Mirza Yawar Baig – Reminders Hisaab Is Near

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the devastating impact of the coronavirus pandemic on people, including losing their birthdays and losing their memories. They express frustration over the lack of clarity and guidance given to people about the future and urge them to remember the law of Islam. The speaker also mentions the upcoming deadline for a deadline and encourages people to take stock of their lives to wake up and start living their lives.
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Alhamdulillah there I mean, salat wa salam O Allah should have lambier even more Salli ala Li us highridge mine

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a lot of Allah said, equals Allah Berlin Sabu home home V outlet in mores on last night that I said the time of his app

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has come near.

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But humankind mankind is an offline

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is in complete a state of unconsciousness about

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the trying to forget

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Adam and myself and do my brothers and sisters.

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The time for our job is very near.

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The remember, we had the maximum lifespan, the day we were born.

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And then the clock starts ticking backwards.

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We don't gain age, we lose age.

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We have this complete,

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completely silly and idiotic system of celebrating birthdays. As we gain something. We didn't gain anything, we lost something. On my first birthday I lost one year. On my 10th birthday, I lost 10 years. On my 20th birthday, I lost 20 years.

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On my 55th birthday, I lost 55 years.

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If I lived to be

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100 years, on my 100 birthday, I would have lost 100 years I would have gained nothing. Please understand this. Please understand this. The day of the day of your birthday is really a day of mourning, not a day of happiness. It's not a day to cut the cake and light candles and sing Happy Birthday to you is insane, idiotic customs of people who live in a flock of people who have no concept of meeting a loss of habitat of people who have no concept of answering to Allah Subhana data giving yourself but remember, just because you don't accept something or you don't believe in something or you don't, do you want to forget something, the reality doesn't go away. Reality is

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that which does not depend on belief for its existence, reality is real. So our resolve will happen and our time will come. So everybody is that is a record of how many years we lost, lost in pursuing our own desires, lost in living in a couple of alesana data lost in living as if this world is the only thing we have lost in living, as if there is no going away from this world. There is no going to another world, there is no standing before Allah subhanaw taala there is no answering to Allah subhanho data lost, lost lost.

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Islam is to wake up Islam is the removal of the of the blanket of darkness from our eyes, and opening our eyes to the knower of

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Islam is to remember and recall that this existence will end and will end very soon. How unexpected is the expected? So how? How unexpected is that which is expected from birth? Or that which should be expected from birth? How unexpected is it that when we die or when somebody dies? And for us it's a sudden event is oh my god? How did it happen?

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From the day you were born? This is the only thing which you were absolutely certain was going to happen. So what is the big surprise? Why the big surprise, the big surprises because we decided to live our lives as if this event is not going to happen? My dear brothers and sisters, if it is written for you, it will happen if it is going to happen on the day, at the time in the place that it has been written for you, whether it's on the earth, whether it is up in the air on the sky, whether it is on the waters of the oceans, whether it is deep down in a submarine, whether it is in a place which I cannot even conceptualize if it has to happen, it will happen. So have that and let

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us remember this law does remind us and says that the time is near. But humankind wants to live in the hoffler wants to live as if it is not going to happen. I remind myself and you to take stock of our lives to wake up and to start living our lives. Remembering that we have been honored and blessed with a man we have been honored and blessed with the knowledge that Allah subhanho wa Taala is ours and that we are His and that we stand before him one day and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to make that day, the best day of our lives was

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lalalala and I will carry while he was happy as mine barometer

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