Yasir Qadhi – Wisdoms of the Quran #10 How ONE Person Can Bring Change

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a disturbing story involving a man named Sir Halon and his followers claiming to be from the gods, but the speakers insist they are lying. A woman named Jahannam is also mentioned as missing. The story also touches on a video game where a character is challenged by others and eventually challenges the game's several scenarios. The importance of standing up to change and being a positive role model is emphasized.
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Today's gem will be challah very interesting one surah Hood, verse 78, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions the story of the Prophet Lu today his Salam. And the Prophet Luth is surrounded by the people of Sodom, the people of Gomorrah that used to commit those sins, the angels have come to visit him. And the people have come to bring the angels to forcibly do unto the angels, the evil that they want to do. And the Prophet Luth says to them, lay some income Rajon Rashid, is there not one sensible man amongst you? Isn't there one person who has common sense who is a good man amongst all of you? Now, this idea can be understood in multiple ways. Of course, the outer or the simple

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meaning is that the entire city had become so corrupted, that not a single person was willing to speak sensible truth. The city was so corrupted in their vice, that not one person was willing to not be a part of the crowd. Everybody in the whole town had gathered, and they wanted you know, the angels they come in, they appear. And of course, we believe and the Quran mentions the angels are very beautiful. The angels are very handsome. And so as they're coming in, as they're walking through the towns, people are lusting. And the townspeople want to do their evil, forcibly. And so they surround the house of the Prophet, Lord, and they say, handover, your guests, and profit loads

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says, How can I apply a fee for that off to our own? Don't embarrass me, these are my guests. How can you do this? And he says to them, Repent to Allah and turn back to Allah. And if you accept Islam, how will I be not you who not how to Allah come, I will marry my own daughters to you, if you become righteous, then do the regular thing, don't do the unnatural thing. And then he says, Isn't there one person that is of common sense amongst you, not even one person. So at the base level, the ayah tells us that it is so easy to corrupt society, and especially this particular sin, it is as if you lose your rationality. In fact, in another verse, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions a very, very

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powerful reality of what happens when you follow your sexual lusts and passions. In another verse, Allah subhanho wa Taala one Lutz says to his people, if you repent, I'll give you my own daughters that who know how to look home. Then Allah says lamb Ruka in whom Luffy Sokrati him Yabba Hoon. Allah says, I swear by your life Jaros will Allah pause here, Allah has never given a custom upon the life of any human being, except the life of the Prophet salallahu it he was seldom the only human being and of course, Allah can give us them upon the created we know this, where Shem sealed or how how well comedy, so he gave us some he gave an oath upon the life of our Nebby sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam Ibn Abbas said, that is because no life is more sacred and noble than his life. So Allah gave a custom upon his life. What was the object of the Kasam la Maruka in the home? Luffy Sokrati him Yama Hoon, ya rasool Allah, I swear by your life that these people are drunk in their lust and they're wandering aimlessly. Allah called their lust drunkenness, Sakura, Sakura means drunk. And Allah calls the lust that overtakes this category as losing track of reality. And of course, we have to point out, look around you Wallahi people are speaking things that don't make any sense at all, male and female is all gone and everything they're not, it's as if we have to prove to

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them the sun is shining, and they're not willing to believe the sun is shining. It's literally as Allah is saying, isn't there one sensible person amongst you? They've lost their minds. And what they're saying doesn't make any sense. Not from alcohol. Not from Shahrukh, not from science, not from history. Literally, Allah is telling us this. So this is one meaning, but actually, this verse has many other meanings. I will mention two of them.

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I lay some in Cobra Jordan Rashid, another meaning it is as if loop Alayhis Salam is speaking not at the crowd level. But at the individual level. Oh, people don't follow the masters. At least one person, save yourself from Jahannam at least one person say don't worry about everybody else. Because on the Day of Judgment, we learned from the Quran that the people are going to say, Oh Allah, it's not our fault in now to our NASA that's in our Cobra and we followed everybody we followed our leaders and Allah will tell them the angel will tell you the prophets will tell them you should have followed the truth not the people around you. So we learn from this if you cannot

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look at the Masters, you cannot follow the crowd. You must make the judgment for the truth.

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At least some in Cameroon Rashid, you must use your common sense Rashid means they have common sense they have apple and the rightly guided. So it is as if loyalty saying, forget what everybody else is thinking, forget going with the crowd. You need to stand up and make a difference because you will be responsible for yourself. Allah says in the Quran, yeah, you had a lady and Armando Alikum and Fusa calm are you who believe you are responsible for yourselves, lie your guru calm, Ambala EDA datum, the one who is misguided is not going to harm you, as long as you are rightly guided. So we are taught in the Quran, la sermon camera, Julian Rashid, you be sensible and wise, even if

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everybody else is being foolish, why are you being foolish if society is foolish? And then the second meaning from this, which is really so profound, if an LT mentions one of the greatest facility and if an athlete mentions a les Simon Cobra Jordan Rasheed, it is as if Luke Alayhis Salam is asking one person to begin the change amongst the rest of the people because change begins with one brave person. Now this is a powerful, powerful message, what is the message one person can bring about a revolution? And Luther saying, isn't there one person that's going to stand up and speak the truth because when that one person speaks the truth, inshallah others are going to follow, I need

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the first brave soul, I need the leader amongst you, that is going to stand up and create that change. And from this idea, we have a sense of empowerment, leadership begins from within change begins with myself and with Allah He brothers and sisters history teaches us this How did any change happened except with one person who stood up and began to change? This is at every level, of course, Islamic level, the prophets, they began single handedly, of course, we believe this, but it's not just prophets, even the followers of the prophets. How did every great item How did every great Mujaddid began their trend whether it is sha Allah, Allah della, whether it is shareholders have

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even Taymiyah whether it is who Judas Tamil Horizonte, whether it is a sheet can go here, whether it is Hassan Al Banna, whether it is whoever you might want to follow, how did they begin that one person said, You know what, we need to do something we need to create a change, and they stood up and they preached and they taught and single handedly, by Allah's blessings and Baraka, they founded movements that affected and continue to affect millions of people and place them in Cameroon regime change begins at the individual level. This isn't just Islamic law judges look around you in history and technology in science and politics. How does change begin? One person has a vision, one person

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has a dream and says I need to do something even in the technological world, whether it's Steve Jobs or whoever it might be, they have this passion and vision and they say I need to do something different because the system is not working and they stand up and they do with the help of Allah subhanho wa Taala change occurs. So la Semin como la jolla and Rashid The question goes back to me and you Isn't there one person of common sense amongst you? Isn't there one person of guidance amongst you, you begin to change in your own life you do the best you can do and then insha Allah Tada. When you do that, like if an LDS says, When the righteous stand up and began change, others

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will follow in that change, when you will become the role model. When you start instigating head and good as our Prophet Sall Allahu alayhi wa sallam said, the one who guides other people to good shall get the reward of all those who follow in that guidance. So the message to me and you, let us be that catalyst and change. Let us be that positive leadership, even if it's within our own families, just our own friends, whoever it might be. You don't have to become shareholder snap. But be amongst your own community amongst your own family be that Rajon Rasheed be that righteous figure so that when you become the role model of virtue, others will follow you brothers and sisters, the question

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goes back to you allay some income, Rajan Rashid, may Allah make us that Rajon Rashid May Allah make us that low role model and that rightly guided person and inshallah to Allah we will continue tomorrow was set on wanting to look

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