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Zahir Mahmood
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a video featuring a person named Johanna who is supposed to die by the grace of Islam. The video describes a group of people falling off the sky and feeling the pain of falling over 70,000 days. The video also describes a person named Subhan Allah La ilaha who is supposed to die by the grace of Islam.
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And Allah says every single person will go over this.

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Imagine today we sitting here comfortably imagine on that day, where you will go over

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and you will look down and beneath you is Johanna

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and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that God will Jahannam that the depth of Jahannam is lesser Runa referred for a person to fall into Jahannam it is 70,000 days and till you a person with the bottom

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70,000 years, the message of Allah said when Johanna will be bought by the angels by the Grace of Allah, if it was not for the protection of Allah, every person would be burnt.

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And the irony of this or the gene thing of this is that after falling 70,000 days to the depth of Jahannam, a person would not die.

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Many of us

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or some of us, will not even live 70 years.

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So, imagine that day, imagine you see Jahannam the darkness of Jahannam beneath you. And you can see here the raging fire

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imagine now Subhan Allah La ilaha illa Allah. Now you have to take your first step onto the surrounds.

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Imagine how you and I will feel now we're putting our first step on the syrup. What is the Surat and you put your foot on the syrup.

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It's sharper than a sword thinner than a hair.

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And you can see Johanna money beneath you the darkness is of Johanna.

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And all around you all you hear is people falling off the breech.

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Imagine how the heart will feel.

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Have you ever been in a situation where your legs give way, way where you're maybe so scared or you're in such a trauma that your legs start to shake?

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Imagine today

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you can see Johannah beneath you. You can hear screams you can hear the fire raging

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and that is the steps that we will have to take.

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Unless listen brothers and sisters unless we prepare for that day to day

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until we prepare for that date. If we prepare for that day, then the problem is Allah Salam said the people will go over like a horse like lightning like the blink of our eye like the wind.

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But the preparation is here.

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