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Hadith #22 – The Root Of All Social Injustice | 40 Hadiths on Social Justice

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Everyone could get settled in sha Allah

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Subhan Allah Allah Haman Hamza de la hillbrow Ameen. salatu salam, ala rasulillah Kitty, or le e or Savio Selim to semen kathira.

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I'm going to need the brothers to

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you guys can also keep the doors closed, and the kids restraint.

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Like in the locker

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All right. So come the last quarter summarize to lower areas of human weather, once again, who knows what the last Hadeeth was

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been two weeks.

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So we finished employee employer, we finished sort of the concept of trust and Amana. In those situations. Tonight, we're going to move to a more spiritual elements a more spiritual dimension, the brothers can please keep the door closed and charlatan more spiritual dimension of this all and this really, to be quite honest with you should be and maybe once we finished compiling all 40 heads, this will go towards the beginning of this compiler, as opposed to where it is right now. This is a Hadeeth, that

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this is a Hadeeth that really speaks to the spiritual foundation of justice. And it speaks to the detriment as well, that comes from a deep void inside of one's chest. And it is greed, this concept of a show. Now, a lot of times the Hadeeth that we hear, we hear them either in portions, or we hear we don't hear the full narrations of these edits. And that puts us in a very difficult situation or puts us in a situation where you know, it's hard for us sometimes to make connections at the profit slice that I made. So there's a hadith that we narrated in the very beginning of this class. It's up of volume, in the volume for in a volume guru Martin, Yeoman piano. Everyone's so excited today.

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It's elections.

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So the kids are screaming about elections.

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So we talked about the Hadith, it's Apple volume. Beware of bull beware of injustice, because volume is varoom Arts on the Day of Judgment, injustice or oppression is darkness upon darkness upon darkness on the Day of Judgment, but this hadith has a very interesting continuation. The Hadith is narrated by jabil, the Allahu taala and who and this is in Sahih Muslim where the prophets lie Selim continued on this thought, so he said, Sall Allahu alayhi wa sallam, it circled volmer for in a volume of Verona to numedica Yama what kosher? But in a sugar like a man can a cobbler come Pamela home Allah and suffer Kadima at home was the Hallelu Mahatma home. So this is a hadith the Prophet

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slicin said beware of injustice for injustice will result in darkness upon darkness upon darkness on the Day of Judgment, one of the first dates we covered, but then he said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and beware of a show. Beware of greed. He said for greed is what destroyed those who came before you. So it's really interesting, the profit slice alone in pointed this as the reason that nations were destroyed, and he continued, he said, It drove them to spill each other's blood. So greed led to murder. And he said greed led to people violating one another sanctities in another Hadith, the prophet sly Some said in a sermon he was giving a hope but and this hadith is also an

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authentic one. It's narrated and other Muslims. Remember Buhari highlighting his Salatu was Salam iya commercial, but in who Allah come in Cana, kubla Khan, Safa coup de ma home Wakata ohana home while full mobile notton Jamelia almost identical to the previous Hadith, he said sallallahu wasallam beware of greed. It destroyed those that came before you. First it caused them to spill one another's blood, and then it caused them to break off their family relationships. So it divided people as a whole and led them to kill each other. It ruined families. And then the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said and volume and oppression or injustice is darkness upon darkness on the Day

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of Judgment. Lastly, another Hadith that connects to these two Hadees is a famous Hadith that's narrated in multiple books, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam he said the

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oratory I

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mean the hub had the son of Adam been given a valley of goal laptop or be sunny and then he would try to use that value of gold to to attain another value of gold. And then he said sallallahu, wasallam, warranty, Athenian and a few others.

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To be given a second valley of gold ahem de la, he thought Ethan, then he would try to use those two values of gold to attain a third value of gold. And he said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, whether you should do Joe fubini Adam, that nothing would fill the the the mouth of the son of Adam inlet to lob except for dirts, meaning nothing would stop that pursuit of more and more and more, except for his mouth being full of dirt, meaning a person eventually dying, while you're Tubal, la alum and tab, and Allah forgives those whom He forgives. Now connecting these dots, what what did these idiots say about social injustice? Well, if you look at it, the profit slice and I'm sad, that it's the starts,

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it starts with social injustice. And that leads to it starts with greed. And then greed plays itself out in every dimension of social injustice in every aspect of your life, it tears apart all of your relationships, it causes you to wrong, the people that are most precious to you, it causes you to completely disregard another person to a point that it would lead you to kill somebody that greed eventually leads someone to even killing someone. So the prophets lie Selim. By talking about greed, he's saying that if you let your greed go unchecked, it will ruin every relationship you have. And it will lead to you hurting people in ways that that are unimaginable. Okay destroys communities, it

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destroys families, and it destroys you as an individual. The third Hadith where the prophets lie some is talking about, if the son of Adam were to be given a value of gold, he would use it to seek a second value. And if he were to be given two values of gold, they'll try to seek a third one speaks to the detriment of the soul, the detriment of the self. And this is what Allah says, In the Quran, woman, you should have seen that whoever conquers the greed of the self, which we're going to talk about. So it destroys you spiritually. It destroys your family, it destroys your communities. And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, la Keisha and ecoman, *, I am not worried about you as

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an omen going into poverty, I'm not worried about poverty, poverty is not what I fear for this nation. He said, what I fear is people killing each other over money over wealth. And he said that the fitna of this oma, the trial of this nation is wealth. So greed leads to this, this this.

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Greed leads to the situation in which you're trying to attain as much wealth as possible, as much power as possible. And then everything in front of you, merely becomes an object for the attainment of that power, or the attainment of that wealth, or a hindrance in that pursuit. You stop seeing people in front of us people, you stop seeing anything else except for that, you know, that goal of more and more and more, which is why I lost contact center, and how can we to Catholic, you have been destroyed by quantity. And it did not just destroy you or this pursuit of quantity, it doesn't just destroy you, and how come it's a catheter destroys your own mind destroys your communities.

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This pursuit of more all the time. And the remarks speak about this, that That sure is, the the greatest enemy of social justice, why? It's what it's what caused Adam and his salon to slip in paradise. It's what caused a police to be doomed eternally. It's what doomed the first son of Adam, right? So if you look at the first parties, in the, in the story of men in the story of our creation, greed is what tripped up everybody in some form in some manifestation. And that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he when he talks about when he talks about a shift when he talks about greed, he talks about it as a gradual process that it starts off with, you know what, I

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just want this. But once you get that valley of gold, you're likely not to respond with gratitude, you're likely to want more and more and more, and that'll kill you Rahim Allah. He has a beautiful statement on this. He said Adam and his Salaam wanted one more tree.

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Adam wanted one more tree. He had all those other trees. But one more tree. It blease wanted one more rank. Think about it at least was as high as they come. Now this this person is going to be created. And he gets a rank seemingly higher than you so it's one more rank. And the son of Adam alayhis salam wanted one thing, one more thing that his brother had that he didn't have the accepted sacrifice. So for each of them, it's just one more I want one more, one more, one more. And of course we don't compare a prophet of Allah to the most evil of Allah's creation, you know, and I have to make

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that clear. The mind is set up as a piano, God said, he sent out of desire, whereas beliefs shape and sin out of pride, okay? And pride is far greater of a disease than desire, his desire is natural, and other money is Salaam, the way that greed manifested itself there was in desire, whereas in the case of at least, was in a prideful, boastful expression, but at the end of the day, if you just think about it, it's that one more, one more tree, one more rank, one more, this one more that and that leads to rivalries, it leads to hatred, it leads to envy, it leads to pride. Right? It leads to all of these different types of things. But it goes back to that, and Subhanallah

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we find many different Hadith, and art and sayings of the of the, of the setup in this regard. So I'll try to break it down and shall in a way that we see it, again as a problem not just for our societies and our communities and for any for any dream of attaining social justice, but rather as a detriment to ourselves, if we allow this to go unchecked.

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The Prophet sallallahu wasallam, he also said about a show. So there are a few different ahaadeeth as well, he said, Salalah and he was some diet, lifestyle guru, who bought on fi sebelah. When the Hon Johanna, the prophets lie Selim said, so this is the first part of the Hadith, that the dust in the cause of alarming Dustin battle if a person is fighting a noble cause, and they are their faces covered in dust, that that would not be combined with the fire of hell that lost pants, I would not allow the fire of hell to touch that man's face. And he said some a lot when he was set up. What are your thoughts? Tell me You're sure? Well, he man, he called me up in Abuja, he said Salalah, honey

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was set on faith and greed can never be combined in the same heart of a man. So greed, essentially expels The Man from the heart. What are the scholars say about that? Hadeeth. So the last one, which is he wants one value of gold, then he wants two values of golden, then everybody get out of my way. Get out of my way, so that I can try to get this this value of gold and every person becomes expendable in that pursuit. And it's just let me get to there. I don't care who I have to step on to get there. I don't care what I have to do. I'll cheat whatever it is, just give me more and more and more and more more. How does that expel me, man? If you think about faith, what allows faith to

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remain alive in the heart is that constant renewal of the pursuit of a less pleasure?

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If you if you're not constantly renewing that pursuit in your Salah, in your, in your in your acts of worship, that your amount is going to diminish, okay, it's going to become diminished. so in this situation, greed overtakes the heart.

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And a person's heart become so occupied with what they don't have of this world. And with the pursuit of that,

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that the love and pursuit of Allah subhanaw taala disappears and vanishes from the heart altogether. So the prophets lie some it's really powerfully saying that those two things cannot be combined in one person's heart. One of them is going to overtake the other Eamonn overtakes greed. Faith overtakes greed. Why? Because you realize that this world is not worth that pursuit.

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I'm not supposed to be attached to this world in the first place, right? I mean, the man, tames that pursuit in the first place, whether it's for how long, and how long ways it takes the pursuit of this dunya. But certainly, that he man, if it grows in the heart, and it overtakes the heart, then I'm definitely not going to pursue this world at the expense of the Hereafter, or at the expense of my relationship with Allah subhanaw taala. So it's an interesting Hadith from the prophets lie Selim. And all four of these Hadith build up on one another. And, you know, how does this play in society? Well, the resources of the world are finite, okay, and we can't have them all. And so

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people are constantly trying to get more. And that often means that you have to take something from someone else. And so Pamela, one of the dramas about the anatomy of the allowance and who because who's more likely and this is powerful, who's more likely to be a greedy person, someone that doesn't have or someone that has

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someone that has

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it's interesting.

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Greed usually afflicts someone that already has a lot. All right, again, Adam had all the trees at least had the highest rank of his of his entire creation, right of the of all the jinn raised to the to the level of the angels. You already have a lot. And that's when you become diseased.

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With a show, that's when you become diseased with a show. When you think of rich companions, the richest of the companions of the Prophet slice

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of drama have been outlawed. The law of drama been out for this man who was known for being super rich. I don't want to say filthy rich because that wouldn't be befitting to a companion. Really, really rich, very wealthy, his caravan when it used to come to Medina, people used to think that there was an occupying army that's rich, when you when you cause your home city to tremble every time you come back from a trade route. And people see so many camels and horses and so much wealth, they think that an opposing army is occupying the city every time you come home.

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That's a man that has a lot of money, a lot of just just a lot of merchandise. That is a man who is successful. And that is a man who needs to be very careful from not getting attached to this dunya. And so Pamela, there's a narration of

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the lavon home, which I which I love, because it's a self awareness, right? That he wants made an entire fall off. He was heard while he was doing pull off. So he did all seven, off around the camera. And he was making the de la metheny show NFC along the penny, sure enough, see, Oh Allah protect me from the greed within me. Oh, a lot protect me from the greed within me, oh, Allah protect me from the greed within me, la mfine extra NFC. And he was heard saying this from the start of the show off all the way to the end of all seven circuits, meaning he understood that because I have so much, I might be deceived by that pursuit. And it could lead me away from a loss of habitat

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and lead me away from that pursuit that ultimate pursuit of the hereafter. That's what the profit slice I'm speaking to, that the irony of this entire situation is that the most greedy are usually the most wealthy. You think about the big corporations that are out there, you think about those that start wars, okay, and and literally kill people. Okay, in order to grow their accounts, okay, you think about corrupt politicians, I'm not naming anybody that will use anything in everything, to you know, to grow their wealth, even though they have more money than, you know, they have so much money, they don't know what to do with it all. But they still are literally willing to kill people

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and, you know, drain countries in debts, and cause all sorts of global crises and catastrophes just to grow their accounts. You don't know what to do with 10 billion, why are you gonna go kill for another 10 billion, you don't know what to do with your money. But that greed just grows and grows and grows and grows and literally leads to destruction?

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Every single war. And you know, I think if we look at Modern Warfare, there's little that's more harm than that. Okay, the amount of collateral damage the amount of poor, poor innocent people that are killed in these in these global wars that are usually launched by developed nations. If you really look closely at them all, you follow the money, it's greed, greed leads people to these things, if you look at some of the interesting power plays in the Middle East, taking place right now the consolidation of power, willing to do anything and everything, to get more and more and more power. So greed, the profit slice, and I'm missing it usually afflict someone who has not someone

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who does not have, and that's really somehow the, the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala, that he doesn't allow some of us to ever be rich.

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You ask Allah for more, and you always find yourself in a difficult situation, if Allah is not giving you a lot of wealth, and you're asking for like this, and you're always finding roadblocks in your pursuit of dunya. This know that Allah is protecting you, Allah is protecting you from yourself. It could be that because Allah knows you better than you know yourself, how many people think when they don't have that, when they have, there'll be different than those that do. Right? So when I get there, I'm going to do this. Once you've got it in your hands, suddenly, it just becomes so difficult to let go of, suddenly it owns you. Right, you become conquered by that wealth. And

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whereas you might not, you know, when you had a lot less have worried about those digits as much now that you have so much, you're monitoring closely, and you want more and more and more and more. So again, the data that we find from observed nanoflow, the law of Thailand, is that if you think of many of the crimes that take place, if you think of much of the especially the white collar crimes, right, the Wall Street crimes, the corporate crimes and these types of things, where do they come from, they come from a

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more and more and more and more you keep pursuing more and more and more and more. And that is to the detriment of the entire society. So our scholars of course, always trace everything back

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To the spiritual diseases were in the fitna to Almighty Allah and the Prophet slicin um said that the fitna of this woman, the greatest trial of this oma is not his money. So what's the difference? Now between because we covered a book,

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we covered stinginess. What's the difference between a book and a show? Anybody know?

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What's the difference between miserliness? stinginess and greed?

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And the Arabic language? A lot of times by the way, when you leave when you read translations of the Koran or you read a translation of a Hadith, you might actually see Sure,

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translated as stinginess, so sure, an elbow are used interchangeably, or they're translated in the same way. And that's because some scholars actually didn't make a distinction between the two. But many scholars, they said if you look strongly at the Arabic language, there is a difference between the two. The difference between short and bow, greed and stinginess, am Rahim Allah, He says sure is the extreme keenness of something strongly coveting it, expanding yourself to attain it, restlessly, impatient to secure its

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meaning it is particularly trying to pursue something you don't have more is after stinginess, is after you acquire something. You're protectiveness over it.

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Okay. So the way that you you know, you want to hold it back so that you don't you know, you're incapable of letting go of any of it. So should actually proceed proceeds. At a book, greed proceeds, stinginess. So he says that book is the fruit of choice. I know this sounds so awkward in English, right? miserliness is the fruit of greed. miserliness comes from greed. If you had when you were pursuing, then you will have book after

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you have it? And he said, radi Allahu taala. And who those who exhibit a book those who exhibit stinginess are incapable of resisting their their greed. But those who do not have stinginess, have already defied their greed. Those who are able to capture stinginess have already defied their greed. What does that mean? If you have a lot and you find it easy to give, an easy to let go, and you're not intoxicated by the power, nor are you intoxicated by your wealth.

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You get there you have power, you have wealth. People compete with you for the power, whatever people want your money you constantly give you you spend on your family you spend in charity, the prophets lie, some describe this person who gives with their right hand in a way that even their left hand doesn't know.

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You're just constantly in the state of giving that lack of a book, which is more tangibly observed, which is stinginess, shows that you've conquered greed, you've conquered a show. So he said, the difference is a show is when Allah says, Sure enough, see the greed of the self. The scholars of tough theater, they said a tomorrow her team Elisa, ha, it's your desire for something you don't yet have. The greed that you have, when you are trying to pursue something, and it can become violence,

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that greed can become violence and that can lead to graver circumstances of social injustice. If you think of sort of the idea in insanity Robbie, he, like he knows we're in the Juana. datacolor. Shaheed, we're in the holy health Bill hiree lesser deed we look at sort of de la Dia de los palletizers. Verily, man is ungrateful to his Lord is a witness upon that, that lack of gratitude, how does it manifest itself? Well, in the holy humble Heidi, Russia deed, his pursuit of the world becomes violence. It becomes severe, you know, ever nothing, nothing can get in the way of Allah. What is the last point I say, next FLIR animal is bored if you're not enough and bored, a lot

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immediately takes you to the grave. Well, he knows what he's done or the worthlessness of what he's pursued. When he's zoomed from his gate from from his from his grave. What did the Prophet slice I'm saying the Hadeeth of one value of gold, two values of gold, three valleys of gold. You don't stop until you have dirt in your mouth until your mouth is full of dirt. And then that's where the pursuit ends and you realize all that consumption of more and more and more and more just ended up with the exact same grave. You can put whatever you want on top of the grave. You're still going in the dirt. Right? To show you how worthless This world is. And he said Salalah honey who was solemn,

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this is another authentic narration. He said Chavo Murphy Roger

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The worst qualities that a man can have should have your own wardrobe known Harley, Ron, these are, this is a tough one to translate.

00:25:10--> 00:25:14

He said the worst two qualities a person can have shown Harley Ron,

00:25:15--> 00:25:18

would you be known Harley Aaron? So

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the profit slice I'm saying, sure. 100 urine would be an alarming level, a great level, just this alarming level of greed. Okay, this overwhelming greed inside and the profits license that an unrestrained

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cowardice to be unrestrained, in your in your job in your in your being a coward. That's also something that we find from the messenger sallallahu wasallam. What's the relationship between these two qualities? You remember a few weeks ago, maybe a month ago, I gave a hot or after Russia and I talked about the connection between a job well,

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being a coward and being stingy. Being a coward and being stingy. Being stingy

00:26:09--> 00:26:44

means that when you're called to give for the sake of Allah, you go into self preservation being a coward means when you're called to the occasion of courage, you go into self preservation. So here the prophets lie some is making a connection between the root cause of the stinginess. And that, that cowardly, that trait of being a coward, okay, that a person becomes overcome by greed. And a person who is overcome by greed will be overcome by the trait of cowardice as well.

00:26:45--> 00:26:47

How can you make that connection between the two,

00:26:48--> 00:26:53

if a person is overcome by greed, they lose any sense of principle and integrity.

00:26:54--> 00:27:38

Think about all the movies where you got people in battle, and you've got the trader on the side on, you know, within the ranks of the army that goes around and steal some of his, you know, his his fallen soldiers stuff and then hides off to the side. That's the best way that I could explain it to you that greed does away with all sense of principle. So that lack of principle is going to affect the way that you deal with everyone, including your family, including yourself, in overcoming overcomes you. So when you show NFC, a person has to conquer that greed within themselves. And that's why By the way, that you know, the Hadith of the prophets lie, some are the very famous

00:27:38--> 00:28:19

story. The story is narrated by Abu Dhabi, a lot of times I know that a man came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and you know, he was clearly in need. The prophets lysozyme sent a message to his homes, and they said they don't have anything except for water. So there was nothing to feed them. And so Allah subhanaw taala allows messenger said, Who is going to take this man and entertain him as his guest. So one of the unsub, one of the the the the people of Medina, one of the companions said, I will take him on messenger of Allah. And so he went to his house, and he told his wife, let's entertain generously, the guest of Allah's Messenger, let's entertain with generosity,

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the guest of Allah, His Messenger, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, she said, We have nothing to eat, except for the meals of our children. So that's all I have is just some food for the kids. So he said, prepare your meal, light your lamp, and keep stirring the pot until the children fall asleep. When the man sits down, then turn off the lights, but the food in front of him, he will think that we're all eating, so put empty plates in front of all three of us, but only put the food on his plate, he will think because the lights are off, that we're all eating together so that we don't make them feel that let them eat the food. And that's it. So they did that. And the Prophet

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sallallahu wasallam in the morning.

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It was it was beautiful. He said that Allah laughed last night at one of your actions. Last night I laughed at one of your actions. After the prophets I said that and he said and he revealed were you theater owner Allah and footsy him when Oh can I be him ha Sasa they prefer others to themselves, even if that is to their own detriment, women, you will show her NFC but without ecomondo flee home and those who are able to overcome the greed within themselves. They are the ones who will be successful. So this ayah was revealed in connection to this incident. What does that mean? What does that mean? The prophets light you know, Allah subhanaw taala is telling us that it's not just about

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the charity again. stinginess, is the fruit of greed. Charity, is the fruit of selflessness. Charity, sincere charity is the fruit of selflessness, the opposite of greed. So a lot did not

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Talk about the spending part. A lot talked about the internal selflessness that they had with the donor Allah and forcing them they prefer others to themselves, even if that's to their own detriment, and whoever conquers the greed within, then barely they are amongst those who are successful. May Allah subhana wa tada make us a people who are selfless May Allah subhanaw taala never allow our pursuit of this world to make us violence in that pursuit to disconnect us from him to disconnect us from our our families and the people around us and to disconnect us from the good potential that he has put within us. May Allah subhana wa tada allow us to always be a people of

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charity of people of generosity, and people who longed for him and not for this material world. I mean, questions

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