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Amazing series consists of Short clips by Omar Suleiman for Bayyinah tv. Must listen.

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I thought it'll be a little tighter. And he says that once myself and obey who made for the law and when we entered upon Isha, or the law and our mother, and even our maid, he said to her, tell us, you know, the most amazing thing you saw from the Prophet slice on them. So this is a beautiful conversation, you know, what's, what's something amazing that you could share about the profits license, and it's beautiful, because I saw the law and it gives us a certain look into the life of the Prophet slicin that we wouldn't have otherwise. And it's always beautiful and it's always more stunning, and always causes us to be in more all. So she cried when they asked when they asked her

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that which shows you that there were many amazing things that she saw from the profits by selling. But she remembered one night she said that one night he woke up and he said oh, I leave me to worship my lord tonight meaning I just want to be in a bother tonight I just want to be in my worship tonight. So I said to the Prophet slicin them you know, I swear by a lot that I love you and I love to be close to you. And I love what makes you happy. So if this is to make you happy, and this is you know, this is for the sake of a loss parent and of course as it is, then go ahead yada sort of like you know go ahead and do what you have to do. So she said that the prophets lie Selim

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he got up and he did will do he purified himself and he stood and he prayed and he kept praying throughout the night. And she said that the prophets I send him was weeping and weeping and weeping until his lap became wet. And then she said that the floor even became what I mean the tears of the prophets lie Some were falling with such abundance that even the floor became wet. So below the low tide and who else was routine below would come and remind the profits by selling them about fidget coming. So Bilal comes to the profit slice alone. And when he enters and he sees the prophets lie, Selim has been crying this entire time. He says to the profit slice alone, what I wish I had asked

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him before he also tala O Messenger of Allah, why are you weeping so much? And why are you praying so much when Allah has forgiven you for all of your past and your future sins and the Prophet slicin unresponded? Shall I not be a grateful slave? And then he said to be leveled the Allahu taala. And who, that tonight there was a verse that was revealed to me whoa to the one who recites them and doesn't contemplate what is within them. And that is the verse in certain bacala verse 160. For the first time we see a verse of this sort in the Quran, is inserted bacala in the Holocaust, somehow it will have that very early in the creations of the heavens and the earth. So we see the statement

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throughout the Koran, but the first time we'll see it as we're reading is inserted buckler 164 in the Hulk somehow it will all walk the laughing lady when the heart went full kill it totally feel badly may unfairness woman Zilla la mina some admin Matt for a year behind a robot that mot her well Beth fy ham in calida. Last pantile mentions many things in this verse, that very early in the creation of the heavens and the earth, the alternation of the night and day, and the last panel to Adam mentions Alphaville killer t totally feel bad even my unfairness Allah mentions the ships and alum mentions the rivers and the last Pantanal mentions all of this that he made as a benefit for

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us, one that ends up allowing me to somehow even not and that which Allah subhanaw taala reveal, you know, sent down from the skies of water, for I beheld Allah back to mot Han so he gave life to this earth after it was dead after could not produce what best the fee has been clearly there. But what asleep Korea he was having masaharu baneasa manual audits Allah mentions his provision for the for human beings for animals, Allah mentions the winds and so on so forth. And a law says that all of this is an idea all of this is a sign. And in its there are signs for people of reflection. And so it brings us to a very important point here. One of the greatest functions of the creation of the

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heavens and the earth is that it gives us something to reflect and ponder over. You'll find this throughout the quarter and Allah subhanaw taala mentioning in this article, I will walk the laughing lady when the how that is in the LDAP. Right, that very early in the creation of the heavens in the earth. And in the alternation of night and day. There are signs for people of reflection signs for people of pure thought. And it's what's wonderful is that the prophets lie Selim when he would rise up every single night to start off his piano lair. To start off his night prayer, he would read those last 10 verses of sorts, early and Milan and he would, which of course start off with very

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early in the creations of the heavens and the earth and the alternation of night and day, there are signs for people of pure thought, and what should the conclusion be as you contemplate the heavens and the earth and you contemplate the trees around you and you contemplate the oceans and the rivers and so on, so forth in this provision from a Lost Planet, Allah, Allah says, We're here to affect Corona the Hulk is somehow it will be a lot better and Dr. Delta, that they contemplate on the creation of the heavens and the earth. And when it brings them to is the conclusion of Oh Allah, you have not created all of this in vain. All of this was made for a purpose.

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That's the idea here that it brings you to that recognition. And emammal Jose Rahim Allah to ISIS either moto Canada who figure that when a person is engrossed in thought for frequently shaden La Habra then he will find something he would find that everything around him lends itself to that thought. So you're thinking about a loss of Hannah Montana and as you're contemplating and looking around and doing a double interfaculty, reflection, introspection and contemplation, all of this around you is bringing you to the glorification of a Lost Planet and all of it is bringing you to that state of reflection and to that reminder, none of it is worthless, none of it is to be you

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know, disregarded. And checklist Simon Samia Rahim, Allah Tada. He tells us that to contemplate for one hour to do to effect code for one hour is better than worshiping Allah subhanaw taala for 1000 years. Can you imagine contemplation for one hour is better than worshiping last pantai for 1000 years? Why is that? He says, you know, because the quality of worship, the quality of that a bother, after contemplating for one hour is going to be far greater than having worshipped Allah subhana wa tada for 1000 years without any sense of contemplation because the whole purpose of creation is to worship Allah Subhana Allah and contemplation is what reminds us of that purpose so that we can

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worship Allah subhanaw taala properly. So we find it from the prophets licen we find it from his companions, this habit of just going out in nature, and contemplating and in being in a state of reflection, and relating everything around them to the hereafter. This is time that's needed. You know, that for every scholar for every non scholar to have those moments alone where you're out in nature, remembering Allah subhanaw taala. One of my favorite, you know, stories in that regard is from robbia, or the law of Thailand had the great worship or labia. She said that I've never heard the other than, except that I remember the caller who will announce the Day of Judgment. And I've

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never seen the falling snow, except that I imagine the flying pages of the records of people's deeds. And I've never seen swarms of locusts except that I think about a hotshot I think about the the gathering on the Day of Judgment. So everything around her, reminds her of the Day of Judgment reminds her of purpose, which of course puts quality in our worship, and You know, causes us to be dedicated and devoted to Allah subhana wa tada with everything that we have. And that's how the revelation starts to the prophets lie Selim. And that's how the resuscitation of the heart starts through contemplation and reflection, and thinking deeply about why Allah has put you and everything

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else around you here.

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