Abdullah Oduro – The Quranic Call (Part 6)

Abdullah Oduro
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a spiritual teachings from Islam, including a verse that describes the spiritual "will do" and a verse that describes the fruit of prayer. The teachings encourage individuals to wash their whole bodies and complete their blessings upon others, even if they may be struggling. The teachings also mention the importance of remembering the spiritual "will do" and the fruit of prayer.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon you all of dillo Drew, we have reached the sixth part of the Quran, the six stages of the Quran, a lot of kind of with data and this beautiful verse, chapter five, verse six, chapter five, which is the chapter of the table spread and Matt ADA, verse number six Allah addresses the will do the spiritual purification, ritual purity, if you will. And that is where we wash before prayer. If one has one of these characteristics that are mentioned, he says that there are the ones that are shaped on our gene. Yeah, you had Edina Amman or either quantum Ella sala de folksy Lu Hakuna Ada chameleon mafia

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T. One second will be OC Kumar or Julia Camila cabbing. The first portion of this verse were last month Allah says, Oh, you who believe when you want to stand for prayer, wash your faces and your hands up to the elbows, wipe your heads and then wash your feet up to their ankles. And then he says we're including two gentlemen for baharu and if you were Juno, if you were to win then had * then you should purify yourself for baharu which is also here which is a spiritual bath will do is not enough. You have to wash your whole body. We're including to marble or is suffering. Oh Jay, I had to mean kumanovo at Ole Miss to manisa for them to do mat and fatigue mmm we'll see

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them play even once the who bill bill bill once I hope you would you he can come in last month Allah says here he mentions for situations where income tomorrow but if you are sick, oh is suffering. Oh, you are traveling? Oh yeah, I don't mean coming along at all, if any of you were to relieve themselves, right. Or if you were to Ole Miss Tony said if you were to approach women basically have * with them. And you do not find water in any one of these situations

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then you should make to move and that is to where you use dusts from the earth whether it's dirt soil, or dust from the earth whether it's from taking from a wall or a surface that has dust then you should make to moon with that how it's done a lot generalizes here and he says once I hope you would you leave him with a vehicle Minh and to white from your faces and your hands from it basically from that site and even from that elevated portion of the earth whether it is dust or soil scholars differ upon this, but that's not what I want to capitalize on here. Last kind of what the dimensions at the very end, Matt UD de la jolla Allah La comin halogen when I came up to the Utah

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order right there.

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But that's not what I want to capitalize on here. Allah subhanaw taala says at the very end of the verse maggoty de la who Leah alikoum in halogen when I can UD do leave Ohio Kumari Tim mynett Mexico la comme le Allah quintus Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala does not want to make hardship for you. But what he wants to do

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is he does not want to make hardship for you. But what he wants to do is he wants to bless you and he wants to complete his favours upon you. Perhaps you will be of those that are thankful maggoty de la jolla at a common heritage he doesn't want to make for you any kind of hardship well that can you redo the the writing you redo the earth

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but that's not what I want to capitalize on here. These previous rulings, I want to capitalize on the intent behind it because a lot of mentions in here, he says, Man you need to love the edge. I mean halogen we're lacking UD Do you? What do you Tim manette Mexico, la comme la la quinta Quran, Allah says here, a lot does not want to make any kind of hardship upon you.

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But he wants what can you do up here? He wants to purify you. And he wants to complete his favours and blessings upon you. Perhaps you will be of those that are thankful and this is very, very important. Because when we look at these practices, washing your hands and you know worship has to do something with my heart. How does this help anything? You know, you may ask yourself, what does that have to do with something that is beyond our limbs? It is more

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Have a spiritual connection, a loss kind of what Allah has legislated it but he says at the same time, he does not want to make this a hardship upon you. But at the same time due to his knowledge and wisdom, he wants to do two things he wants to purify you. And he wants to complete his blessings upon you, showing you that this is definitely a means of purification that transcends the physical.

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And also, that action is a completion of his blessings upon you, the Shetty, in which he has given you when one implements it, when one practices it, they are practicing what Allah wanted for them on this earth, which end result is a means of purification for them. When one ponders over those two things, that this purification, and implementation of something that you don't fully understand the reasoning behind it, but you do it anyway. That practice is a practice of purification.

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And when you think about that you will be greeted tissue is perhaps you will be thankful, perhaps you will be thankful and not take this for granted. So let's remember that when we make the will do that this will do or if we're traveling and it may be hard upon us, and we have to make a little soul or we learn how to make to your moon. And we see that this is what is a blessing that Allah has given us not to be ashamed of it. And to know that it is from Allah lien and hiking. That is why it's so beautiful that he ends it with this wisdom to remind you, look, I want what's best for you, and I want you to be pure. Perhaps you will thank me in the long run. Me loss upon Allah make us of

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a decade in a shack eating may make us of those that remember him and are thankful upon that remembrance resulting in thankfulness when we remember him to Zack maloca or Santa Monica, to live in a castle. Thank you

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