Omar Suleiman – Saad Ibn Abi Waqqas (RA) – His Prayers Always Answered

Omar Suleiman
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Salam Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Everyone dismantled him the last a lot of seminars to learn early. He also human Wada, and sha Allah tala. Tonight we're going to be continuing with the first and we now get into the life of sad even Abby will cost a lot a lot of time and who, who of course, is one of the 10 that was promised paradise one emotional machine agenda. Now, just like with some of the other companions, we're not going to cover in detail his life after the death of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but just some of the qualities and how they played out as things went on, but really focusing on how he comes into the story of the profit slice elements of

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the early story. And it's not so sorry, the cost of the low tide and who is from the tribe of Zara, and Zara, and he is related to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam specifically through his grandfather, who is the brother of the Mother, I'm sorry, the brother of the father of the mother of the prophets lysozyme I know it's probably hard for you to see all that so let me explain it in Chatelet side a little bit better the profit slice I'm his mother of course is Amina been swab and sides all the hotel and whose grandfather is willhave the brother of what? Okay, so sorry, the cost of noble habe and the profit slice alone Of course, who is the son of Amina been to Wahab what

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happened Mohave our brothers hence the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would say how the holly This is my maternal uncle when he would look at sorry. So let one of you show me his car. let one of you show me his maternal uncle who can have an uncle like this. So sorry, I thought a lot of time who is related to the profit slice on once again, he has his maternal uncle in that sense. However, he's at least 20 years younger than the prophet SAW The lahardee was on them. I know that sometimes when the narration gets quoted, there is this idea of saggital the a lot of time as an elderly man in the life of the Prophet slice on them. But of course, when we say he's the uncle, it's only in

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that sense, and he was actually a teenager, when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam received revelation. So let's go through his story in Charlottetown and his Kenya, his nickname was about his half. So if you know someone who's named Sarah, who's also a bliss hack, this is of course very common, especially with some of the Messiah. We have our own chefs. It is hot here in Dallas Alhamdulillah you have many chefs, I was hawks in different places, some famous and some some not as much but this comes from Saturday, the Allahu tada and who himself. And when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is receiving revelation, the position of Saturn in society is the following. Sorry

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about the Allahu tada and who was someone who used to make bow and arrows so we talked about kebab and how he how skilled Ababa, a lot of Thailand who was in making fine sorts for people, sorry, little the Allahu taala and who was specifically known for making bow and arrows and at the same time, he himself was a great Archer. He was someone that was known for his genius in that sense in archery, and of course, that would come to play in Islam. He was a teenager, his father had already passed away. And so while he's making these bow and arrows and he's someone who is recognized for his genius, he's someone who's recognized for his archery himself. He's someone who's recognized for

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the, the vision that he had, while the low tide and who, in the sense of his archery. He also had a very unique appearance. Sadly, a lot of tada and hope was described in the physical appearance. As someone who looked like a lion. He was a lion, and that not not necessarily in his strength in his physical makeup, but literally, in regards to the amount of hair that he had on the Lakota animal. He was short, very dark, very, you know, had a lot of hair on his body had long hair, and had a lot of strength. And again, you know, he's someone that is known for his archery, his skill and archery. So how does he come into the life of the Prophet slice? I'm in the sense of Islam. He's someone who

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is very honest, who is considered from the blaha of Mecca, from the week of Mecca not necessarily in that side of the world a lot of time, who is from those who are enslaved there from those who are poor or who are you know, going through certain things, but that cycle of the allot of time and who is not someone who has power in society, despite of course not coming from a lowly tribe, started with the alongside einhell in a narration from his daughter Ayesha. She says describing and this is in some of the books of SEO, that Sarah with a lot of time who describes having this dream he says a lot a to film Anam Kabbalah and Islam I saw in my dream, before I became Muslim, Kenny fievel Metin

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la oboe spirochete as if I am in this wide

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Dark plain I don't see anything. So I just see darkness everywhere. And Subhanallah you'll notice by the way, many of the early Muslims especially that first group, that first batch, they saw something of a dream before they came to the Prophet sallallahu it was something so he's seeing this dream where it's just complete pitch black, it's complete darkness. He said so suddenly, a lot Lee comma. Suddenly this moon appeared this this full moon appeared. He says for us back to who so I followed the moon. And he said, at that point, I can forget any unwanted elements or balcony Isla Dalek, I'm looking to see who is in front of me, or who has reached the moon prior to me. So I go and I follow

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the moon in my dream. And he says suddenly I look and I see Zaid and know how ether Alia, pilot and abubaker acidic May Allah subhanaw taala be pleased with them. So think about the dream. He's going it's darkness. He sees the full moon he follows it. And then he sees in front of the moon Ali Zaid and Apple bucket while the Allahu taala and him ultramarine. So he says so I asked them matter I Tatum ilaha hoonah. When did you get here? When did you make it to the moon? So they said just now Asara. So he said that I immediately went to the Prophet sallallahu it he was, or he said, When I woke up, I heard that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was calling to Islam privately. He

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said, so I went quickly to the streets of a gr to share, share a big yard, he says, and I had found a Wilbekin D called the local town hall. And I will back it all the time, who called me to Islam. And so I accepted Islam. And he was amongst the first to accept Islam in that sense. So I have all the A lot of times man who says and I'm paraphrasing this, this part but sad all the time, who says that no one embraced Islam before the day which I embraced Islam. And no doubt I remained for seven days as one third of the Muslim so he's describing himself as full Islam, in the sense that he had you know, he you know, some of the some of the ways to look at this is, some of the scholars said he

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was the seventh person to accept this knob, but that he accepted Islam very early on. And as we said, you're going to find narrations like the ones of Alibaba, or the law of Thailand, and earth man or the law of China and one others when we get to the root and abogado and others, may Allah be pleased with them all. And the timing of their embrace of Islam is not as is not as certain as the timing of deja and early and zaidan robucket. May Allah be pleased with all of the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam along with me so sad little the lavonne, who is very early on, and based upon some of these narrations, you know, around the exact same time as Earth, Manuel de la

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Tyler, and who, right after bobeck kill Ali and Zaid, and Khadija and some of those early converts to Islam. So anyway, when Sarah accepts Islam, he's only a teenager. And this is also something to keep in mind that there's a thread with a national budgeting agenda that will see the 10 promised paradise, that half of them embraced Islam as teenagers, and half of them embraced Islam through Rebecca will be a lot of time. So he's one of those who embraced Islam through abubaker. And he was a teenager, and he was unmarried and he lives with his mother. So sorry about the law and who goes, accepts Islam, with the Prophet, slice Allah, and then he goes home, to tell his mother that he

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accepted Islam. Now, when he tells his mother that he accepted Islam, his mother goes into an extreme fit of anger. And she starts to chastise him. And she says, What is this Dean that you have embraced, that took you away from the Dean of your mother and your father, and she, you know, she she yells at him, she shows a lot of rage, and a silo a lot of time, who insists that this is the deen of Allah subhanaw taala that this is the religion of God that the prophets lysozyme is a messenger of Allah. And she knows that she cannot argue with him in that sense. Then she goes to the next step. And this gives us another layer of the early entrance into Islam, the people that

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accepted Islam early, she's not going to torture sad the way that some of the parents tortured their children, she's not going to beat him or call for someone to physically torture him. What she would do to him is actually probably worse, which is he would torture herself to guilt him. Somehow this is another layer to the early converts of Islam And may Allah subhanho wa Taala reward those who accept Islam and who go through these trials in so many different ways. This is one of the early examples and in fact, the earliest example of a parent that will hurt herself to try to deter her son to leave Islam. So she's not going to call anyone to torture him. Instead, she says to him,

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listen, either you leave Islam or I will not eat

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I will not drink, I will not shelter myself, I will not comb my hair. So she goes and she sits outside and she says, I'm going to dehydrate myself. I'm going to starve myself. I'm going to let the lice creep into my hair. And she says that, you know, if you don't come back to Islam, your your heart will be I'm sorry if you don't come back leaving Islam if you don't come back to your religion, then it's your heart that's going to be broken, you're going to be consumed with regret and remorse. And the people will condemn you forever. somehow think about the guilt and sad loves his mother. Sorry little the longtime man who loves his mother. Think about the pain that has been

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caused to him. So Pamela This is different than having someone with you and burn you and do some of the things that were done to the other companions. So sad little the Allahu anhu says yeah, Mama, oh, my mother, don't do it. Oh, my mother stop. he pleads with her. When he sees her becoming weak and she's fulfilling her oath. Her promises is showing that you know, she's she's getting sicker and sad all the alohar and who keeps on coming to her and he keeps on insisting he keeps bringing food and drink he keeps trying to cover her. He's trying get Omar Oh, my mother, don't do this to yourself. And she keeps on saying not until you abandon your religion not until you abandon your

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religion and eventually settle the law of town on home. He comes to a point where he says yeah, Ma, as much as I love you. My love for Allah and the messenger slice and I'm stronger. And he tells me he says even if you had 100 souls and they departed one after the other, then I would not give up my religion. This is not a pursuits. This is not something that's going to yield any type of fruit. You're going to die I'm going to live with regret but I'm not going to leave my religion. I can't leave my Deen so if this is meant to deter me from leaving my Deen, it's not going to work yet oma, I believe in this. I love Allah and I love the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So eventually,

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when his mother saw that, that type of of guilting him and causing him that emotional pain was not going to work. Eventually his mother gave up starving herself and hurting herself. And how would a loss of Hannah to either reveal or an in regards to this incident? This is so powerful. Why because, you know,

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she was not doing this for him. Or she was not doing this to punish him as much as you know or out of a hatred for him. You know, there's something about the mother for her child right there's something that is natural there even in the in the in the wrongdoing, or in the way that she was carrying out her actions in the wrong trying to promote falsehood or trying to move him away from the deen of Allah subhana wa Tada. This is a mother, who at the end of the day, has love for her child and has rights upon her child. Then Allah subhana wa tada revealed or an censoring the mother of sad, they're talking bad about her or insulting her. No, instead, the verses that would come

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down, and sort of golf or sort of look bandirma talk about the nature of these verses which are the same. What was seen in Santa bydd. Here, Santa, we have enjoined man to treat his parents with excellence. Treat your mother with excellence. And so it's off hemella to Omaha, Cora. Well, while the article called how hombre who often saw Luther latona Shakira, she already almost died for you when she brought you into this world. Right? She, she carried you in pain, she gave birth to you in pain, she nursed you in pain, she went through all of that for you in pain, right? And Allah subhanaw taala and sort of look man, which is what most of the scholars say was revealed

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specifically in regards to the incident of sad little the a lot of time was again, mentioning the goodness of the mother and the obedience that is owed to the parents. But what is the loss of power to Allah say that if they command you to worship other than me, Don't insult them, don't curse them, don't tell them I don't care. No. phenethyl clarehome I simply do not follow them in that. And on top of that, what does the law say it was law Hippo method dounia meroofer then you know, maintain a bless it company, treat them well in this dunya treat them with absolute kindness in this world. So Subhan Allah she was commanding him with kofler and Allah and Allah was commanding him which should

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have her at the same time. She was commanding him to disbelieve in Allah Subhana Allah Allah was commanding him to show gratitude to her to show excellence to her and kind treatments of how and this is a message, by the way, a lesson for all of us, you know, what is worse, in terms of guilting a person and, you know, trying to take your child away from a loss penalty in this way and still a loss of hundreds as that was like a pill method dounia Makarova to treat to treat her well, to treat both of your parents well, and in this context, there will be a lot of time on who to treat her well. So what excuse Do we have, right when it comes to our parents? How should we be treating our

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How should we be? How should we be showing goodness to them, even in the situation here, where you have a, you have a person, you have a woman that is telling her son, to literally do Cofer, and of course what the prophets lysozyme said, law taught me, my female co pilot, that there is no obedience to a creation when the creation tells you to disobey the Creator. And so this is something that's very powerful outside all the time, and gives us an early look at some at a new layer of pain that some of these early Muslims had to endure. Sadly, a lot of time on who was his mother, of course, he was not unique to that, right, we find that in the story of adulthood, a lot of time when

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his mother and others as well, that were guilted in a very different way, by their parents, when they embraced Islam. So sad little dalla Han who insists upon Islam, and he would accompany the Prophet slice them and he would bring the skillset that he had of archery with him, he would spend a lifetime at that point in the companionship and protecting the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And so you find that two firsts that are given to saddle the Allahu anhu is he's the first to fight in the name of Islam, in the sense that, you know, there was a an incident in which some of the Muslims went to pray in one of the valleys at that point, they're not able to pray in front of the cab, of

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course, but they went to pray. And one of the valleys, which is the habit of the prophets lie, some of the early days was to pray, and some secluded spots and some corners and some of the alleyways, other places where they would not be easily detected, and saddle the low tide and who was with a group of them when they were attacked, and sad little the Allahu tada and who was the first to strike one of them and to shed to shed a drop of blood in defending the Prophet sallallahu wasallam in that, in those early days of persecution, the first to throw an arrow in Islam, there's another incident, you know, which could be referring to the same one where sad little they lost out on who

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had protected the Prophet slicin on by shooting an arrow in his protection when he was ambushed with some of the Muslims early on, in a snap, so saddle the low tide and who is going to always be the archer and protection of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And he has a very specific honor in that regard, in Bedell, after he makes his law alongside the Prophet slice lm and he would be amongst those that would witness every battle with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he fought alongside the messenger slice and and bravely and he killed more than one person in the capacity of that battle. And one of the Shahada of better and you don't really hear much about the Shahada of

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better because there were so few, right and you had over 70, in bed that you had 12 1415 that had passed away in total, in the Battle of bed that and Allah knows best, but it's a small amount of people. One of them was the little brother of saddle, the Lakota and who, who embraced Islam, late in Mecca, and made Hitler along with all the a lot of time his name was made a bit heavy, what costs and he was so young at the Battle of bed that a teenager at the point of the Battle of bed that that, you know, the prophets license, did not want to let him accompany the battle or accompany the Muslims in the battle. And so he shows up and the profit slice Helen notices him in the profit slice

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on wants to send him home because he's so young. And he insists, so he keeps on hiding in the ranks, and he cries and he begs the profit slice alone, to be alongside them. And so the profits license eventually accepted or made or the lowdown on how to fight alongside the Muslims in the Battle of bed that in which they were greatly outnumbered, of course, but Allah gave them victory. And or made me walk past the brother of side of the law of town and who was one of the very few Shahada of one of the very few Shahada by the nuns panel, if you go visit

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bedded and you visit the Shahada. It's very emotional because they're there. It's such a different way that that graveyard is and of course the entire site of beddit from majak onwards are made. They've been wl cos they are listed and they are very far away from where where people typically visit when they go for Hajj or for Ramadan in a herd, sadly, a lot of time and who also enjoys a special distinction. Not only is he one of the few not to flee from the sight of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam. But he also continues to fight bravely alongside the prophets lie salon, and particularly using the skill of archery. Now, of course, archery was the advantage that the

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Muslims would have in their battles. And we know that the reason why a hood turned out the way that it did was because 40 of the archers came down before the Prophet slice on gave them permission to do so. And that's it.

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Course led to them being weak and vulnerable from the other side. And so they did not have that advantage anymore with the archers, saddle the longtime man who was one of those who was around the prophets I seldom, and particularly on the day of hood was picking up his his arrows and was shooting in every direction precisely guarding the profit slice up. So he was running with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And he was defending the Prophet slice on them with his bow and arrow, while others held swords saddle the allowance out and who was shooting one by one with the bow and arrow, and think about the scene on the day of it.

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There were some that were catching arrows with their hands and with their backs like abou Jana and tell her may Allah be pleased with them guarding the profits Lysander. And there were some that were trying to defend the profit slice I'm like no say but all the a lot of time is either in a second and others may not be pleased with them with their swords.

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Think about sad little villalta and who running around the profit slice element shooting these arrows, and the companions were picking up arrows to give it to him. And the profit slice on himself was picking up arrows to give them the side. All right, think about the scene, the profit slice of them and the companions are trying to give him as many arrows as possible because he's so precise. He's so quick. He's so brave, and running around the profit slice a lump and trying to defend him in that regard. And on that day, the prophets lie Selim would say to set up a lot of data and who something he would not say to anyone else he said it to me throw a sad fee doc Abby, what on me May

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my mother and father be sacrificed for you? This is something that said to the Prophet slice on them. Okay, that the companions would say to the prophets license he could be with me yada sort of law may my mother and father be sacrificed for you a messenger of Allah but the profit slice I'm saying to sorry though the Allahu tada and hold on that day, throw your arrows aside, May my mother and father be sacrificed for you a little the Allahu taala and home who of course, knows the profit slice of them and grew up with the profit slice on them and has that close relationship to the messenger sly sallam. He said about that. That saying of the Prophet sighs so then he said ma Gemma

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Allah sort of like he's a little light hearted. He was

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there who were oma holy, I had an alert he started in every walk class, that the prophets lie some never combined. His mother and father in a statement like that, except for sad that might be worthless. When he said to him shoot a young man it'd be a sad shoot, oh, sad. May my mother and father be sacrificed for him. This is narrated from another companion as well. The Prophet slicin also gives us the lowdown on who another gift when he said two sides of the law hotel and he made you out to a loss of penalty to direct his aim and to respond to his duty to respond to the duress of sad. Now, the prophets lie Selim is of course, someone who's do as almost a job whose

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applications are answered by Allah subhanaw taala. He says, To Allah subhanaw taala in his, Allah homeless digitally said, either there or Allah respond to sad when he calls upon you all our responses to either side, when he calls upon you. And so sad little the Allahu tada and who now has this gift in which his eyes are answered by Allah subhanaw taala. And this is significant going forward in the life of sad little the little toddler at home, because everyone knew that sides do the job. And you don't want someone who supplications or answers who supplications are answered who's as almost a job to make against you. Okay, so people feared the death of sad, as we'll see, in

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some incidents that took place later on, because of the drought of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. For the drought of sad, and of course, especially when this is combined with the status of a mob loom with the status of one who has wronged and so we'll see later on in the life of saddle the allowance out and hope that someone wrongs him. And this is one he was the governor. He was a governor at ACC and someone makes a claim against him. And it's wronging him it's loading to him. And he makes all of these lies and complaints to all of the law hotel and about him inside the law, the law tada and who makes do against that person. And that person loses his vision and lives in a

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horrible life, a horrible life in accordance with the way that saddle the loads are on who had prayed against him. There's an incident that took place where someone was cursing, I'd eat all the low tide on or IE Anna Zubaydah or the low tide on who as well in another

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account, and sadly a lot of times man who told him he said stop cursing early. And this was in Iraq. And he said to him, you know, the man said or what? What

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You're going to do about it. He said, If you don't stop cursing it, then I will curse you. I'll make that against you. And you know, this man says that go ahead he mocks him. What do you know? What does that even mean? Right? These people had lost appreciation. We talked about the way earth model the a lot of time who was treated. What about saddle the a lot of time who in this regard. So sad little the last time he went and he made we'll go and he prayed to us and he made they're against the men. And they said that a beast came into Iraq and trampled the man like no one would ever seen. So this man supplication was answered. And he of course, it's not like sad all the time, who would

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use this? For a small things. This wasn't the time of fitna and the time where people were using language that was not be fitting, and of course, stirring up certain things against the Khalifa of the time, I leave not to be thought about the amount of time and when Saturday will be allowed and who did not like that. And this was something that the Prophet slicin gave him and of course, he was a righteous man. I don't think a lot of time, we also find in the time of the prophets license, that one of the most famous incidents

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or one of the most famous ahaadeeth that we have today that guides our lives as Muslims actually comes from an incident which adds a lot a lot of time. And that is in the time of Fattah hamaca, and the time of the conquest of Mecca, saddle the Allahu taala and who fell ill and he got so sick during fetta Mecca during the opening of Mecca, that he thought he was going to die. And I want you to just think about this incident because sad little the longtime man who was younger than the profit slice I'm of course he's not that that old, even at this point, right. He's still under the age of 40. And he only had one daughter at this point. And he had a lot of wealth. He was one of

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those that lost friends I had blessed with a lot of money. And he's known for his cut on he's known for his charity and his generosity. This is one of the various virtues of saddle the loads on I know is that he was one we used to give a lot of charity. And so he's with the profit slice on him and he feels sick and he feels like he's about to die. And the prophets license visits him and sad little the Allahu tada and who says, oh, messenger of Allah, I have all this money, and I only have one daughter to inherit. Right? She's and you know, she doesn't need all this money. So sad little the law? And who says yes to the law? Can I give away two thirds of my wealth as charity? And the

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profits license said no, to the ATO. So like, Can I give away half of my wealth as charity? And the profits license says no. He says, Well, can I give away one third of my wealth as charity in my inheritance Can I will it that way, the profits license says a photo with photo Kathy and of course it's, you know, something that we know in inheritance, he said, The third is enough. And the third is a lot. This is the most that you can give the maximum that you can give in charity, in your inheritance is one third of your wealth. And the prophets lie. Some said it's better to leave behind your dependence. Your air is not begging from others, but instead provided for it's better not to

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leave your family in a way that they have to beg, but instead in a way that they're provided for. And he said if you spent anything to gain in the if you spend anything seeking the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala, you'll be rewarded for it, even if it's a morsel, which you place in your wife's mouth. So sad little the longtime man who gives us in that incident or rather Allah gives us through that incident of sad little the allowance out on who thinking that he was going to die, the designation of our inheritance that we should not give more than one third of our inheritance to charity. Of course, you can give as much as you want before the time of death comes but not to leave

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your relatives behind in a desperate situation. And of course, this is something that we have so little the allowed and will also gain something else. He gained the dirt out of the prophets.

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The prophets lie some set alarm mystery, sir, that must be sad. Love must be sad, or like you're sad, or like you're sad, or like you're sad. And so when Allah subhanaw taala, or when the prophets lie, some made that loss, indeed cured side. And not only would say though, the law of town who lived past to Mecca, but he would be responsible for the largest swath of the world coming into Islam. And that is of course, under the Persian Empire, he would be responsible for leading the Muslim army

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against the Persian Empire, who of course showed all sorts of aggression towards the Muslims. And sad little the Allahu taala and who would live to spread Islam throughout the Persian Empire. He would live to spread Islam throughout different corners of the world as we'll talk about, and he would be the last person to die from animal *. And he'd actually be the last person to pass away from the 10 promise paradise. So the profits license there at four sides will the LA hotel and who was answered and sad little yellow tada and who would live throughout the lives of PolitiFact, Washington.

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Throughout the lives of the foot up into the era of Maria and would pass away at that time, or the a long time, so let's talk about that for a moment. inshallah tada just end with some of these contributions in that sense. And some of these qualities.

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The prophet SAW Some said, Oh, luck, cure, sad, sad was cured, may Allah be pleased with them. And he was appointed under honorable hospital, the law of town who as the commander of the army, when the when the battle ensued between the Muslims and the Persian Empire at the time. And of course, we know the cruelty, the size, the strength of the Persian Empire under Islam, right, this was supposed to be to the Persian Empire, at least they were supposed to easily crush the Muslims. But Allah subhanaw taala had other plans, and sided with the alongside and who is leading the Muslims through some of the, you know, the most devastating and, and harsh battles that would take place the famous

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battle of Bosnia, the famous battle of Gaza, or the or the the Battle of the elephants where, you know, saddle the law totternhoe came up with the strategy as the Persians employed elephants against the Muslims at the time of the law and who came up with a strategy to strike the elephants with arrows in their eyes, right to try to slow them down to try to make things easier for the Muslims since they were armored up, even the elephants were covered except for their eyes. So sadly, a lot of time and who took the Muslims through all of these different

00:31:36 --> 00:31:41

battles, and particularly where the prophets lie, some mentioned baichwal kiss LA,

00:31:42 --> 00:32:26

kiss a lot that the the house the Palace of Kistler, the Palace of hosts or the emperor of Persia, the ruler of Persia, who had the largest Palace in the world, and the Prophet, slice alum talked about, you know, sort of nomadic or the love of Thailand who of course, receiving the bracelets of kiss Allah, one day, this was a cruel Emperor, the man who destroyed Jerusalem killed 90,000 people in one day, the man who had done so much, so much harm to the world and of course, was was was an aggressive and arrogant person, super aggressive and arrogant person. And it was at the hands of saddled with the loud totternhoe that he would find his defeat. And some had a lot, one of the

00:32:26 --> 00:32:39

incidents that I think about in this regard, just from the journey of it starting that the last, the last episode of this bout, in which silo, the law of town hall,

00:32:40 --> 00:32:44

actually is able to conquer the Palace of madeon, the Palace of Kissel, ah,

00:32:47 --> 00:33:33

you know, this is an episode that, you know, Medina Kislov that when he's encroaching upon this area, this area near LA, this is an episode where you see two people whose lives started off in a very similar way, even though they were in different corners of the world. And that is sad and salmaan alafasy, may Allah be pleased with them. So the man is sitting behind Sir, there will be a lot of data. And how did some man get to that point, his father oppressed him for leaving their religion and for embracing at that time, at least a, you know, a monotheistic form of Christianity and early form of Christianity, which would eventually lead him to Islam. Right. And so not only a

00:33:33 --> 00:34:09

lot of Thailand, who would be tortured in Persia would be chained up and tortured in Persia by his own father, and would have to endure the pain of leaving those chains escaping the chains of his father. So it'll be a lot of time having to endure the pain of his mother, insisting upon him leaving Islam and enduring pain herself which actually caused him great pain. And they are together as they enter upon this, this palace, the the very famous palace of kiss Hello. And this is how Allah subhana wa, Tada.

00:34:10 --> 00:34:47

You know, gifts them, and Eliza opens the doors for them, and they spread Islam, to that time, the largest empire in the world. So Sarah, there will be a lot of time who is someone who lived to see the spread of Islam through Persia, who, in fact, was the architect of that spread of Islam, through Persia, the general who did so he was also one of those who was appointed by Yamaha Pablo de la Toronto at the time of the law and who being assassinated, he was appointed to the Shura to the council that would choose the next halifa. And what you see what's our little the a lot of time and who is that he was someone who wanted no part of the glory or the leadership or the struggles or the

00:34:47 --> 00:34:59

strife that will take place afterwards. Sorry, though the low tide on who was not someone who wanted to be in charge. He was not someone that wants to glory and he certainly did not want to be a part of the fight.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:42

That would take place later on the various fights and the battles that would take place in the fitness. He didn't want anything to do with any of that he could have very well become a halifa himself, because he was clearly amongst that small select group of people who were qualified, right to do so because the shooter was to appoint a colleague amongst themselves saddled with a lot of data and who wanted nothing to do with that he wanted to engage himself still in in spreading this beautiful religion. And what you find from him is this insistence on being productive, and this insistence on not getting involved in the fitness no matter what happens. This is sad little the

00:35:42 --> 00:36:20

allot of time and his position and he narrated many of the ahaadeeth in that regard, he narrated the Hadeeth pitanja and Muslim ecofin was the Baba who forsook that to curse to fight a Muslim as co founder and to defame him is a form of of evil doing as a form of obscenity. So he avoided the fighting of the Muslims. He avoided the defaming of the Muslims, he wanted nothing to do with that. He is the one who narrates the Hadith where the prophets lie, some said that when fitna comes that there would be such a hard time of dissension that to sit in that time is better than to stand to stand in that time is better than to walk and to walk in that time is to better is better than

00:36:20 --> 00:36:29

running. Okay? Meaning that the less you do in terms of getting involved when you see fit the breakout, when you see dissension breakout, the better.

00:36:30 --> 00:37:01

And there are so many different parts of ahaadeeth, where he are different IDs that he narrated in that regard. And he lived that out, while the allow Tyler and who were when he was called to fights that were internal, he wanted nothing to do with it. And that's where you find some kind of love that, you know, some of the early historical accounts of saddled with a lot of data and being the one to spread Islam to China, right to take the data to China panela. I mean, and you find some of the some, you know, the messages of sadly, a lot of

00:37:03 --> 00:37:44

that is that is still there. And some of the early imprints of the Dow with a saddle the law of town who did even in going to China. And so there's a great lesson here, the saddle, the law knows that I did not sign up for this, go through all of this pain, shoot arrows on behalf of the prophets, I seldom go through the emotional torture of having my mother do with me what she did when I embraced Islam, to fight my own and to use these, you know, to get involved in disunity and to get involved in the horrors of what was showing itself in the fitna at the time, he wanted nothing to do with it, even though he could have asserted himself in a way that he would have certainly had a great share

00:37:44 --> 00:38:23

of power, and a great share of leadership and people would have yielded to him because of who he was. His position was well known besides all the allow, someone wants to spend his time in the Dallas spend his time doing good, spend his time spreading Islam, not spend his time fighting the Muslims from within, he knows that there's no benefit in that whatsoever. And the Prophet slice Allah had warned him of that as well. And there's something that you're finding, by the way, as a common theme that so many of the Sahaba that would live to see these unfortunate times of disunity and dissension and the induced fit on from the outside that led to all sorts of turmoil on the

00:38:23 --> 00:39:05

inside and confusion on the inside. They had messaging from the Prophet slice alum that deeply impacted them as to how they would carry themselves when those things would take place. And there's one narration that I'll share here that you know, hit one of his children, which by the way, when I say one of his children, remember how In fact, he only had one daughter, by the time he died or the love of Tata and he had over 20 children. Okay, so he lived long and he had many children, and one of his children came to him and sad little the Allahu tada Anholt was literally shepherding sheep, in the mountains away from the people, just like the prophets lysozyme said that there would come a

00:39:05 --> 00:39:44

time of fitna where it's better to just literally take your sheep avoid everybody. And just, you know, the greatest thing that you could do is just have your little share of wealth. Take care of yourself, take care of your family and avoid it all. And so that's what sorry that will be low on hold this man of prominence is doing and one of his children wanted him to take a more active role because he wanted a share of that power. And so one of his sons comes to him. And so I thought a lot of time and he was outside, tending to a sheep tending to his crops. And when he sees his son cummington imagine he says, I love him and Charlie had an act, I seek refuge in Allah from the evil

00:39:44 --> 00:39:59

of what he's coming to bring me. I don't you know, I have a bad feeling about him and what he's bringing to me right now. And so what is this Sunday he comes to him and he tells him, he says, look, you know, all this is happening.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:44

You are who you are. And if you went out there you could assert yourself and you could have power and you could have all sorts of you know of glory. And you could you could claim your rightful position. And sadly a lot of time on who he refuses it all and he says the beautiful Hadith which he narrates, he says in the law, your head will tip and levani and huffy. He said, rather, Allah loves his servants, who is tukey, who is pious, he leaves off since, who is Ronnie who is independent of the people. So he leaves off asking for the people or needing the people anything, and who is huffy, who is obscure, who's not seen by the people who had a lot. So he says, in the law, your head would

00:40:45 --> 00:41:24

be a little runny and huffy, and that's how he wanted to live his life, the end of his life, obscure, self sufficient, and fearing a loss of Hannah Woods at night, not indulging the people's sins, nor indulging their praise, nor indulging their wealth, I want nothing to do with any of it. I'm going to take care of what Allah subhanaw taala has given to me and be productive in ways that I know are productive, and leave off all of this fitna. And there's something for all of us in that regard to really take into consideration as turmoil, you know, envelopes us in so many different ways mail us out, protect us and allow us to have these beautiful qualities that saddle the low tide

00:41:24 --> 00:42:06

on who narrates from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And so sad little the little town and who would abide by that, and he would pass away, it'll be allowed on who indeed, who is tacky, Vani fluffy. And while he was obscured from the people, and self sufficient and fearing Allah subhanaw taala certainly claims his rightful place in history, and just to be from those that the prophets lie, some promise agenda. And from those who, who early on, came to the prophets lie Selim and would offer everything and gives us a you know, gives us an example of one who would be you know, hurt by his own mother in that regard for embracing Islam and how a lot taught us to treat our parents even

00:42:06 --> 00:42:25

in that regard. My loss opponents I'd be pleased with sad little the little town hall and allow us to learn from his example May Allah subhana wa Tada. gather us with him and with the blessing of companions in the family of the Prophet, slice alum and the prophets lie Selim Angelica was alone I mean, desert Willow Hayden was said armonico Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

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