Atheist Becomes Muslim After Debate – Muslim Celebrations!

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The conversation is difficult to follow and appears to be centered around giving false information to people. The speakers discuss the importance of worshiping the One God and not associate Congress with leaders. They also mention the presence of Leo as the final prophet and messenger, but the details are unclear.

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we had a great conversation about

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languages. So yeah. In the beginning, you are a little bit maybe you open minded goodbye through ITV. Definitely you didn't know. And you want more information. So I get some more information telling you that was something which was revealed.

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of a long line of

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all of these cards came with the same message that Jesus came with the same message.

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Are you

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blown away?

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expand the universe. I talked to you about you know.

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sky's the

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Yeah, that's Yeah. So the end of it, we can keep it

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small. The media portrays me, and therefore

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you betray somebody, most tourist wherever you want.

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To get your information from one point

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to read.

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Right? What is at the moment is the only thing that can become a Muslim.

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nation, but you need to double check it. Yeah, cuz I believe that

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information from one point to

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It says that it's somebody who's an evil do a company comes to you with some information, they go and double check that information. Right. So absolutely, I agree with you. And the message, which again, we're coming closer and closer to about a minute. But what I'm saying to you is this, with what I do is all Muslims around me at

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different points of information. Would you agree with me

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that the main point of Islam is to worship the One God not to associate in Congress with them.

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And Islam, the fact that all the prophets have come down, Jesus and Abraham Moses with one primary message.

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So would you say that? Are you convinced by what I've been

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telling you? Now we're ready? No, no God, but Allah, is what we say. All you got to say, is too much, too. Very heavy, very lightweight, very heavy on the only book to say is

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there's only one God was your question.

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I believe in that Mohammed is the messenger of God.

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And let's make those steps make those statements, let's say, everybody listening to this

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is about to make a quarter Shahada. So you say I bear witness. I bear witness.

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There's only one gun.

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Mohamed is his final prophet and messenger is

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an Arabic.

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This is gonna be hard. Okay.

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Illa Illa Love, love illallah wa shadow.

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Sorry, the last one.

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What's been