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Amazing series consists of Short clips by Omar Suleiman for Bayyinah tv. Must listen.

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Last panatela created this entire universe everything that we see as a means of benefits us and that's what really makes an amazing las panatela he says Allahu Allah the Holocaust Allah wa T will, Wenzel Amina sama Emma and for Afro Joby even Arthur Marathi. This cannot come that our last parent is the one who created the heavens and the earth and he sat down from the heavens rain for a while Roger became an fMRI theorist collagen producing fruits for you producing sustenance for you as so that you can survive was Sahara Lachman, full Caritas refill battery Emery and Allah Subhana Allah you know provided for you the seas and the provided for you ships so that you could sail through the

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seas with Sahara Lachman and heart and a loss of Hannah to Allah put the rivers at your service was Sahara cover Sampson camara de event, and a lot of place the sun and the moon, in their, you know, in their circuits was Sahara lacuna, Laila one and a half, and I love Put out your service the night and the day. Well, I attack him including the muscle ultimate loss. pantalla he says that he gave you everything that you need to survive, what into odunayo matalon, latter sohar. And if you were to try to count one of the blessings of Allah Subhana Allah, you would not be able to do so in Al insana, Nova lumen Kapha. And verily man is, you know, is unjust and ungrateful. You know, when you

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really think about it, that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah without us asking for anything without us doing anything last pantai provides all of this, all of this for us. And a lot of times we we take that for granted, right? We take the earth for granted we take everything that's been provided to us for granted. You know, I remember a scholar one saying you know, when's the last time you walked outside? And you saw some flowers? And you said Oh Allah for me, right? I lost pounds, I placed those flowers there for you. Right because we just take it for granted. Whereas if someone brought you you know, cheap bouquet from a grocery store, then you would thank them for that but you don't

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think Allah subhana wa tada for everything that's been provided for you here. You know, there was a man by the name of zedi brahma of no fate. May Allah be pleased with him, this man who died before the prophet SAW some receive revelation, but was a man of tawheed was a man of monotheism. And when he used to see the people slaughtering their animals and the names of other gods, he would say Allah subhanaw taala provide to these animals, a lot provides you the rain, that you know that produces fodder that produces the food and that produces the sustenance for you and your animals and then you go and you slaughter in the name of other than Allah subhanho wa Taala so it doesn't make any sense

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that Allah gives you so much in all of this that all of this functions in a way that benefits you Allah mentions you know constantly how this benefits are. So as I mentioned, the creations of the heaven the creation of the heavens and earth Allah mentions the sun and the moon and our knowledge of night and day the title and more either the sea Nino and ASAP so that we could properly keep time and and we could properly benefit from that. Could you imagine if the if we couldn't figure out when night and day would be and if we didn't know how old we were and if we couldn't figure out you know, timings and calculations and so on so forth. A lot as a gel he says who Ella de Jalla como la luna

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and some Sufi monarchy, Bihar or kulu, Mariska he, ya know, sure that he is the one who made exclusively for you lakum this entire earth the Lula, you know, the Lula means to be extremely submissive, that this earth is extremely submissive to you famzoo female akebia you know, walk its shoulders, you know, in the sense walk its mountains, its valleys walk upon its surface, while Coloma recipe and eat from its sustenance, what a hidden are short, but know that one day you will be resurrected in front of him and you will be spread out in front of him the way that Allah subhana wa, tada, spread this earth out for your benefit. And there's much to take from this, if you look at

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the surface of the earth here. Last thing, he made it special for us, you know, the surface of the Earth is easy to tret you know, imagine if the surface of the Earth was all like mountains, if we all had to live on, you know, in, you know, in mountains, in regions that were rough and difficult to walk on last pensado he made it easy for us to tread. But at the same time, he made the surface soft enough to where you could dig into it. And you could plant things and you could build in it so you could construct within it. You could build from its materials. last panel to Allah he made this, you know, he gave us fertile soil so that we could plant things so that the Earth can benefit, you

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know, benefit us in ways that we can imagine in ways that we can't see. But at the same time, the last panel to Allah He made the earth stable enough and firm enough, while also creating gravity so that we're not just flying. Oh, you know, we're not just flying all over the place. So somehow the earth in many ways is a contradiction. But Allah Subhana Allah has perfected it in that sense that we are able to benefit from it in every way possible, without feeling any sense of in gratitude to our lost parents, while constantly being reminded of the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala upon us and at the end of the day, you know, the

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The Earth in the environment, all of this will testify for us or against us on the Day of Judgment, the prophets lie Selim, he mentioned this numerous times, right things the earth testifying for us or against us, the animals, the creatures, all of the creation of Allah subhanaw taala has a right upon us. So when you litter the earth, you are littering one of the signs of Allah subhanho Tada, you are not doing justice to it. And it might testify against you on the day of judgment as a result of that. And one thing that's that's very important to take in, you know, to take into consideration here as well, that a lot of times we become so comfortable, and we fail to recognize the blessing of

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Allah subhanaw taala upon us with the earth. And so we, Allah subhanho wa Taala warns us routinely with things that we have become used to. So sometimes rain is good news. Sometimes it's bad news, right? And in fact who daddy is Salama last printout tells us in certain cough that when who Danny his celeb, addressed his people and warned them and the clouds formed and the clouds started to come towards them. They said have the allegan monthly donor. This is just the cloud that's bringing us great rain. But instead of last pantai says, Well who are Mr. gelatin be? You know, rather This is what you were hasty for. This is the punishment coming from Allah subhanho wa Taala so that you

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don't become too comfortable. So in a way that you would forget your purpose and you would forget to express gratitude to our last panel to Allah. And you would forget the day of judgment, Allah subhana wa tada causes, you know, the ideal places of this earth to turn on us at time. So how many times do you see a person sitting on a beautiful beach and you know, you see the video of a tsunami that all of a sudden came from nowhere. And and that's really what it is that every part of this earth, any every part of earth that you're on anywhere that you live, you have to be afraid of something. So you know, here in the States, if you live in a certain part of the region in the

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south, then you got to worry about hurricanes all the time. Then if you live in the West Coast, you've got to worry about earthquakes then if you go a little bit south or north, you got to worry about wildfires, then if you're in the northeast, you've got to worry about, you know, the constant blizzards in the snow storms and things of that sort. The idea here is that every person every part of this world has its pros and it has its cons and Allah subhanho wa Taala could cause it to all fall apart in one moment, so that we don't become too comfortable. And that's the beauty of the way the prophets lie. Some reacted to the movements of this world to the to the wind, you know as as the

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Prophet slicin was described, that if the wind became a little bit severe if it started to blow harder, the profits I sell them immediately went to his prayer if the prophet SAW Selim saw Thunder lightning strike, the Prophet slicin, a major seeking refuge in Allah subhanaw taala or an eclipse the Prophet slicin him sought refuge in the last pantalla not because the solar system was assigning any superstitions to any of these things, but the Prophet slicin him was teaching us the proper way to react to remember that Allah subhanho wa Taala is fully in control. And all of this will one day fall apart and we would be returned to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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