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Omar Suleiman
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. So one of the reasons why I decided to teach about God Salaam in particular, is because one of the ways we gained confidence in the revelation to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is by looking at his character himself but what about the messenger to the messenger? Right Allah Allah subhana wa tada doesn't just praise the character of the prophets lie Selim. He praises the character of the messenger that was sent to the messenger sallallahu wasallam. Now here's the thing, I was shocked to see that there has never been a book written about a song in our entire history. You have to literally scrap through the books of Tafseer

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the books of Hadith, the books of Akita, to find the section of the angels and see where you can find the video, Islam's mentioned and, and hamdulillah. Through this class, what we were able to do was literally piece that all together and make it chronological. And now you can actually study the seal of the Prophet slicin them through the perspective through the eyes of God is Salaam. So this is just a teaser. The entire three and a half hour program is now on Go watch it now so that you can walk into Labor Council.

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How can you say the name of Gibraltar Iceland what are some of the ways to pronounce his name? Djibouti Gibran in Gibraltar, in Gibraltar in Dublin. Those are five ways that have been narrated through the various grot What do you keep on hearing? He right? He means Allah subhanaw taala there's no dispute there about the meaning of Eve Gibran means that means servant, the slave of Allah Subhana hotel. So that's his name, and that's the meaning of his name. Now, what are some ways that the prophets lie some Allah subhanaw taala referred him this is truly interesting. When I started my research, the very first day my eyes got big, because I started off with a double

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Claudius at first I'm gonna take all the Hadith about Djibouti from a double hottie. The very first Hadees I pulled from a Bahati that mentioned debris in the profits license, I'm said gibreel son de la vida, he was Salah, which obviously we usually refer to, as are they his Salaam, may peace beyond to him, but the Prophet peace be upon him invoked Salawat on him as well prayers upon him as well. Leader Louis certainly as the scholar say, to show his status. Another thing the prophets lie some often doesn't even say his name, you know how he refers to him? He says, Menendez I'll be the one who's with my Lord. Allah subhanho wa Taala refers to him in multiple ways and I can't go through

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each and every single time a lover refers to Djibouti Isom it's too extensive of a study, inshallah to in the future we'll be able to get to it, but just the common themes, the most common theme that you find is the word root spirit or soul. Okay, a lot of calls him out row headquarters the Holy Spirit's a lot of calls in a row mean the trustworthy spirit the truthful spirit a law calls him rule Hannah our spirits also a lot calls him what was so don't kill him that he's a student kidding he's a Noble Messenger the last name that I'm going to give you guys and then we'll move on because of time is not necessarily a name from Allah or the messenger some alaria salaam it's from what aka

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the cousin of Khadija the love and what aka sad This is an moose. l now moose who was sent to moose alley his

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What did he look like now? jabril took on multiple forms, right? He took on a human form. Sometimes he take on an angelic form, but it wasn't his full form. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam says at gibreel I saw jabril Weiner who said to me a tea Jenna and he had 600 wings the prophets license said he filled up the entire horizon and he was sitting on a throne that Allah subhanaw taala provided for him and the prophets. lysozyme said not only are those 600 wings spread out, he said yen Tessie Roman Rishi hit to habito mina Duda quotes there are constant rubies and pearls falling from his wings, the color of his wings are huldah are green, and the soles of his feet are green,

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that's what he looks like in angelic form, all right, unparalleled by any of the angels, okay, what is he looked like in human form. Now gibreel can assume multiple human forms, he can look different, okay. But when he came to the Prophet slicin um, he had a consistent human form, and he said jabril look like the hair. Even halifa Allah Kelby about the allotted time. There here was called the uses of Ben Kelley.

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What did you survive Islam? What did the women comment about use of Islam that has American carry, this is a noble This is

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A beautiful angel, right? So the idea was called the use of benecol women could not keep their hands off of the hair.

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Now what is the relationship then between a lot in Djibouti and it has Salaam number one he is Kelly mala manana melodica. He is the one that Allah speaks to from the angels. Now you might be thinking to yourself, doesn't the law speak to all of the angels? No, just as they're a particular human beings that a law speaks to directly. There are particular angels that a law speaks to directly so he speaks to a democracy Matsuyama all four of the angels we mentioned that a portion the command of Allah, there are narrations of direct communication between Allah and them. But Allah always speaks directly to Djibouti. There is not a single prophet of Allah, that you study, except that there's a

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mention of debris seriously just go through customs, via the stories of the prophets, you'll find dimension of debris and it has Salaam in some way, shape or form. He's got to be there, because he has been sent to 124,000 prophets and the hadith of Muslim Imam Ahmed, there are 124,000 ambia. Amongst them 315 were messengers were also he has been sent to each and every single one of them, to teach them to raise them to support them to protect them. He was there. He's got a first hand account. What is another title that he has with them? He is nasutus MBA. He's the one who supports the prophets, he aids the prophets. gibreel is the one who told Ibrahim to throw stones at him. And

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we do that today in commemoration of that moment that Jubilee told Ibrahim for those stones that shape. So Subhana Allah look at that tradition. Look at that rich legacy that we have from that moment that Djibouti it is the one who taught Ibrahim the hedge in the first place. Now sometimes the mention of debris rallies Salaam is not as prominent not as pronounced. So for example, in the story of use of Do you ever associate use of alias noun would you beat it Sarah? You don't I mean, you don't see it. You could listen to an entire series on use of it his Salaam and jabril never comes into the picture. But he is their use of it his salon. The ISS Villa Bella should attain our

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Pokemon world. When he reached his age of maturity, we gave him wisdom and knowledge to show that uses Prophethood started at a much earlier age his journey with Allah And would you believe it is starts at a much earlier age? Where is his first encounter with Djibouti? When his brothers threw him into that well, and Yusuf Alayhi Salaam went plunging to the bottom, he landed in the hands of a man that he's never seen before. Djibouti Radhika

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jabril caught him to make sure that the fall was not too harsh on him. And Subhana Allah you think about that, even though I am not human like comments on that in that is a sign that the creation never catches the ropes, except that the creator catches you. Now you later call Allah does not lose you, Allah does not let you go to waste. Sometimes it's very subtle, though you don't hear it prominently being mentioned. That's a pretty significant role that use of did not go crashing to the ground instead of loss sensitivity to catch him. Sometimes you see the mention of debris and not necessarily with the Prophet that's being spoken about in the story, but with the enemy of that

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particular prophet. So with Musashi, his Salah, he was with Moosa a lot, but the most of you know the narration that we see an authentic mention of jabril and the story of Musa is actually with his enemy, it's with Pharaoh, and it's authentic, how definitivamente that jabril came to the Prophet slicin him and he told the prophets lysosome You should have seen me the day that for their own died to realize them said as he was drowning in the bottom of the sea, he said, I went and I found him and I started kicking dirt into his mouth. For her She told me akula ilaha illallah wa rahmatullah said, because I was afraid that he would say la ilaha illAllah that he would repent and allow it

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Have mercy on him, who knows a lot better than Djibouti? And jabril knows that a lot is so merciful, that even for their own has a chance. And he was afraid that with that one moment of repentance, Allah would void all of those years of corruption and tyranny. gibreel is worried that farallon has a chance with a loss of Hannah Montana. Now, did you bleed ruin his fate? No. A lot told to breathe after that. Yeah. debrett Where is the tea? Daddy, I swear by my glory and my honor that lowest of us and he was the harmonica for today. If he would have sought forgiveness from me sincerely, I still would have forgiven him. You're putting dirt in his mouth would not have stopped it. Okay, I

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still would have forgiven him. Now here's the thing. You might think well, why the dirt in the mouth when wicked people die anyway? The melodica do what the angels do what you'll do, the Buddha will do them they're hitting them in the face. Why did jabril hate fit around so much? He said a blob to who Jonas America who your whole another book and

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I hated him the day I heard him say I am your Lord the most time that shows you something about God and in Hades literature sometimes when jabril came to the Prophet, slice of them

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He did not say Allah says he said, Allah, the Most High service the Most High has done, which shows the status or the regard that jabril shows for his Lord subhanho wa Taala. Lastly, with the family of Milan, sometimes you see it not necessarily with the Prophet, but with the family of prophethood. Now we know the story of Madame alayhis salam, she goes out and she goes out where mccannon shall clear she withdraws to the east and she would leave that she would when she would leave the masjid once a month, she would go out to the east and many of the scholars they say that was to appreciate the sunrise, she would go and she would watch the sunrise and she would do her thicket and remember

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Allah subhana wa jal, and she would put up a hijab, a curtain, she put two stakes in the ground, and she put up a curtain so that even when she was out in the open, it was clearly signified that this is my territory. Right Don't come near. She's a young lady. 14 to 18 years old. You know, that's historically speaking, if you really want to look at it, she's a teenager, right? And she's worshipping Allah alone, remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala alone and what does the law say? for auto Selena la ha rule Hannah we sent to her non other than our spirits Fetzer method Allah ha ba Sharon, Sylvia jabril appeared to her like a completely proportional, beautiful human being before

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jabril could even open his mouth. She says 90 min kitten Quinta Takia I seek refuge in the Most Merciful from you if you have any fear of Allah me if you have any decency inside of you. Turn around and go away. And let's not even talk. Let's pretend this never happened for it. Just go seek forgiveness from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So sisters have a brother approaches you in the hallway. Try that with them. All right. Watch what happens even if he doesn't understand Arabic. He's gonna be like, Alright, I'm not touching that sister, you know?

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But seriously, go back to that story. And you wonder well, why did mme start talking to Juliet after that? Because when she answered jabril, with that statement gibreel alayhis salaam assumed an angelic form gibreel is not in topology breed he left his human form and he assumed not his full angelic form. We said this he assumed and angelic form a light with a voice whatever it may be. And he continued the conversation with her in Santa Ana Rasulullah. beaky, we have a lucky Willem and zakia I'm a messenger of your Lord that's been let's come to you to give you the glide tidings of a pure sun. Allah has decided it's already done because Alec alright and last and he gives her you

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know, what do you know Jana who is in us for 10 minute he will be assigned for the people in a mercy from Us. What kind of a Milan MK dia and look this is already happening por la means the execution of the decree the execution of other Canon ameron Mk de means what you're already pregnant for hemella two she conceived him fantabulous v McCann and Cassia she hides away from her people for a time. And she and she stays away from as the pregnancy develops. When the pregnancy starts to get to a point where she's going to deliver realize she's a young girl. She doesn't have anyone around her to help her she's never experienced pregnancy before. Once he's driven to the trunk of the tree,

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what does she say? Yeah, and a tiny mid to publica will come to an SEM and see I wish I would have died before this. And been completely forgotten since Monday. I've never experienced pregnancy and pregnancy delivery pushes a woman and the women are like, yeah, we know, right? We have no idea right? We just see how women are when they're giving birth. Okay, since pregnancy delivery pushes a woman to the brink of death. nadiem actually thought she was dying. who starts to talk to her. Now? Domine takhti ella has any gibreel says to her, don't you dare grieve? Don't be sad. Allah destiny. He starts coaching her through her pregnancy. The da da da boo kita caesaria you know, you think

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that you want to you think that you will have a disgraceful mention actually, there's a revelation that's coming that's going to say what's called Phil kitabi Amalia make mentioned in the book of Mario and look Khadija Allah buki Tata cassity Allah has placed beneath you a river or hosey eat a key visitor inocula shake the palm tree to South Lake eurotop engineer fresh ripe dates will fall upon you coolly What shall be recorded in eat, drink, and rejoice, you know, your children, your spouse and your children are supposed to be kurata and like they're supposed to be the coolest of your eyes, look at your child, not with not with a feeling of regret, but with a feeling of

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happiness, then the next test comes to her that you're not allowed to defend yourself when your people approach you. But mottingham had full confidence at that point that Allah was with her. So one mottingham approached her people she didn't know how Allah was going to defend her. She didn't know what Allah was going to do. But she had been coached properly and her Tilak could have kicked in here her trust and a lot that you know what, something's gonna happen and Allah subhanaw taala rewarded her with that. That's when he saw it. He said I'm spoken her defense. So jabril assumes here now when he started his Salaam Alaikum of hundreds or other mentions numerous allies or just as

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a at the National Bureau headquarters. We supported him with the Holy Spirit and Allah even mentions it as a favor Teresa Islam a year to catch up.

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supported you with royal codice with the Holy Spirit. Are you sorry Sam was supported by debris riding histogram throughout his life. Not only that the scholars say the only angel that could take a profit and ascend and descend through the heavens. So when the plot was made to crucify him, the angel that was sent to him to take him through the heavens and to place him there until a loss of hundreds or decrees that he returned, was Djiboutian it, his stuff, you know, I kept looking for the meaning of why a lot chooses to mention in sort of medium one, and that's an absolutely lovely amblyopic that we do not come down except with the permission of your Lord. What is the ayah the

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prophets lie Selim would grieve when jabril did not visit him for a long time. And jabril alayhis salaam tells the Prophet slicin Look, we only come to you when Allah subhana wa tada decrees we can't come when we decree on our own, okay, we don't make that decision and it's made very personal like it's debris of speaking, monotonous, little lamb Emily Robic, we don't come unless your Lord decrees. Why ensuited Miriam, many of the scholars mentioned because gibreel played a prominent role in every single prophet that's been mentioned there. Think about it is that Korea, Maria, then it went to Isa, then it went to Ibrahim, right. Then it went to Moosa, then it went to Idris then it

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went to married. All of these people gibreel played a very prominent role in their lives. And so it sets the profit slice on look, we only come down when a loss of habitat decrees and it's with wisdom, and when Jubilee is comes down, you will be fulfilled and you will be satisfied

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gibreel with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, the angel that was closest to the Prophet slice, and I'm the one who supported the Prophet slice and I'm his protective friend from the angels is jabril ra his Salaam and the Prophet slicin. He also says in another narration, he says mabin Libyan Illa Allah who was Iranian Atlantis Santa, or was Iran even earlier, although there is no prophet except that Allah gives him two ministers from the inhabitants of the earth and two ministers from the inhabitants of the heavens. He says was he I am and this summer, my two inhabitants from the heavens are Djiboutian and Miquel. My two ministers from the inhabitants of the heavens are jabril and MCAD.

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What was your idea? And my two ministers

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from the inhabitants of the earth are double bucket and Omar? Are they allowed on Houma? Now, how does the first encounter of the prophets license and gibreel go as a young child and a signal medical the Allahu anhu narrates that the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam was running around playing with all of the children just like everyone else, when suddenly a man came and he grabbed a little swollen lasala law it to sell and he threw him into the ground. So all of the other children went running to their parents and they said in the Mohammedan, got quoted, that Mohammed sallallahu Sallam has been killed. And as they're running to their parents, the prophets lie Selim is watching

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now what this man is about to do to him. Also la sala when he was tell him said, he cuts my chest, he opened my chest, he grabbed the heart of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And he took something from the heart of the Prophet slice of them and he said, Have the hablo shape on the mink. This is the portion of evil within you the portion of the devil within you, and he threw it. Then the prophets lysozyme said he proceeded to wash my heart in a golden vessel of Zamzam and the prophets lie Selim is watching all of this as a child, and his heart was put back Salalah it was stolen. And by the time the kids got back, they found the prophets lie Selim with his chest sewn up,

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and they said his face was blue, the profit slice and his heart was taken out physically, and he was purified it his whole lot was set up. He got absolutely no explanation from that moment. He was traumatized by the incident. He didn't know what happens 34 years later, at the age of 40 years old, he shuttle the Allahu taala and has said the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he started to see

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a folly half or a Slavica truthful, righteous dreams. And that continued for six months, everything that he was seeing in his dream would come true the next night. So he already has an idea that something is happening just to sort of understand why the profits Lysander would all of a sudden start going to a cave, right? And meditating and praying. It's also been concluded now in his household between him and Hades, I'll be alone on that. It's a supernatural experience that someone is communicating with them from the divine some form of creation is communicating with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now this continues for six months, then suddenly I shall have the alarm

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on her says Allah bestowed the love of seclusion on the prophets, little lauricella suddenly he loves to be alone for so long, why some would climb up to head off. Now head off is about a two hour climb. But if you get up to head off, you have this aerial view of Mecca. It's kind of like you see everything

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The profits licensing would go up there for days, weeks. And then finally the entire month of Ramadan. Well, you have to have enough one narration says you have to have enough which is a dean of honey feed the monotheistic religion of Ibrahim Islam he worshiped a lot in accordance with the monotheistic religion of Ibrahima Islam, which means he just went up there and he prayed in any way that he could. He didn't have an organized Salah he called upon God and an Abrahamic Wait, that's literally what the narration is saying suddenly, as the Prophet slice on them is there one day, he sees gibreel Allah His Salaam now, the jabrill come to them in the form of an angel, or in the form

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of a human being in the form of a human being. So you might be thinking to yourself, Why in the world was the profits license scared then? Well, think about it. You're two hours up there, no one's around you. And then all of a sudden you see a strange man standing at the mouth of the cave and he's just staring you down. He's not saying anything. What might you think is happening? If your the prophets lie Selim? To add on to that a future narration gives us an idea of what happened to the prophets lie Selim. Also last lie somebody told Khadija what happens he said, Gianni Allah, the attorney filmin am the one who I was seeing in my dreams came to me. So that further establishes

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that the prophets lie some had already seen jabril in his dreams. And so he's thinking that this is strange. I'm not sleeping right now. I'm not dreaming, which explains why gibreel grabbed him. He hugged him. This is real. It put up Read, Write read, you are not hallucinating. This is not a vision. I'm really here. Not only am I really here, and I'm squeezing you to show you that in us. Annunaki la Conan fajita? The words that are going to be revealed to you this revelation that's going to come to it's going to be heavy, right? You need to be ready to acquire this crop. So he commanded him read and he let him go. And the prophets lie Selim said, I don't know how to read. So

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jabril islan grabbed him again, harder and said read if they say don't know how to read. And Jabra Islam grabbed me the third time he said twice and he grabbed me the third time, and he held me so tight that I thought I was going to die and set a clock read so the prophets lifetime said, What shall I read? And that's when jabril at his Salaam said if this Mirabella the holla read in the name of your Lord who creates holla call inside I mean Allah, Who created man from a suspended clot, it was a book I read and your Lord is most generous, the one who taught man that which he knew not taught man, the use of the patent. The prophets lie Selim, as he receives these words, and that

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happens to be you didn't grab him again. And jabril didn't go anywhere. The prophets lie Selim left the cave and he went running down, and Khadija will the law and is that what happens? Now, when the prophets lie? Some told her what happened? Her these are the law on how she could have easily been like, well, maybe you should stop going up to that cave. Maybe you should stay home more often. Let's just pretend this never happened. You know, you can meditate in the corner of the house and we'll leave you alone, and inshallah nothing will happen again. She didn't say that. Look at how beautiful Khadija somehow she truly believed in the Prophet slicin before he believed in himself,

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truly, she tells the prophets lie Selim, while la de la you Zika la vida. Allah would never disgrace you and she starts to give us the last 15 years of the Seal of the Prophets license. In Nikola Tesla Rahim. You're a man who establishes the ties of kinship. You're a man who takes care of the orphans and the poor. You're a man who's generous to his guests and to his neighbors. There is no one who has a cause, except that you take up their costs. Allah would never disgrace you. Khadija says let's go to Wanaka. So they go to him. And the prophets lie some tells what about what he saw, what aka right away, says have the numbers here the messenger that everyone's been waiting for? That's

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gibreel that came to Musa alayhis salam. And he said I wish I was young enough that I could have lived to see and support you when your people turn you out. Now what happens after the shadow the alongside on her she said that the Prophet sallallahu it was sent and after that there was a Fatah. There's a pause and revelation that pause and revelation was a very long time, the profits licensee waits. He waits for this angel to come back. The profits license starts to walk back into those mountains. And also loss I sell them expresses in his own words, that it was like he wanted to throw himself off because he wanted some sort of clarity what's going on. Every time the profits license

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would get into those mountains. He would hear the voice of gibreel alayhis salaam, saying Yeah, Mohammed in Nikita surah la haka. Oh, Mohammed, you are the Messenger of Allah in truth. And that calm the Prophet, slice them down, and the prophets lie Selim would go back to his house. Then later on, not only did you say yeah, Mohammed and I can also lie How can he said what Ana jabril and I am jabril. So he clarifies to the prophets license that he's gibreel but still known for an no revelation.

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And finally then the prophets lie Selim was walking once again and this time it was not yeah Mohammed didn't like it also why happen? Oh Mohammed your messenger have a lunch. This is the hadith of Javid, another Buhari that the Prophet slicin was walking, and suddenly the prophets lie Selim looked up and he saw gibreel alayhis salaam in his full angelic form, covering the space between the heavens and the earth, covering the entire horizon. What does Allah subhanho wa Taala say the middle of tin fest Stella, he rose alayhi salatu salam jublia Islam rose to the sky, and he covered the entire horizon. The prophets lie some saw him with all of his wings with his full creation from

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Medina but Adela he started to come close to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was less than two bow lengths away from the prophets I seldom right he came close to the Prophet sly seller, and also lost why Salaam fell to the ground. He said that I was so scared that I fell to the ground that he came that close to me, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam went back to his home, and he told her these are the Aloha Zen mirani that's the Rooney Cover me, embrace me. And that's when the next revelation came. Yeah, you had with Dr. Combs and Rebecca Campbell was here because Allah subhana wa tada said, Oh, you who is covered up somehow think about it. The first Revelation

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the province liason was in the cave. The second time the revelation came to him while he was in the arms of Khadija will be a lot of time wrapped up. Oh, you who is wrapped up, stand up and Warren stand up and call the people and declare the greatness of your Lord, purify your garments, abandon the idols, right? This is the first revelation and Subhanallah from that moment I shall be alone and he says the revelation heated up Meaning what? After that long pause after certain death it came certain resentment came sort of so on so forth. There are multiple suitors that started to come very quickly to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And that's where it starts. The Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam now understands what is happening the prophets lysozyme understands he's a messenger of Allah. The prophets lie some is no longer terrified by the presence of debris out of his sternum. It's been made clear to him. I think his flock was set up

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the personal incidents and discussions with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and jabril alayhi salatu was Salam gibreel was with the prophets lie Selim in his home many times speaking to him. And in fact, sometimes some people could see him and others could not elaborate. So the Allahu anhu was with his son Abdullah, and they went to visit the prophets lie Selim and an Ibis, he was talking to the Prophet slicin when the Prophet slicin was seemingly ignoring him. So the Prophet sallallahu sallam, you know, just let them go without saying anything to him and my boss tells his son, I'm the loving ambassador, the law says, you know, why is it that your cousin is not speaking to me? Why do

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you think I know more than me as if he's pushing me away? I'm the law says, didn't you see the man that was sitting next to him? You know, he speaking to him? said what man What are you talking about? So that boss went back to the Prophet slice lm and said, was there a man that was talking to you and also lost license says, Why are you asking? He says, because I'm the law saw him. The prophets lie. Some said.

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He saw him. And others said yes, and the prophets lie, some data that will be there and he made dua to Allah to increase him and knowledge. What about the prophets license to bleed? Well, so last license, asked Djibouti. He says, you know, Allah says in the core annual amounts that not a lot, I mean, we have not sent you except as a mercy to all of the worlds. He said, Did any of my mercy reach you? I mean, you're part of the world you're part of the or the realm of the modality or the realm of the angel. Did any of that Rama reach you to rerelease Salaam responded and he said, Yeah, Mohammed will law he in a humble MBI he like he said, I swear by Allah, you are the most beloved of

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the prophets to me. I've never been sent to someone that I loved more than I loved you. He said, and it was through you that I gained security. What does he mean by that? He said, I used to wonder about my fate until Allah revealed to you or enter the lounge seat McKean that he's established in his position with the Owner of the Throne. gibreel continues to reassure the prophets license so a multitude of the personal conversations on Medina are constant reassurance Why? Because look, the province license, I was reassured that he's safe and the believers are safe. Who is the profit slice I'm worried about now.

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us those that come after. So he cries Almighty, Almighty, my nation, my nation, and Allah sends him jabril and jabril says you have Mohammed Sonora Lee can be automatic. We will please you with your nation. Why not? We will not disappoint you you want your nation will be okay. Your Ummah will be okay. He comes to reassure the

00:30:00 --> 00:30:32

Prophet slicin in Medina now because now he's worried about the oma those that will come after they're safe. But what happens afterwards to those that come after another time I'm gonna hop over the law and who says and this isn't a boycott, he says I was actually walking with the Prophet slicin in Medina, and we reached out about an area in Medina. And he told me to sit down. Suddenly he started to walk and he was clearly talking to God. Islam, I could tell he was talking to Djibouti. And he said, they walked for a while and I just sat there, and the prophets license as he's walking back, he's saying, what in Zen our sock, or in Santa was sadhak we're in Santa or

00:30:32 --> 00:31:07

sadhak, even if he stole and committed adultery, even if he still committed adultery. And Omar is not hearing the answer. So I'm gonna say Seattle's little love. What was that? prophets lie? Some says that was gibreel. He came to me to give me the glide tidings that each and every single person of this oma would enter agenda would eventually enter Paradise. So the prophets license that wins, no. esodoc, even if he's stolen, committed adultery, yes, even if he stone committed adultery, eventually, he would enter into paradise. Eventually, he would enter into gentlemen, so he eases the profit slice to them in that way. What about when the Prophet slicin becomes physically sick? The

00:31:07 --> 00:31:48

prophets lie Selim when he became sick, he said jabril came to me and said to me, yeah, Mohammed, Mohammed this decades, are you feeling ill? Are you sick? And I said, No, I said, Yes. So he said, jabril started to rub his hands on my face and on my chest and said, Bismillah he erotica, men clearly say in your vehicle, In the name of Allah, I seek a cure for you from everything that is harming you. Then suddenly colinas in our in our houses, from from the evil of any of any evil person or any envious I, Allah Ashika, may Allah cure you Bismillah AR click on the name of Allah, I seek a cure for you. But what's it like when jabril decides to tell the prophets license something

00:31:48 --> 00:32:26

when he gives him life advice? Now this narration that I'm about to share with you, is towards the end of the life of the prophets lie Selim debrief comes to the prophets lie Selim. And he says yeah, Mohammed Oh, Mohammed. Now by the way, there's a lot to say to the prophets lifetime Yeah. Mohammed in the Quran. No, Yana be Allah. Allah, oh, prophet of God, oh, messenger of God. So why is it that jabril has the audacity to say, yeah, Mohammed. In fact, the scholars say when jabril says, Yeah, Mohammed, he's telling the Prophet slicin this is outside of the capacity of Revelation. What I'm about to say to you, is for me to believe to you Mohammed, so that's the only time he doesn't say

00:32:26 --> 00:32:56

yada sutala is when I want to tell you something just between me and you now. Okay. So he says, Yeah, Mohammed's five advices here. Irish smash it for intermediates. Live as you will. But know that one day you're going to die. One day you're gonna die. He says, Why babe, mash it for enamel vertical, love whom you will. But know that one day you will be separated from that person. Why armel mash it for inner command Z and

00:32:57 --> 00:33:38

do as you will and know that you will be compensated and rewarded accordingly. The compensation is in the hereafter meaning what everything comes into here After all, the reward comes in the hereafter. Keep doing what you do and know that the reward is in the hereafter while I'm on the shadowfell movement, piano who believes know that the nobility of the believer is standing up in prayer at night, where is the who and asked for his dignity is that not one in us? It is being independent of people financially, emotionally, mentally, physically, your Iza your dignity as a person is trying not to be dependent on people try to absolve yourself of meeting people in any way

00:33:38 --> 00:34:20

whatsoever. Now afterwards, as the prophets lysozyme starts to experience the end of his life as it starts to go further and further and further. I was sorry, the hotel the allot of time and he narrates that the prophets lysozyme was standing amongst us and was little la sala la vida he was seldom was speaking and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. He simply said in the La Jolla, Dana dunya or Dana merenda, Allah has given a choice to one of the servants between that which is in this world and that which is with Allah, inside of his home. Everyone was crying because they knew that the profits license time was nearing its end. It was getting to it was getting close. faulty model de la

00:34:20 --> 00:34:53

particularly was deeply devastated his daughter, Abby, her the mother of her father's Paula, Fatima was with the prophets lie Selim. Through it all. And the prophets lie some loved her and adored her. And even though the province Isom could barely speak, he called for Fatima with his hand. So Fatima came and the prophets lie Selim. He told her to come close and he whispered something in her ear, and it caused her to cry even more. And the prophets I saw him he told her comeback, and he whispered something else in her ear and says she just burst into laughter.

00:34:55 --> 00:35:00

And I shall be alone. I know who's watching all of this. He was perplexed by it like why did you cry?

00:35:00 --> 00:35:40

And then laughs So suddenly so she kept pushing faulting What What did he tell you? What did he tell you? What did he tell you? So finally faulty my gave in and she said that the first time he told me that God usually reviews the Quran with me once in Ramadan. This year he did it twice, which means at timucuan Phil it means solidifying the revelation. And so I don't think I'm going to make it past the sickness. Are you sort of the lower than her than she was? You know moving the prophets lie somewhere he needed to be moved. She held the prophets lie Selim tight and also lost my son was leaning against her chest and also lost him his eyes fell to the side on the back here or the law

00:35:40 --> 00:36:17

and her brother and he had a C work in his pocket. And he says the profits lie somes eyes fell on it, and so I knew that he wanted it. So I said some muscle loss Isilon Do you want that that toothbrush? Let's see what the prophets lie some He nodded his head. So after that man gave it to her and it still wasn't used. So she chewed it and she softened it and she put it in the mouth of the prophets lie Selim. Now what's so symbolic about that is that the prophets lie some he used to brush his teeth before every single prayer, because he wanted to have fresh breath when he met Allah five times a day, he said, if he can make it mandatory on us, he would, but he knew he knows it

00:36:17 --> 00:36:52

would be a hardship. So he always brushes his teeth before he meets Allah. He says, As soon as he finished using the seawalk, the hola Elena gibreel jabril entered upon us now, she looked at the profit slice of them and she said, the profit slice Let's face lit up. And gibreel is Salam said to the Prophet, slice alum, the one who gave him all those advices we talked about, he said to him, Look, I'm here to give you a choice. Either you can choose to remain amongst your companions and live well. Or you can have the companionship of the most time and

00:36:53 --> 00:37:23

Allah jabril ie Salaam when he said that the Prophet slicin and responded better rafiqul Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, the companionship of the most I want the companionship of the most time I want the companionship of the Most High, you shall have the Allah and she says that the prophets lie some soul left his body, as he was saying, I don't know if you call Allah the Most time, the companionship of the most had his hand fell. And the prophets lie slim died.

00:37:24 --> 00:38:00

He saw the alarm when that happened. She screamed, faulty model the alarm and when she heard a scream, she looked up and she said, Yeah, but then lumbee Hema at dinner. Oh my dear father, how close you are now to your Lord. Yeah, avatar, Elijah breeland. And oh, my dear father to jabril we announced your death. Yeah, about genital theodosia Oh, my dear father, Paradise is now your abode. And she recited it over and over and over again. That how close you are now to Allah to debris we announced the

00:38:02 --> 00:38:04

agenda to Philadelphia is now your place.

00:38:14 --> 00:38:49

Now the prophets lie some he left this world and somehow a lot everyone will leave this world and the profits license said even jabril will die. Can you imagine that? Even jabril allihies ceram will die. The profits license said that after the horn is blown. And the only ones that stand alone I'm sure are among the ones who your Lord willed Allah subhana wa tada will have in front of him. gibreel is fluffy niqab and the angel of death, Alamo personality among those who apportion the command of a lot and a lot asks the Angel of Death who remains

00:38:50 --> 00:39:41

and the angel of that says what will callback * Kareem hola your noble face, you're here. I've been Duka, me, abdicate Jabri, your servant gibreel Your servant MCAD. And your servant is Salafi. Allah says take the soul of MCAD and because soul is taken from him, then he says who remains? He said, Yeah, Allah you, me gibreel and his philosophy. And he says, Take the soul of Islam and Islam, his soul is taken from him. And he says, who remains? And he says, What who can valcon carry your noble face or Allah? Abdu kochava the servant of yours, or abdicate you believe were the last two standing? Allah says take the soul of the prophets license that God would fall on his face as his

00:39:41 --> 00:40:00

wings spread out glorifying the loss of Hannah hota he would die into Spears panela his face hits the ground as he makes us back to Allah. Then Allah. Then he says who remains an angel that says yeah, let's just you and me. And Allah subhana wa tada says, to the angel of death to die and the

00:40:00 --> 00:40:10

Angel of Death dies and a loss of Hannah Hosanna says could Illuminati have every single person parishes? Well, every college will have beaker, little jewelry will

00:40:11 --> 00:40:54

and only the noble face of your Lord remains. And Allah Subhana hoods Allah would ask himself, lemonade macwilliam To Whom belongs the dominion today. Allah says to himself, the law Hilda had alcohol to Allah, the One the subdued a loss of Hannah Montana, it's only him. Now on the Day of Judgment, the prophets lie Selim says that some would argue the other moto rajnandgaon will carry on as we all come back, the Prophet slicin him says the earth is flattened out of the glory of God in obedience to Allah subhana wa Tada. And he says, each and every single person will not be able to move from the spot that they are standing in the place of assembly. And he says the lohani who was

00:40:54 --> 00:41:34

suddenly some nurse and I would be called the first of people I wouldn't be the first person to be called to Allah. And he said, so I would enter upon a loss of Hannah hota Allah was a Hebrew sajida and I would fall in prostration he says the modifier Roxy and I would raise my head for either jabril and you mean Atlanta? And suddenly I'll see jabril on the right side of the Most Merciful and you know what he says in this hadith Subhana Allah says, Well law him out. Ah, whoa, cobla I swear by Allah. He never saw him before that day. gibreel has never seen Allah subhana wa Tada. So when the prophets lie some season, he points to him, and he says, Yeah, Rob in the Harvard Bharani

00:41:34 --> 00:42:09

American Center who he laid, he says, oh my lord, this one told me that you sent him to me for a quote Allah, Allah. Allah says, You've told the truth. The same way. jubilees said to the Prophet, slice Allah. So duct, you've told the truth. Why does the profit slice of them choose to do that on the day of judgment? Why does he feel that inclination because on the Day of Judgment, every messenger is being asked whether he delivered the message or not, the profits licensed vouches for jabril before he's even asked, Oh Allah. He said, You sent him to me. He did his job losses sadhaks

This talk is a preview of the full course on Jibreel AS available on Bayyinah TV. A must-listen by Omar Suleiman explaining about the angel, Jibreel, which gives enormous confidence in revelation when his character is studied. As there is no book written on Jibreel AS, an enormous effort has been put in to collect the information from various different books of hadith, aqeedah etc and present it to the ummah in the form of this course.

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