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okay, so now I can welcome to lucky but acapsil

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Samina Rana Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah and Kenny, while early he was like me, he was salam to see him in cathedra. So inshallah Tada today we're going to go ahead and finish Kitab and Wahid the book of Revelation. If any of you have looked at the Hadith that are left you would know that the last hadith is like four and a half pages long so we're going to sort of try to go quickly through this hadith inshallah to Allah so we can get to the next Hadith inshallah. So this hadith is once again narrated by Abdullah and above so the law tighter and even above the law and who was the one who narrated the previous Hadith as well and Hadith and more

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Samson, what did we say a hadith musasa is?

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What did we say a hadith Musa. There's

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a hadith that has a gesture in it or that has a sign within it. So we've covered the sincerity of the prophets lie Selim. We've covered the way that the revelation started with the Prophet sallallaahu Salam, we have covered the way that the revelation physically affected the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, right so the way that it used to come to him and it would cause the Prophet slice Allah, you know, to sweat, it would cause him sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to, you know, to really feel an intense amount of pain. And in that pain, the prophets lie Selim was to collect, you know, everything that was being recited to him with perfection and with precision. And

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Allah subhanho To Allah said Allah to Hedrick be here at Santa Anita Jollibee in Allina Gemma who were Quran for either Khurana Khurana that the ayat and SOTL Tiana where Allah tells the messenger SallAllahu sallam, not to be hasty, that we will collect, you know these words, we will make sure that these are gathered in your heart, we will make sure that you don't forget anything. Yatta sort of la sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam. So that's the physical impact on the Prophet sallallahu I think it was some of the Revelation. Now what is the spiritual impact of the revelation on the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and that is the the next Hadith, the hadith of Ibn Abbas or the Allahu

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taala. And

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I don't know if I should have someone read it or I'm just going to read it just for the sake of time for today. If an ambassador the Allahu Taala and he says can I will sort of lie he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and edge within us that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was the most generous of all people. But even Ambassador the longtime man who says what can I do my Hakuna Ramadan Hany Allahu Jibreel. But he was as generous he would reach the peak of his generosity in the month of Ramadan, when Gibreel Alayhis Salam would meet him now obviously, Djibouti would always meet the prophets lie Selim throughout his entire life. But here in particular, Jibreel meeting the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in Ramadan for the sake of reviewing the Quran with him. So even above the Allah Tada and hope

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he continues, and he says we're counting alcohol frequently Leila that he used to meet him every single night for Ramadan in Ramadan for you the reasonable Quran and he would teach him the Quran. So he says fella rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Eduardo Bill Heidi in a real masala that when that would happen, when Gibreel would come to the prophets lie Selim Knightley in in Ramadan, to review the Quran with him. The prophets lie Selim, who was always the most generous would be more generous than you know, than this uncontrolled, strong, uncontrollable wind than a sustained wind. Okay, now, this hadith has a few benefits that we can take from referrals first and

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foremost, as we did with the other ahaadeeth. What are some of the other chapters that this is placed in? It's there's a chapter that Behati has of the generosity of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in Ramadan, he places the Hadith there, he also places it and slip Attila melodica in the chapter on the attributes of the angels, he places the Hadith in the chapter of the attributes of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And the reason why this hadith is placed here, number one, to show the spiritual impact on the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what the revelation did to him sallallahu alayhi wa sallam how it brought more out of him from from the perspective of

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goodness, why is that important? Because wasn't the Prophet slice and I'm good even before revelation. Right because the previous Hadith to Hadith ago, it covered the Hadith where Khadija will be a lot of time on his mentioning to the Prophet slice and I'm all of these qualities of Allah Jude anyway of generosity anyway, when the revelation came to the Prophet slice and I'm in jail

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unroll when the Quran came to the Prophet slice Salam, all of these qualities were further magnified. And in Ramadan in particular, where the Quran was recited to the prophets lie Selim more frequently and he recited it more frequently the prophets lie Selim became even more generous than that. So that's one reason why the hadith is placed here. Another reason The Scholars say is to show the Temeke Kuhn of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam at Timucuan means the stability of the prophets lie Selim his certainty, his correctness in the recitation of the revelation. Why? Because what if the revelation came to him one time, and the Prophet SAW Salem, you know, in this in this

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deep, impactful moment, trying to collect it, he didn't stutter, he said it. And that was it. Right? That it could leave some room for adults. But instead, this hadith shows us that Gibreel allihies Salaam was coming to the prophets lie Selim, not only to reveal the revelation to him, but to review it with him salAllahu alayhi wa sallam, and particularly in the last Ramadan, Djibouti, and it has Salam did what? What did he do in the last Ramadan? He reviewed it with the Prophet slice and I'm twice right to solidify the revelation to solidify its integrity to solidify its perfection Djibouti and it his Salam reviews it with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And by the way, an

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important note here Jibreel would not just come to the prophets lie Selim to recite a Jews with the prophets. I send them once a night. Okay. Gibreel Rodriguez Salam would come to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the form of a man so he would take a human form every single night when he came to Las Olas why Salam, he would sit with him. He would go over the Quran the recitation and the meanings to deburr reflect with the Prophets lie Selim. Clarify the meanings with the Prophet slice Allah, right because Allah subhanho wa Taala also placed upon himself Dianna to make it clear to make the meanings clear as well. So this was reviewed with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam

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on a consistent basis. Now when we see the the the qualities here that are being magnified notice here that even imbecile the Allahu Tada annually says that was so lost Eisner was already Edward Innes. He already was the most generous of people. So it's not like Rasul Allah sly Salem was only generous in Ramadan. So this is all you know, this teaches us obviously not to be those quote unquote Ramadan Muslims, right where all of a sudden in Ramadan, we pray all of a sudden Ramadan, we give charity all of a sudden we do this we do that. And then we kind of you know, we put our charity on hold until the next Ramadan, we put our goodness on hold until the next Ramadan, right we don't

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do those things until the next Ramadan comes around. So they've been a blast before he even starts describing what he's going to describe. He wants to clarify from the start, look, the prophets lie. Selim was always like this. He was always the most generous of people. He didn't need the extra motivation, but the extra motivation made him extra good SallAllahu it he was solo. Okay, so if you took everyone's most extraordinary Ramadan, and you compared it to the Prophet, slice alums or iba his worship outside of Ramadan, he still beats you out. Okay? The only thing that his Ramadan beats out is all of the other months by the prophet slice and I'm standards so that's being made clear in

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the very beginning of this hadith. And the madman, hudgell Rahim Allah He said that this also shows us what the prophets lie Selim says, the unassuming island that the people are like precious stones, he out of ConfigMgr Helia viaticum Phil Islam, the best of you and the days of ignorance are the best of you in Islam, if you have understanding, okay, so Allah takes good qualities that people have, and through the revelation, ALLAH SubhanA, Allah to Allah enhances those good quality. So this is true in every one, that the revelation is to enhance the good qualities that we have, and to make us better people and to and to put us on another level. Now. We also take from this the Quran and

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Ramadan, okay. Gibreel raring his Salam recited it to the prophets lie Selim, twice in Ramadan. And that's why this or I'm sorry, wa salam came to the Prophet slice to them and recited it with him nightly in Ramadan. And that's where you find obviously the precedent that was set for scholars of all times where, you know, in Ramadan, everyone would recite the Quran more so you find narrations of Buhari you know, finishing the Quran on a nightly basis on a day and night basis. Always coming to his home of the Quran every night before his witted on a daily basis you find a chef or a behemoth Allah to Allah Who would recite the Quran twice a day in Ramadan. So Ramadan defines in

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there are multiple multiple narrations from the companions of the Prophet slice Allah and from the tablet in and the Salah from pious predecessors.

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Have people just reciting an extraordinary amount of Quran and Ramadan things that are just not even comprehensible to us we don't even get how that's even possible. But it's it's consistent. Every biography there is not a Sierra of a person that you read, except that you're going to find that in Ramadan. They took it to the next level. So that's a sign for us that you know what in Ramadan, we've got to double down. Now that doesn't mean that if I only recite, you know, like one Jews a month outside of Ramadan, that now I need to recite you know, one Quran a day I need to finish 100 a day. What that means is that in Ramadan, you will double by your own standards, you will do more

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than what you are used to doing outside of Ramadan. And hopefully the effect of that carries on after Ramadan as well. Okay, so if I'm someone that's accustomed to reading, you know, 10 G's a month for example, than a normal DOM my goal should be to finish a cut of the Quran if I can finish the Quran once in Milan and Hamdulillah. If I usually do one, cut my outside of Ramadan that I need to do to inside of Ramadan as well, you need to always kick it into the next gear. We also find that the earlier man say that there are three reasons here to be more generous. And a Jude by the way, Edward Jude is more general than sadaqa it's more general than just charity. Because generosity here

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includes not you know, it doesn't just include paying something right now in Ramadan, obviously, you know, we have a fundraiser all the time we're going through multiple fundraisers in Ramadan, we already know that we are expected to give more charity, but Allah Jude is more general than a sadaqa. The word here is just generosity in general goodness in general, and doing good things in general. So there are three reasons that are given. Number one, the Quran itself, the Quran is supposed to have that type of impact on you. The frequent recitation of the Quran is supposed to make you a better person. And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is reciting more Quran even

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more Quran in Ramadan than he would outside of Ramadan. So that naturally makes the Prophet slice and um do more. Number two, the season of Ramadan you know, we talked about this in our book study of unimaginatively say the dojo the journey to Allah, where the prophet slice and I'm says in the de la Heaphy, a yummy daddy coming up the hat that Allah has presented to you, within your days, seasons of mercy, Fatah out of the loop in alpha hat Illa. present yourselves to the seasons of mercy that Allah Subhana Allah sent to you. So when Ramadan comes, we're naturally supposed to up our game, not just with the recitation of Quran, but all of our goodness is supposed to be

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multiplied and magnified in Ramadan. Thirdly, Djibouti, and it has Salam Hanaa Ahoo Gibreel when Gibreel would meet him, the Prophet SAW Salem naturally was motivated by the presence of Djibouti and Ali has Salam and the scholars what they say about that is that you are naturally motivated when you're around righteous companions. So the whole Hadith of the messenger slice and I'm where he describes the righteous companion as the one who sells musk, right? Even if you don't purchase it, then you're going to smell like it. Okay, you'll still smell good. Okay, and obviously the bad companion is like the blacksmith, right? Even if you don't take any of that fire, you're still gonna

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smell like smoke. So the point here is that when the prophets lie, some would see God and I use salaam whether it was inside of Ramadan, or outside of Ramadan. Rasulullah sigh Salam had a natural urge to do more good. Okay, because you have to slyly hate seeing the righteous is a means of motivating a person to do good. Lastly, the description here of the Prophet slice Allah as a real morcilla like a blowing strong wind, even Ambassador the Allah Tada annually says that what that means is the reason why he calls the prophets I send them that is that the wind gives and it doesn't expect anything from you, meaning there are no conditions that you put in order for wind to come.

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It's just risk from Allah subhanaw taala. Right when the wind starts blowing, the wind starts blowing. Okay. Now as far as the wind it blows and the prophets lie Selim in essence the effect of his generosity can be felt everywhere. When the wind blows on an area. It's indiscriminate, right, it hits all of the houses the same some houses might be bigger than others, some houses might be, you know, more able to sustain stronger winds, but when the wind blows, it blows indiscriminately in essence, the prophets lie Selim. His Generosity would be felt by everybody in Medina. Okay. And even above the Allahu Anhu in another narration and Muslim Imam Muhammad he says that the prophets lie

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Selim would not be asked for anything except that he would give it Okay, so someone comes to the prophets lie some he wouldn't hesitate when they would ask him for something. He would give it. The righteous and the wicked all felt the effect of his generosity, the rich and the poor, they often

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of the effect of his generosity. Everyone felt that even though again the presence of the prophets lie, Selim was strong and beloved, even outside of Ramadan. And some of the scholars they comments on that. Notice that the prophets of Allah Azza wa sallam spent 10 Nights, at least 10 nights in charity cafe and Ramadan. So for 1/3 of Ramadan, he's not even outside of the masjid. And you know, there's one year with the Prophet slice, and I'm even does the last 20 days. So that's two thirds of Ramadan, the prophets lysozyme is not even outside of the Masjid. But the fact that the prophets lysosome was in the masjid did not stop his generosity from reaching everyone in Medina. So still,

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he found a way salatu salam in his era T calf to constantly be giving charity, and he was monitoring the situation of the people, which shows us something in our era T calf, that era T calf, you cut off the negative aspects of the world, you don't necessarily cut off the positive aspects of the world. So you still ask about the people what's going on with this person? He would still send it out all the time. And who with his charity, the prophets license even in his era T calf even when he was removed from the people and doing an enormous amount of Riba. Right, the prophets, like someone was still very much so connected to his society, and the society was still feeling the blowing wind

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of generosity. That was the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now, the next Hadith that we move on to this hadith is a very, very long Hadith.

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Those of you who have metatarsal Buhari

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where is it? I'm just gonna pull up the book because I couldn't even fit it, fit it on the PowerPoint

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Can I zoom in?

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that doesn't really help you guys too much does it?

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All right. This is Hadith number seven. It's the last Hadith in Kitab Ye, it's the last Hadith in the book of Revelation. And before I even get to the beginning of the Hadith, I actually want to cut to the sub narrator. Alright, so there's, there's a footnote in this hadith, which gives us a greater context of the Hadith, which I feel like is very, very important for us to go over. And that hadith is basically describing the sub narrator is describing who her Oculus was, who this man was that this hadith is talking about, that's putting Abu Sufyan to task and so on, so forth. Now, let's get to the timeline. Okay, so I told you guys that the timeline would be clear in sha Allah to Allah

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this year. And I actually appreciate I actually appreciate that there was so much confusion over the federal, the federal, which is the pause that the profit slice and I'm had between receiving revelations. So I've been agile Rahimullah states that it's three years even cathedra, two states, it's three years. But there are actually other opinions. So someone asked me, I think it was you asked me whether I actually was able to find there are multiple opinions as to how long the pause was. Some of some of those opinions Surprisingly, even say, three weeks. So it's a very vast range from three weeks to three years, that the prophets lie Selim does not receive the second Revelation.

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Now, obviously, to put things into context. The Muslims felt an affinity towards what great empire think Khurana

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the Romans, why did the Muslims feel a deep attachment to the Romans?

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Because they were Christians, they were monotheists. So the Muslims, as their as the data of the Prophet sallallahu sallam was starting, the Muslims naturally felt a great affiliation, and a great attachment to the Romans who were Christians, because they were monotheistic, in one sense of the word, obviously, the Trinity existed back then. And I called capital Edina, Carlu, that rarely they have disbelieved those who say that Allah is starting to fill out that Allah is the third of three. So they did believe in Trinity, but generally speaking, these were a people of Scripture. These were people of the book. These were a people that the Muslims naturally aligned themselves with. Whereas

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the Quraysh the idol worshippers naturally aligned themselves with who,

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with the Persians, why did they align themselves with the Persians?

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They they worshiped fire, okay, they were Zoroastrian, so they were made juice, they used to worship fire. So there's this there's this natural, you know, these lines are being drawn Subhanallah it's very interesting. These lines are being drawn between the Prophet slice LM and his people, the Muslims and Qureshi at the same time that there's this huge war going on between the Persians and the Romans. Now, to give you some history of what's going on between the Persians and the Romans, Damascus, Damascus, which was under the Romans, okay, it fell to the Persians in the year 613.

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Okay, it fell to the persons in the year 613 Kiss the law, the leader of the persons occupied Damascus, he took it over in the year 613, which would equal three years after the Prophet slicin and received his first revelation. So there could be some correlation there, perhaps, but in the year 613, that's when they went into their Damascus actually was was the second greatest city And subhanAllah sometimes when you read Islamic history, you'll find that cities at that time were of greater or lesser importance. And so you try to apply the modern, you know, the modern day system, you know, a value as to which city holds more weight to that time, back then, what was the most

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important city in Syria? Does anyone know?

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It was actually humps, humps was far greater than domestic. Now obviously now, Damascus is the main city of Syria, right. So you had a shot, which is Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, right, the entire area is considered a shot. And then you have obviously Damascus within what's modern day Syria and you had attempts, Damascus was the second most important city there. So when domestic fell, it was a huge warning sign. Now the most important city so hemps is the most important city in Syria. The most important city in a sham in general is what? This is as easy as it comes eliquids Jerusalem, Damascus fell to the Persians in the year 613. I'll quote temporarily fell to the persons

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in the year 614. Okay, the person's actually conquered Jerusalem, and they massacred 90,000 Christians. Okay, they desecrated the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. They even stole the original cross The cross that is believed that a sorry Islam was crucified on that the Christians believed he was crucified on the even stole that cross. So this is obviously very demoralizing, not just for the Christians, it's demoralizing to the Muslims. Why? Because grace is telling the Muslims when they start calling out to toe hate when the Prophet slicin makes his initial call to his family. They liken it to the call of the Christians. And so when Qureshi is having these meetings with

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themselves, they're saying, yeah, these monotheists look what's happening to them over there. We'll do the same thing to them over here. You know, if they're claiming to be an extension of the Christians, it's not going so well for the Christians right now. That's exactly what's going to happen to you y'all sort of Allah right or Yeah, Mohammed, they would call him Mohamed Salah Salem, right? So they were taunting the prophets lie Selim, taunting his followers. And then, you know, it got so bad that the Christians were beaten into their there's their strongholds, one of them being in hymns, one of them being some of the areas of Egypt, they were beaten into the small strongholds.

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And her Oculus, who's the emperor of the Romans, he actually sends a letter to kislak trying to make a peace treaty kissa responds and he says, that I will not make a treaty with you until I bring you with chains and I make you worship the fire. So you're coming to me as a prisoner and you will worship the fire. So one of the Quraysh would negotiate with the profit slice of them and they're telling the profit slice I'm look we're making you offers now. We're making you treaties now. Right? That will give you this much and we'll give you that much we'll worship your God for a little bit. You worship our gods for a little bit. We'll do this we'll do that when they negotiate with the

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profit slice. They're actually telling the prophets lie Selim. Look, we're not going to have this on the table for too long. Because eventually it's going to end up like Kisara and miraculous where I'll only take you as a slave and you'll be forced to worship the idols again, you'll be forced to worship and I'll snap, right and the prophets lie Selim is refusing that now in the year 615. In the year 615, the Persians base I mean, they ran the Romans out of 13 different lens, they beat the Romans, they beat the Christians into very, very small pockets, and the Roman Empire was on the brink of extinction. That's the year 615. The year 615 Is the same year that the Muslims made

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migration to where

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habita Abyssinia which was what type of nation a Christian nation, okay, so the Muslims, the affinity between the Muslims and the Christians is building. The Muslims, though, are fleeing from persecution, the same year that the Romans are fleeing from their various lands and they're going to a Christian land and they're finding their refuge there in the year 615. In the year 615, Allah subhanho To Allah reveals a surah does anyone know what that surah is? Surah through all right, you guys are answering the obvious questions I like alright. hamdulillah so when I asked you some more difficult questions, at least, you'll be able to grasp them. A lot revealed sudut room, and Allah

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subhanho wa Taala reveals in Surah two room Allah azza wa jal says Woody, better room fee additional Earth. The Romans have been defeated at the lowest point of Earth. Additional art has two functions here. It's literally the low

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was point on Earth which would not be discovered. Until very, very, very recently. Actually, the lowest point on Earth is the area around a barren made the Dead Sea. And that's exactly where the Romans were run out of. So they lost all of Philistine in essence, you know, to the Persians. So it was literally an orb which is a scientific miracle of the Quran. And at the same time, ALLAH SubhanA, Allah is showing the lowest point of the Romans that they've been defeated on the lowest point and they've reached their lowest point, fee additional hours, but Allah says what while home embodied Allah let him say of reborn, and then after Mubarak, the lobby him after their defeat, they

00:25:37--> 00:26:17

will win, they will be victorious, the Romans will be victorious. This is as the Muslims are fleeing to Abyssinia. And as the Romans just suffered the most humiliating defeat, and Allah says females are ascending, which means in three to nine years, bigger is a very, very specific word. So continue along Surah room is revealed. And Quraysh thinks this is hilarious. Right, like, you know, oh, you're trying to give your followers confidence even in this time. So you're making up stories about the Romans being victorious, really, the Romans being victorious, and had the prophets lie, Selim been making this all up the prophets lie, Selim is actually risking the very, you know, the Office

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of prophethood, if you will, because if this doesn't happen if the Romans don't defeat the Persians, which doesn't seem very likely anyway, if it doesn't happen, then the followers will come back and say what happened? I thought the Romans were going to win. So they're marking the Croatia marking the believers have a record of Sadiq Khan with the low tide and who as he's being marked, he says, you know, you want to make a bet.

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Said what betting is haram? Right? Gambling is haram. It's only haram, if there is a level of uncertainty. I will record as saying, Go ahead, put everything that you want to put on the line. Right. So I'll be back it actually, it'll be a long time. I know he puts camels on the line because there is certainty, right, and not the type of certainty that when the Cowboys make it somewhere in the playoffs, that they're going to lose not even though that's close to certainty, no offense, guys, it's close to certainty. Look, the lights went

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off. It's not absolute certainty, okay. It's a different type of certainty it is, this is going to happen And subhanAllah look what happens after the sort of trauma is revealed. The Persians keep on demolishing the Christians for another four or five years. And then in the year 622. As the Muslims now make Hijra to Medina, her Oculus suddenly starts to make gains, he starts to he starts to strategically find places that the Persians were not establishing great control. So So, in essence, miraculous his method. His strategy was to find those lands that were technically ruled by the Persians, but they didn't consider them too serious. He took those lands back. So now he placed

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himself in a strategic position to attack the Persians. So the Romans attack the Persians, from Armenia, from the direction of Armenia, in the same year of the heads of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, and they they you know, the deal, the Persians a huge blow, a huge defeat, and it sort of levels the playing field. Once again, this is starting to get interesting. Now from 615 to 623. How many years is that? Eight years Okay, you guys didn't answer the obvious question. Eight years, there is only one year left in that promise from Allah subhanho wa taala. Right with the ACD. There's nine years so the window is getting smaller in the year 620. For the Romans conquered

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Azerbaijan, and when they conquered Azerbaijan, that is where the birthplace of Zoroaster is. The the head fire worshipping Temple is an miraculous destroyed it the Romans destroyed it, the Romans, in essence defeated the Persians, right before the nine year window closed. OK, fee medullary sinning. Okay. Not only that, what else happened in the year 624?

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The battle of Nether so the Muslims also dealt a significant blow to Quraysh right when they came out to Medina, to fight with them. So all of this is happening. Subhan Allah would just absolutely you know, it's so synchronized Subhanallah it is so instinct that you couldn't plan it any better. Right? The Persians are defeated and humiliated in the same year, the crisis humiliated as Allah Subhana Allah to Allah wilt. Now this is all context of the Hadith by the way, why are we talking about this? So so last, why Salam has two periods of his life when he writes letters to rulers to periods of his life? All right, when he initially declared his prophet hood or when Allah subhanaw

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taala initially commanded him to publicly make the call and he made the call also last time he wrote letters to the rulers of the world. So he wrote it to Najafi. Okay, and the judge

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She accepted Islam as we know secretly, he wrote it to kiss Allah and kiss Allah made a mockery of it. He wrote to various rulers and various leaders so that's one time and we find that this took place you know somewhere around four years after the Prophet slice and I'm received revelation So somewhere in the 614 range that's when also lost by some is writing these letters, which coincides with you know, the Muslims going to Abyssinia the next year and so on so forth. Rasul Allah as I said, I'm from that point onwards, he did not write many letters to many people, inviting them to Islam, you don't find any letters written from the Prophets lie Selim, for a very long time to the

00:30:34--> 00:30:51

rulers of the world. Why? Because the Prophet slicin I'm obviously is dealing with a whole lot at home. Okay, the persecution is stepped up in Mecca, the boycott takes place, the Hijra takes place, and then they have to fight the battle embedded in the battle, and the battle conduct and so on so forth.

00:30:53--> 00:31:38

The next period that we find in Islamic history that was lost by some starts to write letters again is after her they be after the Treaty of her they be seven years after Hijra. The Muslims make a treaty with the disbelievers that for 10 years, there will be peace 10 years, we're free to do that. Well, after that treaty muscle loss is and I'm once again starts to write letters to the leaders of the world, inviting them to Islam. So this is where we're going to find the context of this hadith that Abu Sufyan meets her Oculus. Okay. He meets the leader of the Romans at that time period, the second time around when ossola Sai Salam had just wrote him that letter, okay. Now to also put

00:31:38--> 00:32:18

things in some in some more perspective, this this up, you know, at this time, Abu Sufyan is not a Muslim yet. I was a peon doesn't become Muslim until Fattah hummocky until the conquest of Mecca. So he's going there, not as a friend or an ally of the Prophet, slice alum. He's going there pretty bitter, because we've been fighting the Muslims and trying to eliminate them for 17 years now. And it's not working, you know, over 17 years now, close to 20 years. It's not working. And we're just kind of in this temporary phase of negotiation right now. But he's pretty bitter about Islam as well. He's bitter about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. But at the same time, Abu Sufian is

00:32:18--> 00:32:59

not someone who lies he doesn't lie. And he's placed in a situation here, where, you know, he was the nobleman. He felt like lying was beneath him. And he's also placed in a situation here where he's going to have to answer questions. And Hercules is putting people behind him, right to correct him if he tells a lie. And if he tells a lie, he's going to be killed. Alright, so Abu Sufyan is going to be forced into a situation where he grudgingly has to tell the truth. All right. Also one thing as well to keep in mind with Abu Sufyan Abu Sufyan used to make to trade journeys on behalf of poorest twice a year, okay, so he'd make a trade journey on behalf of Christ twice here, once in the

00:32:59--> 00:33:45

in the winter. And once in the summer. In the winter, Abu Sufyan used to go to Yemen. In the summer, he used to go to a shop. So this was a routine annual thing for him to go to courts, but in this situation here miraculous had received the revelation. Now miraculous, his name in Arabic is Hidaka. Okay, hit alkyl, or miraculous is the name of the title. It's not actually his name. It's the title of the leader of the Roman similar to Nadeshiko Joshi is not actually the name. The Joshi is the title of the ruler of the Abyssinians. His name was OS hammer, right. Os Hammer was in the Josh's name. Likewise miraculous you'll find there is a miraculous, there's a Hidaka in the time of Ramana

00:33:45--> 00:33:55

Cotabato the Allahu Anhu. It's a different one than the one that's in the time of the Prophet sallallahu. I think it was salam. All right. This man's name was Isaac, basil.

00:33:56--> 00:34:40

Okay. And this name is incredibly interesting, basil. All right, play. So the reason why he was named that is that his mom died while she was giving birth to him. Alright, now listen very closely, right? This is very, especially those, you know, Arabic. This gets very interesting. His mom died as she was giving birth to him. And while she was dying, he still was not out. So how did they get him out of his mother's stomach? A C section, right? Or actually this way, a C section. All right. So they pulled him out from his mother's stomach. And the word Heiser means shock. So, it's like, it's like hardship. Okay, it's heavy. So he was named that because of the way that he was taken out of

00:34:40--> 00:34:59

his mother's stomach. And historically speaking, right, so his, you know, even how Jeff says this as well, that He's the first person that's known as coming from the stomach rather than being delivered naturally. So he's the world's first C section, which is why what do you call it C sections in Arabic? I'm Eddie Isola. You

00:35:00--> 00:35:34

Okay, so C section Arabic is actually named after her Oculus. Okay, hit, alright, because of the way that he came out of his mother's stomach, now hit up, but when he came out of his mother's stomach, you know, this was seen also, you know, obviously you could you could imagine the first season, I think it's pretty miraculous even now Subhanallah the way babies, you know, survive all of this trauma. But you know, to survive it at that time a baby to survive that type of trauma at that time was very impressive, which contributed to all of the legends about him and how he was going to grow up to be a great man and how God decreed that he would live a long life. So he got into fortune

00:35:34--> 00:36:11

telling as well when he was young. So he was learning how to read the stars and things of that sort, and horoscopes, so he got into, even though he's a Christian, but he starts associating themselves with these things. So he can tell you the future and all kinds of stuff. Obviously, it's not, you know, full but they, they deal with the jinn and those types of things. So he's an interesting man, as well as he became older. He used to boast to the people that I am the only one that came from the stomach while all of you came from dirty places. So he would boast to the people in that way, and he's faithful, right. So he has a very interesting story, a very interesting situation here. And

00:36:11--> 00:36:23

again, he becomes a great king, he becomes a great ruler of his people. He's someone that was known for his strength, obviously, again, known for wisdom and known for these types of things. So for this hadith, what I want to do first let's skip to

00:36:24--> 00:36:27

the the back end of this hadith first.

00:36:32--> 00:36:36

Okay, so the back end of this hadith, we start from

00:36:37--> 00:36:42

here, which is why Allah Buhari actually put this narration here even in the Lord. Okay.

00:36:44--> 00:37:25

Even then, the Lord was a governor of goods at the time of Alcacer. Okay, he's the governor of inputs at that time, he's the governor of Jerusalem, and he accepted Islam. And he became a narrator of Hadith. So this narration in particular, of the meeting between Abu Sufyan and miraculous it's in multiple parts of Sahadi, like multiple, like other Hadith, and the conversation between her Oculus and Abu Sufyan is more extensive and the other Hadith, meaning what there's more wording, more questioning that's given in the other narrations and Kitabi jihad, and his book of jihad, which yes, we will cover here and inshallah Tada, everything will be okay. Brother najem. I'll do my best

00:37:25--> 00:38:06

inshallah. And I'm covering Kitabi jihad, but there's more questioning there. It's more detail there. All right. In Kitab, and ye al Bukhari chose this sonnet. He chose this chain because of even a novel because this gives us how miraculous was interacting with the revelation. Before the meeting was about Sofia, and something happens with him. That's quite miraculous. So even though the whole he says that, you know, I was the governor of goods, and miraculous was the head of the Christians of a shop. And he says that one time while her Oculus was visiting el coche, he got up in the morning, and he looked depressed, he looked very sad. So some of the priests they asked him why he

00:38:06--> 00:38:45

was looking so sad. And you know, he was you know, he was a, he was an astrologer, he was a fortune teller. And so he said, at night while I was looking at the stars, I saw that the leader of those who practice circumcision had appeared and become the conqueror. We were conquered by the leader of those who practice circumcision. Now, who was known for practicing circumcision. The Jews, okay, so he said, Who are they who practiced circumcision? He asked the people that so they said that the only people that practice circumcision are at the whole, they're the Jews and they said, You shouldn't be afraid of them. Subhanallah you shouldn't be afraid of them. He said, You know, they're

00:38:45--> 00:39:17

not the people who take authority. Right? Just go ahead and kill them all. Okay, if you want to if you really want to save yourself the trouble all right. Now, what is this likened to whose dream for their own right for Elon, when he sees the dream. He wants to save himself the trouble that you know, there's going to be a child from Bani Israel that's going to take me over, okay, kill all the children that were born this year. It's quite simple for for their own. It's not that simple for miraculous he's like, Am I really gonna go kill these people? Because the Jews again, at that point, are subjected, you know, to a position of no authority. Right? And, you know, they're, they're

00:39:17--> 00:39:42

actually quite oppressed by the Christians. Okay. So he, you know, he doesn't feel a need to really fear them, which is why he's very confused by this dream that he has, as he's talking to the people. There is a messenger from a son of a son, which is an Arab tribe that came to them, you know, imagine he's sitting puts having this conversation, to give them the letter from the prophets of Allah, it was salam.

00:39:43--> 00:40:00

So the letter is handed to him right after he sees this dream. And he reads this letter from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And as he's reading it, he calls the message. He tells the people he says, you know, find out from this this messenger, if you know it,

00:40:00--> 00:40:36

If the Arabs are circumcised if they do circumcision as well, so when they talk to him, they you know, the messenger said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also ordered us to do that. So circumcision is something that the Arabs do as well, when her Oculus heard that his eyes got big, and he recognized that, you know, what happened here was that this was something divine. So he writes a letter to the Patrique, to the patriarch of Rome, to ask him, about, you know what he thinks, if this man is really a messenger of ALLAH, if he's really the person that's been promised in the Bible that we were waiting for, so the man responds to him, and he tells him that yes, you

00:40:36--> 00:41:17

know, that is where it is, and miraculous, even traveled Subhanallah, he went to a humps, and humps again, which is the biggest city to sit with this man, and to see what's going on and to find out if this is really the Prophet salallahu Salam, and he invited all of the heads of the Byzantines to gather and to discuss whether or not this is the prophets lie Selim. So when he finished, he came to the conclusion that this is also lost myself. So he gathers all of the leaders from the Byzantines. And he says to them, you know, if success is your desire, and you're seeking and Hooda will decide you're seeking guidance, and rightful guidance, and you want your empire to remain meaning you want

00:41:17--> 00:41:58

a lot to place Baraka blessing in your empire, then pledge allegiance to this prophet, meaning embrace Islam, and accept his religion. One miraculous said that the people ran to the doors to get out, but he was smart, he locked all the doors. Okay, so he had all the doors locked before he said that so they all tried to run from the palace. But her Oculus recognize that no one's gonna go along with him on this. This panel was so he was testing the people to see where they were said, okay, all of the priests ran, all of the rulers ran all of the governors ran, and in essence, they were going to flee from me, I'm going to be killed. So he recognized that no one else wanted to accept

00:41:58--> 00:42:30

Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam other than him. So he told them to bring back and he said to them, that I was just testing your conviction in your religion, meaning I was just joking, like it was just a test to see whether you would stay on your religion or not. So her Oculus did not accept Islam Subhanallah though he recognized that was the truth. He didn't accept Islam, because he knew that he would be alone in doing so. And this is why al Bukhari places this hadith as the last Hadith, because the first Hadith in this chapter was what

00:42:31--> 00:43:07

in the mill armado vignette, sincerity, the lack of sincerity of her Oculus to the religion that he knew to be true caused him to be destroyed. Okay, you see the connection between the first and the last Hadith of the chapter. If he was sincere enough, he would have taken the consequences or he would have done what and the Joshi would have done, right, where he would have he would have become Muslim secretly kept it to himself, you know, help the Muslims out and things of that sort. But he did none of that Harappa is just decided, look, if this means I'm going to have to lose my power, I'm not willing to accept this religion. So because of his lack of sincerity to that, he loses it

00:43:07--> 00:43:20

all. Now, we're not going to spend we're just going to read through the Hadith really the discussion between him and other Soufiane because I because we're going to cover this conversation more extensively when we find this hadith again insha Allah because the questions are

00:43:21--> 00:44:02

more extensive there. But we find from this hadith that even above so the Allah Tada, and he says that Abu Sufian I'm just going to read in English because it's way too long. That Abu Sufian informed me that her Oculus had sent a messenger to him, while he had been accompanying a caravan from Croatia. And they were merchants doing business in a shop. So at that time, it was soulless. iclm had a truce with Abu Sufyan and Quraysh. And so Abu Sufyan and his companions, they went to her Oculus, and her Oculus told them to enter the court and her Oculus hot had all of the dignitaries around him. So he called for a translator. And Heraclitus said to them, Who amongst you is closest

00:44:02--> 00:44:44

to the Prophet, sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam. So Abu Sufyan, he said, I am the closest to him, and lineage. And Abu Sufyan is related to the prophets lie Selim, you know distantly so he says, As far as the lineage is concerned, I'm the closest of him as a relative. So Heraclitus said bring him forth, bring Abu Sufyan forth, and he made the companions of Abu Sufyan stand behind him. And her Oculus told the translators to say to the Companions, that if when I asked this person a question, when I asked your companion a question, if he lies, then let me know. In essence, let me know and I'll kill him. So it was if Yan is put on the spot he has to answer. He has to answer truthfully.

00:44:44--> 00:45:00

And he says, well, Llahi Abu Sufyan is saying this now as a Muslim, he's narrating this statement. Abbas as a Muslim, he says, had I not fear that my companions would call me a liar. Then I wouldn't have spoken the truth of the prophets lie Selim. I would have twisted things a little bit, but he said, they're standing behind me I have to tell

00:45:00--> 00:45:39

The truth and I don't know maybe one of them is a secret Muslim. And he's going to come out and say actually, he's lying about that. So Abu Sufyan was put on a spot where he asked to where he asked to answer these questions truthfully. So the first thing he asked him, he says, what is his family status amongst several Soufiane said, he belongs to a noble family amongst us. Miraculous said that, has anyone ever claimed to be a prophet before him? I said, No. He said, Was anyone amongst his ancestors, a king? I said, No. Miraculous said, do the noble people or the poor people follow him? Is it? Is it the rich people and things? Or is it the poor that are following him? So I said, it's

00:45:39--> 00:46:17

the poor who follow him. He said, Are these people Yes, he do. And are they increasing? Are they decreasing? Meaning is this just some spark where it just, you know, just a few rebels and things of that sort? Are they increasing or decreasing? Because been a very long time since he claimed to be a messenger? So Abu Sufyan says, Well, yes, you do, and they just keep increasing. So I said to him, so so her Oculus said to me, there's anyone amongst those who embrace his religion become displeased with it and renounce it afterwards. Meaning our people entering into a slab, truly embracing it not out of force, not out of whatever, not, not from the Manasa teen like I'm loving the wave and

00:46:17--> 00:46:53

saluted crowd where they're posing. Are people actually becoming Muslims, understanding the religion, embracing it and then leaving it. supple? Soufiane said, No. He said, Have you ever accused him of lying before he claimed to be a prophet of Joseph Yan said no. Reckless. Does he ever break his promises? Abu Sufyan said no. But he said, we just got into a truce with him. And we don't know what he's going to do with it. Now. I did. I was a fiancee. We just got into a truce with him. And we don't know what he's going to do with that. He said, Because I can't accuse him of lying about anything in the past. But I still want to shed some doubt. Right. So well, we don't know yet.

00:46:53--> 00:47:29

Because he's really never been placed in a position where we have to trust His promises or something of that sort. So he said, we just got into the soil with him. And we'll see what he does. So that no one can say that Abu Sufyan, white, right. And so all right. And by the way, notice here that these questions are the questions that illustrate the traits of a hypocrite. Right? The hadith whenever the person speaks, Kevin, when he speaks he lies either. When he makes a promise, he breaks his promise. Okay, that to me, in a Han when he's trusted, he, he breaks his trust. These are qualities of the hypocrite that was almost like someone told us so miraculous is basically asking about what

00:47:29--> 00:48:08

quality of Rasul Allah sigh seven, his sincerity, which is illustrated in the first hadith of this book, he says to him, that have you ever had a war with him? So it was a Fiat said, Yes. Miraculous said, what were the outcomes of those battles? I was a peon said that sometimes he wins and sometimes we win. It goes back and forth. Heraclitus said What does he order you to do? I said, He tells us to worship Allah and Allah alone, not to worship anything along with him, and to renounce all that our ancestors had said, No, when he said, to renounce all that our ancestors had said, he's trying to make the prophets lie. Some look about did the prophets lie, some teach them to renounce

00:48:08--> 00:48:33

everything from their ancestors, no, to particularly renounce Schoodic to renounce idolatry from their ancestors, but Abu Sufyan is making this claim. It's he's making a plea to harass us, like he's telling us to throw away everything that our fathers taught us, he ordered us to pray, he ordered us to speak the truth to be modest and to keep good relations with our kin. Heraclius asked the translator to say to him,

00:48:34--> 00:49:09

I asked you so now miraculous is speaking, he said, I asked you about his family. And you said he belonged to a noble family. And he said, all of the profits, in fact, all of the profits came from noble people. And he said, I asked you whether anyone else amongst him claims such a thing. Anyone else claimed to be what? And you said no. And if the answer had been Yes, I would have thought that he's just doing what everybody else is doing. Meaning it's a trend to claim prophethood now, but no one else was claiming prophethood in that region, right. So it's not like you know, one false prophet came at, you know, after the Prophet slice, and I'm what happened, right? We'll say Dima

00:49:09--> 00:49:47

shows up and then you have all of these different false prophets pop up as well. It becomes trendy to claim prophet hood. Okay, so he's saying, if you would have said that other people did it, then I would have thought that maybe this is him just trying to follow a trend. Then I asked you if any one of his ancestors was a king? And you said no. Had you said yes, I would have thought that he desires to be a king like his ancestors and he wants to get back to kingdom. So again, a testimony to sincerity said, I asked you whether you ever accused him of lying and you said no. So I wondered how a person who has never lied about others would ever have the audacity to lie about Allah. Allah

00:49:47--> 00:49:59

Akbar SubhanAllah. How could a person who's never told a lie about anyone else to get him to gain a worldly benefit? Who for 40 years is a solid? I mean, the trustworthy, honest one. Why would that person lie about

00:50:00--> 00:50:36

Oh god, why would that person lie about Allah? He said, I asked you whether the rich or the poor followed him and you said that the poor followed him. And he said, every Nabhi every prophet that was ever sent was followed by and most often, he was followed by the poor people initially. Right? Generally speaking, I will record all the law and who has an exception? I'm not under oath is an exception. For the most part. It was the kebabs and the villas and they've been Miss routes that were following the Prophet salallahu Salam, it was the slaves and the week and the oppressed, right because they don't have that arrogance that the rich class would have. He said then I asked you

00:50:36--> 00:51:15

whether his followers were increasing or decreasing and you said that they were increasing and he said this is the way of true faith it continues to continues to complete its or it continues to increase until it becomes complete in all respects. Okay. He said that I asked you whether anyone after embracing this religion became displeased with it and discarded it you said no. And he said this is a sign of true faith. When it enters the heart the heart delights and you can't take it away. Hello It will Eman write the prophets lie some call it the sweetness of faith once true faith enters the heart. It never goes away what Allah tells us in the Quran Allah Tala Keefe a lot of

00:51:15--> 00:51:54

Allah who method and KatiMorton by ye button to schedule it in play you OSU has had its welfare it will have his summer. Right. Allah describes the tree of Eman like a firm found, you know, a firm tree whose foundations are firm and settled in the heart. So he said, Then I asked you what he ordered you to do. And you said that he ordered us to worship Allah, and not to worship anything amongst you. And he changed the statement of Abu Sufyan when Abu Sufyan said that he says to do away with your ancestors, he changed the statement to and forbade you from worshipping idols. Meaning he's responding novels to fiat, like I know what you mean by that. But I'm pretty sure he just tells

00:51:54--> 00:52:34

you not to worship idols, like your father's worship idols. He's not telling you anything else, any orders you to pray, and to speak the truth, and to be modest. And if what you have said is true, so now he comes to the end of it. He says to him, If what you have said is true, then very soon, he is going to occupy this place under my feet, and all of us will be subjected to him. And her Oculus says, I knew that he was coming. I knew a prophet was coming. It was it was obvious from our scriptures, that there's another prophet that is coming. I didn't think that he would be amongst you. I didn't think he'd come from I mean, the Arabs at that time were very, very low people. They

00:52:34--> 00:53:11

were looked at as a low class people. I did not think that a prophet would come from the Arabs, we thought he'd come from Benny aside, I didn't think that he would come from you. And he said that if I could reach him, if I could reach him, then I would go to him immediately. And believe in him. So he's heard Oculus is expressing here, that I would have the desire to believe in him and what he means that if I could reach him, then I would then I would believe in Him. What he means is if I could get away from my people without them killing me, so miraculous is saying that my people would kill me if I tried to leave them. And he said, If I were with him, then I would wash his feet. And I

00:53:11--> 00:53:45

would serve this man Subhanallah he's, he's admonishing Abu Sufyan, like this is how you treat a prophet of God that's been sent amongst you. I would wash his feet if I was amongst him. And then he asked for the letter miraculous is still standing with other Sofia and he asked for the letter that the Prophet slicin I'm sent to him, and he read the letter from the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa salam to investment, Rahim in the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful from Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam the slave of Allah, and His Apostle to her Oculus, the ruler of the Byzantines, peace be upon him who follows the straight path us and I'm Marla, Manitoba and Houda.

00:53:45--> 00:54:24

Furthermore, I invite you to Islam and if you become Muslim, you will be safe and Allah will double your reward. And if you reject this invitation of Islam, then you will be committing a sin by misguiding your people and Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam called called him yet al Kitab to Allah, the very famous I answered earlier Imran oh people of the book come to Kelly Martin. So I come to a common word between us and you that we worship none besides Allah subhanho to Allah, and we don't associate anyone with him, and that none of us will take Lourdes besides Allah. And if they turn away, then bear witness that we are Muslims, Abu Sufyan. He said that when miraculous finished his

00:54:24--> 00:55:00

speech and read the letter, he said that you could hear the crying in the court behind him. You can hear the crying in the court behind him. And he said, I could see the sweats. Coming down from his head, hit I'll call her Oculus, a shoddy case on right this strong man was terrified by the Prophet sallallahu. It was still on his message, because he knew he was true. And he knew that he was rejecting the Prophet slice and I'm out of fear of his kingdom alone. And when that happened, Abu Sufyan said that I knew that the prophets lie Selim even though I wasn't a Muslim, yet, I knew that the Prophet said

00:55:00--> 00:55:18

I Salam was eventually going to get these people as well. I mean if this is the amount of fear that they're struck with, that I knew that he was even going to bring them under the fold of Islam until I embraced Islam as well. So I will see if he answers until I eventually embraced Islam as well. So there are a lot of lessons that we that we learned from this hadith.

00:55:21--> 00:55:22

Basically, again,

00:55:23--> 00:56:03

you know, we went over the, the the completion of revelation here. And this is very important here the book of Revelation ends with this. And what this shows us that the impact of the revelation didn't just impact Mecca, or Medina al Bukhari he wants to show us by placing this hadith here, that the impact of the revelation reached every corner of the world so it reached everywhere, and those who knew previous revelation knew that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was indeed receiving revelation. And that that pretty much you know, it shows us as well. In conclusion, the nobility of the Prophet sallallahu it was set up the testimony to the sincerity of the prophets lie Selim, even

00:56:03--> 00:56:38

on the tongue of his enemy, even his enemies could not deny his noble qualities it his Salatu was set up and the nobility of the call that he was calling the people to, we ask Allah to send his peace and blessings upon him and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to allow us to be moved by the revelation and to act upon it properly. That concludes Kitab and why the first book of sahih al Bukhari for the next two weeks just before I go to questions I'm leaving from Malaysia and sha Allah to Allah tomorrow morning and also we're not going to have class for the next two weeks which is why I really wanted to finish case I would wacky today so when we come back we'll start inshallah Tyler

00:56:38--> 00:56:52

with the book of faith eatable Eman after two weeks inshallah so the next two Tuesday's we won't have class, after that Inshallah, we will resume where we left off, and at some point will complete Sahadi insha. Allah. All right, questions. Yeah.

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like, when you're talking to that, if you didn't pull that message

00:57:13--> 00:57:17

the receiver in the translation of the receiver or the

00:57:19--> 00:57:23

what is it? I think it's translated, it's translated as

00:57:25--> 00:57:47

I mean, they, they're the peasants, they're the low class of society, meaning you will misguide those that are under you already seen. So the translation here is the peasants, but at the scene are the people that are even the lowest class, but the profit slice and I'm not saying that there are people that look up to you for guidance, even the peasants look, look to you for guidance, and you would have the sin of misguiding them

00:57:50--> 00:57:53

did this conversation habits before,

00:57:54--> 00:57:55

like went to House

00:57:56--> 00:58:01

leaders to know so this conversation happened afterwards?

00:58:02--> 00:58:17

Shortly afterwards, very shortly afterwards. So Subhanallah It all happened at the same time. He received this letter while he was in the courts. And again, historically speaking, the Christians got back Jerusalem just a few years before that before they be anyway.

00:58:18--> 00:58:44

And the messenger comes to him while he's asking for the Tafseer of the dream. While he's asking for the interpretation. He goes to his house, he comes back and he's he's still troubled by what happened. So we asked for, you know, if there's anyone that's coming from the Arabs, anyone from the people of Rasul Allah sai some that are here. And that happened to coincide with the time that Abu Sufyan was on his annual trade route there anyway. And that's when he brought them over and he asked these questions so all of this isn't a very tight frame.

00:58:45--> 00:58:50

It's just the divine planning of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada here. I'll do sister and then brother Yeah.

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you were thinking was female. So the completion of

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my question is

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Okay, so tafseer the origin of Tafseer. The question is, you know, since we said your baseline was going over the meanings with the Prophets lysozyme as well, the origin of Tafseer you have to understand that all books of tafseer that were written in the first in the first two centuries after Islam, were just, you know, compiled rewired, compiled statements of the prophets lie Selim about the Quran. So what the Sahaba said that the prophets lie some said about the Quran and that's why intercede there is a methodology and tough seat as well.

00:59:51--> 00:59:59

You know, tough seat is not just picking up a book and making you know, you figure it out. You have to go through first a tough Seattle SRE, you have to go through the Athar, the narrations

01:00:00--> 01:00:35

All right, and what the Prophet slicin upset about it, or what the Sahaba said about it because the position of Addison neurologia Mara is that gold was the hobby you know the statement of a companion in something that there is no way that he would be able to know unless the prophets lie so I'm told him so for example for your elemental vape in the knowledge of the Unseen is authentic it's in its meaning it's not afforded to the profit slice I'm it's elevated to the profit slice. So when there's something conclusive from the profit slice, I'm about an idea, or from you know, even above Serbian Maseru, there have been almost are those that used to accompany the profit slice them and learn to

01:00:35--> 01:00:37

proceed if they say something conclusive.

01:00:39--> 01:01:08

That's more for in meaning that's elevated to the prophesy Summon, meaning that it is taken as firm. You can't go then and make your own interpretations at that point. So they're there, you know, and actually the first book of tafseer that was written some of the scholars say what's really the first book of tough see it are one of the first books of Tafseer it is a Little Hotties Jews on his chapter on what the prophets lie some said about the Quran. So about 600 Hadith about the prophets lie. Selim said this about this ayah, and so on, so forth.

01:01:09--> 01:01:12

Yeah. So just going back to

01:01:13--> 01:01:16

the beginning of the revolution, so

01:01:19--> 01:01:24

because you've said that there's been like three weeks or three years. So

01:01:25--> 01:01:49

my understanding was that, because what happened after the first five if revealed, yes. And then if we say it's three years, I thought that during the first three years of profit, he was it was very close, and the ones found the closest friends. And then he went public with it after a year or so and then they're replacing started again, with.

01:01:52--> 01:01:55

So at that time, the profit would have been,

01:01:56--> 01:01:59

you would not have been continuing to wrap yourself up.

01:02:00--> 01:02:40

So I'm just kind of a little lost. Well, there is no doubt that the fatwa ended before the public call before his call to his family, where he called a biller hub and so on, so forth, and he called his daughters and his family members, his aunt, there's no doubt that all of that happened after the federal After the pause, and the Federal did not happen until after three years. I'm sorry, the call did not happen until after three years. Where the scholars differ is at what point did the Prophet slice and I'm received certain with death it here. And when the Prophet sighs some there's also a period where the prophets lie, some was calling people to Islam on a very, very one to one basis,

01:02:40--> 01:03:03

like I will make it will the Allahu Taala and who administer Mr. Little the Allahu taala. And who very few people, the prophets I some was doing that with them individually before he called out on suffer to his tribes to his tribe, to those that weren't a part of his family, then, of course, the call that went out even further than that. So then wouldn't it make sense? Because when Allah says,

01:03:05--> 01:03:06

he's calling to the Prophet and

01:03:08--> 01:03:19

so within three years by then, like the prophet is no longer threatened and so wouldn't it make sense for it to be actually three weeks because he's still a little scared and worried?

01:03:20--> 01:03:27

Well, the fear of the Prophet SAW Selim, when he when he went back, the second time to be wrapped up was when he saw a bleed on his center.

01:03:28--> 01:03:58

So whether that happened after three years or after three weeks, it's going to cause the Prophet slice and I'm a sense of great fear to see Gibreel Islam in his full form. So that that's kind of irrelevant as from a delete standpoint, from an evidence standpoint, I think it's irrelevant. I think that you can make strong cases for different timeframes and to us it's just not beneficial knowledge at the end of the day, it's we know that there was a federal on where we learned from the Federal Deposit but whether it was three weeks a year, two years, three years hola Juan

01:04:00--> 01:04:03

I'll take your question and then one more brother and then we can go and shall Yes.

01:04:17--> 01:04:33

Yeah, so when whenever you come across narration, so for example, it's normal, the Allahu taala. And while Bay hockey has an authentic narration about him, that he used to, he used to finish the Quran twice a day, in general. So even outside of Ramadan

01:04:34--> 01:05:00

but they're working their leaders, their governors, their Khalifa, their, this their that at the end of the day, it's the baraka in the time, the blessing and their time and that's what the Prophet slicin Um said that the hour would not come until time shrinks a year becomes like a month a month becomes like a week a week becomes like a day a day becomes like an hour and an hour becomes like burning fire like burning grass. So if you think about that, you know, subhanAllah one hour like

01:05:00--> 01:05:00

One day.

01:05:02--> 01:05:38

Think about that. So, what are the prophets I said I meant that the baraka is taken from the time the blessing is taken from the time which certainly is is true with all of the distractions that we have and so on so forth. Allah controls time, so obviously back then there is no doubt that the things that they were able to accomplish in their window of time is not possible for us to accomplish so we take the general lesson lesson she asked that I think always kind of harps on this idea too, as well as not being too ideal, where we kind of just get deflated, like they're reading the Quran that much I feel terrible for reading the Quran only once in Ramadan. What's this one

01:05:38--> 01:06:07

reading gonna do? Anyway, um, and then after that, and then you only do 10 Jews and Ramadan. So you don't want to get deflated. You want to take the general the general you know, encouragement and inspiration from the prophets like some of the companies that do our best it's up Allahumma soldato fear Allah as much as you can was revealed for this reason in your house and it's in your good deeds, you do the best you can. Alright, I think inshallah Tata will go ahead and will and I'll see you guys in two weeks in solid Xochimilco, Hayden's panic llama Hamlet, Chateau La La TestoFuel. Call to Blanco Santa Monica Monica and celebrity couch