Reminders Probability Vs Certainty

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Al Hamdulillah salat wa salam O Allah Allah says Allah but

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Allah subhanho wa Taala said in the average we have mentioned before in our head to the nearest lamotta will last about the life of this world is a deception, it is a figment of the imagination, it is not real, it is not, it is not certain. I was, somebody sent me an email yesterday, somebody asked Warren Buffett, who is considered to be the most successful investor in the world today,

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whether mathematics was was necessary for an investor or lover, that the only thing that is required is basic arithmetic, which is addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. And understanding the theory of probability.

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I want to remind you and myself

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that this world talks about the theory of probability.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about certainty.

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See the difference?

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The world talks about the theory of probability may happen may not happen.

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And who is the successful person, the one who not the one who does not make mistakes, everybody makes mistakes, the one who comes up

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with a majority of bad decisions, when the theory of probability for most of the time or for a larger number of instances is guess

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that's all it is. What is the what is the financial assessment? It's I guess, it's an educated guess, but it's the guess.

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Right? Call it what you want is the guest.

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So, for most of the time, his guests turns out to be right.

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But what is interesting is what is Allah subhanaw taala talking about? in knowledge would fall in

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love other thing Surely, and certainly

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for the Buddha when there is success,

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right. So therefore, we are looking at, on the one hand, a theory of probability.

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And on the other hand, you're looking at something which is completely and totally certain.

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Let me give you another example. What would you say about somebody who has investments in real estate, for example, and they've got the real estate does not go down, it goes up.

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Or it is considered to be the most stable of investments? Yes.

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Somebody has investments in real estate, he's got houses and apartments, and he's got land and, and all that. Supposing this person sells those

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and puts the money on areas or

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in the racecourse. He takes that money, and he gambled it.

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On arrays or what would you say?

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Would you say the sensible person who say He then said what would you say?

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He's taking money out of a certain thing? and putting it on something which is, has no certainty?

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How what therefore will you say about somebody who takes

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and out of what he should be spending in the certainty which Allah has promised?

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Real Estate is not certain in the sense of Allah has promised real estate can go down the biggest

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cause of the current financial crisis that we are going through is actually a wall in real estate. What are the subprime crisis in the US real estate?

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That's what triggered it off.

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What collapse in Dubai real estate?

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So therefore, real estate is is no, it's not weird.

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What I'm saying is Guney as is the devil thinking, what should I what example Should I give off a solid investment? I can't think of anything other than maybe gold, but even gold right, but everything goes up.

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So if somebody takes this investment, which he has in gold, or as in real estate, and he puts it on a horse, or he puts it on a roulette table on the on the turn of a wheel, you would say this is crazy, I'm completely mad, insane, and how can you take out investment from something which is certain and put it on something which is pure champs?

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What then should we say about ourselves when we take our time out from that which is certain? And we take our investment out from that with your surgeon and put it in this world, which at best is probability?

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law, whatever. I mean, just think about it. What is the reason for that? The reason for that

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We have to individually ask ourselves, how much do I really believe Allah?

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I know it's a bad question, but it's a serious question. serious question. We have to ask ourselves as they sit by yourself quietly in a corner and ask yourself, do I really believe Allah?

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Or am I lying to myself?

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Do I really believe Allah? subhanaw taala did this with that girl yo Moloch

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this day will happen this day is Huck. This is a day of truth.

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Do I really believe that?

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Or am I just reading the Quran for da da da da da da da Okay, that is it got that guy. So therefore 310 Hashanah per each and I got $30 water level. We are not saying anything against the saliva. Of course rantala will give us an ad and we ask Allah for that. But what is the pain in this?

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Seriously, I must ask myself when I request you to ask yourself, ask yourself this question. Do I really believe Allah or not?

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Do I think Allah subhanaw taala is speaking the truth or not?

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Do I really believe Allah or not? Because if I really believe that Allah Subhana Allah speaking the truth and Allah subhanaw taala has always been the truth.

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And if I really believe Allah,

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then the proof of this belief has to be in my life, in my actions in my decisions,

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that proven with it. If the proof is not there, if I'm saying that I believe Allah, but in my life, there is no sign of this belief in Allah. Then I am lying to myself. And I am lying to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And you know, what is the result of telling lies before a lot of anodyne.

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Seriously members, ask us, ask myself do I really believe a lie, and then let us straight in our lives and put them back on track because believe me, there is no guarantee for anybody for any survivor. We know this, you know this, from our own personal life experiences, we have seen this. It is not only the old to die, when the time comes, everybody has to go no matter what your age, whether you are young, or you're old. When the time comes, we have to go and nobody knows what that time is. Nobody expects to die.

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everybody thinks that he's going to live.

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So we have to remind ourselves, the theory of probability of this dunya and the theory of certainty of the dunya while accurate remember Allah subhanaw taala promises are not only not only for the dunya Voila.

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Which one do we believe? And do we really believe what Allah subhanaw taala has told us? And if we believe then let us look for the reflection of that belief. In our ama. ask Allah Subhana Allah to make it easy for us to do this. ask Allah Subhana Allah to make it possible and easy for us to strengthen our lives in such a way that when we stand before Allah Subhana Allah insha Allah means that we will not be humiliated and we will deserve and get the mercy and the forgiveness of Allah subhanho wa Taala while he was happy