mean, that the the, you know, is Sophia, the Hagia Sophia, what an

00:38:37 --> 00:39:19

amazing what an amazing testament to human mind. I mean, this is a building that has been It was built before the birth of our Prophet sallallahu. How do you sell them? And we see it now in 2019. And we are in awe. Can you imagine the people of that time? We see it now? And it is massive and big, and no, pillars are no beams? No, and the architecture and it has been standing for 1500 something years as it is, I mean, truly, and that's just one aspect of, you know, their civilization. In any case, what is the purpose of going all there? Because our Profit System predicted the conquest of Constantinople, however, good enough, easy, but there's a problem. And

00:39:19 --> 00:39:59

that is some ahaadeeth mentioned that Constantinople be conquered. Excellent. Without any timeframe. Excellent. We can take that and say Suleiman soltana. In fact, I didn't say so. But yeah, fantastic. Well done, man. Second, did it No problem. But there are other ahaadeeth that mentioned this conquest will take place towards the end of times when the john is around the corner when the method D is around, and this throws a huge spanner in our understanding. What does that mean? Because Istanbul is Istanbul. Now, what does that mean? Allahu Alem. I have no explicit or clear cut or unambiguous answer, the only thing that can be said

00:40:00 --> 00:40:39

That that land will revert to being controlled by a group that is not sympathetic to Islam maybe even if they call themselves Muslims. You know, Allah knows best because again, for a timeframe I took, maybe it could be called that as a double coup for government, you know what authority Did you know but now it is not like that now is done bullet hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Muslim land and whatnot. So definitely, it's not like that now, but maybe things are gonna change in that land. May Allah protect all Muslims, but maybe things are going to change and there will be a re conquest of Istanbul of customs linea also, the Hadith mentioned that that reconquest will take place,

00:40:39 --> 00:40:43

miraculously, without any blood being shed. That was not

00:40:44 --> 00:40:58

so fun factor so bonfante it was a * war. It lasted many months, there was a siege there was a military there was a Navy there was an army there was a blockade It was a standard war many people died. That's not what the heaviest predicted.

00:41:00 --> 00:41:18

And again, you cannot enact a hadith Alhamdulillah supanova count concreted, but that's not what the Hadith predicted, will mention these a hadith now, of these ahaadeeth. Now, this is a hadith I'll quote you, it is, in his narration, its chain is a weak narrator. So it is a weak Hadith. So we're just mentioning with the disclaimer, it is a weaker the

00:41:19 --> 00:41:25

opposite of nominative now said, you will fight Costantini three times.

00:41:26 --> 00:41:44

Does he mean the city of Constantinople? Or does Constantinople indicate the Roman Empire Europeans either can be there, you will fight Costantini three times. The first time is that you will do well, but you will not succeed.

00:41:45 --> 00:42:37

The second time, you will enter into a solo with the custom tinea. So much so that masajid will be built inside Constantinople. Now this is really bizarre. Because massage did not exist in Constantinople up until 1453. And now there are only massages in Constantinople. But this is not doesn't seem to be reference to that. Again, all these are cryptic. So until there's a select between the Romans and their massage inside Constantinople, then you will return for a third time and you will conquer it with the tech obile you will say Allahu Akbar, and it will be conquered. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that one third of Costantini will be destroyed and one third will

00:42:37 --> 00:43:17

burn down and one third will be divided amongst you. Now, this Hadees seems to indicate a final conquest of custom zenia and this is something that once again it is mentioned in another Hadith which the majority of scholars hadn't have interpreted to mean constantly Nia and I mentioned enough now the Hadith I just quoted you it is weak, it is mentioned in the kettlebell fitten have normally been hammered and it is weak. The one I'm about to coach you now it is authentic. So a Muslim, these two heavy seem to add to some concept. What is it? The Hadeeth is as follows the Prophet system as the Sahaba is a famous audience a Muslim, have you heard of a city, half of which is in the water

00:43:17 --> 00:43:24

and half of it in the land? Or in another narration? Have you heard of the city, part of it is in the water and part of it is in the land?

00:43:25 --> 00:43:52

The vast majority of our commentators said this is constantly new yet because Constantinople essentially it divides Asia from Europe, you have the Bosphorus straits. Right. And you have that city that you know it's considered that it is basically one half of this way one half that way. So the majority of our own Ummah and no way have been considered others they say this is Constantinople, that the process is describing. They said yes, we have listened to this now.

00:43:54 --> 00:44:43

The profitsystem said Howdy, this is a Muslim, the Yama will not happen until 70,000 of the bunny is how will conquer it not the bunny is not in the bunny is how will concrete and when they come to it. They the bunnies hack will not fight with swords, nor will they fight will arrows. Rather they will say la ilaha illAllah, Allahu Akbar, and one of the sides will fall down. Then they will say la ilaha illa la Allahu Akbar and another side will fall down, then they will say La La 234 times until all four sides will be falling down. And then they will enter the city and begin to distribute his aneema. And while they're distributing his aneema the shape Vaughn will call or a crier. We'll call

00:44:43 --> 00:45:00

that verily that john has come out to your family and they will leave everything and return to their family and Hadeeth now, we've heard the similar headache before but now we have an added detail. What is that detail? 70,000 of the bunny is how will conquer Constantinople

00:45:00 --> 00:45:03

So, putting all of this together,

00:45:04 --> 00:45:05

it is

00:45:06 --> 00:45:50

plausible, very reasonable to say that the armies of the MADI the armies of the Makati will be fighting at multiple places in this world. And some of the fighting will be more severe than others. And one of the very end of those battles will be the Battle of the conquest of Constantinople. But in this battle, there will be no war, there will be no bloodshed, there will be no sorts, it will be a miracle given to them, the people in that battle will come and find the wall gates, and they will realize they cannot fight the people of the city. But they will know this Hadeeth. And the Profit System is telling them you're going to use this tactic of mine, he's telling them what to do. And

00:45:50 --> 00:46:27

they believe in the Hadees. So they will use this tactic. So they will say la ilaha, Illallah, Allahu Akbar, four times all of them in unison, there tend to be rocks, and they're totally law there are going to cause the walls to fall down, and they will conquer the city without any bloodshed. And then the news will come the Jarl has come. So they will flee back to be like a sham from Constantinople, only to discover if it was a lie, then when they're in Sham, the gel will actually come and then there will wondering what to do or fighting him a few times. And then Lisa will come. And then as we had mentioned before it resumes now, who are the bunny is how

00:46:30 --> 00:46:47

some arola have said that this is a reference to the Romans that they were considered to be the outcomes would call them because Benny is how is not? It's not the standard term for the hood. But he is right. It is the standard term. And who is Israel by the way?

00:46:48 --> 00:47:30

Yeah, notice how because this how had multiple we had two sons, right? Or use or you saw or reuse and Yaqoob Jacob, right. Esau and Jacob according to the the Old Testament, right? So Allah knows best. Some people say that the out of his thoughts that some of the Romans were the descendants of his of Esau, the second son. So to say Benny is half is essentially a reference to the Romans. This is an interpretation, another interpretation. It means the Congress of the hood. And even some scholars said and I don't agree with this at all, but some scholars have just angry what they said telling you what they said. Some scholars said, Oh, this must be a mistake. The Prophet system said

00:47:30 --> 00:48:11

Bernie is smart. And one of the narrators messed up and he made it Bunny is hot. But that that's too. I mean, this word is so rare. It's impossible that somebody would have messed it up. Right. So a number of Erdem I said, this is so bizarre Bunny is how it never occurs in any hidey Bunny is how it's not even funny as made. You know, bunny, bunny is hack, right? I'm sorry, it's not Bunny, October, but he's right on it. But he's right. His Bunny is how. And it appears that Allah knows best This goes back because the term 70,000 as mentioned, it goes back to the other Hadeeth which is very clear that there are going to be 70,000. Now remember, 70,000 in Arabic, does not mean exactly

00:48:11 --> 00:48:58

census 70,000. It is a broad figure, you know, we say in English, man, I called you a dozen times. You don't mean that doesn't. Right. Now, if you say I called you seven times, you mean seven? Right? We should have called you a dozen times, or I called you so 100 times everybody knows you don't mean it literally, in Arabic 770 770,000. This is the generic when you say seven, you mean I called you a few or something, you'd say 70. It's around that. So 70,000 basically means around 100,000 or 50,000, round that Madrid's not exact 70,000. So the Profit System is saying there will be 70,000 converts, essentially, this looks like we're deriving this from all of these means, like 100,000 of

00:48:58 --> 00:49:39

them have converted this not as minor amount and they are fighting on the side of the Muslims. And it is at their hands, the hands of the converts that Constantinople will be conquered, not at the hands of the born Muslims, it will be those who are pure, those that have chosen to fight with the truth alone will bless them that when they say the tech villatte, their tech bureaus will cause the walls of the city to fall down. And they will then conquer president linea or Constantinople by you. Now, this is the standard interpretation. I am sympathetic to it. A number of scholars say this hadith doesn't apply to Constantinople. Have you heard of a city a part of it is in the ocean and a

00:49:39 --> 00:49:47

part of it is on land. That's what the Hadith says. Another group of scholars says this hadith is a reference to Venice.

00:49:50 --> 00:50:00

Venice, canals what not? And we say maybe allow them what can we say maybe I can't deny it can i because it does.

00:50:00 --> 00:50:32

As I mentioned custom linea However, other ahaadeeth mentioned custom thing, you know, Hadeeth mentions Venice. So Allah knows best, I am sympathetic to this headache being Constantinople, but we cannot negate that it might possibly be that it might possibly be other cities as well. And Allah knows best. Now, we've talked about the Metal Hammer, we've talked about the Civil War, we've talked about the Romans on one side, and the Muslims on the other. We've talked about the conquest of Constantinople, there's one set of ahaadeeth, also left. And that is,

00:50:33 --> 00:50:42

during one of these series of wars, or maybe before all of this begins, because we don't know chronology is not mentioned, we do not know.

00:50:44 --> 00:51:20

Towards the end of times, the Muslims and the Romans will form an alliance against a third party. Now, this is very atypical from the other idea, because all the other ahaadeeth mentioned what that the Romans on one side, and the Muslims on the other side, correct. So in my humble opinion, and Allah knows best, these ahaadeeth apply at the beginning of the Armageddon, things are going to happen where Muslims and Romans will ally with one another.

00:51:21 --> 00:51:44

And then that alliance will be destroyed, only to get worse and worse until the MADI and the gel and arisa. Come and Allah knows best. And during this timeframe, people would convert from the Roman side to the Muslim side. Okay, what are these a hadith of this alliance and treaty. And also these are authentic IDs. This Hadith is in a Buddha would that outfit with the Malika as Jerry said,

00:51:45 --> 00:52:18

I visited the Prophet Sall Allahu Allah, who was seldom during the Battle of Tupac when he was in the Battle of Tupac. And his tent was made out of leather. his tent was made out of leather. So I sat in front of the tent. The profitsystem gave me permission said come in. Yeah. So and this shows you how eager the Sahaba were that hour for sitting outside. And the process of signing him from the from the opening he saw, he said come in out of out of said he had a suit of law. All of me come in, or only a part of me coming

00:52:19 --> 00:52:47

means Should I just stick my head in? Or do you allow my full body to come in? And you somehow have this habit? We're so particular of the permission? Like what are you allowing me to come in this is your private space Yasuda law, when you say come in? Are you saying I fully come in? Or do you only just put in my head and talk to so the president said no could look here and all of you come in your old buddy come in. So I came. And he said to the Prophet, sorry, the process them said to

00:52:49 --> 00:53:01

count six things before judgment will happen. He gave him prediction. Count six things before Judgment Day. Number one, Mo D.

00:53:02 --> 00:53:21

My death. I've said as soon as I heard that, I was shocked and saddened. It's part of law. We take obviously, only the process of not being amongst us, we take it for granted. We're born that way. For the Sahaba they could not imagine a world without the Profit System. They could not imagine.

00:53:23 --> 00:53:56

It's something their mind could not conceive of. And that's why when the news came out, or what happened the Sahaba they reacted the way they did and that's one of the processes actually passed away. Medina was in gloom as Anna said we had never seen that sadness in our whole lives, right? So they could not imagine a world with us. So they never thought you know, any May Allah protect all our loved ones, but we can never imagine living without our loved ones, you know, with our parents, we don't get into the world is there with them. Then when they go that's when the shock comes to us. So the process of saying count six things number one, Moti, I will set it was a shock to me. It was

00:53:56 --> 00:54:42

what might you emote, before his mind can grasp number 23456 comes out so he has to pay attention. Number two, he said, then, the foster son saw him shocked. He said, count that is number one she's emphasizing the first sign of Judgment Day is the death of the prophet SAW a second that's the first sign his death is the beginning of a shorter sir. Number two, he said for Toby to mock this, the conquest of mock This Has that happened? Yes, in a workers time panel, Abu Bakar. His last day of khilafah was the conquest of beta lock this and the first day of Omar, he received the hate alpha and the news of the conquest on the same day, featherweight and muchness. And when he said this, it

00:54:42 --> 00:54:59

was impossible to even think about to knock this being in Muslim lands will lie He it is one of the biggest miracles have the truth of Islam, that our Prophet system predicted these things and they took place within a year after his death a year after his death, but to knock this is conquered. And if you really understand history at that time

00:55:00 --> 00:55:38

This was impossible to conceive of that this small group of Muslims in Medina who have not yet even conquered Makkah, and they're going to go conquer bladder Sham and build out the room and below the forest. it's inconceivable and yet within a year that took place. One of the most unexpected historical turns for Western historians is the rise of Islam. It is inexplicable, they cannot explain it. How could a group from their perspective of ragtag Bedouins come and disrupt human civilization destroy the sassanid Empire carve out the Byzantine Empire create a civilization that was even more glorious than the both of those previous ones combined, they don't understand how that

00:55:38 --> 00:56:24

happened. So for us, our process them said number two, it will be the conquest of Jerusalem. Number three, a plague that will come amongst you and destroy your children and your wealth and property and it will purify your good deeds. Our scholars say this is the plague of unwashed in the 18th year of the hedgerow there was a massive plague in the title of the hubbub it was the worst plague of early Islam. And they say this is that prediction. Number four, wealth will be distributed amongst you so much, that if a person is given 100 dinars, he would not be happy. The Sahaba were very poor. One dinar was a big deal. 100 dinars was a fortune to them. And we're now at a time when 100 dinars

00:56:24 --> 00:57:11

is okay, no big deal, where we're at this time now, number five, there will be fitting up a trial that will not leave any of your houses except that it will touch it. Our scholars say, in all likelihood, this is the fitna of the Sahaba, that every single household was affected. So clean German, is your tollhouse obey ma v z it that fit in that first war, the civil war that took place, they say this other say this might just be another fit that that will happen. And then number six, and this is what we're interested in number six, there will be a treaty between you and the Romans, there will be a treaty between you and the Romans. And then they will betray you, and march against

00:57:11 --> 00:57:26

you with 80 banners under each of which will be 12,000 troops. In other words, 100,000 people, this hadith is an urban module. Another Hadith mentions. Another Hadith mentions that

00:57:28 --> 00:57:35

you will form a treaty with the Romans, and you will fight an enemy common to both of you,

00:57:37 --> 00:58:21

you will form a treaty with the Romans and you will fight an enemy common to the both of you, then you will be victorious. And as you're returning back, one of the Romans will raise the cross on a mount and say this has caused us victory. And the Muslim will get angry and destroyed that cross that Allah has caused us victory. And war will break out. And the Romans will break their truce. And then this incident of marching against you will take place. So these are only two or three Hadith about this. That's it. But they predict another genre of predictions. And that is there will be a third enemy. Who is that third enemy, Allah who item. But it's neither the Muslim peoples nor the

00:58:21 --> 00:59:00

Europeans, there is another power on the rise, may Allah protect us from all of them as well. But anyway, this Allah knows whether that power will be the actual one. So there will be a third race, a third group of people, you and the Romans will join hands in fighting them. And there will be an alliance between you and you will be victorious. Once that enemy has gotten rid of been gotten rid of, then the Romans will essentially break their treaty with you, because of this minor skirmish where a Muslim said no, it's not the cross and He destroys the cross. And it's between two people. But the Romans will take that as an excuse to destroy the treaty. And they will then attack you,

00:59:01 --> 00:59:36

they will march against you with 80 banners. Now many of our modern scholars say this is must be a reference to the modern United Nations or whatever I say Allahu Allah, Allahu Allah. But at flags. At flags on one side, every flag has a major 10 12,000 people, that's a major war. So this is another prediction of a great Armageddon that will take place and Elon knows best. Now, again, is this the Armageddon? Or is it one of them? Again, it's all cryptic. Elon knows best. It can also be said and this is a valid interpretation. I'm not denying it at all. It can also be said

00:59:38 --> 01:00:00

that the final battle between the judge and their Isa will be an easy battle, not a difficult one, and that the Muslims will not die and mass in that battle. And that will be a gift to a lot to the believers. The Hadeeth are not explicit, I'm simply saying it can be derived. How can we derive this because one

01:00:00 --> 01:00:02

The GL C's, so what's gonna happen?

01:00:04 --> 01:00:21

He will scream a loud scream and flee away and dissolve and Risa will kill him now, with the gel being killed, and his followers cede the job being killed. They're all scattering Helter Skelter. They're all be going and that's when the creation will say come and kill the person behind me right?

01:00:22 --> 01:00:54

It could be set. Another interpretation of all of these is the final battle is not the Metal Hammer. The male hammer is the one before it, which is this one, the Romans and at flags on one side and the Muslims on the other. As for the actual final battle, it will be a gift. Why will it be a gift? There'll be no resistance from the other side? You understand this point? right you guys following? I've given you multiple interpretations Allah knows best. Now before we conclude

01:00:56 --> 01:00:57

very briefly,

01:00:58 --> 01:01:01

what is the Christian understanding of the Armageddon?

01:01:03 --> 01:01:49

The word Armageddon is a Greek word that itself comes from a Hebrew cognate and a Hebrew origin word how Mojito. And her in Hebrew means a hilltop and Mojito is the name of an ancient city. Mosquito now, it's the name of an ancient city that now falls in the land of Israel, the the the territories and whatnot. And this this city of Megiddo, it is close to the city of Madera city of Haifa, Jaffa and of Nazareth, the city of Haifa, and Nazareth, it is north of Jerusalem. And this even in pre biblical times, even in ancient times. This was a city that was inhabited by the ancient Canaanites has been inhabited by 7000 years, one of the ancient cities of the world. And the Bible mentions the

01:01:49 --> 01:02:29

city of Megiddo, multiple times. And there are cryptic references in the book of revelations that there will be this massive war with the book of Revelation. The Book of Revelations, by the way, is a book in the Bible in which there are predictions for the future. A shot the set up for the for the Christians is in the book of revelations, the beast 666, the Book of Revelations, okay, antichrist, the Book of Revelations, it's very cryptic. And that's why even many Christians don't read it. It's not an easy text to understand. So there are cryptic references in the Book of Revelations to the big battle at har Megiddo. Hence, Armageddon, okay. Hence, Armageddon. The term Armageddon comes

01:02:29 --> 01:02:34

from har Megiddo. The hilltops of mosquito of mosquito. And

01:02:35 --> 01:03:11

there are a number of interpretations of modern day Christians with regards to these these statements. Many Christians, this is the default amongst the, you know, non Protestants, many of them, they just reject this, these are just tails, they don't believe, you know, again, Muslims learn your Christianity, if you want to be involved in Dawa not all Christians are the same, just like not all Muslims are the same. Many Christians don't consider the Bible to be the Word of God. Anyway, this is the default in America, the majority of Christians do not take the Bible literally. So it's not a big deal for them. If the book of Revelation says something, no big deal. However,

01:03:11 --> 01:03:32

some strands of Christians take the Bible literally. And in particular, of course, evangelicals and the Baptist strand, this is well known for this. And so for them, they have a very, very particular belief in the second coming of Jesus, and in the resurrection of the dead. And in the rapture, it's called an indie Armageddon now,

01:03:33 --> 01:04:07

now's not the time to get into this the series of events they believe in, there are multiple strands within Christianity, please study them, if you're interested, you have the pre millennialist, you have the post millennialist, you have the a millennialist. All of these are various strands of Christianity. Baptists, in particular, are associated with the strand called pre millennialism, pre millennialism, which believes that the second coming of Jesus Christ will be in two stages, that Jesus will come and there will be a seven year period of tribulation. And the beginning of that will be something called a rapture. And what is the rapture, the rapture for this strand of Christianity,

01:04:07 --> 01:04:46

not all Baptist, but most Baptist and many Christians believe this. And it is becoming very common. Now there's genre of literature and lots of famous books are being written that are science fiction, or science fiction, fantasy and whatnot, Christian literature, and cartoons and whatnot that are watched in Christian circles of the imminent coming of the rapture, what is the rapture for that for them, they believe when Jesus comes down, Christians will rise up to meet him in heaven. That's the rapture, they will meet him midway. And they believe that for seven years, there will be this this battle between the forces of good and evil, the Antichrist will come by the way seven years is also

01:04:46 --> 01:05:00

an Islamic literature that's there as well. There's going to be forces between the Antichrist and the righteous people. Then Jesus will come down after seven years and defeat the Antichrist and then they will be permanent peace on this earth.

01:05:00 --> 01:05:39

And then there will be judgment after that. And by the way, some Christian sects believe when Jesus comes again for the second time, that his judgment right then and there, there is no heaven and *. So the Seventh Day Adventist, for example, that's what they believe there is no heaven and * for them. They believe the coming of Jesus is the itself, heaven and *. And the point being, of course, and there was a survey done a number of years ago, the point being, we need to understand evangelical support for modern politics in light of the belief of the rapture, and the belief of the coming of Christ and antichrist. Okay, over 80% of evangelicals over 80%. That's not a small number.

01:05:39 --> 01:06:29

evangelicals, not all of Americans, evangelical Americans, over 80% say that the creation of Israel in 1948, is in partial fulfillment of the biblical prophecy. And it is signaling the coming of Jesus Christ. And that is why I said this before. And again, I have to get political, when Trump makes Jerusalem, the capital of that confiscated region of that occupied region. Trump couldn't care less with the capitalists, but he wants to appeal to his, his base, the making of Jerusalem, the capital, is all a part of biblical prophecy. It is all a part of what they believe before the coming of Jesus Christ, and before the Rapture. And before you know all of this is going to take place. And so you

01:06:29 --> 01:06:52

will you need to understand this group of Christians that support this particular candidate. They don't care whether he's racist or not, frankly, from their perspective, even if he is if he's expediting the coming of Jesus, what's better than that? You see, there are bigger goals to them. And here is the point, Armageddon, from their perspective, who's going to be on the other side?

01:06:54 --> 01:06:55

Hello, yeah, Gemma,

01:06:59 --> 01:07:37

Muslims and Palestinians, let's be brutally honest here. So why would they have any love for that group of people think about it right. Their heart posse attend kulu boom, because they have theology that is clouding their humanity. They have theology that is clouding their humanity. They're not looking at them as breathing living individuals anymore. They're looking at the second coming of Jesus. They're looking at Jesus coming back. They want to expedite that process, from their perspective, who is the Antichrist? My dear Muslim brothers and sisters they call our Prophet system that title are with a biller with a biller. I'm sorry to say this in a multitude of a law, but we

01:07:37 --> 01:08:18

are living in a land where these these theology, theological beliefs, impact politics, we need to educate ourselves. All that I'm talking about isn't just gonna come in here saying no, it is realities that impacts policies that impacts us. So we need to understand our beliefs, and they're radically different from Christian believes they're definitely not xenophobic. We believe many of the Romans will confer they're going to decide the truth, but they don't believe that. They believe all of us brown skin, folk, and especially Muslims. All of us will be in the army of the Antichrist. That's their data. So why should they have any sympathy for us? That's why we need to educate

01:08:18 --> 01:08:44

ourselves and them about especially this important topic and clarify, our beliefs are different. We also believe in the coming of Jesus, but guess what, we will be on the side of Jesus, you will have to make up your mind. Are you on the side of truth? Are you will you be with that 70,000 or you'll be on the side of falsehood. Our time is up for today in shallow data, sorry for no q&a, but inshallah we'll try next time to give you an extended q&a. I'll see you next Wednesday. And look, I said

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enough is

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fe with

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