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everyone welcome back to quota on 3430 hamdulillah. What I mean tonight we are joined by our very special guests the stuff Justin parrot come to the novel but I mean, I could last up, Justin, it's good to have you. Thanks, Sam. Good to see you. Good to see you. Good to be here. Live at a creek. I was lucky enough here for joining us, Paula for those of you that don't know i mean i think that a lot of people have benefited from the work of Steve Justin without realizing that a Tim behind it. I have rarely met

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you know, people as productive as you are robotic Allah. So the daily Hadeeth website the Amina Yass website, which has a lot of the Hadeeth translations, a lot of you know, gems from our pious predecessors translated just a lot of great content and you also assisted in the Europe book with Dr. Paul Wyatt. I mean, the people are benefiting now. So exactly left here for all the work that you've been doing and handed it out with the opinion outside of it LR Ward, Jeremy and thank you. It's truly inspiring and humbling. So with that, Chef Abdullah duro hamdulillah always good to have you man.

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Always blessed to have you in the novel. But I mean, from the juggles about 10 different commitments a day as well. So May Allah bless and reward you.

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One day he will write a book on productivity and so a lot

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so to remind everyone before we get started in sha Allah yaqeen institute.org slash trauma bond or look in the comments for the companion reader for put on 3430 also, the new book, which suggested assisted with the $100 Grameen with Dr. Barbara white that we spoke about. And of course, a reminder as well to continue to consider contributing to the denying time amongst all of the good causes that you are supporting. It's the month of Ramadan. So please continue with your generosity insha Allah tada to the free resources that you have been as well as all the causes that are out there at the dinner. Tonight we're going to switch things up a bit in sha Allah to Allah.

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The reason being is that female medically speaking, I'm going to be covering in detail suta Toba which heavily focuses on taboo and her name. And chef Donna shell I wanted to stay in the in the victory of that. So

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chef Abdullah is covering unfurl a verse and third and some of the lessons to build off on was personally one of my favorite reflections from Sheikh Hasina one so Pamela just beautiful reflection. So I think it's a good segue because Allah subhanaw taala takes us from bed of the first battle to the last battle right panel in this connection of the two sources, but check from the lunch Allah is going to share reflection from an unfair and then I'll cover the subtle portion from suta Toba and then start just inshallah Tata will take his portion. So Shaykh Abdullah

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is Aquila here on this villa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah, wider early he was talking to a woman when I'm about, as Jeff mentioned, and shall I'm going to come from certain portions of the chapter and fat, which is roughly the verse verse number 45 and 46. But to contextualize it a little a loss of kind of what to add up when he talks about to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in mentioning a certain virtue of his because in this context here last month, Allah is giving us some scholars call it away do Patel or some of the guidelines for the Muslim to be conscious of if they were to go into battle as they were in the Battle of button and it's not even when we're thinking

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you're thinking guidelines, maybe thinking how to carry your artillery or how to ride your hailer your horse, nobody's how to deal with the reality that may take place in front of you from even the numbers that you may encounter. And what's so beautiful is that Allah subhanaw taala when he says in the chapter, verse number 4343, when he talks about how he showed the number as minute in the dream of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he says, After I've been there for 13, if you read him Allahu faema, Anamika collignon walo uranga here on the official two minutes and as it fills me when I can no longer sell them in the law, it won't be that sort of, and when Allah showed you them,

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and when I last showed them to you as few in your dream, FEMA Nantucket, Ballina, and if you had shown them to if he had shown them to you as many you would surely have been discouraged and you surely would have disputed and making a decision. But Allah saved you certainly, he is the owner of that which is in the chat. So here last month, Allah is confirming the fact that he showed them as my new because Allah even understands what the Sahaba companions the reality of the human beings per se, being that he showed them as minute and smaller numbers in the dream of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Well, Rocco and Kathy are on the fishing team. Well, that's an atom and if he was

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to show you them and plentiful a number left to him, you will

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Have, you would have Subhanallah been of those that were been been discouraged or whether to NASDAQ to him and you would be of those that would have quarreled. So here so kind of Allah subhana wa Taala is showing a beautiful, beautiful reality to us as human beings at the promise of Allah and it was an anti companions, particularly the companions. They were individuals that were human, and they support a lot with this reality, a lot is reminding us of something. So when we skipped over a couple of verses, Allah subhanaw taala brings a very important point regarding unity. And as we know, in this month of Ramadan, sometimes the word unity can be a test for many of us, particularly

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the beginning of the month of Ramadan. But it's most important that we always keep in mind the bigger picture. Although there may be some if you laugh, we don't want that st laugh to go to a to Nazareth, and there's a small difference between the two. When we get the word of laughs That means to differ with one another, one another. But that difference can be a difference that is legal, it can be a difference, that is Mamadou it is praiseworthy, it can be a difference that is Rockman as a prophet sallallahu wasallam and I mentioned in a hadith that is not authentic, but the meaning of it is enough for me to connect, okay, as it was said, that the difference amongst my oma is a mercy.

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So, when realizing that the difference can be something that is good or lead to something that is bad, when it leads to something that is bad, that is what is called Xs or enter nazaret means nothing. I mean, we see a source of nazjatar it means when to pull something out or to tear vigorously. So that could be where one pulls away from another or the quarreling causes separation. And that's what Allah subhanho wa Taala uses this particular word let's assume to well attend as that to me. And law says when I can the law has seldom but Allah son and he made it easy and peaceful for you all being that he disclosed that number.

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Allah subhana wa tada says in verse number 45, and 46 and even a famous upon line his book called furusiyya basically mentioning he's talking about battle and how the Muslims should be in battle and certain guidelines and stories and you know, adab in regards to battling the enemy, fighting the enemy, Allah subhanho wa Taala or even a famer him a lot of times I mentioned five different rules as he mentioned at the very end of this book, he mentions these two verses and he mentions five as he extracts five benefits which are actually mentioned in the verse when the loss of kind of what data says yeah you had an avenue either latency etc In fact go to what Kula heck is here Allah Allah

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come to play home here he mentions to he says, Oh, you will believe when you meet the enemy force, take a firm stand against them and remember the name of Allah much for that perhaps you may be successful. So be firm, be firm have setbacks, as we asked in our schedule, it's a bit bumpy, allergenic, half the battle and be firm and mention the name of a lucky thing. Why is this so profound? Because when you think of fighting or ever you think of some kind of love many of you probably have been lost in hedge Amina, I was lost in the first year I made hij loss for after Thor. So you can imagine being lost you start thinking I don't know if I'm going to find my group. Will I

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get back home? Well, this happened. You know, where am I going to go? And that time are you going to say to Pamela 100 La La La La La Jolla, oh, Blimey, among Aloma yesterday on the alarm yesterday, I'm all I make my affairs easy for me. And the time of stress is when the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala tip should be mentioned. And in this particular context, it is a time of shuddha it is a time of harshness, it's it's difficult because your life is on the line. Remember the name of Allah you can say that you want to battle when you see the enemy in front of you. When you see them in your on the front lines or in the back or wherever you don't know what's going to come your way mentioning

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the name of a lawsuit kind of what it says Kathy on as we talked about earlier, that speech can have an effect on your heart having effect on your mind having an effect on your behavior, a loss of power without it continues with the other three guidelines. The first one was what

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to have football to what gorilla hackathon to have to be firm and to remember the name of Allah plentiful. Then he says well to Lucha wall to Rasulullah Well, that's an asset roof I text shadow will tend to have a repo must be true and Allah masse savini he says and obey Allah and His Messenger, that's the third to obey Allah and His Messenger, in this harsh time of the Battle of budget, or in any harsh time in your life. But particularly in this battle with this the epitome of situations where your life is on the line is war. When your life is on the line in this particular situation, don't go off and do what you want to do. Don't go off and do what you want to do.

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Remember the message of the prophets of Allah. Remember that he's been given revelation from Allah subhana wa

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data. So sticking with him is what is most important to upon like making a slight analogy. You know, those of you don't get upset with me if you've done this before, you know your hedge leader that may have the knowledge of the area and where he's going, and you may not but she wants to go and divert off and you may get lost. So we can make an analogy with that similar when the individual is supposed to obey Allah Subhana Allah and His Messenger within then methyl Allah and Allah is the greatest of examples. But when we see this particular order to obey Allah and His Messenger in this harsh situation, it's very, very important, because if we don't, what may happen, as he mentioned,

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the third, he mentions the effect of not obeying a lot His Messenger when he says,

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obey the law and His Messenger and do not dispute less you lose courage and your strength departs. He says, Do not dispute after being alone is messenger, which is a third and do not dispute. Why protect shallow waters habari hokum for rarely, you will coral as some say, you will lose courage, especially is to where you can, it is something that is destructive, what's hidden, have it hokum, then you're read and as a scholar, as mentioned, oh, but read actually means, like, you know, older or it can mean some type of something that is moving plentifully in different directions, some say the wind, right, so that effect will leave the people, the strength that you have will leave the

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people why, because you are calling, we're calling in this time of hardship, you're arguing with one another. And that's what it is, when that tannaz there who do not have these app, don't argue in this time, it's important to listen to your leader and to obey Him, and not to argue to where the argument can lead to dissension on the battlefield. And when that happens, the enemy sees that he sees weakness. And that's where Subhanallah one can maybe choose when Africa at that time, or one can give an offering to someone, and it can compromise the strength of the oma in which all of this is for our last panel with Dan and all of this is for the civilians to be safe to worship Allah

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subhana wa Tada. So a lot of saying potential for eternity, very, very hokum, and your re, your strength will leave. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala. And he continually says, was view and that's the fifth one. That's the fifth guideline in nulla. My sobbing and a subversive panela Is it is it is to humble and mechanic started even I should mention is the humble and mchattie. It is dealing with the undesired situations, it may not be something you you desire on the battlefield, they may have chosen another ruling rather than what you want it to end the boardroom at home in a certain group. But sticking together is what is most important. That's why it's a sub hospital. Why in the

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law have masabi verily ending it with that Allah Subhana Allah loves the ones that are patient, he loves the ones that their decision wasn't, wasn't chosen, but they stick with the group wholeheartedly because he understands or she understands the greater mcsa and the greater example of why we are out here doing this work and why they were in the Battle of butter. So seeing the beautiful aspect of sticking together remembering these five guidelines, even though it is for the Battle of brother to make the generality and understanding that these five things are very important that we are firm, and that we mentioned the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala plentifully and that we

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do not argue with one another that we are patient, and that we do not dispute with one another because that disputing in arguing can cause separation, not only separation of the minds, but separation of the hearts. And imagine us is we as an oma now in America all around the world, when they see that the oma of Islam is that which has difference in fighting amongst one another, they'll just look and laugh, and then they'll keep moving. So it's very important for us to kind of look to make sure that we do what we can, as was mentioned other lessons ago, that we do what we can to keep the kenema the word of a loss of kind of data within our actions in our hearts together to keep the

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hearts together. And that is the ultimate goal of brotherhood and sisterhood mila panatela keep us together and bless their hearts to be as one the show does not come off.

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As that just know if you have any comments and share them. Yeah, I do. So hamdulillah nice talk. And as you were, as you were talking it made me It reminded me of a statement I think is Omar Ibn Abdul Aziz Rahim Allah.

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And I'm paraphrasing he said something along the lines of I fear the sins of the Muslims more than I fear the enemy. Because we were given given victory because of our obedience, and they were given defeat because of their disobedience. Something like that paraphrased. And I think that's a really good paradigm that we need to have because we

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can analyze like worldly causes of victory and defeat and so on. And a lot of people do that but really the ultimate spiritual causes obedience to loss pattern went to Allah and that makes the difference. And then if we're if we're obeying Allah Subhana Allah, even if we are defeated in this life, we are victorious in the next life and that's the most important thing. So does a fair shake that that you're talking about that back to my mind? kondalilla and if you want me to dig that out for you, I can that statement and I might have never

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Spoken like a true researcher, man. So

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that was a beautiful baby.

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does that come low height on bicycle, if you come for the beautiful reflection, and reflections, actually, I should say my last patch, I reward you. And we go into sort of tober now, and sort of Toba is a sutra that if you remember last year, and you don't have to go back and watch Season One of Quran 3430. But it could be helpful, but if you read in your companion Guide, which summarizes the structure from last year, these are the sutras you know, and Fatima Tobin particular, that islamophobes love to manipulate and take verses out of context. And and you know, generalize them in a way that portrays Islam in a certain light right, so these are wartime chapters and Fatah Toba.

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And the reason why there's no best mela between them according to you know, Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim after in fact going into a Toba is because they were like one surah and it starts off with this you know this very clear indication right that this surah is revealed in a different light. So this comes at the very end, this comes to tabuk so he talks about a 90 day which is

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really around the fact to have MCE right so this is pre conquest of Mecca, pre Fattah hammock pre you know, hydrated with that the farewell hedge of the Prophet slice alum where it is, you know, the oma come to the come, Dina come today I've completed your religion for you. This is right before that. So what happened in the years between her they be unfit to Mecca. between her they BIA and you know, where a treaty was made in her they BIA that allowed the Muslims to spread the message of Islam further without being under the pressure of persecution of the Americans. What happens between that and the conquest of Mecca is very important to understanding the surah. Obviously, number one,

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the treaty is broken by the Meccans. Right, so they violate the treaty.

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And, you know, and in the process, Allah subhanaw taala invalidates the treaty. Right? So once they violated the treaty, and they attacked the group of Muslims, then the treaty was invalidated. And in the time of her they BIA after that Fattah after the the, what's called Fattah, could they be the conquest of the treaty, if you will, the opening that the treaty gave forth is Islam is now spreading throughout the world. And so it's really turned outside of you know, merely just that immediate region. And so Allah subhanaw taala, calls for the invalidation of the treaty. And then now you're also talking about the Byzantines and the other empires that are involved because Islam

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is now being allowed to spread beyond its borders. The Prophet, slice alum has invited now, the heads of state he sent his letters out after Could they be that's where the famous incident where miraculous is talking to Abu Sufyan takes place, it's after the Treaty of Could they be. And so this this oath is given that the treaty has now been invalidated. And Subhanallah the very fact that it's being announced is a sign of the ethics of Islam, because what they used to do back then is they would simply just deceive and they'd simply go forth and fight and they would not announce that they are no longer subjecting themselves to the treaty here. The treaty is invalidated and you have four

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months, right? To make your preparations because this is the proper ethics of war. And Islam teaches us ethics in all things. And you'll see Subhanallah laced within these verses, after every single verse, which calls for, you know, or manifests the anger of Allah and the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam towards those that violated and towards the hypocrites that tried to be stable within you see the stabilize from within you see all of these verses. So for example, right away in verse four that this does not apply to the Latina I had to mean and Moshe kina, from alumnium, also from Shay, well, I'm your law hero,

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Tim, Tim, will he lay him at the home? You know, I'm with that to him in the law you have when we're talking, remember, be mindful of a lot of fear Allah with the way that you treat people when you're in a place of power. So last pantai says that this is not in regards to those who are amongst the mushrikeen who associate others with Allah, but they've made treaties with you and they did not violate their treaties with you, nor did they back anyone up against you so they didn't go behind and help a warring party against you. So last pentasa

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Fulfill your treaties with them until the end of their term. Surely I lost pants I loves the pious again you go to verse six What do you mean I'm sure the keenest the jhalak that if any of the those who associate others with Allah seek asylum from then grant them asylum hats as American Allah until they hear the word of Allah and then escort them to safety. For they are a people that do not know any better. Verse seven from us tocom FMS calm as long as they behave in a straight manner with you customize a motorhome then as long as they are like that with you then behave in a strict manner with them be be mindful of that with them in the law headwind once again once again Subhanallah

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Allah loves the God fearing like fear Allah subhanaw taala as you carry out these expeditions and as you carry out these orders against the hypocrites and against those who have violated the treaties and continue to agitate now the context of this as we go into it is the expedition of tab book and the expedition of tab book, you know, really opens up a frontier where you start talking about the Romans now agitating with the Muslims and the you know, the opening of the the the battles between the Muslims in the Byzantine empire that start when the prophets lie Selim is about to leave this world and the excuses that the hypocrites give, to not go out with the Prophet slice I'm into a book

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and not just the excuses that they give to not go out. And to support the prophets. I saw them in that regard, but the active you know, ating of the enemies that are attacking the profit slice them from different directions actively collaborating with some from the Roman Empire actively collaborating with the pagans and Mecca still actively mocking the profit slice inside and seeking to hold other people back. So let's pans out of this verse, or this surah really comes down harshly in regards to the hypocrites but then Subhanallah I was just thinking about this verse that's just planted right in the in the middle because you're going to see all of these categories of people

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some that really could not go out and support the prophets lie some because they have legitimate needs some that just refuse to go out and support the profit slice of them and they admitted that they had no no legitimate reasons. Those that made excuses false excuses. All of these people some that had intention, but could not do some that could do but they had no real intention. Right. So it really brings the NEA and the IMF together, the intention and the action together. And that is the verse about Obamacare. So before they allow time I know in Latin solo for called nosara Hola, Raja Hola, Dena cafaro Thani. His name is Juana filati. The akula Yokota is a heavy healer taxon in Allah

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Maranatha ends on Allah forenza allow Sakina to Who are they? He was a Yahoo Venusian lamp chauraha vagina kennametal Medina cafaro su Fleur will carry metal la he he earlier will la horizon Hakeem, it's one of my favorite verses Subhan Allah. Verse 40 answers to Toba, it will not matter if you don't help the profit slice on them. It's not going to really affect them. Because remember when Allah supported him, when the disbelievers drove him out of his home, and he was but one of two people and they were in the cave together. And when he said to his companion of Wilbekin, do not grieve surely Allah is with us. So Allah caused his tranquility, to descend upon him and he

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supported him with with troops that you could not see. And he degraded the word the phrase of the disbelievers and as for Allah's word, he raised it, and verily last pantiles all powerful, all lies. Now, I know we touched on this last year as well. But just think about this, like this verse is being revealed about 10 years after the incident. So Pamela, you know, if you're a robot goes to decouple the alarm and imagine being a robot could equal the alarm in the congregation of the profit slice on them. And this verse comes down about you 10 years later, 10 years later, so pauwela, praising you, and reminding you of that incident. So it's really beautiful, because of all bekende

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all the Allahu anhu in the heads about the spirit that apobec had had in the heads of law, was exactly the spirit that those people are being reprimanded for not having a wicked will the law on who remember when the Prophet slicin comes to him and tells him that he's going to be his companion on the higit the most dangerous mission, right, we're going to be disarmed or unarmed, rather, we're going to be all alone. We have all of these armies coming after us all these people coming after us, you're going to be a fugitive. There's a very high chance, right if you know from a technical perspective, again, that you know, we're going to be killed in this mission. This is a mission of

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death, right? And it's just you and I, and I will buckle the alarm who fell, right he was so happy. He was so happy as somebody out of Silla, I get to be your companion on messenger of Allah that He cried tears of joy. And what is the last point I recommend the hypocrites for Fatiha right that they were pleased to be with the with those that stayed behind man hello and if they were

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Pleased to be with those that stayed behind. And Allah subhana wa tada is reminding us of the Fatah the joy that apobec had had to be with the Prophet slice Allah in the most dangerous mission. So let's prioritize reminding them. Remember a while back, it will be a long time. And remember the fact that Allah subhanho wa Taala always makes a way out for his profit. I'm just going to give some snapshots because this is such a rich Seattle chapter, verse 46, where Allah Subhana Allah mentions and even if they wanted had they intended to march forth with Aladdin, which had they wanted to march 4, than they would have surely made some sort of preparation for it but Allah subhana wa tada

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did not allow them to go forth right so Pamela keti Hello on the iPhone. Alonzo just did not want them like you were rejected. You think that you gave excuses but you were rejected. You were not allowed the privilege of being with the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So Allah Subhana Allah will pilo Cardew man Cardin to sit back with those who are staying behind them. And then verse 64, Allah subhana wa tada says that the hypocrites Yeah, they don't want people and, and to know that it him surah that the hypocrites were afraid that a surah was going to come down regarding them about their mockery. And this is very interesting, because the hypocrites at this point, what this

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is referring to, is that they would mock the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam they'd mock the believers, they'd have their secret meetings and their secret plans. And while they were disbelievers, right that were secretly pretending to be believers, by now almost a decade into Medina, they know that the prophets lysozyme is receiving some sort of divine revelation. They know that the prophets lie, someone has called them out multiple times on what they were saying in secret. They know that there's something supernatural about the Prophet slice on them. So they're afraid that a sutra is going to come down, exposing them and what were they doing? They were sitting

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back they said, we've never seen people as cowardly as the Muslims. They enjoy their appetites, the profit slice on them, it's only a matter of time. They actually talked about fantasizing about the Roman Empire tying up the profit slice element, the believers and torturing them, and Allah subhana wa tada did exactly what they were afraid of. He revealed a surah regarding them, and that's verse 65. When you ask them about that, they would say in them in them, I couldn't hold on and they would say we were just playing we were just joking. And Allah subhana wa says, what was it a lot in His revelation in his messenger that you were mocking Subhana Allah so they were afraid of sorta would

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come down regarding them and a sort of came down regarding them, exposing them, and that's the, the the context of verse 64 and 65 of swords to Toba. Then you go to verse 83. And I'm just paraphrasing at this point. Last puntata says even if they come forth to fight with you in the future, remember this was a privilege to be alongside the messengers of Allah when he was on them. Tell them we don't want you. Allah and His Messenger do not want you we'd rather be less than number. But have more Eman, more faith more European certainty in the in the in the concept science, right? We'd have more of that. Then unless people then have more numbers of hypocrites in our rinks and our ranks in the

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communal Eatonville group. You were pleased to be amongst those that sat behind a woody model of when a model of the first time * are doing it and then go ahead and sit back do not come back out with us. Then finally, I want to just come to this verse 84. a loss of contact says one tool suddenly hadn't been home. Not to ever the weather takoma company lost parents it says do not ever pray on any of them when they die, nor stand over his grave. This was sent in regards to the Prophet slice alum, praying janazah over the chief of the hypocrites of the love No babe instead of some kind of law, the law of no abatements who who plotted against the profit slice of them from the very

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beginning of Medina. He dies shortly after tabuk and his son, you know, is grieving because his son is actually a believer. And he asked the Prophet sly Salaam you know, to do something to to ease things for him and the prophets I some takes his own shirts, his own garments and he shrouds on the love No babe unsettled in it, and the profit slice and I'm so honorable, so merciful Subhana Allah He leads the janazah of this man that has plotted against him all of this time and on top of the a lot of time on who is trying to stop the prophets lie Selim, yada sort of law you know, don't do it your Salah you know who he is he also Allah. If you do that, then the then the hypocrites will find

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ease in it and so how Allah, Allah azza wa jal revealed a verse indeed saying that the prophets license should not prey on people like our beloved No, Bateman said, Oh, so somehow Allah just like embedded where the prophets lie sometimes mistake was showing mercy to the captives of bed to where we can the position of the Muslims. The mistake here was the mistake and I say mistaken quotation marks because obviously the Prophet sly son was acting upon

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What what was revealed to him at that time and Allah subhanaw taala

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you know afterwards reveals the verse it's not truly a mistake here it is a loss of kind of setting the concepts forward was that the Prophet slicin was willing to show mercy to him in a way that it would show it would send a signal perhaps to the hypocrites that that they too would receive that mercy from the Prophet slice of them at some point. You know, finally, I'm just going to say this that you know, please look up the story of khabib nomadic and inshallah we'll put in the comments. We had an episode reductor if not more Gee, I remember in the parables of Babylon series where he talked about the story of khabib nomadic, which is alluded to in verse 118, which is the repentance

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of those that came back to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And the fact that Allah subhanaw taala made an excuse or Eliza just opened the door of repentance for cabanel Medical the a lot of time, and the two others that were with him and Allah subhanaw taala Of course, mentioned that lukka tabula I don't know me, well. mohajir Dena will onslaught alladhina terbaru visa to Ursula minvalue I can't remember the marcada yas evoko lubu for reefton min home, that Allah subhana wa tada has forgiven the Prophet forgiven them or had you been forgiven the unsought who stood by him in the hour of hardship, although the hearts of some of them had swerved for a bit somehow, just like bed did after

00:31:23--> 00:31:59

the battle. Allah as agenda saying, I know you know, Allah subhanho wa Taala is saying that he knows that some of the people's hearts were affected by the hypocrites, but they still went forth with the Prophet slicin. So Allah has forgiven all of them. And even this surah is sort of a Toba the surah of repentance which tells you everything that you need to know about the spirit of its power, even in the midst of it being a wartime chapter and the hardest surah in the poor and upon the hypocrites May Allah not count us amongst the hypocrites encounters amongst those that would stand by our messenger sallallahu wasallam in times of hardship and ease and stand by his message after he has

00:31:59--> 00:32:13

departed from us or the Lord Himself in hardship and ease alone I mean, and inshallah Thai with that, I will ask him stuff just in sha Allah to continue and by the way, stop Justin is not in the US if anyone says that he's breaking us fast. No, I'm sorry. Oh my gosh.

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He's not here to thank you.

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We got a facepalm out of shape. Abdullah hamdulillah

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Oh, man, he's overseas. Don't don't blame him. He's not he's passed asleep.

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Alright, public chef. Okay, does that like a shake on my for the nice beautiful talk Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala familia. And while he was having the main

00:32:48--> 00:33:33

I wanted to talk about a verse near the end of servat Toba. This verse has always kind of stuck out to me even since even when I was became Muslim. Many years ago, Allah subhanho wa Taala says could mean and welly him sort of gotten to talk to him which is a key him behalf. Allah says take from their wealth, a charity by which to cleanse them and to purify them. This is verse 103. So a lot here links charity with purification. And what kind of purification? Well, there are two words actually for purification in this verse. And the first two, to to hear, if we get for this word from the from this route to Hata, right. And the root means to purify in the sense of to be clean.

00:33:34--> 00:34:02

So our rudall for example, or abolition before prayer is called Shahada because it cleanses the body of impurities and filth and so on, and all the chapters of Fiqh, Islamic law, where they are talking about like, what substances are pure and impure, which, which water is clean and unclean, and how you perform evolution and so on. Those are called the chapters of the Hata, the chapters of purification in the sense of cleanliness. And then the second

00:34:04--> 00:34:31

word for purification in this verses is a key to the key him, and we get from this same root as kiya. And so this also means to purify but also to grow or to increase, and specifically it has this connotation of righteousness like to grow and increase and righteousness. And then from this phrase, we get this very important term, to Ischia to neffs or purification of the soul or to test get the purification of the heart.

00:34:32--> 00:34:50

Now, there's a subtle point in this first, which I think is very insightful. Allah Subhana Allah talks about taharah first then test kiya taharah. Then test here in the subtle point here is that purification of the soul is actually a two step process in the slop.

00:34:51--> 00:34:59

The first step is to remove the spiritual impurities. So we want to remove from our hearts idolatry, hypocrisy, arrogance, greed.

00:35:00--> 00:35:15

And so on. And then after we've removed those things are we focused on removing those things? Then we acquire virtues we want to actualize our toe hate our monotheism, we want to actualize our sincerity, our humility, our love for the sake of Allah Subhana, what to Allah and so on.

00:35:16--> 00:35:31

So again taharah, removing the impurities test yet acquiring the virtues. And this analogy that is provided by our scholars such as email, Lopez, Ali, and him not claiming, may Allah have mercy on them. And others, I believe, even though Josie I read this,

00:35:33--> 00:36:11

they give this analogy of the garden, as I'm sorry, the heart is a garden, the garden heart analogy. So your heart is like a garden. And then the thoughts that you entertain are the seeds that you put inside the garden. Right? So as if, with any, like, sort of plain, empty plot of land, if you wanted to make a garden there, what would you do before you planted the seeds, so that they would grow, you would remove the weeds, right, you have to remove the weeds, then you can plant the seeds, and then the plants can grow and produce fruit, right? So you want to get rid of the impurities. And then you want to grow in the things that are good, that are pure, right? So there's this two step process.

00:36:12--> 00:36:51

And so for that reason, Mm hmm. Because alley, he structured his most important book. Yeah, Alma Dean, the revival of the religious sciences. He structured it in a way that after he talks about beliefs, and after he talked about practices, then he talks about the actions of the heart. And that third quarter of the book is about the sins of the heart. So he talks about the sins of the heart. And then in the fourth quarter, he talks about the virtues of the heart. And he is very explicit in that book that he does this in order, because you first have to get rid of the, you first have to stop the sinning, and then you focus on doing the good deeds, right. And, and this, this process

00:36:51--> 00:37:13

kind of overlaps. It's not like a mutually exclusive process. But first of all, you want to get rid of the impurities, then you want to acquire the virtues and the good deeds. And I just thought it was interesting that Allah subhanho wa Taala added talks about in this verse, that the Hata comes first and then the test kit comes. So he put the toddler first and then the test. Yeah. So you remove the filth, and then you start to grow in righteousness.

00:37:15--> 00:37:46

Okay, so as I was also looking at the views of the infested room on this verse, or the scholars of Tafseer, the commentators of the Quran, there were three points that stuck out to me. The first one is that how does charity purify you? Well, it purifies you by exploiting your sins by being a means for the forgiveness of your sins. And so this is like the statement of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasallam a southern part of thought will help the attack and makes people mad now,

00:37:47--> 00:38:26

to the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him said, charity extinguishes sin as water extinguishes fire. So this is the likeness. So when we give in charity, Allah Subhana, WA tada is using that as a means to forgive some of our sins, which we all have, right. So that's a good reason to give in charity, and that's a way that we are purified to charity. Another way that we are purified through charity is we are purified from hypocrisy. And if up, this is what the commentators say, and this is like the verse, Allah subhanho wa Taala, Allah says, Well, my only rule in the Yabu law and mostly seen Ella Dina when, when your team is solid are you to Zika

00:38:27--> 00:39:07

Allah says, they were not commanded but to worship Allah sincerely in religion inclining to truth, and to perform prayer and to give charity. So in this verse, Allah Subhana, Allah to Allah links, charity, and sincerity, right? Because I mean, for most people, and most of us, when you give in charity, it's a sacrifice, right? You're doing it for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, for a more noble reason for more noble cause and to and to be obedient to Him. Right? And that, that takes sincerity to be able to do that. Right, especially for those of us who have to sacrifice right. And then also we do it and we do it in private, and people don't even see our charity, and

00:39:07--> 00:39:25

praise us, and so only a loss of kind of what the other knows about it. Right. And so that takes sincerity. And when you cultivate that sincerity from both that sincerity in the heart, it's removing in the top, right, it's removing the hypocrisy. So again, by charity, we are removing the impure, the NIF out, and then we're replacing it with the good, which is sincerity.

00:39:27--> 00:39:55

And then the third point I read in the text here, is that this verse are this charity, it purifies you from sugar, or greed. And we all have that greed within us that we have to overcome. And this is like the verse, Allah Subhana. Allah says, well, may you pass your NFC he fabula he can humble mostly Han. Allah says, Whoever is protected from the greed of his own soul, his own neffs those are the successful. This is sort of Robin, this is verse 16.

00:39:57--> 00:39:59

So again, we are removing what is wrong

00:40:00--> 00:40:33

Right, sure, right that's in the heart. And we're replacing it with something that is good, which is generosity, right. And this is a process, right. And we all have to go through this process. And for some people, it's easier for some people is more difficult. But we all have to overcome our own greed, it's just something that's within us that we have to take care of. And we do this through charity, and you might have to force yourself to give in charity. But if you keep doing it over and over again, you'll you'll you'll start naturally inclining, to generosity and billing as a habit. And that's how you grow in righteousness, you know, by by doing this over and over again. So it

00:40:33--> 00:41:13

becomes a habit. And then and then you just make you make it perfect, you make it for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that's how you grow and purify your soul. And the final point I want to mention here is that we were talking about how this was a wartime story. But even in wartime, Allah Subhana Allah is concerned about the spiritual teachings of Islam and purifying the souls of the believers. So charity is a weapon for this internal struggle that we have, but you caught you had a neffs, right, or the struggle against the neffs, which is the lower part of yourself, right? Not the higher part of yourself, but the lower part of yourself. And giving a charity is is a tool for us to

00:41:13--> 00:41:25

purify ourselves, right? Because in it, within each one of us, we have this tug of war between the angelic side of us and the egotistic side of this, and in the whisperings of free thought, right? So the angel

00:41:27--> 00:42:01

gives us the suggestion to to give in charity, go give this a charity, and when you when you feel that act on it immediately, because if you don't act on it immediately that that thought will pass, and then you've lost it, right. So you when you feel that impulse from the angels to do good to give charity go and do it in that moment. Right. Obviously, don't be reckless, but, but you want to follow that, that good impulse when you get it. And at the same time when you get an impulse from your NASS or from shaitan. And shaitan wants to fury with poverty and make you afraid of poverty, or he says, if you get this charity, you won't be able to spend

00:42:02--> 00:42:39

your money to fulfill your desires, and so on and give you all of these bad thoughts. When you have those bad thoughts. You need to be mindful and be able to ignore them. And to tell your neffs No, say your neffs No, right? I'm not gonna follow you this and then you're going to go out and then you're going to do the charity, and then that gives you a victory over your naps, and the more you are victorious over neffs that that feels good. And then you kind of subdue your neffs right in an email because it says your naps is like an animal you have to like train it. Right? Yeah. And and and you have to subdue it right? To make it work for you. Right, so we all have this internal

00:42:39--> 00:43:22

struggle that is going on with all within all of us. And not only do we have this external struggle with people who are against Islam, but we're also fighting this battle within us against our own selves against our nests, our lower selves and against shaytaan. So May Allah Subhana Allah make us victorious in all facets of our life, whether it's out there in the world, or it's in within our own hearts as well, and May Allah purify our souls and then make us unified. For his pleasure and for his obedience. Luke probably had a stroke ferula to be like, Zach along crayons that Justin's home, I'll just end off with saying that I was going to mention this in my own portion, but you just

00:43:22--> 00:43:23

beautifully set it up anyway.

00:43:25--> 00:43:38

You know, the it was tabuk in fact that I will back here all the time, and who shined and gave all of his wealth for the sake of Allah, and then all model the law of China and who wanted to compete with the will Becket will the law and all but he only gave half of his wealth for the sake of Allah.

00:43:39--> 00:44:16

So and it was 10 books that are phenomenal the law of title came forward and the prophets license said my love was not my favorite about video, nothing will harm Earth man after the the exemplary charity that he showed today. So somehow, while my book was full of lessons of the hypocrites, you always have those that shine in the opposite sense and Subhanallah that the honorable record will be allowed to and who was not just in bringing back up his his stance in the heads. It was the consistency of local record with the law I know that 10 years later he was the same person when Allah and the messenger slice on call upon him everything and so this time it manifested in charity

00:44:16--> 00:44:22

so Pamela so with that being said obviously what we want to invite you all to donate tip and Institute

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