Zakir Naik – Is Euthanasia – Intentionally Killing for Relieving Pain and Suffering, Permitted In Islam

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © An employee at the mystery department is asking a question about what the Quran or Islam says about killing for mercy. They discuss two types of attorneys: active and passive. Actors and nurses are discussing the possibility of killing humans if they cannot afford drugs or prevent infection. The employee is asked if they can afford a cat and if they can remove the pilotis.
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So, my name is Adam, I work at the mystery department. So my question is, what does the Quran or Islam says about killing for mercy?

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I'll give you an example. For example, someone is in a very deep or long coma. So can we know and the person's life number two? What if we have like a sick cat? Who is really, really sick and we pity the cat, PPT? So it can be the cat's life? I'm just asking a question. I'm not going to do it.

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The brothers talking about euthanasia. The English word what is it Tunisia, it's not killing for mercy, that is Tunisia. That means if a person is sick, and if the doctor say that there is no chance that they can improve,

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and he's like a vegetable,

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he can continue living by putting on a pilotis life saving apparatus. So is it permanent Islam that you can end the life of such a patient,

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and then it will come to the animal. But first we'll talk about the human being that will come with animals.

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As far as it really is concerned, there are two types of attorneys and one is active and one is passive.

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In activity Knizia is the question if the patient is suffering from certain diseases, if the doctor says he cannot be cured, and he'll be like a vegetable, inactivity Knizia you inject a drug

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and then you put the patient to death in passive euthanasia.

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If the patient is on life saving apprentice, and we've removed the pilotis and if he dies, that's called as passive euthanasia. As far as activity is concerned, injecting the drug to kill an human being that is prohibited in Islam It's haram

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isn't permitted because you cannot take life of any human being. It's Allah subhanaw taala who tells and gives life as far as passivity is concerned when a patient is on life saving up like apparatus like fibrillated or ventilators and the doctor said that the no chance he can improve your lack of vegetable and those machines are very expensive, everyday called cause may be paying 1000s of ringing

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in this case, if the person cannot afford and the doctor says there is no chance of improvement for you to remove to the politic because you cannot afford it that is permissible killing actively is prohibited but passive euthanasia where you remove the life saving apparatus because the doctor that said there's no chance of survival so parameters are not has to be done can be done if you feel they don't have the money you cannot continue with those bills and it's no longer gonna survive. So when you do pass it on whether the patient may die after a few hours MODAF too few days maybe possible immuno douse your doctor what they say is always not correct and passive euthanasia because you have

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tested for many weeks and months and doctors are given up hope you can remove the pilotis if you can't afford it that is permitted. Hold them to the question. The Cat Cat the same the same thing, if you can afford for the cat

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nowadays, people spend more on the cat then than the human beings. Yes. Thank you

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