Sincere Advice to an Unwilling Recipient

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All right, so now on e commerce rental I'm Ricardo

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen. What are in one Ilana by the mean what a housekeeper to clean a lot. Most of us are MOBOTIX and I'm Dakota sweetie can Mohammed and solahart he was alone. While only he was like me he was set up to Salem Cathedral. So inshallah tada just some good news that tomorrow night the night tada we will be resuming the first and we will be continuing in that series inshallah tada looking at some of the foreigners in Islam, Allah subhana wa tada gather us with them with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in the highest level of genitals for the DOS Olam, amin and also I just wanted to acknowledge Subhanallah the amazing parents who commented on the status about my

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son about their own struggles and the incredible subject that they have shown with their conditions may loss parents out of reward all of you may Allah subhanaw taala elevate you for what you do. May Allah subhanaw taala gather you in paradise with your families and and allow you to enjoy the limitless mercy and bounty of Allah subhana wa tada for all eternity. And Jonathan for those alumni. I mean, what I wanted to talk about tonight in shelter, and I'll just do this for the next few times with the night Anna.

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Over the next couple of weeks as we finish out the hedge of the month of the hedgerow was to just extract some of the lessons again from Surah Ibrahim, particularly as the lessons pertain to the story of Ibrahim Anisa. But then bring it back to a very practical level. And I was going to talk about you know where last time I mentioned that he did not send well now I'll send him a lawsuit in a lobby dishonor told me that we did not send a messenger except in the language of his people. Now I'm going to talk about that. inshallah Tada, probably Wednesday, which, you know, there's a technical element to that, below that you call me he literally in the language of his people and

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some of the other implied meanings and some of the wisdoms that we can take from that. But I wanted to talk about a bridge of sorts between the story of a boy, he might be his son, and some of the things that we might encounter in our lives with people that we speak to with the best of language with the with the best of guidance with the best of wisdom, and we're unable to reach their hearts. And this is particularly hurtful when you're speaking to someone that you love. And it it particularly is also frustrating at times when you're using the most beautiful of arguments when you're using the best tone. And you're wondering, why is it not lending? Okay? And what I mean by

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that is, you know, this could be a parent talking to their child, right, and you're trying to get them to understand and we talked about, you know, the wisdom of he die and we'll talk about that inshallah Tada. A little bit more a bit tonight as we close out the lessons from this first page of pseudo Brahim. But, you know, it's frustrating when you're talking to someone and you love them and you want good for them. And you're using the best arguments and you're using wisdom and you're using the right tone, but they can't hear you. And imagine Ibrahim is right, he is off Sahil MBR he's the most eloquent of the prophets, the father of the prophets, the most eloquent of the prophets. And

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he's speaking to his people using wisdom proofs. bardhan right. I mean, it the proofs are there, the the the hikma is there, the Wisdom is there, the right analogies are being drawn from right. He's qualifying everything he says to his father by by by making sure that he continues to affirm his father's honor and position as he gives him down. And what does he get met with when he gives them the most beautiful of arguments and he gives them the most beautiful of tones? Ibrahima Islamism met with a threat, right assassination attempt. He's met with complete rejection and humiliation, even though he's utilizing the best mechanics, the best wisdom and the most beautiful of preaching and

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dour. And this is something that Allah subhana wa tada tells us about in the end, there is nothing more beautiful, nothing more beautiful than the calamity, the loss of hundreds in the Word of Allah Himself than the Quran itself. There is nothing more beautiful than I am. And the verses of the Most Merciful, but even the verses of the Most Merciful, they land on dead hearts, and it's like a hard surface, right? This beautiful revelation comes down and it has absolutely no penetration. Why? Because those hearts are dead. The hearts are rejecting them. And it's it's a turned over container, right? And so you choose to turn over the container so that nothing lands inside of it. And that's

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why I lost pets as housing. So within the bucket, I will call Luke Lubin, and they say our hearts are protected. They've been protected from Revelation protected from penetration of divine wisdom of this divine beauty. We don't want it right so their hearts turn away and so their ears are not capable of grasping what their hearts don't want to hear. Their ears are not capable of hearing and grasping with the hearts don't want to hear. And so Allah subhanaw taala

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makes that connection that, you know when a person speaks, and this is something very important and you can think about, I'm not, I'm not able to draw out the infographic, maybe someone from the team inshallah can make something out of this. But, you know, this idea of speaking from the heart lyin file called Illa Maharaja means nothing benefits the heart unless it comes from the heart. And so you're giving down while you're giving advice you're giving, they'll see how to someone that you love that you want good for from your heart. So it comes from the heart to the tongue. And of course, you know, it's delivered in that fashion. But when it goes to the other person's ears, their

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hearts are already shut off. And so nothing will be able to reach. And so there is the burden of the one that delivers to make sure they're speaking from the heart. And they are using the most beautiful of arguments, and they're speaking from a beautiful place, giving advice from beautiful place. And there's the other person as well, if the other person is not ready to receive it with their hearts, then it's going to land on hard surface, and it's not going to penetrate in any way whatsoever. And this is something that you know, especially with people that we love that are on a destructive path. And this is really what I want us to take home from this tonight and beyond just

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the methodology of doubt, when you're trying to give advice to someone that you love, that displays destructive behavior, whether it's a child or a sibling, or a close friend, and you want them to wake up, but they're not willing to wake up, they're not showing that they are willing to wake up. Unfortunately, sometimes people need to learn the hard way, right? So your child is going to reject all the messages that you constantly give them until they face the consequences of that hopefully in this life, not in the next. And then they wake up. Likewise your friend, right you keep giving them let's see how advice sincere advice from the heart and your you know, you're wanting good for them,

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but it's not landing. And the hope is that, you know, they wake up, sometimes they gotta face the consequence in this life and then Oh, they wake up and that's when they make the change that's necessary. That's when they then humble their hearts and make their hearts ready to receive what Allah subhanaw taala is given to them of divine revelation, divine wisdom, and sincere and I'll see how when when we are the ones sincere advice when we are the ones that are giving it. So again, you're not going to use arguments as beautiful as Ibrahim or Islam with his father. But it's not always about the argument you're making. It's about it also has to come from your heart and the

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other person's heart has to be ready to receive it. We pray that Allah subhanaw taala soften our hearts so that we give advice from a place of goodwill and we receive advice with an open heart, always wanting to incline towards Allah subhanho wa Taala I mean, does that mean law height and shelter See you tomorrow night, same time inshallah. Tada, but we'll be doing the first night Anna and inshallah I look forward to seeing you very soon. I want to come on to lunch.