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The loss of motivation and struggle for Muslims is a common struggle. Its impact on individuals is discussed, including praying and behavior. The importance of having a positive mindset and avoiding negative thoughts is emphasized. The Sabbath and positive actions are emphasized as motivation for excellence and success.

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh May the peace and blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala be upon you all. We have reached Jews number 22, the 22nd part of the Quran and we chose the chapter felted verse number chapter number 35, verse 32, we lost that kind of what Darla speaks about something so important for us that may have some loss of hope at times, you know, many of us we may feel down at certain times. And that feeling that we have of loss of motivation, or decrease in our discipline can bring us even further down Just the thought of it and looking where we're at. But it's important to remember that there's always an opportunity as long as you are breathing, that

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opportunity is there. As a matter of fact, the loss of kind of what data breaks them into three categories in terms of what some may call religiosity, mode, some may call practicing the religion, but in our case, it's it's for all of those Muslims, those individuals that acknowledge what Allah is, but the struggle is they say the struggle is real. And depending on how often you do those deeds, you'll be placed accordingly in this category. Allah subhanho wa Taala says after our other blemishes on our gene, film, oh Rothman keytab and let the stuffy name and a bad dinner for men whom volume will enough see women who mocked us it woman whom sadly couldn't be higher it be it mila

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vatika, who will follow will give you

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a last kind of what the Allah says, then we have given inheritance,

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many bad enough to our slaves to our servants, then he breaks down the three that have inherited this message or inherited this,

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this this this message of Islam, but their level of implementation of what they know the first one, he says is the one that has oppressed him or herself volley Mundine FC and that one is the one as a as a loss of kind of went to Ireland mentioned.

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The one that can oppress themselves by performing sins, not the one that you know sometimes is mentioned that the one that does one is the one that commits shirk, as we see in the chapter, where Look, man is giving advice to his son where he says that rarely polytheism is a great oppression. Because we have to look at the origin of the word oppression. oppression means taking something out of its rightful place and putting it some somewhere else. So when you take money from someone unjustly, that is oppression, as you believe usury is oppression, because you've taken the financial right, that should be for the sustenance of that person and taking it in an unlawful way or used it

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in an unlawful fashion. So when you lie about someone that's oppressive, because you've taken the right of the honor of that person, or even of yourself, and put it somewhere else where it doesn't deserve to be. So the one that is oppressing themselves is the one that has committed sins, the one has that has done an action that they know is not right. But they continue to do it. That's lollywood Linux II. And that's the origin in the essence of sin. When you look at sin, and that way, you think, well, I'm taking something that is a right that Allah Subhana Allah has given me or it's a right that my Creator deserves, and I've placed it somewhere else, such as the salon, if I don't

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pray, if I'm not attentive in my prayer, that can be a form of oppression upon myself, you have not oppressed a law, but you have oppressed your own self, because the prayer is that which makes you a better, more attentive and mindful human being of God, therefore in return, blessing you with Sakina, tranquility, honor, and all of the good qualities of a human being, but it's a process. The second one is mocha tilsit, the one that and then he says, and from them are the ones that are on the middle course. You know, the word empty Assad in Arabic means economics. So it's basically using the resources that you have, and making sure they're used in the right place accordingly to the best

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of your ability. So the second level is the one that is in the middle course. Sometimes they do the good deeds, and sometimes they fall short. But it's always the struggle. They make that effort on a general general level. They always try to pray, they may be performing the five prayers, but it may not be on time, but they're performing the five prayers. They may have neglected a prayer but they feel terrible that they neglected that prayer. And they ask for forgiveness by either asking for forgiveness, or doing a good deed to someone and saying, Oh law, forgive me for what I've done yesterday. They may make the prayer up. If they lie to someone, they feel terrible about it. And

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They ask for forgiveness in the next fall in the following prayer, if they're bad to their relatives or their friend or someone, they raise their voice, they ask that person to forgive them, because they know Allah is watching and hearing them. This is the one that's in the middle course. And then the Sabbath when Bill highlights is the one that is rushing to do the good deeds, and Sabbath means the one that is competing, they're always striving to be the best. And that is the highest level, the one that is always concerned about being a better Muslim, they're always concerned about doing the good deeds. In other words, what would allow want for me in this action, and how can I perform

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it, and I strive to do it. I may not be successful at it that time, but I strive to do it. I may not be successful at making Witter the additional one record or odd number of units of prayer, after the five prayers before I go to sleep. It's called winter, I may not have been successful because I fell asleep. But the next day, it's in my intention in my mind and my heart in the morning, to make with them at night,

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I had the opportunity to lie on doing something which will give me a virtuous thing, immediate gratification. But I know with a lot it's not pleasing Him. So I leave it off, I don't even indulge in it because I know it's wrong. That is the Sabbath nucleotides. And if you notice, a loss is the one that strives to be vanilla. Firstly, out of two things from two things I want to capitalize on this last highest makaan, this highest level, he calls them the ones that strive. So understanding that you will never reach perfection. Striving is the action of excellence. Someone that has excellence or does things with excellence is always striving to be the best. They're always striving

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to be the best, they're satisfied with where they're at. Because a common misconception that we may hear with people is that you're never satisfied. No, you're satisfied from the aspect of Allah gave you the ability to do what you have done. But you know, you can do more. So you always perform more that is striving. And that is excellence in and of itself. The fact of striving to be your best is excellence inshallah. And then secondly, Allah subhanaw taala says, be eternally let know that if your first place and you're still striving to be better, if you're doing deeds in secret, and no one knows, and someone finds out, that you're praying to hug you, or that you're reading a juice a day,

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or that you're better than you were last year, that you're always striving, know that that is by the permission of Allah. When we hear the sound, we say that how, what are over to elaborate that there is no power nor mites. Right, except with a loss of pan without it, how it is moving from one situation to the next. This movement that I'm doing is not done except without the permission of Allah. So knowing that that striving that you are doing, is by the permission of alone, and that's what's so beautiful, that even though you're striving, Allah knows, he gave you initial the initial ability, but you have the faculty of choice, and ability to do it, you choose to do it, and then you

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do it, you have the intention, and then you carry it out. Now that carrying out is an actions of good deeds, and continuous that striving. And the total opposite is the one that's oppressed themselves. If you're striving to do good, that's the higher odds. And it's with the permission of Allah soprano with data. And that is the full caveat. That is a great virtue. So remember, brothers and sisters ilasik panda with data is not unaware of our struggles. A lot is aware of our struggles. But within that, how many of us are really struggling to worship Him, because within the struggle is the reward, even if we don't reach that intended goal, the fact that you made the intention and

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effort and you're continuously striving for the higher for the good is what will make you from the highest macom the highest level and if you are not strive at all times because you never ultimately know if you're from this one, or that one. But May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us from the ones that strive to be the ones that are performing the good may last month Allah bless you all. I said I might a better cat. Thank you