When Do The Last 10 Nights Of Ramadan And Itikaaf Begin

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Shaykh Abu Eesa answers

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When did the last 10 nights of Ramadan start and when does a person enter into a decaf?

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Tea This is important because not the last 10 days of Ramadan though we're looking for because the greatest 10 days of the year actually the first 10 days of the hedger, but the greatest 10 are the nights of the last

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10 nights of the 30 of Ramadan, a lot of parents, Allah says, well, allegedly while in Russia, by the dawn, and the 10 nights. And so these 10 nights are extra special extra blessing, that's when we increase everything we up our game. And we will go into beast mode when it comes to a bad it's also the time when people will isolate themselves, and they will enter the massage with men and women, they can enter into the massage to isolate themselves for the worship of Allah Subhana Allah and that should happen on a right on the exact moment when the 10 nights start, which is the 21st night, then remember that the Islamic system the night comes before the day. So it's the reverse to what we

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understand normally, in layman's terms, the start point will be at the end of the 20th. fast so on the day that you're having a 20th fast just before if that just before mother because Margaret is the end of the 24 hour Islamic day, it's also the beginning point of the next one. So at the end of the 20th fast just before Mark live just before if you would enter into the message preparing for your 10 night period of ettercap. Because the end of October is the end of the previous the 20th and then the beginning point of the 21st. So that's when you need to enter and that of course for those who will not go into ettercap and they're going to increase to accelerate advantages generally from

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home and work and so on, then that is the moment that needs to Yanni focus on. What about the hadith of Ashura de la unha is famous narrated by Bahati departmentalized alum

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speaking about him his other etiquette when he used to intend to take up some of the projects from Madonna might take effort. Yeah, and he whenever he would intend to make it to calf he would pray project and then enter into his little tent or his area of isolation. But the vast majority of scholars did not understand this as this is the technical stuff point of etica thought rather where he himself satellites and it was hard to prepare for a ticket and intend to do a ticket because the technical start time of 10 nights is definitely the 21st night is no doubt about that. So that's clear. What about the end point? When does the person know that the last 10 nights are finished? And

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what about a person leaving a ticket? When do they actually start to go home? His answer is very simple when Ramadan is finished, soon as Ramadan is finished, that's the end point of the last 10 nights obviously, but for the person who's in at Caf, once they've prayed McRib, once they've made a mockery of that last day or that last that last night and day of Ramadan. That is when they go home, so they should pray them a little bit. And they should go home, they will not be leaving before mclubbe you'd expect to hear an announcement between Europe and Asia or after Asia. Whether you're following local sighting or global sighting, where the announcement comes and tells you that you're

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going to be fasting only 29 days or 30 days. So whether the nights only become nine last night nights or the last 10 nights, it doesn't matter. Whenever Ramadan actually finishes and the announcement is made after marketing. That is the endpoint of the last 10 or Nine Nights. And it's also the last point for the MAR tech if that person's in ettercap and then they go home.