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Shalom commanded Rahim and humbly lay have been heard of him. salat wa salam ala rasulillah. While the

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main operation thanks belongs to Allah subhana wa Tada. And may the peace of listening of Allah be upon his seventh and final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, first of all my brothers in Islam, and we're going to start with just the daily a bit of an A short word of advice about yesterday's event, the Eclipse and more importantly, what lessons does he Muslim learn from the eclipse what lessons should we come out of the attorney yesterday and what lessons I was supposed to learn from that? If you were to observe and those who prayed selected Kossoff yesterday morning,

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and we asked the attorney, how long did the prayer take? How long did the solid take roughly? Those who prayed and selected Kosove yesterday, about one hour? See that one hour? That should be your daily routine before solid and fresher every single day? That should be your daily routine during the night somewhere every single day, the one who has this other routine found yesterday so that Yeah, and he was able to connect with yesterday so that and not feeling a burden or a pressure upon him because he's used to this. And this is how the reason the moment. SLM teaches us to prepare for the hero. We yesterday, yesterday morning that saw that people came and they were praying it

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somewhere bringing it with the intention, that this could be possibly the last salad than the last as the hero of a loss of Hannah Diana's word, before the hereafter begins. possibly could have been that some people previous today with the intention that you know solid is something beautiful, we shall lie is recharging is eternal, no problems. And some had no idea why they were praying yesterday, the only certain people came yesterday and they prayed with us after selected version and asked what was that that we just prayed and hamdulillah it's longer. This is his moment and his opportunity to learn so inshallah next time he comes ready. But the Yani with these intentions, the

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highest of them, was the one who prayed yesterday with the intention that these Ayad is hearing and this celerity spring could possibly be the last salad in the last year till he before the day of judgment begins. Allah subhanho wa Taala. And he says in the same idea, or in the idea to again two or three, that the hour is coming, when you mean exam is coming, or syrup is coming. And the paradise in the Hereafter is about to come. This is all reality it's coming. Allah who I don't know how close it is for Lonzo, you said again.

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I almost keep it hidden. I've almost kept the hour hidden. What does that mean? In other words, I'll show you signs. I'll send some signs. So you can see that the hour is on the way. What happened yesterday is no doubt one of the signs of the Day of Judgment were so panela a candle off he had the two second don't have seen the matters are now my brothers in Islam, only the calculation, it tells us that the eclipse it starts on this time, and it will end on this time. Well yesterday they got it right. But one day, the calculation is going to get it wrong, the eclipse will start and then at the end of it would actually be the start of the day of judgment as in the vessel allow me to send

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dimensions loss or releases in the poor, for either a better composer or herself and calmer or human our ships will come up when Allah saw him describe the Day of Judgment. He described in the Quran major events that will occur on the last day on earth. And he said on the last day on earth burial puzzle, but if I only held on Basile, the the eyesight of the people becomes confused. So it looks left than it looks right and it the only all signs are happening around that the stars are falling, the moon is falling and so on for everyone is looking around to see what kind of chaos is happening around them. And also, the other major event that happens on the last day or herself will come up

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when the moon is eclipsed or human or shrimps will come up the moon being Eclipse meaning the light of the moon disappears. This is what happens in an eclipse the light of the moon disappears As you may or shamsul will come up and the sun and the moon both will be joined together they will crash and collide with each other. As a result they will lose their life. So again, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. This is why he got scared when he saw the eclipse. And this is why he became terrified because the eclipse is one of the major events that happened on the last day of this earth. That is a major event. So in the lifetime of Rasulullah saw Sonam when the light of the sun

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disappeared. He became scared and terrified because he didn't know if the light of the sun will be regained once again on up if it'll light up once again or not. If it doesn't, then that means cause the tip he's the Day of Judgment it will occur. For he got scared so long while he was suddenly

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You know the day of judgment and how does it occur Lonzo Hill he says in the Quran hollyanne Verona in Lhasa, and Dr. Dutton whom is rude. When Allah saw him describe the coming of the hour, he described it with the word, one to nourish rune that he comes both the all of a sudden, want to know this rune and you have no idea and you did not even feel about it. Well, maybe some of them in the Hadith. When he describes

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the day of judgment and how it unfolds, he mentions that at the end of time, just before the day of judgment strikes on the disbelievers. There is a man who's

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basically walking his camels to where they're going to eat, where they're going to drink, he is walking his camels that year, and it's a normal day for people people are in their daily business. And he is the first one who he is not to fall. He is the first one who is the flow of breath in the trumpet. And as a result, he turns left and right. And the people begin to drop from the sound that they hear right along. So again, he says we all move off of your soul, philosophical manifests and our dimension of meaning they begin to fall one after the other, dying from the sound that they hear you and this is how the outline has been described that and all of a sudden people on their daily

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business, and it just occurs. So Yanni, if it was going to be the day of judgment, if it was going to be the day of judgment on the day of eclipse of Nabi sallallahu, alayhi wasallam wanted to be prepared, because if this is going to be the last moments on Earth, then I wanted to meet Allah subhanaw taala while I am standing before his hand in solid, this is why he rushes to a solid and he makes Jani bilello Viola and will make the call of solo to Gemma solo to Jana. He says this a few times until the people came in gathered a follow through, meaning we're going to bring congregation we're going to bring congregation and then the people came together. And they began to pray Our

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solo. Also Pamela, you find something incredible that during the eclipse, after the solid in the Messiah, Salem gave a hopper and he encouraged the people to do almost all kinds of good deeds. You can think of Yanni included the lawful Messiah synonyms, speech and his whole but he encouraged the people first and foremost, to believe that this is a sign from Allah so hidden to believing it's a sign and being certain about that is a reason for why the email increases, right? Number two, a solid. Number three, he encouraged the people to make blank. Then he encouraged in another heart attack real people to go around and sell load. But

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then he encouraged the people a solid dose of dako keep on giving silicon until it's removed until it goes away. Then he encouraged the people is still far to continuously make it still far. And he encouraged in another another hobby

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to free a slave go around and look for slaves and free him. And he encouraged also to seek refuge from the punishment of the grave that a woman other we'll cover all of these kinds of worship. And there is some Allah Allah He is teaching us that we're supposed to engage in and do during the eclipse, Eclipse why Linda? is telling us that the eclipse could be the last moments on Earth, when you're supposed to be prepared. Find yourself in a worship Yanni, if these were the last days on earth, and he was resurrected on the Day of Judgment before Allah social, meet the last thing that you did on Earth, some kind of good deed, whatever it is, look how many opportunity I have do

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anything as long as being engaged in a hazard for no reason. Lamar legalism is teaching us that the way you're supposed to prepare for the Hereafter is with good deeds. That's the way you're supposed to prepare, what kind of good deeds all these that he mentioned, almost everything of an Islam of the good deeds that we know of. Right? When there is no Mahara, you're Solomon's, and then comes to him. And he says the matter, sir, when is the hour going to happen? short notice I didn't say to him, Allahu Allah, he responded to Him. And He said to him whenever are that? What did you prepare for it by asking this question? What preparation Have you made for that day? Are you ready for that

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day to be tomorrow so that you're resurrected? and standing before a loss of Hana data? For this is the ID what kind of preparation Have you made the hour the hereafter? We don't need the knowledge of what it is. And for every single person you need the knowledge of what have you prepared for that day? Have you prepared enough to stand before Allah? subhanaw taala? This must be the question. This is what you're supposed to reflect the letter yesterday morning. This is the thing that you're supposed to reflect on yesterday morning. Keep this kind of ID in this question in your mind until we meet Allah Subhana data. What have you prepared for that day? I got to see the seven of us on the

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line while he was seldom when he was praying for that because he saw the paradise in the river it could be that la the paradise was brought me to him. This we learn from

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That Yanni the paradise it comes towards a solid him and the righteous good deeds that lead to the paradise also comes towards a solid hate a lot of social and he says about the day of judgment was lifted in general is much cleaner

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that on the Day of Judgment, the paradise itself Allah brings it forward to the believers was lifted, meaning it comes forward out of honor doesn't mean we deserved it. But it was a massage and his honor towards the the believer of the good that he did in this life, that he brings the paradise close to him, that if you want the paradise to come close to in this life, you're supposed to come close to it, and you're supposed to come close to it with the good deeds that you do. As a result on the Day of Judgment Allah azza wa jal honors the believers by bringing the paradise close. When the paradise was brought close to him during his salad, we're learning that the most thing that will

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bring the paradise close to you is a solid. He knew when he was praying it can cause steam. In other words, Jani one of the greatest means of bringing yourself closer to the paradise is through a solid itself. Whenever you saw

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him in his sled, he saw the Hellfire as well. And when he saw it, he stepped back. He is the one who stepped back and Hoover paradise came to him. And when the whole fire was there, he began to step back away from it. You only hear from that from the heat from the intense flame that was coming out of it. him stepping that's on a lot of water. Your system teaches us that if he made effort, he made effort to stay away from the Hellfire, then you will always suppose to make the effort to keep away from the Hellfire and to keep away from the actions that lead to the Hellfire, especially during these months and assured home. These are the secret months we are now in Volker and then after a

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year and then how long? We've just started this year in the three months of assured home. And then there's one more that comes afterwards. For me these months of an assured home the secret months where you're not supposed to commit you're near where you're supposed to stay from the sins away from the sins as best as you can during the but especially during these months, let alone storage and he says in the plan for the limo fee hidden I'm full circle. Do not run yourselves in these months. Don't do the wrong in these months, the grip in this month. Yanni. You need to learn that yesterday Sultan Khrushchev was during a lecture on hold on how much money

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how much emphasis there's a lot of had our data please upon a person yearning to keep away from the sins as best as he can never know he's on the line while he was in them when he saw the Hellfire when he saw the Hellfire and he stepped back.

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He said that he saw three kinds of punishments. Number one he saw problematic issue rule Cosmo fanatic random so I'm going to dramatic I'm problematic is the actually the first person who brought a Sheik into Makkah. He brought a shift into where he was in a sham somewhere and he saw them worshipping idols. And he got interested he said to them, what's this? They said to him I'm like this is an idol. We pretend we worship when we want rain, and rain comes down for is a fitna for him. He grabbed it and he put it on a camel so you have a soul a bright, so he put it on a camel, and he brought the camel into Macquarie please stick right next to the camera. He told the people it

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is and people began to worship it. So he was the first one to bring a Sheikh intermec and

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saw him in the fire, dragging his intestines behind yet in other words, internal punishment. These intestines are out and they're dragging behind him and this is his punishment in jahannam. This is what he saw. Whenever you Salalah alayhi wa sallam during you saw that as well so that he saw Jani the person stealing the Raj, there was a person that was stealing the wolf of that Raj and so on. He saw him as well in Johanna Mujuru cassava movie, Jana is dragging his his intestines around with him in German. When there is a llama while you're still living, you saw a woman in the whole fire burning. And the reason why she is burning is because she owned a cat in this life a cat and she she

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tied the cat. She did not feed the cat No Did she allowed to go and eat from the grounds and so on and whatever you can find to eat for in other words in the visa lamola. Your system teaches us three things. And these are three categories. The first one, which is problematic. This is a crime against the loss of data data. It represents the area to sue the dairy that calls to misguidance and misguides the people and on the Day of Judgment you have them is the first station that he stops at. The first one is the the crime against the loss of Hello data. The second category, the person that stole the judge, is the person that committed the crimes against mankind. And the third is the one

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who committed the crime against the animals for no reason evolve. Allah eurosender is teaching us that the crime against the law and the crime against the

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People and the crime against the animal. All these are actions of yanam. They all need to ever be learned. This is why you're supposed to learn that these are just getting these are categories of bigger things. Not just the idea. No, I haven't done the first one. I didn't do the second one how to do the third one. Oh, good. To see y'all need a scene? Where is it? Is it against the law? Keep away from it, because that leads to is your sin against the people keep away from it? Because that leads to Jana? Is your sin against animals? Even if that's the case, then you're supposed to keep away from it? Because that is something that eventually ends the person into Gangnam when they have

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a villa. And the last point I make on this reflections of what we're supposed to learn from the eclipse the event yesterday was that if you reflect into the lifetime of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam is a very important point this one. You find that the greatest moment in the lifetime of salasar SLM in where he cried, Gani, the greatest moment in where he cried heavily and intensely was when the last few Ayat of Surah Al Anam were revealed to him also de la Milan, were revealed to him. This This was by far the greatest moment in the lifetime of muscle loss is a lead in where he cried so heavily. He's been soaked with his tea so long it goes into the area on the floor in where he

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makes us to hood and where his foot once was soaked with his teeth for a long while they got to the point when he came out and below the alarm I'm sorry, he said, Tim, I have never seen you cry as much as I've seen you today. And he was in his house and he said to me on Zilla de la la let the

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way you live and

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that was the scene. He said to him Oh BNN et were revealed to me this night, which were interview hope is similar to a lot of the of the lovely lady or Nadia deluded, unbabel levina of coolala. Up until the end of these add the last out of sort of that Mr. He said to him, Allah has revealed to me if it's not, we Lord, may the destruction before the one who reads them when I'm yet at the Burma and does not ponder over them does not contemplate over them. yet to be saved from the punishment of Allah and the destruction of Allah. It's not enough to read them. You're supposed to also ponder over them, show for the Salah, measure yourself with his hobbies, where you're supposed to be and

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where you are right now and work towards where you're supposed to leave. He's had that interview sallallahu alayhi wasallam crime because of the death of sin and understand them and keep them in your heart and keep them in your mind. Now why I'm mentioning this because they're good enough. I also mentioned what was the second greatest event in the lifetime of a sumo wrestler where he cried heavily. So this was the first modern. The second time he cried intensely was during alakazoo that happened on his time. And it was only recorded one kossuth in the lifetime of asanas is undone. And it was when the sun was eclipsed. There is no record that the moon Eclipse during the lifetime of

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homosassa the only clips they witnessed and they prayed or selected Khrushchev meaning when the sun was eclipsed. So in other words, it was then all of a sudden the light of the sun disappeared. And it was dark time. Yeah, even very terrifying. And a scary event. But let's understand this.

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When the sun eclipsed during his lifetime,

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on that day,

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earlier that day, something happened. What happened earlier that day?

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Does anyone know what happened earlier that day before the sun Eclipse is Sunday, Ibrahim Malawi a loved one who died. Okay. When he sounded the alarm I know he brought he when he died. And the reason Allah wa alayhi wa sallam he said, What did he say?

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He said he said words, three statements.

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He said in an arena in an island at adma when the compiler were in Iraq.

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He said Verily He looked at his son, as he is laying there motionless that he said in the line verily VI, it is you might have read these narrations verily via IITs while Kanban acid and the the heart finds grief and sadness. Why not? I feel comfortable eating them up soon. And because of your departure, we blame you've departed this life. We are really upset and we're sad, right? But you're only we say on hamdulillah and Nevis I send them said in Elian Allah, Ma, the IITs, this was when just before the Eclipse a few hours before the Eclipse and then later that day when the sun Eclipse

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and then he feed for this oma that Allah zosia and his punishment would come down on them and how he describes him back buka and shalida. He cried intensely and he cried heavily, and in his cry in his suit, he began to blow breath

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Yeah if oof like this as the hobby you've mentioned so in other words anything you realize something in this hobby you would never use on the lawn while he was alive as he's in his suit is blowing breathable and that they see on the fire that he saw and he is crying for this honor that that perhaps the punishment might come down and then interviews alone while he was sending me sending it should not be alum died near labor diva who manaphy him and I'm tired they are later

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on he says Oh Allah Didn't you promise me that you will not punishment as long as I'm among them and I'm alive with them. And getting you're also promised me that you will not punish them. You will not send down the hereafter if I'm not here and they are making so far. So when he made this and he said that, firstly our

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lawyers alone while he was alone, he woke up on um, how about the shrimps he got up from your salad. And the light of the sun began to regain an eclipse when? Yeah, now verbal muscle. How

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do you learn something here that when you some of your loved one will die and you're still fresh and warm in his grave? And the bizarre Selim only teeth. But when the eclipse happened a few hours that day, he began to cry heavily. In other words, his concern for the old man and concern for them being punished was much greater and more intense on his heart than the death of his own son which happened the same day. Again, he was also masala lamotta you know, suddenly he's teaching us that we're supposed to have the same concern for the affairs of this young he doesn't only make sense that you sit here with humble in my little circle, and goodbye I don't want to anyone outside and what's

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happening with people outside you don't have a choice to make that the fact that you become a Muslim. you've signed up to an entire oma that you're supposed to feel its affairs. For Namaste, Arizona when he cries he's teaching us my concern for this oma book is greater than my own personal worries I have my own little things I have. Even if it was my son to die yes, even if it was my son today. It's not as big as the concern you had for the oma for we have to learn my brothers in Islam, Yanni concern of your mo always keep it up hard. This is what we learned from solotica Sufi event yesterday, this is what he teaches us to always have the oma in our in our in our concerns in our

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warriors, right? Remember them always with a with a soda you make with a good word that you speak something that alleviates its affairs in your own capacity, whatever you can help with help. You're always supposed to be there in your mind in your conscience in your concern. Right that yeah, this is what we learned from elcomsoft Allah Allah sallallahu wasallam all valid God entity you know why he was so happy