3 Ways to Show Gratitude (Shukr)

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The Prophet sallahu alayhi wa sallam has organized a media conference, where guest chef from Saudi Arabia is making a presentation. The importance of gratitude and affirming deeds is emphasized, along with the use of multiple narrations and highlighting gratitude and praise in deeds. The speakers stress the need to be in touch with one's deeds and remembering gratitude and praise in life, as it is important for love in marriage and history.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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of the clock of the believer is that the believer honors his guests. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, mankind you may know Villa he will he will refer Lucrin BIFA, who, whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day, then let him show honor to his guest. So today in sha Allah instead of me lecturing, I will implement this hadith. And I will so honored to our noble and esteemed guest chef or moto Saudi man who is making his way in sha Allah to Allah here. And as he's walking up, he comes from the faraway land of why the Cora Valley Ranch faraway land, and we're very honored to host him Michela today at Epic so failure to Fidel mush Quran.

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so now when you come back into labor council

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Shala title before I get started, I just wanted to first and foremost just say to Xochimilco Hydra does Dr. Locker share, he asked for your kind words and inviting me to, to stand here today. It's very noble of you and I pray that Allah subhanaw taala unite the hearts of the believers always and unite the communities from within and unite the masajid in sha Allah to Allah across the various places here in Dallas as well as across the country in sha Allah to Anna. So it's like a lucky I feel good in Victoria. So for having like a rocket ship Nadeem for being here, every time I've been here and Hamdulillah I don't think I've ever missed it here. It's like Muhammad for doing the pitch

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for European, which I'm sure it was better than anything that I could have done. And I pray that Allah subhanaw taala open the hearts of the brothers and sisters here, you know, I know that we're not doing the hand raising, but I hope inshallah you've benefited from the content of the 15th, which is always free, but then Nikita and always for the benefit of our community and shot Latina. And I pray that what you give tonight in sha Allah to Allah is just as much as you would have given had we asked for the hands raised because all that happens is that we take the donations and we create more content within the heat. Tada. So please do donate on your way out. I don't know where

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how, if it's a job where if it's a job goes, he's in the room hiding Okay?

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Does that get locked out? If it's a job, I'm not sure if you hear me back there. And to the entire community here Subhan Allah, I'm gonna be speaking about shellcode in a minute, but I almost cried just driving in here. I'm serious. It was so deeply emotional to be sent around by the cops around the masjid over and over again. And to see the amount of cars because I was just remembering a few years ago some how long we were fundraising for this this Masjid. Unbelievable. Unbelievable.

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absolutely unbelievable and stunning. And some of the faces I don't even recognize here. But may Allah Pantai allow us to recognize each other in paradise alone, I mean, but make sure that you thank the volunteers, the staff, the people that have been a part of building this masjid, the people that are working behind the scenes, the people that are working the the volunteering, I can't imagine what a logistical task it is to prepare the installers or to prepare the parking here. Make sure that you think everyone don't don't take it for granted that the guy running around outside to find parking into direct traffic is just doing that. Don't take that for granted. Actually go up to

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them one night and just say just go ahead. Okay, I've noticed you're doing this. And I want to thank you because this is amazing, amazing work. So may Allah bless this community of epic. May Allah subhanaw taala bless this Masjid May Allah keep the fitzjohn far away from this community always and far away from our greater community Subhanallah as we're seeing what's happening all over the world right now, one thing that our brothers and sisters and Philistine and an Indian wherever they are need us to be is united. They need us to be united for them. Because the more distracted we are by this unity, the less we can be united in supporting them. And so may Allah subhanaw taala remove all

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the heart feelings and anything between the hearts of the believers and guide us collectively towards that which is pleasing to Him Allah from I mean, type I'll start in shelter this month I would have the last two summers to love it he was a happy woman Allah Tala Tala, I won't take too long, but just to be the law, he tried to speak about this concept of sugar in a way that hopefully we can actually understand the concept better and manifest this concept this quality of gratitude in the most beautiful of ways. Allah subhanaw taala says we're kalila about the Usher code very few of my servants are going to be grateful people. It is the most beautiful quality. It should be the most

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natural quality

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it because as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us that love Allah, he may have leukemia now and because of the blessings that He provides to you naturally, Allah provides you blessings. So you should feel a sense of gratitude to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, so it's a natural reaction to Allah subhanaw taala but even with Allah, Kalina, Meribel, Yeshua, very few servants of Allah subhanho wa Taala are going to be grateful people in Medina who Seville in MASHIAC, Iran were in Makkah fora. We have guided man to two paths, either they are people of sugarcoat there are people of gratitude or they are the opposite of that KEF aura, you know,

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exceedingly ungrateful disbelievers. And the opposite extreme of sugarcoat it is Cofer is disbelief. complete disbelief with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. Now this is with Allah azza wa jal when it comes to people, how we treat people in our lives to narrations from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam both narrated from Abu Dhabi Allahu Taala and who the most famous one man is Karina slash Karela. Whoever does not think the people does not think Allah, whoever does not show gratitude to people does not show gratitude to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah also from Abu Hooray and all the Allahu Taala and hope that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Lai escuela he does not think Allah

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subhanaw taala man is goodness, whoever does not think the people, meaning there is no way that you can possibly possibly be grateful to Allah Subhana Allah to Anna, and not be grateful to the people, you can't manifest that quality. You can't claim it. And subhanAllah so many of these narrations don't make sense. The woman who went to hellfire, right because she was abusive to her neighbors. She was a woman that used to pray a lot. She was a woman that used to fast a lot. She was a woman that gave a lot of sadaqa. Right? But there's a disconnect in her relationship to Allah subhanaw taala and how that then translates to her relationship with the people. And so how can a person be

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abusive and be foul and be ugly towards those around them and claim that they are devoted Olia? Righteous loving servants of Allah Subhana Allah may Allah subhanaw taala make us amongst his Olia Allahumma, Amin. So I'll give you three things in sha Allah to Allah to hopefully be able to take this concept home with all the other wonderful qualities you've been learning about the qualities of the believer. Number one, gratitude is with the heart, with the tongue, and with our deeds. Gratitude is with the heart, with the tongue, and with our deeds, okay, a chakra bilkul is that you actually feel a sense of gratitude. And in order for you to actually feel a sense of gratitude, you

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have to contemplate on those blessings. And so sometimes, you actually have to take a step back and appreciate what's been done for you what's been given to you, even by the people in your life. You know, the believer connects things in their life, there are people oil, Bob, there are people of pure thought people are fickle. People who are in constant pondering into the booth and see if I could reflecting contemplating being introspective. And that's why when you grow up and be in the light and become a parent, right, beyond just enjoying the moment of having your own child, you go back and you say, Wow, subhanAllah what my parents did for me that I don't remember. Right? So you

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have to feel a sense of gratitude, be humbled by the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala upon you and what people show you. So sugar bill called, you have to feel it. And then sugar Deleasa. And then to thank Allah subhanho wa taala. And to thank the people in your life to be constant in doing so, you know, so many times, people who are not very nice with their tongues, especially to their family, they say I show my love, I show my love. Well, guess what, you will not show love to the people around you more so than the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but he was still frequent and thanking people and expressing that gratitude. And so don't just say that, well, my actions speak

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louder than my words, let your actions speak louder than your very loud words of gratitude as well. So let your actions be louder. But let your words of gratitude be loud as well in the light and not in terms of the volume of our voices, but in terms of the way that you speak to people. And then number three is with your deeds. Right and you think about this even with with iman with faith, right? It's a stick. The truth of something is shown by confirming deeds. airmen who earn $1 with the chakra act or people of David, in a way of gratitude, we look at our Prophet dealt with it as salam. O Allah subhanaw taala blessed with so much what did he do? He used it to build he used it to

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construct and you know what he was also a distinguished habit, a distinguished worshiper, what was the pm have dealt with it has said I'm like that the prophets lie Selim would praise it. What was the fasting of wa salam like that the prophets lie, some would praise it. And what two acts of worship, confirm gratitude to Allah subhanaw taala more than fasting and chiamo live which are the two most prominent D

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needs that we do in the month of Ramadan. dellwood Ali Salam is an example of gratitude, right he took the blessings that Allah gave him. He thanked Allah for them and then he used those blessings to be a blessing to the world. Subhanallah you connect these three things. And what you find are multiple Hadith multiple narrations when you feel something, why am I being asked material because I had this when you speak of it when you use your words to confirm what you're feeling. And then when your deeds confirm that the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in an authentic hadith from jaboticaba dilla or the Allahu Taala and Honkala allihies salatu salam and Sunni I eat at my roof

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whoever has something good done for them from someone fair you then compensate, respond in like manner. Does that when you say to Zack Allah Who Hira May Allah compensate you with good jazz up May Allah reward you with good failure, who tried to repay the favor try to be someone who's giving back to those that are giving to you. That's responding in like manner. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said for a minute. And if you can't find something to give in return,

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then let your words of gratitude and praise be there. Right? For him know, either as Natalie *a Chikara. And then if you do so when you're at least grateful saying to Zack, Allah, Ohio, praising that person thanking them, at least then you would have thanked them sufficiently. And if you instead man Ketsana who forgot Kapha right? When you're someone who just conceals it, then you're someone who is not showing gratitude at all. So again, we show it, we feel it, right, and those things have to be connected. Someone will be able to tell when your gratitude is insincere, right it's just like well either comment you know, salatu calm Kosala the hypocrites pray as well. That

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the way they pray is so lazy and sluggish. Right so your words to Zack Allah Who Hira Thank you, I appreciate you you know it's like the difference between a text message we're all going to get the spam or either messages we already have spam or some of you sent me spam Ramadan messages and I know you sent it to each other Ramadan Mubarak, you know, but thank you for that as well. At least you at least you put me on your broadcast list right? But the difference between that and

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does that Allah Hydra Ramadan mubarak eid, Mubarak a phone call or someone in person talking to someone and thanking them. So the first thing of chakra is once again, with your heart, with your tongue with your deeds. The second thing I want you to remember is that Shaka is for the little things and the big things, the small and the large, there's a statement that's attributed to our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam that is authentic due to corroborating evidence, which is maniacal Colleen. Now your liar squirrel Kathy, or whoever is not grateful for the little things is not going to be grateful for the large things. You know, it's just like sub if you don't learn to be

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patient with small annoyances in life, how are you going to be patient with a major trial that comes to you? So the believer is grateful for the small things and shook her magnifies the blessing. When you respond to someone who does something for you magnify it, right, make the small gifts that someone gave you big things, show them that you really appreciate it. And that is something Subhanallah that's going to make the person happy that they gave you on want to give you more right and want to keep on doing for you. It's what increases love in a marriage by the way as well increase in sugar within your families increase in chocolate amongst your friends don't just

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disregard something when someone does something for you. And the third thing Dear Brothers and Sisters is that I forgot what I was talking about. So I said

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this is what happens when you do the on the spot copy that is right. So I said the first thing is sugared with heart with tongue and with deeds. The second thing is sugar is with quantities. The third thing Allahu wa Salatu was Salam ala Nabina. Muhammad Shaka shows over time, sugar shows over time. And this is in sha Allah Tala al endof. We admire our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we love our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when we talk about him, we feel embarrassed and shy that we can't live up to his example. But Subhanallah the way that sugar shows over time, is through Elba as a scholar say, loyalty, loyalty remembering the blessings later on when other people would

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have moved on and forgotten them. And we see this in every way with parents was sort allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam six decades later, you know humbling himself to Halima sadiya While the Allahu Taala and her spreading out his garment for her or for Shaimaa his his sister foster sister while the Allahu Taala Anna or with an amen will the Allahu anha right the Prophet slice and I'm still humbling himself the way a child with to their parents and remembering those blessings. Well, what happens to us later on in life when our parents become older and dependent upon us? You know, look at the example of the profit slice a much later on, he still remembered that sugar which

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translates into

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With loyalty over the long term with our spouses Khadija the Allahu Taala and her right on the profit side some later on in life continued to, to give on her behalf continued to praise her, continued to make mention of her continued to make dua for her continued to long for her, not just after she became a very old and weak woman in his lifetime, right after she gave her best years to him, but after she passed away even I'm gonna have to be careful to be a nurse. How could I not do that? She believed in me when no one believed in me and forgot to be Harmonia nurse she spent on me no one else was spending on me. So the prophets lie some much later on, is still remembering that

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and so how are we with our spouses? The prophesy son with his friend of Rebecca will the Allahu Anhu also lost my son passed away, he had over 100,000 companions. Think about that. Over 100,000 Sahaba but when Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Anhu his first hobby walked into the room, you still knew it was above Beckett all the Aloha. And when the prophets lie, some said close all these gates when he was passing away, he said, I have repaid everyone except for Abu Bechet, I can't repay him. Leave his gate open Subhan Allah. So Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Anhu was number one when he was one and he was number one when they were over 100,000. How are we with our old friends? How are we with those who

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were there for us in our lonely times who took care of us and much, much later on? Even if we don't need them anymore? We still show them gratitude. Lastly, subhanAllah even with non Muslims, even with supporters multimillionaire ID, very famous story which I'm not going to get into right now. But the prophets lie some mentioning a non Muslim supporter later on in height and good and saying that he would repay the favor if he was still alive. Right? He would repay the favor. If he was still alive. How are we with those people who were there for us in our hard times? Even if they're not Muslim, they're not believers. They're not apobec It'll be a lot of time. In terms of their

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belief, may Allah subhanaw taala make us from a shocking Allama Jimena. Shocking Oh Allah make us from those who are grateful to you and grateful to our parents and grateful to the people in our lives. Robbie oh there any and Ashkelon, aromatic allottee and AMTA added we end with the drought that we learned from Saddam and it has Saddam Oh my lord, expand me so that I can properly thank you for the blessings that you have given to me through my parents or through anyone else and those of course that are independent of people's vehicles Allah I mean to Xochimilco Hydra cinematic Moroccans

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in metal Muslimeen our most Lima D one meaning I want to move me 91 quantity now look on it the more saw the pain I was saw the bond the one saw the Rena was Slavia ra D one before sharing you know

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what unforeseen I want to call she I think one downside BP now one downside the party was on me now was all in

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one heavy Lina photo gentleman won half the award. It was good enough. Guess

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what the guilt or? I don't know hula

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Wi Fi