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catoca samina Hamdulillah, salat wa salam ala rasulillah Allah He was so happy woman whether. So finally, inshallah Tada. I've been personally anticipating this seminar for a very long time and I've been working on the material and

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you know, just looking into this entire subject in a very deep manner and some had a lot. When we look at it, you know, there are a few qualifications I want to make before we even start going into the history and the virtues of Mesut lochsa. For one, we are not suggesting in any way that a Masjid is holier than a human life. And that's something that I think a lot of people miss the point of many times, that we should be concerned about Palestine because of Muslim oxen. But the fact of the matter is that one innocent life, one Palestinian life, in fact, one Burmese life, or one Syrian life, or one, one life of someone in Somalia is far more precious than rocks on the sight of Allah

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subhanaw taala. Because the Prophet slicin tells us that even the character, which is holier than thou aka, even the character is not as honorable in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala as, as the life of a believer as a as the honor of a believer as the blood of a person. And so when we're talking about the subject, the sanctuary, this oxygen, that has such a, you know, a high place in the sight of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and in the sight of his companions, and inside of the believers, and in fact, every prophet of God that came before him, we're talking about it to connect ourselves spiritually to this message, I could give a talk about the many injustices of his

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of the Israeli regime, the Israeli government towards the Palestinian people, we could talk at length about the political situation, what I feel like is that we're almost missing this spiritual connection to this place. And that's a very powerful component to have in this discussion. And I would argue that even the Palestinians don't have that connection anymore that the call for Palestine, the call from, aka tends to be an extremely nationalistic call. But when you talk about a man likes a Latina, you'll be talking a whole lot to Anna Salahuddin didn't love Palestine because he was a Palestinian. This man wasn't connected to Muslim law because he was an Arab. In fact, he

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was Kurdish, he wasn't even an Arab. And the way that his biographer describes him is that the weight of the oxygen on the heart of Salahuddin was heavier than mountains. I mean, it could flatten mountains, the passion this man had for that Moses the way that he dreamed of seeing it liberated one day, and the way that he rallied the entire Muslim world around this cause. And one thing that that I find very powerful, and it's going to be very tough for me to not focus on Salatin in this seminar, because I'm fascinated by his biography, but obviously that's not the topic. One thing about him and one of the misconceptions that we have about his era is that when Jerusalem when Mr.

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Luxor was conquered, and RAM stocked and desecrated in a way that it has never been done before,

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the Muslim world actually didn't flinch for 50 years. In fact, there's a book named the Crusades through Arab eyes by an author by the name of amin Maloof, and he says in this book, he actually documents the historiography of the Muslim world in the Crusades era, for 50 years, so Lofa Dean was just writing letters to people writing letters around the Muslim world, to convince them why this is so important, why an Aqsa should become the rallying call why aleksa should unite the hearts of the believers all over, so that they could come together for something that's so precious to them. And he made it, he made it important to them. And somehow, that's what we're trying to do here. Though

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I'm not I'm in no way trying to do what sulla Dean did, or at least in that level, but the idea of connecting our hearts as long as it's making you out for it to recognizing that this is the one call that the oma can unanimously rally around because it is not important to us. And obviously when innocent lives are being taken anywhere in the world, it's a call for the entire oma but if you look around the Muslim world, historically speaking, even in the modern day, you know, Arab Spring or what was supposed to be the Arab Spring, Palestine always becomes the rallying call. And most of the oxygen in particular becomes the most important focal point for the believers when we discuss it

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from a spiritual aspect. So let's talk a little bit about the history inshallah. And you might be fascinated because you might think that an upsell was built maybe by a prophet of Benny slide. Maybe it's something that arose, you know, from the time of Solomon, so they made it his salon, or jacoba, his salon, but the Prophet slicin was actually asked by the value of the law and he said, I asked the prophets lie Selim, yada sutala au messaged in will the outfit out of the Messenger of God, what message it was built on this or was constructed on the face of the earth first, so the prophets lie Selim says the message that How about Moses Havana and Mecca, I said so many I said then what he

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said, at the Luxor and I asked him, oh prophet of God can be no Homer. How many years were between the construction of Mazel haram and Mecca and muscle oxygen?

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in Palestine, the profit slice and I'm set out by una Sena only 40 years. And so there are a few things we can take from that number one who built the Kava it wasn't Ibrahim it is salon. It was actually a demonic his Salah right? This was the first place of Adam alayhis salaam, where he worshipped the loss of Hannah to Allah. So he's in Mecca, and the angels built it about him. It is Salaam, Rafa, he raised the COA it raised the foundations but it was already built it was already constructed and made a sanctuary in the time of Adam it his Salah, and so the scholar safe we look at it from that perspective than either Adam or his Salaam also built messenger oxa or maybe his son

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sheath there are some narrations that say his son sheath it his Salaam built messenger oxa. So we're talking about only 40 years between the first messages and messages and oxen. And we also find that just like Abraham, just like Ibrahim it has set up, raised the pillars of the huddle in Mecca. He did the same thing in Jerusalem according to the strongest opinion. So it was either him or his son his half Isaac, or his son, Jacob jacoba, the hustler but Ibrahim alayhis salaam, goes to Mecca. He builds the cabinet he raises the foundation's along with his son is married on his Salaam, and this becomes the focal point of very bad. Then he goes back to Jerusalem. And he builds another sanctuary

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with his son Isaac because we know Ibrahim settled in Palestine eventually, and Ibrahim alayhis salaam passed away in Hollywood and he actually is buried in Holly. And so he builds another sanctuary with his son or he instructs his son to build a sanctuary. And so you have Ibrahim alayhis salaam building, one sanctuary with his son and Mecca, another sanctuary with his son in Jerusalem and these two messages make up two thirds of the holiest messages in the world. So Subhana Allah you have Abraham having his hand in both of these massages, and dedicating both of them for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. Now an axon. an ox actually means the furthest message and the reason why it

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was called mesial axon is because it is the furthest away from the bottom or it was at the time so the prophets lie Selim referred to it that way. Allah subhana wa tada referred to it that way. And according to you know, Abrahamic according to the Judeo Christian tradition, Jerusalem is the place where the Brahim it his Salaam raised his son is how he raised Isaac. It's the place that was settled by the original tribes of Bani Israel. And one thing that obviously we disagree with them on. They also say that it's the place that Ibrahim alayhis salaam was to sacrifice his son his half was to sacrifice Isaac alayhis salaam, obviously to us, it's the prophets of Allah, it's Mariani,

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his Salaam in Mecca. So there's a lot of history that takes place there. And because the main thing that I'm going to do in Sharla, is I'm going to focus on the seed of the Prophet slice Allah and what it meant to the Prophet peace be upon him in his generation. I'm just going to give you guys a rundown of how Allah subhanaw taala mentions that in the lives of all of these prophets, Allah mentions it as the refuge of loyalty, his Salah, the prophet lot. After Abraham, his nephew, Allah subhana wa tada says, when that Jaina who will open it up out of the letterbox nafi will mean that we, we rescued him, and those that were with him to the, to the ground to the part of the earth that

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we have blessed Baldock. nafi we have put blessings in this part of the earth. And so Allah mentions here, that this is a place that is blessed, it's sanctified, and Allah subhanaw taala he doesn't just do that with little tiny his Salah he does it when he speaks about Sulaiman and his Salah when he speaks about Mario Monti, his setup. And anytime he speaks about this land, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions that it is a blessed land. And we find this with Sulaiman arias. Salaam. He says a lot of the lucky bollock nafi and again with the prophets lie Selim, he says a Muslim ox or lady Baraka hola that not only have we blessed Muslim oxen, we've blessed the land around and there's a

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beautiful reflection here by the amount of little Josie Rahim Allah. He says that Abraham sanctified Mecca, Ibrahim alayhis salam sanctified Mecca Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he sanctified Medina, but Allah took it upon himself to sanctify and he sanctified Jerusalem because Allah subhanaw taala attributes the Baraka in that land to himself, over and over and over in Nepal and and this is frequently mentioned throughout. And it's interesting because what we see happening historically is that after Jacob iacobelli salaam settles there with his children, we have the story of use of it his Salah, where Palestine is struck by famine and use of Allah His Salaam is in charge

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of Egypt. And then Yahuwah his Salaam who is also known as Islam, he migrates with his children and his you know, all of his entire family to Egypt because at that time

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The thing to do was to leave Philistine and go to Egypt for safety. And Subhan Allah the way that you know, lost parents, I still am no doubt we don't have been a nurse that days go by and things change, things change dramatically. At one point, this will be a place of safety. Another point this is a place of chaos. You know, in the story of jacoba in his salon, you have a people fleeing Palestine to go to Egypt for safety. And then years go by and in the story of Musa alayhis, salaam, what do you have happening, people fleeing Egypt to go to Palestine for safety and prosperity. So Allah subhanaw taala, switches things and this is his son, with the earth, that sometimes the East

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will be successful in a place of prosperity. You know, there was a time where people in Europe used to send their children to the Middle East to study there. Sometimes this is a place of prosperity in the West and people send their children here to learn and become, you know, educated so they can be prosperous in their homelands. And that was the same case from an economic and political perspective with Palestine, especially what we see with Philistine and Egypt. Then you have Moses Musashi is Allah and Allah subhanho wa Taala. He says that as Musa alayhis salam so now we're coming back to Palestine. Ibrahim establishes Jerusalem with his son Isaac and his grandson iacob. They move on to

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Egypt. Now we have Musashi Salaam coming back. And as they escaped Egypt, Musa alayhis salam tells Bani Israel that yeah calm is Karuna amatola. Here they come is geography calm and BIA or Jalla como Luca, loss of hundreds Allah says that Moosa reminded his people that Allah has made you prophets or he's made amongst the prophets and kings that you are a people that Allah has given a lot of favor, and a lot of strength. And all they had to do was enter Jerusalem. Allah subhanaw taala set the stage for them, to the point that Musashi Salaam, he's got his people, he just saved them from Pharaoh, he just split the sea for them. Right? It's all set for them. They should not be afraid of

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anything else, if anything after the miracles they've witnessed from musasa these people should be convinced that anything is possible. But whenever Mousavi Mousavi Salam says to them, yeah, call me to the outwell mocha versitility ketubot la halochem all my people enter into the holy lands, and Alamo condesa. And why is it mocha? mocha means holy. And what it means according to the scars is multirow it purifies and what that means is anyone who goes to Jerusalem and leaves it leaves purified from his sense of panela. That's the actual meaning of the word. So he says, oh, the hollowing out of them will cut doesn't just enter, you don't even have to do anything.

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All you have to do is marching and they were 600,000 people with Musa alayhis salam, a very capable group of people. They've just escaped persecution. Now you're going to prosperity. And as soon as he says that, let's go in what did they say? They say yeah Moosa in common Jabari, and they said, Wait, they've got some scary people in there. They've got a mighty army in there. We can't deal with those people. We can't mess with them a lot just told you to just enter. And they said, we're in Atlanta, Takahata, Yahoo, Jamaica, we're not going to go in until they get out. So you know, you went to LA figure it out, get that army out of Jerusalem, and then we'll go in. And musala his salon. I mean,

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he's looking at these people, like what does he have to do for these people? No, he has done everything for them. A loss of Hannah hota Allah has given them all these miracles. They were 600,000 and out of 600,000. You know how many of them were willing to go with Moses to Jerusalem, to Colorado Fulani, there were only to people that fear the loss of Hannah which Allah and said, we'll go with you Oh Musa. So Musa alayhis salam, he calls upon a loss of ISIS. I can't do anything with these people. Now I'm an equal 11. FC? Well, I I can only control myself and my brother. I can't do anything with these people. So what does Allah subhanaw taala do to them, he forbids them from

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Jerusalem for 40 years. For 40 years, they're left wandering in the desert,

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waiting for this opportunity waiting for a last panel to add it to give them another go. And that's why we have all these pots of money in wandering in the desert because they did not go to Jerusalem as a law wrote it for them. And Musa alayhis salam is desperate. And this is what's called sumith and his stepdad were a law replaces a group of people because they were not worthy. The prophets lysozyme said not a single person from those who worship the calf, would be able to enter Jerusalem meaning Allah gave them 40 years because by that time, they all would have died and it would have been their children. You guys were not worthy for it, you were not fit for it. You turned away from

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that blessing from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And so now you have to wander in the desert and wait for that opportunity to come to you again. Now obviously, who suffers the most, the Prophet Musa alayhis salam, because of the foolishness of his people, has to wait in the desert for 40 years and he has to die in that Exodus and also lost a salamander.

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reason why I'm going into some detail with this is because the prophets by Salaam, he actually tells us about Musa alayhis salaam, how he felt about Jerusalem how he felt about elevated Marcus in one in one narration moosari salaam made it said a llama in a catheter terminal and Armand Vanya woman will play it and Hannah, woman elbow, UT beta ala woman ala beta democritus. He starts mentioning Oh Allah you've chosen amongst the birds, you've chosen this. And amongst this, you've chosen that and he says and amongst the homes amongst the countries around the world are amongst the settled nations you've chosen a lot which was Jerusalem. And in Jerusalem, you've chosen Matthew the ox or you've

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chosen Jerusalem you've chosen outputs. Albanian mock this the sanctuary. So Musa alayhis salam could not enter into Oxford, you know what the prophets lysozyme says, says Moses was very emotional about this is how the scholars say that if you feel bad that Allah has forbidden you from entering into inputs, realize that even Musashi is Salam was forbidden to the point that his last request to Allah subhanho to Allah and this is authentic hadith, sir Allah and Eugenia whom in a little more capacity around me at attend we had, he asked a lot as the angel of death came to him. Since I can't get into Jerusalem. Let me be just a stone's throw away from it. Let me be able to see it Subhana

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Allah, and according to the Bible, its Mount niebo, not niebo you can actually see Jerusalem from it that Mossad Islam went there and he just stared at it. And his heart longs for it to the point that even though the prophets license said Moosa made Hajj Musa has been to Mecca, his heart longs for outputs, he wanted Jerusalem and the prophets. lysozyme says and this is also an authentic hadith. He said, if you if I was there right now, I could show you where his grave is, you know, the grave of Moses is not marked. He said I could show you exactly where he's buried. He said he's buried beneath a road under a red Dune. SubhanAllah just outside of Jerusalem, because his heart longed for

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it. And that was his last request to a loss of hundreds and then the profits by sentence sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, time goes on. Joshua comes up at his salon, the fetter, the young man of Musashi, his Salah, and he is the only person who Allah subhanaw taala stopped the sun for what that means is you shall was going into Jerusalem, to conquer it. And it was also time and he looked to the sun, and he said, and more and more, you are commanded by Allah, and I am commanded by Allah. And he asked the law to stop the sun to allow it to not set so that he could carry out with the conquest of Jerusalem, and the prophets. lysozyme said it happened in six days that usually his

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Salaam was able to bring Jerusalem in six days. Now, what's the story of Benny Islam he constantly they take it, they become wicked, they lose it. So you find this cycle over and over and over again. Usually Salaam conquers it, they're prosperous, and then they become wicked, they start cheating with the law, Allah subhanaw taala causes them to be destroyed and expelled. So then you have what Allah mentions of balut that Allah subhanaw taala appoints dilute now to come back to Jerusalem and take it once again. And from the army of dilute you have the Buddha Allah, his solemn King David, and David takes Jerusalem and he has stopped and he defeats Of course, Goliath that was already

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Salaam defeats Goliath, and for 33 years that would it his salon prospers in Jerusalem. Now his son so they man it his salon takes over. And Solomon is the most important King in the history of Jerusalem. Why? Because you always hear the Temple of Solomon. So they mount it his Salaam, and this is now about 933 years before a Saudi setup. So 933 years before Christ said a man at his Salaam comes into Jerusalem, and even vastly alone on who said he built about 40 messages. So it wasn't just muscle oxygen, he builds about 40 messages throughout the earth. And as he builds measure the oxygen and I want you guys to realize so I'm just going to clear this from now, measure that oxygen

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is that entire rectangle, that entire sanctuary, it is humongous, that is actually all metal oxide, the Dome of the Rock is the center of it. So that entire compound is mesial oxygen, so Sulaiman any salon builds that all out the original Temple of Solomon, what's known as the Temple of Solomon, right? The first the first time that Muslim oxa would be built in that in that caliber, right? He builds it throughout the Old Testament has a lot of detail about how lavish and how elaborate the method was when Solomon built it, but we don't know if it's actually true or not. But the point is, is that Sulaiman Ani Salaam builds this message throughout, and he invests his heart into it. And

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the prophets lysozyme says he does something very beautiful at the end of it so they mount it someone he built message oxen, bussola. So I sent him said he asked

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The law for three things he may do out for three things. The first one hookman, you saw the fu hoekman he asked a lot for sound judgment, judgment that was in harmony with his judgment, then well, mold can lie and basically I had him in bed, he asked the law for a kingdom that was customized that would not be replicated by anyone after him a special Kingdom domination. Then he asked the law for a third thing and listen to this. He asked the loss of Hannah to Allah Allah yet to her the Mazda hudon law you read endless philosophy in the hollow German do nobuhiko me when a debt

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that no one will come to this message and pray, seeking nothing but the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala meaning the only intention they came was just to pray in this message, except that they would leave from that Salah, purified from sin the way that their mother gave birth to them.

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That's their word of heads, right? So a man or a salon asked a law that if anyone comes to muzzle oxen, and prays to Christ, or comes with the Nia of Salah, just the need of prayer and nothing else, then let them leave completely purified from sin, like the day their mother gave birth to them. And also last Lyceum said Allah gave him the first two and I asked Allah that He gives him the third as well. So the Prophet slicin them basically and then Allah, He the prophets lie Selim basically said, I mean, May Allah give him the third thing he asked for as well. And the love and model the Allahu anhu chases after the prophets license and rewards have been are used to go all the way from Medina

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to Jerusalem just to pray to records and metal oxide. And even Omar would not even drink a cup of water from Jerusalem just so he doesn't break that Nia just so he doesn't break that intention that I'm only going there for so long just to fulfill that there are still a man at his salon, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam approved. So today man builds metal oxide about 930 years before he started his salon. He establishes it, and you have all sorts of legends and movements and things tied to this Temple of Solomon. So I'm not going to go into detail now. But the Freemasonry movement for example, ties itself to the Temple of Solomon, the Kabbalah movement ties itself to the Temple

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of Solomon, you know, sorcerers tie themselves to the Temple of Solomon why because the accusation is that suit a man at his salon, use gin and use magic to control his kingdom. And he held the he hid these tablets under his throne. And when he died, the shale clean or they went and retrieved these tablets and they realized how soon A man was really running his kingdom. So you have all these satanic movements that attach themselves to the Temple of Solomon. Right in the last paragraph says Nepal and one cafaro stood a man what I can say albina capital, that's still a man did not disbelieve that was the shell thing that disbelief, the same thing that led people to connect

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themselves to sell the amount of insulin in such a wicked way. So you have all these movements associated to Temple Mount, even again, the the Zionist claim to measure oxygen is Temple Mount, right that this is the Temple of Solomon, that metal oxide, the Dome of the Rock is built on top of the Temple of Solomon and we have to get it back. It's all tied to the Temple of Solomon. Now what happens after today man is that he dies, they become wicked once again. And when they become wicked, Allah subhanaw taala brings about the destruction of the Temple of Solomon, the first destruction of the Temple of Solomon it his Salah, and that's in the sixth century before Christ, so about 590

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years before he started his Salah, the Babylonians invade Jerusalem and they destroy the message it all together. And then Allah subhanaw taala sends them profits and brings them back and allow gives them another chance. So they go back to Jerusalem, Venice was given another chance at Jerusalem. And in the year 352. Before Christ, they established the Second Temple. So this is the second time they're building the Temple of Solomon or the masjid at that time. And in this time, you've got to understand that for the next 400 years, think about what happens in Mazel oxen. Zachary, Allah His Salah, makes Dora and Mazel oxa for Yahoo and Islam and Allah grants and yada yada. So it's a

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blessed place to make your app. So yes, Zakaria makes in Muslim oxa for a son in his old age and Allah grandson. Yeah, Lisa. This is the same Masjid where Moti Ahmadi his Salaam was tucked away in her Mahal up in her in her in her own dedicated space of worship where she would worship Allah subhana wa tada and Allah would send all sorts of miracles sort of merit sorts of miracles. This is the same method that Yeah, john the baptist it his Salaam gave him. All of this happens in the next 400 years. And of course, he saw it Salaam This is the place of the preaching of Jesus peace be upon him. Now what happens Benny is slightly tries to kill all of them. Right, kills the prophets, fights

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against them a lot destroys their temple once again. When they kill the God His Salaam, Allah promised them the destruction of the temple. So seven years after he saw

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Islam, the temple is destroyed once again. Now that back History Background is to basically put you in the mood now for what the prophets lie Selim is encountering, historically speaking, in the year 312. In the year 312, Christianity expelled Jews, Constantine and the Christians expelled the Jewish people from Jerusalem altogether. And they made it illegal for the Jews to live in Jerusalem for hundreds of years, all the way until I'm gonna hop off of the law. So the Christians would expel the Jews at that time, and obviously there was enmity between them. And for 300 plus years, they would not be allowed to enter into Jerusalem due to that persecution and they persecute the Jews anywhere

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they found. Right. And it was, you know, there were Jewish revolts and rebellions in different parts of the world. But there's a war that's taking place between the Christians and the Jews, pretty much around the world. Now let's get to the profits license on the Prophet slicin was born. He says that because it starts from his birth, that a light came from the stomach of his mother on the Prophet slicin was born there was a new word that came out of Amina and what did it light up the Prophet slicin um, said it showed Basra coming out of this sham. It shows Basra from the land of a sham. And Basra is modern day Dora. May Allah subhanaw taala make it easy for those people. They are one of

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the most persecuted groups of people in Syria. So the prophets lie Selim, the light comes out as he's being born. And it highlights the palaces that were in Basra at the time. And out of the Sham, the land of a sham is Palestine, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon. That entire area is a shaman, it was the most prosperous place in the world. It's where the Romans resided, right? And as the province license being born before he says a word a lot is showing that this part of the world will come to the Prophet slicin that his message will reach this part of the world and Muslim ah Subhana Allah just out of prophecy. Basra was the very first city that was conquered by the Muslims from the very

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first city that came to the Muslims. I went back into the law and we cried when bush law came to the Muslims because he remembered what the prophets license said that that's what lit up when he was born. The prophets lie Selim as he becomes a messenger of God, he's commanded to pray towards methyl ox though he's never been to Jerusalem. Now you think the prophets lie son was standing in the huddle in Mecca and turning his back to it? No, he would place himself in a way that the Kava was in front of him, while he was still facing towards meson lochsa. So he always prayed towards most of the oxygen in his preamble late in his night prayer, in his in, you know, in his daily devotions in

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the morning and evening prayers that Allah legislated the Prophet slicin them he faces, messy, the oxen, and then you have another interesting Hadith and this is all in mechano, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says that as I was sleeping, I saw the light of Mahmoud Al Kitab. And Mahmoud Al Kitab is the pillar of the book meaning I saw the light of the Quran coming from under my pillow. And he said that light traveled and my eyesight followed that light until it reached a sham.

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And the pillar was established there. So the prophets license sees the light of the Quran coming from under his pillow, and his sight follows until a sham and it's placed in the middle of a sham and the Prophet slicin um, says Ella was in a manner either walk art in a walk art and fits into Russia. He said, verily faith, when there are when there are times of fitna trials and tribulation you will always find a man in a sham, you'll always find the people holding on to their faith in a show that allows you to establish the religion in that area, he would establish the religion in Russia. Now comes the journey, obviously, if it's not one match, and this is where the profits by

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selling is going to see measurable oxa for the first time. Now you have to understand that the Prophet slicin him as he's as he's there, he is, you know, he's sleeping in the hedges of the cabinet. Just imagine the sight he's asleep in the hedges of the cab if you you know the semicircle in the cabinet. He's actually sleeping inside of there. And gibreel alayhis salam comes to the Prophet slice Allah and he opens the heart he opens the chest of the Prophet slicin him and he takes the heart of the prophets lie Selim, and he pours inside of it. Allah will hikma faith and wisdom, reassuring the heart of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and he's about to take the profit slice I'm

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on this amazing journey and it's not just a spiritual journey. In fact, the last parent asked us to pan and let the SLR be Abdi lane and mina mesial halloumi elon musk ox sala de berkner Hola, Lena Lena Maria hoomin ir Tina in the who was Amir and bossy. last panel to Allah says Glory be to Him sapan Alinea, salami Glory be to Him and obviously Suppan here and some of them will facility and they said that's the first proof that this was a physical journey right

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Because so Han is used in amazement, that a lot took his servants of his in one night from unmeasurable how long in Mac, to administer the oxygen, and were lost panatela blessed it and as well as its surroundings, and a loss penalty rather than took the profit slice on him and allowed him to ascend, where he would be shown the signs of a loss of habitat, a physical journey and spiritual journey of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, from messages that held on to messages and oxen, and in advance of the Allahu taala. And who says about Muslim oxen? Why does the law say bellick Nichola. We've blessed everything around it as well. Because I've been on buses, there is

00:30:38--> 00:31:19

not an inch in the entire city of Jerusalem, except that an angel has stood there. Where a prophet has prayed there are a prophet is buried there, not a single inch in all quotes in Jerusalem, except that an angel or a prophet stood in that area. And a lot is going to take the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to that place. And gibreel Ali Salam brings al buraq right and albayrak I know you know if you've seen those Persian drawings and stuff like that, and buraq is this is not it's not a pony. It's not this animal with wings. Alright, there's no winged horse. There's no pony. There's nothing. It's not what you see in those drawings. It is an animal that the prophets lie Selim says,

00:31:19--> 00:31:55

that is so fast. That with every it's a it's a regular animal, but with every stride, it is to the end of your eyesight. So every time we'll rock takes a step, it is to the end of your eyesight. That's how fast it is. And this is a loss of Hannah tada who created cheetahs as well as turtles. Right? Allah subhanaw taala can create whatever animal he wants and Allah subhanaw taala can give them whatever speed he wants, you're not going to say Well, that doesn't make sense because, well, how does the cheetah speed Make sense? Right? How does the hummingbird speed Make sense? Right? It doesn't make sense. Of course, it doesn't make sense. But that's the idea. That's the amazement of

00:31:55--> 00:32:02

the creation of a loss of habitat, and gibreel and insulin when he brought a book forward for the Prophet slicin to ride on.

00:32:03--> 00:32:13

Well, Brock got anxious and jovial at his salon he calmed down he said, there has never been a more honorable man that has that has that has written? Never.

00:32:14--> 00:32:51

And the reader might say that that's a proof that other prophets have written have been on albayrak as well. And some of the scholars say it was the animal that Ibrahim alayhis salaam took from Jerusalem to Mecca on the Brahim or Islam Cambridge. So now the profits liason is going from Mecca to Jerusalem alone. It could be the same animal but even if it's not, it's still an animal that has had other profits on it as well. And the prophets lie Selim as he travels upon Allah Brock, would you believe it is set up? You have to realize a lot could have taken the messenger spliceosome directly to the heavens, he didn't need to go to Jerusalem right? If there wasn't something special

00:32:51--> 00:33:32

about Jerusalem, why didn't a lot just take him immediately to the heavens but there's something about inputs. There's something about something about Jerusalem, the prophets lie Selim says, lemon tahina, Illa, beetle mark this apology brew, be aspiring he, he said when we got to Dayton muck this when we got to Jerusalem, he said jabril alayhis salam, he simply pointed at the wall. He pointed at the wall for Hanukkah, Bihar Jolla was said that we hit rock when you breathe, just pointed at the wall, it splits and he tied the rock to it. So pantalon it's an authentic hadith of Hannah law that the prophet SAW Islam is witnessing these amazing things with Julian it his Salah, and then Julian

00:33:32--> 00:34:14

Assange took the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam inside Muslim oxa now according to the strongest narration, first the prophets lie some prey to duck eyes by himself. He enters into Muslim oxen, and he prays to duck eyes by himself. Then the prophets lie Selim says love that to see I raised my head, and I saw all of the prophets of Allah gathered for me, standing there waiting for salah and you imagine he raises his head, and he sees a boy hemmati his Salaam standing there, he sees are demanding his cylinder he says today he sees a man at Islam who built he sees Mousavi Islam standing in a Muslim oxa who didn't have the opportunity in his lifetime to be to be in that land. And

00:34:14--> 00:34:50

they're all waiting for the prophets license to take his place to leave them in salah and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he was shy. So he says *a Domini Jabri to Hector and unto him so jabril took my hand and he put me in front of them until I lead them in Allah Subhana Allah, He led all of these profits and this is the only time that all of the profits have been gathered in salon, the only place where this has ever happened and it was there that jabril at his salon presented the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with a glass of wine and a glass of milk and gave him the choice and the Prophet slicin chose 11 he chose milk to which jabril Elisa Lam commented

00:34:50--> 00:34:59

Alhamdulillah him that he had darkened and filter, low hostile hombre go automatic Alhamdulillah Allah guided you to your natural goodness, if you would have taken the line.

00:35:00--> 00:35:36

Your mo would have gone astray. He says still not RGB jabril then gibreel ascended with me. So then it was from that place, that they started to ascend to Allah subhanho tad Aino Subhana Allah this journey and you know, this is a little bit of a tangent but hamdulillah if you look at the story of debris of witch and hamdulillah finally now, as long as on being a TV because a lot of people have been asking when's it going to go online? When's it going to go online? If you look at the amount you know that the that the closeness that the Prophet slicin has Would you believe it his Salaam as they're going on this journey? Djibouti walking the Prophet, slice them through jabril pointing to

00:35:36--> 00:36:12

the to the wall and and splitting it. And by the way, the place of buraq is the opposite side of the Wailing Wall today. Okay, it's literally the opposite side. There is a little there's a little chain link there. It's not the place where to be nice lamb tied on a block, but it's in that area. We're actually messed up the block was established. Right? So Pamela, I mean, he's going with the profit slice of them and he's taking him through this entire journey, and the profit slice and I'm on this night of an assault Lodge, a loss of Paradise shows him his greatest science and jabril explains to him all of these things paradise Hellfire, the different prophets of Allah, he meets them, he sees

00:36:12--> 00:36:55

that the judge, he sees all these things on that day. And Allah Subhana Allah reassures the prophets I saw them as he goes on this incredible journey with gibreel Salah. Now when the prophets lie, some came back to Mecca. This is a beautiful narration. He says that Nakamura, a Tony Phil, hedges, prophets lie. Some said, I remember standing in the same place where he was taken on that journey. And he says what Christ has only and must why. And Christ came and started to interrogate me. And they started to ask me about my ascension. He says, first, let me assure you, I'm in beta democracy, lamb was bitter. They started to ask me for such little details about Jerusalem, about Muslim oxen.

00:36:55--> 00:37:31

And about that area. And I was having a hard time recalling why I mean, there was a lot going on in that night. You know, the prophets. lysosomes not going to notice all the little details about where this was. And where that was, he was kind of occupied by the sight of all of those prophets of Allah on all the other amazing things that were happening. So the prophets lie. Selim says, I was standing there, he says, For codep to quarter baton mercuric to mithila mithila. who caught he said, I was struck by anxiety that I had never been struck by before the prophets lie, some got nervous, he got vexed. He started to sweat. He didn't know what he was going to do. He explained to them the basics,

00:37:31--> 00:38:10

he explained to them the things he saw on the way, but they're asking him for like locations of doors and locations of this and this and this and that, and listen to what he says, as he standing in front of the cab. He says farofa Hola, hooli en la he Allah raised Jerusalem and quotes in front of me a lot of put the image of El quotes in front of him. And I'm looking at it, Marius, aloni. And che in in LA and back to him because they asked me about anything about Jerusalem, I was able to tell them what was there and I'm looking at it a lot raised quotes in front of the sight of the Prophet Spicer. And he answered the most detail questions about Jerusalem making the people that

00:38:10--> 00:38:51

were taunting him look pretty silly. The idea was to humiliate the Prophet slicin but he's telling them about the smallest details and quotes and Allah is showing it to him as he's standing in front of the cabinet. So Pamela, then they make their way to the hospital and they go towards Medina. Now when they reached Medina, they would worship towards Mazel oxide lochsa was still there Qibla for about 16 or 17 months, they'll still have to say it was 16 or 17 months that we continue to pray towards metal oxide, or bottle the a lot of time who says when we got to Medina, one of the signs and this is actually something very beautiful and powerful. One of the signs of the, to the people

00:38:51--> 00:39:24

of the book that this was indeed the Messenger of Allah was that he was facing towards Jerusalem, they knew that this wasn't something that was made up. They were shocked by that. You know, the Jews in Medina were shocked that the prophets lysozyme was facing in the direction of their sacred temple of metal oxide, their sacred space as well to them that was a sign that this was indeed the Messenger of Allah. So they were very pleased by that. And they were very taken aback by that, that this new religion is really not a new religion at all. They're facing towards the same direction as us when they pray. Now for 1617 months, that's what they were doing. Then, as they were praying in

00:39:24--> 00:39:59

the middle of in the middle of salata in Masjid Ben was selima. there in the middle of Allah Subhana. Allah reveals the change towards and Mazel Haram in Makkah. So that's why it's called now Muslim illiberal, attain the masjid of the two equivalents because they switch their direction from Jerusalem, towards the cabinet towards Muslims that Hara and they and the first Salah that was prayed in full towards how Tom was allowed to acid in the method of the profit slice them and Meza Nebo he now the Sahaba when that happened, they they went out and they started calling to all these little groups of Muslim stop praying towards Oxo start praying to

00:40:00--> 00:40:36

towards Mecca and so on so forth, but then they got nervous they came to the Prophet slicin they said, you know, sort of law. What about those people that died that used to pray towards Muslim ox or what about all of our prayers that we used to do towards muscle oxen? Is all of that gone? So the prophets lie Selim, he asked gibreel Allah, his Salah, or he brought the concern to debate it his salon debrief came back with an idea of an insightful bacala one that can allow Julio via email and Allah will not let your faith or your prayers go to waste. All the good that you've done, Allah subhana wa tada has documented it, and recorded. Now the question becomes, why didn't the law just

00:40:36--> 00:41:13

make the cabinet the cabinet in the first place and there is a lot of wisdom in that, that the scholars mentioned. Number one, that the prophets lie Selim is the only prophet of Allah that has ever prayed towards both Douglas. And this is a sign that he is the messenger of all of mankind, the Seal of the Prophets, be they from the lineage of his heart, or from his Marine, it his Salah, from Benny Israel or from the Arabs, whoever it is the prophets lie, Selim is the final messenger and he combines all of that within him, Subhan Allah, he's the fulfillment of the dream of his father, by him are you Salaam, from both directions in both ways, so he prays towards both the boilers that

00:41:13--> 00:41:48

were established by his father bought him at his cellar. And that was, that was an honor for the Prophet slicin. That's the ultimate fulfillment, that a lot combined it within him, you know, the companions after the Prophet slicin passed away. They could have described themselves with many descriptions. And this is something that it's it was sort of it was something subtle, but it struck me at least I don't know if there's something there. And or if I'm just digging too deep into it, but it really struck me, and I cinematical, the law. I know he lived a very long life, he lived longer than most of the companions. He was a kid when the prophets lie, Selim came to Medina, he

00:41:48--> 00:42:28

served the messenger slice, and then he lived for a very, very long time. Many people are tabbing, because of us. Like that's the only companion they got to meet, right? Because he lives so long. And so the Allahu taala and who described himself in his old age, he says that there is no one who has prayed towards Qibla tiene la Yup, commandments Allah Al Qibla, tiny lady, there is no one alive on the face of the earth today, who had the honor of praying towards both clipless except for me, he could have described himself in many ways, he could have said no one from the unsought who initially received the prophets lysozyme is still alive. No one from those who made his door received or you

00:42:28--> 00:43:01

know, whatever it is, but he chose to distinguish himself by being amongst those that Allah honored to have been able to pray towards Muslim oxen, as well as miserable haha. Now, even though the Qibla was changed, and this is the most beautiful part of this, and by the way, I'm gonna tell you guys this from now, because when you start dozing off and sleeping, the very last narration that I'm going to share with you in this class in this webinar will give you goosebumps, it gives me goosebumps at all. So that's for everyone that's on the webcast, don't you dare leave, right, because the very last narration brings this all together. The fact of the matter is that when the

00:43:01--> 00:43:39

fibula change towards Muslims, there was still a deep connection that the companions had towards methods and oxen. And there are so many narrations where the Sahaba are still connecting themselves to it at the order of the prophets, Beisel. And this was an attitude they still loved. Now, obviously, you have the technical part, the profit slice, and it says at rehab, either 30 or 30 massage, there are only three messages in Islam, that you should undertake a journey to either Muslim, or Muslim, or Muslim oxen. These are the only three methods that you should make a point to travel and undertake a journey to go to. But there is actually a few interesting things about the

00:43:39--> 00:44:12

law and who says that one time we were sitting, and he says to count on our national NGO Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam a woman often and Muslim up so I will miss the Natalie. We were sitting around the Prophet slice them and we were wondering which one of these methods is better? Muslim oxa or the messages of the Prophet slicin? Which one's better? So the prophets mycelium says Salatin females did he have the Afflalo and autobarn solo watts and fee he says listen, praying in my message from a rewards perspective Salah in my message it is four times greater than praying in Muslim.

00:44:13--> 00:44:53

Right, from a solid perspective. But then the province Lyceum continued and he says what an airman Muslim, he said, but what a beautiful place to pray it is. And he says, Well, I usually can unlock your corner, then ledgewood mithril shaitaani photos he mean a lot of the hateful yellow Minho, beta democracy hieronder homina dounia wanna hear? this hadith is powerful, because the prophets lie some is almost acknowledging that it's going to be a very long time where we're going to be deprived for Muslim oxen that this is going to be a situation that many Muslims will be in. The Prophet slicin have said that what a beautiful and blessed masala it is. He said, There will come a time that it

00:44:53--> 00:45:00

would be more beloved to a person to just have a space a space that are

00:45:00--> 00:45:37

occupies a piece of land that occupies the same amount of space that his saddle would occupy. Right, just his rope, the thing that he ties his horse with, just to have that small piece of land, to where he can look at mustard and oxen, and the prophets licenses, and that would be better for him than the entire dunya. And that which isn't that to just have that small piece of land somehow this is blessed land, to just have that small piece of piece of land, not where he can pray him as an oxen that he can just look at, would be more beloved to him than having the entire world and everything in the province lifetime is basically validating our emotions, that the Muslims would be

00:45:37--> 00:46:10

barred from it, but they would love it so much that that would be their dream. They're living in palaces and mansions around the world, but they're still crying at night because they want to be able to see them as they want that opportunity to be able to go to Oxford that this is the heart of the believer. So that's significant still stayed with the companions to the point that they used to make oaths that they would pray in muscle oxygen, their various ahaadeeth in that regard, even above the law and who said that once a woman fell sick and she said if Allah gives me a cure, I will certainly go pray muzzle ox, I'm going to make it a point to go prayed and

00:46:11--> 00:46:45

and when she recovered, she started to make her preparations to go out to meson lochsa. Now at that time, it's a place of work Persians and Romans killing each other. It's not safe for a woman to go make her way it's not safe for anyone to go make the right to mess it up. So but she was about to leave and maimunah the wife of the prophets lie Selim she found out and she told the profit slice I'm in the profit slice and says that you can pray here instead, that prayer here is 1000 times better than any other method in the world except for Muslim law. So just pray here instead, except for myself, Hello, I'm sorry. So just pray here instead, the problem is I'm wanting to make it easy

00:46:45--> 00:47:08

for her. But this was her desire. This is how the companions felt about metal oxa In fact, imagine if you were there on the on the conquest of Mecca now these people came from Mecca, they were run out of Mecca and Missouri, how long is it from so from a spiritual perspective, it's superior from an emotional perspective, this is home, right there's so much to connect them to metal head on. But when they when they got to Mecca

00:47:09--> 00:47:45

as the Prophet slicin and got there a man stood up and he says Yasuda law in order to the law he inserted hello and aka Mecca, and suddenly a fee beta democracy like it so the autosol law I made an oath to a law that if a lot ever gives us back if he opens Mazel haram for us that I'm gonna go pray to Carson Meza locks the profit slice I'm told him suddenly how hoonah just pray here and he said, Yes, hello I want to go premium as Alexa so the province lights on he told him you can pray right here then he said shut in, okay. Even just do what you want. The the burden is on you then you made an oath to Allah, you have to do it. But that was their connection, right? That that's what the

00:47:45--> 00:48:22

prophet slicin fostered inside of them. As far as the love for muscle oxen was concerned. And you have a weak Hadith here, but I want to mention it just to show you something. All right, there's a weaker Hadith from onsala model, the Allah and Abu Dawood, that the Prophet slicin um, says, Whoever puts on a headlock from Jerusalem and makes his way to Hajj or Umrah will be forgiven for all of his sins. Well legit but little gem, and Paradise is guaranteed for him. Now, the Hadith is not the strongest, in fact, a Buddha would narrate the Hadith. And he says it's not the strongest, but he says, may Allah have mercy on Wilkie new job law? Well, here is the teacher of three of the 14

00:48:22--> 00:49:00

months. So may Allah have mercy on him. He went all the way to measure lochsa. he put on his head on and he made omura from mezzetta lochsa all the way to Mecca all the way to the camera and allow them if this is again, the route of the Brahim it is right so it's not as soon I don't want to I don't want a bunch of people now starting to go and put on a hat on in Jerusalem. But just to show you again the love the attachment that they had. Then you have another narration which has been narrated multiple times by Buddha wooed by accommodative nomada. It's it's weaker, and it's changed, but the strongest narration is in nomada. That may have been sad. She asked, she said to the prophets,

00:49:00--> 00:49:10

lysozyme fT nafi, beta democritus. You know, give us tell us about beta democritus. Tell us what's so special about Jerusalem? Carla autodial, nationally, when

00:49:11--> 00:49:18

he said that it is the land of resurrection and gathering. We're all going to go there. Everyone will be gathered. And

00:49:19--> 00:49:59

then she said to the prophets license, she said, yada so it's always full of war. It's there. It's never it's not at peace. So what should we do the prophets lysozyme says to hufa Salafi, go to it and pray there. He says, for England, talk to what you saw. loafie and if you cannot go there, and pray there, listen to this view. These words are really beautiful. He says fed that I feel these ancient, Yusra jiofi Cannadine, he said that at least send some oil to light up its lamps. You can't go there and pray. That's fine. But don't disconnect yourself. You can't go there and pray send some oil to light up its limbs. You know panela you think about that, that there's connect yourself even

00:49:59--> 00:50:00


00:50:00--> 00:50:36

To now even the scholars again if they say the Hadith is weak, all of the scholars say that it is a part of the religion but it is part of our faith. It's part of our practice, that the Muslims Connect themselves that's essential oil for the lamps of Muslim ox or to contribute to it. And as of now, Josie Rahim a whole lot to Allah, He says, well, you're allowed to be there like a bondtech demon only Maddie is homage to Islamic Eldar. He, he said, it means sending you know, even money to repair it sending money to take care of it, just anything to support it anything to help measure oxygen. It's a it's a part of our religion that we connect ourselves to it. And you know, a loss

00:50:36--> 00:51:14

penalty. This is just something that's ironic along refers to as a luxan. Hold on as a as a tune with teeny was the tune the olives, right? The place of olive trees? And what is it that's being robbed from the Palestinian people constantly other than their homes, they go and they destroy all of these olive trees, to Panama. So connecting ourselves to that land is something that is a part of our religion. Right? And the prophets lie Selim, he encouraged that and he and he told them to conduct themselves even in that way, even in that way, you can go there and pray, don't stop making the effort. Don't stop lobbying for it. Don't stop spreading awareness about it. You know, to me

00:51:14--> 00:51:43

that that's an injunction for BDS for boycotting as well. Because you know, if it's part of the sin that to send some oil to be put in its lamps, then it's also part of the Senate to withhold from the oppressor, to withhold from the occupier and the one who's oppressing the people of that land, or occupying that land. It's a part of connecting ourselves to the to the place. And so the prophets, my son was telling them No, don't, don't stop, don't give up on it. It still has a place in your religion. Now the prophets lie Selim, he also informed the companions as he's dying.

00:51:44--> 00:52:21

And this is powerful because it's spot on. alphanumeric law, the law and who says that after the Battle of tabookey, says the Prophet slicin was sitting in his tent. And then he called me and he said, count six things before the day of judgment. The first one my death, the second one, the conquest of beta Noctis, the conquest of Jerusalem, that it will come to us upon Allah, the prophet slice on the saying, right after I die, Jerusalem will come to us and there was no effort, no plan, there is nothing going on. There is no engagement even with the Roman Empire at that point, from the Muslims with the profits licenses, saying that after I pass, bait and muck, this will come to the

00:52:21--> 00:52:58

believers. Now I want to give you guys a little bit of context as to what Jerusalem look like. At the time of the prophets lie Selim, the Romans and the Persians are the two empires that are fighting each other, they're killing each other. Everyone essentially is either an observer or taking a side, you're either with the Romans or you're with the Persians, everyone in between is just siding with one of those two empires. Now, the Persians, the Romans had the upper hand on the Persians for some time. And then the Persians destroyed the Roman Empire, they started to fight the Roman Empire quite effectively. And it was in the year 613, that Damascus, Damascus. Now the largest

00:52:58--> 00:53:40

city at that time in Syria, was hemps. So that was actually bigger than Damascus. It wasn't that was the capital of the Roman of the Byzantines, right. Hence, was their headquarters. Damascus was the second biggest city. Damascus was taken in the year 613. That's three years after the Prophet slicin received revelation. In the year 614. The Persians surrounded Jerusalem, kiss Allah and his army surrounded Jerusalem, and they massacred 90,000 Christians. They desecrated the Holy Sepulchre, which is where the original crosses which the Christians believe esai Stone was crucified on. They stole the cross, and they even took it with them to person. So they completely destroyed the

00:53:40--> 00:54:17

Christians in Jerusalem, they occupied Jerusalem. Now, here's the thing. Who do you think the Jews were gonna be allied with? When it came to this battle? They would allied themselves with the Persians. Why? Because the Christians have been persecuting them this entire time. So they hated the Christians. So the Jews allied themselves with the Persians. Okay. The Muslims allied themselves with the Romans. Why did they allied themselves with the Romans? Because Quraysh in Mecca, Allied themselves with the Persians, the pagan Arabs were allied with the Persians. All right, and what they were doing because the Persians were polytheists, and the Romans were Christians, they were

00:54:17--> 00:54:52

comparing the Muslims to the Christians and the Muslims felt a you know, felt and attachment to the Christians because of Abyssinia, for example. We're in a joshy took them in the Indians were part you know, part of the Roman Empire they were they were connected to them because it was part of that entire movement, right? So the Muslims felt an attachment to the Christians, because they were more headin. They were people that worship one God and the Quraysh were taunting the Muslims and saying you see what the Persians did to the Christians. We're going to do that to you that it's coming to you as well. And Allah subhanaw taala revealed what Alif Lam Meem early battle room fee as an Ottawa

00:54:52--> 00:54:59

member developing him so you have a legal fee before a Sunni Allah said, You just wait in three to nine years. Allah said before a senior

00:55:00--> 00:55:33

three to nine years, the Romans will defeat the Persians. And that sounded crazy at the time, I will back it on the low end when he was being mocked. Although Beckett made a bet with one of the non Muslims now back then gambling wasn't huddling yet and still in Mecca. And there really is no risk factor here because it's revelation so that you know, go ahead and bet whatever you want, right? Because Allah will fulfill that promise. And that would be a sign for the believers as well that just as Allah would give the Christians victory over the Persians, Allah Subhana, Allah would give the Muslims victory over their enemies. So what you had now, as the Jews allied themselves with the

00:55:33--> 00:56:12

Persians, the Persians when they took over Jerusalem, the deal that they made with the Jews is that they would let them rebuild their temple, and they'd let them have Jerusalem and worship freely and things of that sort. So this would be the first time the Jews would have their opportunity to come back to Jerusalem, and to make a third attempt at the Temple of Solomon. Now, here's Oculus, who is the ruler of the Romans miraculous starts to gather the Christians once again, and they fight back and they defeat the Persians and in fact, they defeated the Persians the same year as the Muslims beat the polytheists in bed. So Subhanallah It was like a, it was completely correlated what Alan

00:56:12--> 00:56:49

mentioned, sorted through him just because that Alliance was made by the polytheists. In fact, now here's the thing. The Romans don't care about metal oxide. The Christians have no attachment to metal oxide, they're not fighting over it. What did they do? Obviously, they killed the Jews again. And what they did is they destroyed their third attempt at the Temple of Solomon, and they may measure the Aqsa a dumpster. Can you imagine Subhanallah they destroyed any structure on top of it, and they made it the dump of the Romans in Jerusalem. Now when did the prophets lie Selim go to measure Luxor when it was under Persian rule to start with a match took place when it was under

00:56:49--> 00:57:28

Persian rule. So it wasn't the dumpster yet because that came after Medina after the hits LA. So when the prophets lie, Selim is in Medina. Abu sufian has a very interesting thing that he narrates Abu Sufyan was with a group of people from Mecca. And he says this was during the time of her they'd be at the Treaty of her debut. So the non Muslims from Mecca and the Muslims in Medina, they had their Treaty, they had their their, their, their covenant. So we could travel, we could go on our trade routes, he said, we went to Jerusalem while we were in Jerusalem, he miraculous was visiting Jerusalem from hemps. Her miraculous went to sleep in Jerusalem, and at night while he was sleeping,

00:57:28--> 00:57:53

he saw a dream that the head the leader of the circumcised people would conquer them. Now, here's the thing, they thought that was the Jews. So head aka he woke up and he called the dream interpreters and call people said, What is this dream that I saw? They said, Oh, if it's just the Jews, you don't have to worry about it. You know, we've got them in check. We've persecuted them, we've killed them. We don't have to worry about them. As hirako was thinking that the letter came from the prophets lie Selim,

00:57:55--> 00:58:28

inviting him to Islam, and he panicked, because he knew that this was the fulfillment of his dream. Right? And when he came to know that the Prophet slicin was upholding the law of Abraham, because that's that was the code word that was the terminology right to circumcise people. He was upholding the law of Ibraheem alehissalaam he realized this was different. So he finds he says there anyone from Arabia that's here. So they said, Abu Sufyan and his people are traveling through Jerusalem right now. He says, Bring them here. He says, Who amongst you, you know, knows the situation of Mecca. Most bring them forward. He stands up josephian in the front, he stands the rest of them

00:58:28--> 00:58:59

behind them. He says, I'm going to ask you questions about this man Mohammed's license. And if you lie, then I'm telling your companions, you better tell me he's lying. And if they tell me you're lying, that I'm going to cut your head off. So you have to tell me the truth. I know you don't like Mohammed's lie someone but you're gonna have to tell me the truth about it. So he stands him there and he asks him all these questions and abusive Yan has to give him all these amazing answers about the prophets lie Selim, how honest he is how noble he is that his religion is increasing that his followers find peace in their hearts when they come to Islam. You know, all these amazing things.

00:58:59--> 00:59:20

It's a long conversation in the body. And Abu Sufyan says will lie had it not been for the fact that I thought one of my companions would have betrayed me, I would have lied about the prophets license, but because I was a non Muslim at the time, he said, but I couldn't do anything about it. He said, then when we left, as we walked out from Huracan, when we walked out from miraculous he picked up the letter that the profits license

00:59:21--> 00:59:55

and he started to cry loudly. So I was a fiance. As I walked out from that meeting, I said, Mohammed's license, I was going to conquer these people, too. We thought he was just going to conquer Mecca and Medina and these areas, his kingdom is going to spread all the way here to Jerusalem like so I knew at that point that the prophets lysozyme would eventually his message would come here as well that he was going to conquer these people as well. Now miraculous had a soft spot for Islam. And this is a very brief summary of miraculous he tested Islam with his guards, and with his patriarchs and stuff like that he kind of floated the idea of accepting the Prophet slicin. Um,

00:59:55--> 01:00:00

and when he saw that the people were completely averse to it, and that they would depose him that they'd get rid of

01:00:00--> 01:00:36

Have him if he dared accept the prophets lie Selim. He then said, Okay, fine, we're not going to accept him, we're gonna fight against them. So helocs Pamela is actually a tragedy, her miraculous is a tragedy. Because he believed in the prophets license, he had a soft spot for Islam. And you know, maybe one day I'll get to teach a class about because he's really a fascinating character because he tried to make Christianity more agnostic, more accepting panela he took some steps, even theologically, to make it more embracing. And he knew that the Prophet slicin was a prophet. But he rejected because he was afraid of his kingdom. Now, why am I giving you this entire context? Because

01:00:36--> 01:01:18

after the Prophet, slice and dice, the Muslims are at war with the Byzantines. They're fighting. And they just won the battle of yarmulke, which is one of the most momentous occasions in Islamic history. If you read about the Battle of jamoke in Jordan, and now it's coming to the frontiers of Jerusalem. And it's the year 637 and Hidaka her her Oculus makes an offer says, Listen, we don't want any bloodshed. He says, we will give you the keys to the city of Jerusalem. He said on one condition. He said, I mean, he said your commander, the leader of your great Alma, because at that Alma has a worldwide reputation of the lawn, everyone knows how great he is. He said, I want him to

01:01:18--> 01:01:53

come and take the key himself. He has to come take the keys of the city himself, we will give it over we'll hand it over no bloodshed, we're not gonna fight. We'll give you the keys and we'll put on a ceremony and we'll treat you guys well. So they got you know, this message gets to the law and somehow law, some of the patriarchs they actually told Ahmed and also the law and in some of the Muslims that Omar was described as the man who will take Jerusalem that the descriptions of all that a huge man, right a man of justice and so on and so forth, he fits the description so we want him to come take it. Now when it gets to a model the law I know he's in Medina, the halifa should not leave

01:01:53--> 01:02:27

Medina. Okay. Because it's dangerous to leave your fort right? And it just didn't. It was it was unprecedented at that point. So under the law, he gets the companions together. He says, What do you guys think some of them say you should stay? It's a plot. Some of them say no, you should go go ahead and take the keys Allah subhanaw taala honored you with this almost all the A lot of times. Eventually he takes the advice of ideas all the allow. He said no, you should go if this is going to bring in quotes under our rule, and we're not going to have bloodshed and it's going to show a certain Heba certain all of the Muslims and so on, so forth, you should go. So Omar sets out from

01:02:27--> 01:03:09

Medina to Jerusalem, his first time leaving Medina as Khalifa in the year 637. After he started his salon, and her Oculus puts on this lavish ceremony, he rolls out a carpet, the red carpet of that time. It spanned for two kilometers. And he lined up his guards throughout, right to accept all the law and he invited the patriarchs to give him the keys of Jerusalem. I mean, he set it up, right. I'm gonna ask is there a board available? July is there so some of the greatest companions are standing there waiting for Amara to come to Jerusalem. Now what happens on the way this is a famous story. Almost all the law on who had one cloth, one garment. Alright, that's number one. Number two,

01:03:09--> 01:03:44

he was traveling with the servants. And they had one camel, so I'm gonna set I'll make a deal with you. You right half the time, all right, half the time. How to love Holly for the most powerful man in the world at this point. So they're writing and as they're getting close to Jerusalem, it's the servants turn. It's not almost turn right. So I'm not the law on who is the one who's pulling the candle. And to make matters even worse, he already had 18 stitches in his garment. To make matters even worse, he falls into a mud puddle. So almost covered in dirt and mud. And he's got a servant on the camel and they're getting close to Jerusalem. And they know what's waiting for them. So the

01:03:44--> 01:04:08

servant says to Omar Yamuna, momineen should we switch now? I mean, it's not gonna look right. He said, Nope, it's your turn. It's justice. Right? I took this much time. Your time is not up so it has to stay that way. So they're waiting they're all lined up and people are looking out their windows waiting to see the greatest man in the world the most powerful man in the world and they see all metal the law on home with a camel covered in dirt with a servant on the camel. And some of the Muslims are just like

01:04:09--> 01:04:47

this is embarrassing. Right? A lot of a lot of the alarm goes out to him and he meets him as he's getting on that carpet. Custom Come on. Yeah, I mean, you could have dressed better you could have prepared yourself better for the occasion and Amato the law and he he pushes the chest of Aveda. And he says I wish someone other than you would have said this and he said the famous words he said listen national common as an allowable Islam. We are a people that a lot dignified through Islam. We don't need people's validation when Elena is the lady of Elena love we seek it through other than Islam, Allah will humiliate us, we don't need it. We don't need them to think highly of us. We're

01:04:47--> 01:05:00

going to do what the prophets lie some left the song, we're going to carry ourselves with that etiquette. If they don't like it, that's their problem. Now what ended up happening, they were incomplete. All these people are used to pompous rulers and displays they

01:05:00--> 01:05:37

We're in complete all of the humility of our motto the Allahu taala. And who, and the people fell in love with our model, the Allahu taala. Now, what is our model, the first order of business is to clean up messes a lot, because it's covered in dirt. Now it's a dumpster. So he goes to mess it up. And he cleans up he in the companions, they start to clean up, messes up oxygen. And he asked cabinet bar cabinet about was a Jewish rabbi that converted to Islam. You know, he said, Where should we? Where should we set up the mustard now, in the middle of Muslim oxide, there's this rock or there's this rocky area, right? And it's right in the center. And that's believed to be where

01:05:37--> 01:06:09

Sulaiman is now established the temples right in the middle, right? So when they cleaned it all up, and they decide, you know, where are we going to pray, he asked cabinet about cabinet and Amara says we should pray behind the rock and almost sense from that, that he felt a reverence towards that rock. So on the low side, and who said, that must be your Jewish influence speaking, he said, we're going to pray in front of the rock. We're not going to honor this rock, we're gonna pray in front of it. There's nothing special about the rockets. Okay. Maybe it is the place that a man is not established, but let's pray the closest to the fibula as we can. Now as I said, that entire area is

01:06:09--> 01:06:48

muscle oxygen. Okay, so Omar goes to the very front of it. And he leads that he prays his Salah there and that's what's known today as Muslim ox method, LP belly. Now it's almost an oxide but the green dome, this one which is epically painted, Mashallah, all right, the green dome is actually where almost all the longtime man who led the salon, not all of it is Muslim. It's almost Oxford. But the best place to pray in Muslim oxen is where almost all the time and who prayed because that's where that that is the sin and that regarding that's the closest to the symbol and so on, so forth. But if you prayed anywhere in that entire area, you're technically praying in Muslim ox. Okay, now

01:06:48--> 01:07:25

the dome was left empty for a very long time. I'm sorry, the rock was left uncovered. Some of the people say that's where the profits Isilon ascended there's really nothing to confirm that. And the the dome was built on top of that the gold dome was built on top of it by Abdullah bin Marwan so came years later, decades later, right just to mark the entire sanctuary to be right in the center. And it's a pretty beautiful sight, right when you see the the middle of this entire sanctuary is that beautiful gold dome, and Sulaiman the magnificence not so the man the profit audience that I'm studying man, the magnificent. He beautified it even more. So he put a lot into the gold dome into

01:07:25--> 01:07:59

what's known as the Dome of the Rock. Now something else happens as they reach Jerusalem. You can imagine that this is a very emotional time for them. They're basically fulfilling the dream of the Prophet slicin. They've been praying towards this place before. Alma was one of the people that pray towards this place. They knew this place they love this place, they made vows with this place, right? And now they're finally here. And it's the first time they're there. And they know they're standing in the same place that prophets have stood before that angels have stood before. So one of the people that was there was bill out of the Aloha. Bill after the death of the prophets, my son he

01:07:59--> 01:08:24

could not stand to be in Medina anymore because he'd missed the profit slice them too much. He couldn't give it on anymore. Because every time he said a shadow and the Mohammed littles law, he breaks down into tears. So he begged abubaker he said, let me go out and fight in a sham. Let me just go out with the troops that go towards the sham. Let me just spend the rest of my life like that. I don't want to be here in Medina anymore. I can't handle it. So I'll model the Allahu anhu when he gets the companions together for their first Alon Muslim.

01:08:25--> 01:09:01

He asked, beloved, can you give the other and the model the law and he says no. And Omar in the companion starts to beg him like please, we want to hear your done again. We haven't heard you're done now. For over a decade. We're talking 14 years after the death of the prophets mycelium. You want to hear them the way we used to hear it when the prophets lie some was alive. So Beloved, finally agreed and beloved stands up to give the other and unlock the says all of the companions were weeping loudly. Because they were remembering the other than in the presence of the prophets. They remembering the messengers license so even as they're in muscle oxygen, they all start crying

01:09:01--> 01:09:42

and they forget themselves because they remember the profits myself and belittle the law. I know as he says it said, Linda Mohammed little sulla starts to cry again, like he used to in Medina. And this is where this momentous occasion the first time beloved calls and then after the death of the prophets lie Selim is in Meza oxa for the first Salah, so they pray, and then the patriarch, he comes, and his name was sophronius. So franja so if you actually search me is a fascinating character, s OPHRNI. us search this man. He's interesting. He's the patriarch of Jerusalem, and he admired the law and he looked at all and he said, this is a nobleman. He's Muslim. He's not

01:09:42--> 01:10:00

Christian, but he's a nobleman. Now. sophronius was actually he's one of the few people that became a saint in the East Orthodox Church and in the Catholic church that's very rare in Christian theology and Christian history. very noble man, a very good man. He tells all the law on her let me give you a tour of the city. So he takes all the law on hold to the holy supplication.

01:10:00--> 01:10:33

He takes him to the Church of the Nativity, he takes him to all of these different places. And he shows him these areas, when they go to the Church of the Holy supplicated the amount of also comes in. Okay, so also the time comes in this is the church, which houses the the cross that he saw Islam was supposedly crucified. And the patriarchy says, Look, why don't you just pray here? It'll be an honor for us. This is interfaith gesture, right. Just pray here. Yeah. I mean, this will be a nice, this is a nice way to bring this together, right to show that we're all on the same page. Go ahead and pray here. All model the law. No, he says, No. He said, because I know my people, I know how

01:10:33--> 01:10:49

Muslims are. He said, If I pray here, generations later, Muslims are going to come and say, This is a message of the nada church. He said, it's better that I go out and I pray somewhere else. So he literally stepped outside of the church, and pray there. And somehow, lo and behold, generations later they came and they made it.

01:10:51--> 01:11:23

So it'll be a lot and who knew what he was talking about that I know how Muslims think they're gonna say, Oh, my God, here, they're gonna take your church. Let me make it easier for you guys so that we don't complicate things in the future. And, and he draws up one of the most beautiful contracts, and you can actually look it up the covenant of alma ulmaria, the the literally the Alma covenants where he makes this peace treaty with the Christians allowing them to practice. Now, interestingly enough, the Christians don't want the Jews back, the Christians tell him that we've had enough war with these people, and we fought with them, we don't want them to come back and live with us. They're

01:11:23--> 01:12:06

trying to make that a conditional model of the law. But our motto would be the first one to bring 70 Jewish families to Jerusalem, after he after it came to the Muslims, so reside in Jerusalem once again. So literally after 300 plus years, it was all modeled the alone Tada. I know, we invited them into the city once again, to be able to live there. Now let's fast forward I told you guys that there's a hadith that just brings us all together very beautifully for all of us. But before then, just to make a very important point, that Omar entered into that city without a single drop of blood spilling. Omar entered into that city, the Muslims entered into that city without spilling a single

01:12:06--> 01:12:49

drop of blood. Fast forward to the year 1099. The Crusaders enter into Jerusalem, they massacre 70,000 Muslims in most of the locks, they line them up and they kill them in Muslim ox. They set the synagogues and the churches, the eastern churches because remember they from the Catholic Church, they set the eastern churches in the synagogue on fire, the people were hiding inside of them. They set them on fire and burn them alive. They wrote in their diaries, the Crusaders that in Jerusalem, the blood was coming up to our horses nice. We flooded the city with black. Pamela and they wrote about I can't tell you the things that are said in these Crusader diaries they are so despicable.

01:12:49--> 01:13:28

I'm talking about they they actually roasted children's bodies and corpses, these people did the most grievious things all in the name of Christianity, all in the name of Christ, the most grievious war crimes, if you will, that are known to men that are known in history. They did it in the name of Christ, in Jerusalem in muzzle ox. And this is important to note they they had a group by the name of and you can read about them historically. They're called the Knights Templar. The Knights Templar are known as the order of Solomon's temple. Once again, Solomon's temple, the common theme is Solomon's Temple is Under the Dome of the Rock. It's in that area, we have to take it back. Now the

01:13:28--> 01:13:42

Templar, the Knights Templar, they were a Christian group, and they were formed in the 1100s. And they went to King Baldwin the second after they took Jerusalem and they brought it under Christian rule. And they proposed they propose to him that they take over and

01:13:43--> 01:14:19

now he calls what's known as the Council of Nablus in the year 1120. And they turned metal oxide into their headquarters. And so metal oxide became the Knights Templar headquarters, they put a cross on top of it. And it was from there that they put their grandmasters, and by the way, there's a very strong connection from Freemasonry to the Knights Templar. The Knights Templar was only a 200 year old movement. The Christians eventually got sick of them and fought them and arrested them. Okay. The Freemasonry movement is tied to the Knights Templar even the same rankings and orders and so on so forth. They establish the metal oxide as their headquarters and from there, they renamed it

01:14:19--> 01:14:51

Solomon's temple. So metal oxide was officially renamed Solomon's temple. And it was there that they started to that they started to dig that they started to reestablish what they thought was Solomon's temple. And Subhanallah This is very interesting, because I mean, just imagine 90 years, 90 years, we can't we can't fathom that we see videos of settlers and soldiers committing crimes inside Mazel oxen we just discuss us 90 years Muslim oxen.

01:14:52--> 01:15:00

The last thing that happened with Muslims was 70,000 people were killed. It was desecrated, they threw all types of filth in there, they put a cross on top

01:15:00--> 01:15:45

If they did every unimaginable crime that you could possibly imagine in that message, Salahuddin Rahim Allah comes back in the year 1187. And in the year 1187, he comes back and he enters Jerusalem on the night of the 27th of Raja, which according to many is the night of Alice Lockwood watch. So the same night, Salahuddin is entering into Jerusalem, once again, the people think he's going to do to them what they did to the Muslims. So some people committed suicide somehow just anticipating what would happen to them. Once the lava Dean got ahold of them as he says he laid Jerusalem under siege. And Salahuddin is standing on the outskirts and somehow he is anticipate this is the moment

01:15:45--> 01:16:09

he's been waiting for, to get into Jerusalem. And instead of killing people and massacring people, you know what he does? He grants amnesty treats the prisoners, well, he sends icewater, to the commanders. He assures them safety even says some of the Christians can continue living here, the ones that don't pose a threat, they can continue to live here. You know what he does with the cross that was on top of Muslim locks on all the Christian relics, he takes them all and he puts them in a chest.

01:16:10--> 01:16:50

And he hands it over to the patriarch. Hello, what a stark difference. Once again, Salahuddin enters with nobility, the way that armadyl the law of Thailand who enters assuring the people recognizing the sanctity of that land, and assuring the people that they will be treated well, that we're not here to kill people. We're not we're not the ones that oppress, we're not the ones that are trying to make this place exclusive to Muslims. We are, we are in our nature. What Allah subhanaw taala gave to us is a very tolerant, a very tolerant way of life. Right. And it's proven that other religions only flourished in Jerusalem under Muslim rule. It never happens any other way. Under all

01:16:50--> 01:17:25

model under Salafi Dean and Salahuddin brought the Jews back after they were expelled by the Crusaders. And then the Ottoman Empire for almost 400 years, religious communities were able to flourish under the Ottoman Empire. And what that shows you is that this is the way that the Muslims have always conduct this is a refutation right away, that the Muslims want to turn Jerusalem into some sort of bloodbath. Now we recognize the sanctity of that place. We love that message. We love that land. We know what that land is. No One No one wants to do anything with that land except restore it to the way that it was, in others a very beautiful conversation Richard the Lionheart he

01:17:25--> 01:17:58

asked a lot I didn't he said, What is Jerusalem to you? Now in the what was the was the name of that movie? The Crusades movie that they had that came out, Kingdom of Heaven, right and Kingdom of Heaven. He says nothing. And then he walks away and then comes back and says everything I know that's epic, but that's not actually what happens. Okay? So like a demon when Richard Lionheart asked him what is unclear to you, what is Jerusalem to you? And he responded to him and his exact words, he says, it is to us as it is to you. It's even more important to us since it's the site of our prophets lie Selim, his journey, his his journey,

01:17:59--> 01:18:34

his night journey, and it's the place where the people will assemble on the Day of Judgment. And he said, so do not imagine for a moment that we will ever give it up. Don't imagine for a moment. It means a lot to us. This panel. I know it's a lot has been brought with him. He brought with him a custom member is his mentor, his predecessor, Noda Dean built a pulpits that he said one day when we get Palestine back, we're going to put this pulpit there. So sulla Dean had it brought with him because Notre Dame fought off the Crusaders for all those years. So a lot had been brought it with him and he put it in.

01:18:36--> 01:19:11

And he stood up and he gave hope and it's a very beautiful hotel, look up the hotel in your own time of Salahuddin and Mazel oxide, he literally gives almost what I gave about virtues of Jerusalem and so on so forth, praising Allah praising the messengers, lice, and I'm praising this opportunity that Allah subhanaw taala blessed them to be amongst those people. And this is very powerful, that that's the way that he enters into that city. And you know, as we see it under oppression today, the prophets lie Selim, he says, and this is a different manner, and it's an authentic hadith and it's a powerful Hadith the Prophet licences, lawyers who thought if atonement, Almighty law healing I'll

01:19:11--> 01:19:30

hook the I do we have a hidden layer, go home and huddle at home head to home amarula while home ketonic color yellow soda lava in a home Carla bill baited mark this work nafi beighton muchness the profits licensed said there will always be a group from my own that will be upon the truth.

01:19:32--> 01:20:00

Their enemy cannot do away with them. liable Roman Holiday homes palaces powerful, he said. It will not affect them when other people betrayed them when the rest of the Muslims turn their backs on them. When the nations and the rulers and the leaders that shouldn't be doing something about it turn their backs on this group of people. They stay firm on the truth they keep doing what they do. Their resistance is by existing by still going to the masses by refusing to leave you can do whatever you want to them. They will not give it up somehow to love these people.

01:20:00--> 01:20:41

Go to the masjid with the with a very likely possibility of being attacked all the time, and they want to go and even more of them want to go, you can't stop them. And the prophets license said they would stay that way until the day of judgment, no one would be able to stop them. And they said jasola Where are they? He said in beta democritus in Jerusalem and around Jerusalem. Now I told you guys the amazing narration that I'll bring this all together with the prophets lie Selim went from Mecca to Jerusalem, of La hemara Islam went from Jerusalem to Mecca. These are the first two messages that have ever been established. This place on on the Day of Judgment, beta mock this this

01:20:41--> 01:20:46

area of a sham is the place of assemblage, we are all resurrected there and all of us are resurrected there.

01:20:47--> 01:21:12

How many of us have made Hajin but how many of us have desired and longed for that moment, to pray in metal oxide bubble bucket or the low tide and he narrates, he says to actual combat to elevated Magnus. He said on the Day of Judgment, the carrabba will be brought to Jerusalem, the carrabba will be brought to Jerusalem machale can be asteria could learn Java tomorrow.

01:21:13--> 01:21:55

He said everyone that made Hajj aroma, will be hanging on to the cloth of the cabinet as it's brought to Jerusalem. And it sat there were Muslim oxalis bringing together these two first messages, connecting all of the fates panela were there and in sha Allah to Allah if we made a commoner hedge may loss parents are the write down for us and accepted Ramadan accepted has multiple accepted honors and hedges were holding on to the cloth of the character as it comes to Jerusalem. So whether people oppress and keep people out or not, Allah Subhana hotel always has a plan for that place, that place is guaranteed success, it's guaranteed to thrive. prophets lie Some said faith

01:21:55--> 01:22:19

remains there. And it is a place on the day of judgment that is a place of success and Felicity and it's ironic that Allah says in the Quran woman of the law more men and men are massage the light and youth Gaddafi has more wasafi habia how unjust are those who prevent the name of Allah from being mentioned in his mosques and strive towards their destruction that I inserted Baccarat, according to many of them have been particularly referred to Muslim Muslim

01:22:20--> 01:22:54

General, but it particularly referred to as an ox. How cruel of a person would you have to be how sick do people have to be to stop the name of Allah from being mentioned in this place to stop people from praying and this place, and you might be told over and over again, as we're told in the news over and over again, that there is nothing that's happening over there that that that Israel is maintaining the status quo that you know, that Muslims are being allowed to pray, and so on, so forth. But slowly, slowly, slowly, it keeps getting taken away. It keeps on restrictions keep being added, people keep on being prevented. You have to be a certain age to go, you have to have this

01:22:54--> 01:23:29

card, you have to have that card legislation, racist legislation is constantly being passed to stop people from being able to pray there. Right? attacks, videos come out in the age of social media of people going and throwing pigs at people while they're praying, throwing rocks at them and hitting them while they're praying. We're not the ones inciting we're lobbying for this place to be a place of peace because that's what Muslims are about. We're not, we're not the ones that are being insightful when we point out all the aggressions that take place in that place. And again, because a human life is more precious to Allah subhana wa tada than even Mazel oxide than even al Qaeda, even

01:23:29--> 01:24:03

beta, beta, learn how long we should strive to make sure that innocent people are protected. And that's our that's beyond any noble sanctuary. But knowing that that place Missouri Arkansas what it means to us now that we know what it meant to the prophets of Allah, what it meant to the Prophet place and what it meant to his companions, all of us should have that connection to it. And we ask Allah subhana wa tada to allow each and every single one of us to be granted the opportunity to pray to because they're in a liberated message axon, without any form of oppression, with no ulterior motive with no other intention except to be forgiven for our sins and to honor the place that Allah

01:24:03--> 01:24:39

subhanaw taala himself blessed and sanctified, we asked the last panelist to allow us to be productive and to allow us to strive in ways that are that are good to strive in ways that are good to, to help the innocent around the world to help the people in Palestine to help all of them they're in the situation and to make us amongst those that believe in our do and that believe in what Allah subhanaw taala has promised, while still giving us the opportunity in sha Allah to Allah to be able to pray there and to be able inshallah, to Allah to one day, return to their hamdulillah as I said to you all story of jabril is now out. I worked very, very hard on that class. It was my

01:24:39--> 01:25:00

favorite class. I think it's my favorite class of all time to have taught, I'm very happy that it's now on being a TV at hamdulillah. So inshallah tada I hope that you all find it very beneficial, and it connects you to the profits licensing because at the end of the day, all we're trying to do is connect ourselves to Allah and His messenger. sallallahu wasallam I mean, the second law hydron to all of you for joining gelato, we hope

01:25:00--> 01:25:03

To see our future webcast as well so damn it. Come on live.