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Omar Suleiman
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Remember Heidi Rahim Allah tala, he has a chapter within his law here that's titled Bab majha a few slipper tiljander. Luca the chapter of that which has been used to describe agenda has been used to describe paradise and the fact that it's already created and it will Heidi Rahim Allah tada he wants to make a point here that you know when it comes to gender it's not like you're leaving the lights on in the house or you're wasting electricity or wasting power here. Jenna has been around for a very, very long time and so as Hellfire and in fact, Allah Subhana Allah to Allah He says, and Bahati under this chapter, the subheading he mentioned what the prophets lie Selim said, God Allah

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added to the rebellious slaughter Hina mala, a no not well known semiotics well a hotter Allah called the Bashar that Allah has already said, I have prepared for my pious servants things which have never been seen by any eye or heard by any ear, or even you know occurred to any imagination for CRO and gentlemen the prophets Isom said read if you will fell out attack them or Nelson Rockefeller home in Parvati, Aryan Joseph and be machienry Ramadan were lost pantai certain sorts of such that no soul knows what is kept hidden for them of joy as a as a reward for that which they used to do. So the point that's being made here, which is a very powerful point, is that before we

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were even created before jinn were created before human beings were created before a large segment of the angels were created a lot of them how many of them were created before junk or not. But before any of that there was already a paradise and a Hellfire meaning Allah is not promising you something that doesn't exist. Allah is not telling you that when it's all over, I'm going to make you this amazing gem that I'm going to make you this amazing garden. Allah subhanho wa Taala saying it's already there. And then Buhari Rahim Allah to Allah under this chapter, he puts all of these a hadith where the prophets lie, some of them makes a reference to gender already being there. And

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this brings an amazing amount of comfort to the believers. So when the prophets why Selim lost his child, the Brahim one of the Hadith that's in there is that the Prophet slicin him said, he now has a wetness in gender, you know, Subhanallah it's already been, it's already happened, it's already occurred. You know, Jafar all the time when he lost his arms was already given a pair of wings in gender, Amina jumbo, or the Allahu taala. And who, who had a limp and died in the Battle of bed that of the prophets. I said, Well, now he's walking in gender, and he has no limp in his leg. So these things offer us an incredible amount of comfort. And they allow us to interact with Jenna in a

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certain way, and a loss of power to Adam. He also alludes to this and sort of Mario Allah says, and this is a beautiful idea, Jen nighti admin and Lottie, why don't ya man, we're Eva who believe that there is, you know, there are gardens of perpetual resonance, eternal gardens, that a loss of hundreds out of the Most Merciful, and he uses his name, the Most Merciful here to show you that this is a personal promise, it's a promise from the most merciful to his servants believed and believed here means the unseen, and it can mean two things, either what a lot is telling us is that, that these gardens are prepared in the unseen, meaning they're already there, you just can't see

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them, or eba who believe means those who worship a lot while not being seen, meaning those that are calling upon a lot and asking him for agenda when no one else is seeing them, then a lot ends off this ayah and Allah subhana wa tada says, In who can and who not to that Verily, his promise has ever been coming. And so this is beautiful here because a lot just mentions here that he's already promised you personally, the Most Merciful has promised His servant personally, that there's a garden that is waiting for him. But then Allah subhana wa, tada uses a terminology to describe gender, that he doesn't use in other places in the Koran, usually our last pantalla would say that,

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that gender is merula that the promise of gender, it's it's happening, it's in the works. But t means that it's already out for delivery, not Thea means it's actually coming towards you. So how long the believer is moving closer to his agenda every single day, which is why he doesn't grieve over this world, because he's going closer to his agenda agenda is already out for delivery. And I want you to think about how powerful that usage is. I mean, how long it's like when you see a package, you've placed an order. How comfortable do you feel when you're following it on FedEx or UPS or whatever you're using and it says out for delivery? There's a certain level of anticipation

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Allah uses that for agenda that it's already out for delivery and it's on its way to you until the prophets lie Selim he taught us to interact with paradise and Hellfire recognizing that they're already there. And he said some a lot more it was solemn and agenda to acabo de la de Comanche rocky Natalie he one narrow misled Alec, we're not on Mr. Dalek that Paradise is as close to you as your shoe strings. It's as close to you as your sandals, you know Subhanallah you can just reach and touch it. When not only through that lick and Hellfire is equally as close and

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Some of the enemies they said that the reason why the profit slice on us the shoes or the shoe strings or the sandal strap to describe that is because death you know your grave is under your feet, and you will experience some of gender or some of not of depending on who you are, as soon as you go into your grave, another very powerful Hadith of the Prophet slicin I mentioned to us, he mentioned to us today his salatu salam that Allah has already created a home in paradise for you and Allah has already created a home in Hellfire for you. Meaning right now in Jannah as we speak, there is a palace with your name on it. And it's simply waiting to be occupied. And on the other hand,

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there's a home a chamber and Hellfire that has your name on it and the prophets lysozyme says when you occupy that home in paradise than the one in Hellfire is done away with because once you go to Paradise, you never come out once you go to Germany you never come up. So once you occupy that home, then the one in Hellfire is done away with However, if you were to occupy the one in Hellfire eternally may last, Allah protect us. If you were to do that, then your home in paradise would also be done away with and it would be given to one of the other residents of Paradise and it would be a means of inheritance for them. But just think about the incredible amount of motivation, you know,

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as you're going through the hard times in life, recognizing that hey, there's already a palace in paradise that's waiting for me. And Subhanallah Jenna is home Paradise is home. And the prophets I send them even said when he was talking about the end of times that we would go to our homes in paradise when we enter into jungle. And we would know the way the way that we know our ways home now in this world. I mean so how you don't have to GPS your way home. I hope you don't. You don't have to GPS your way to your policy agenda. Once you get in we asked the last panel data to make us from the people of Jelena la Miami.

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