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Alternate Perspective on Dua’a

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Omer El-Hamdoon

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. hope you're all doing well. And I hope you're all feeling motivated and ready to go. Today, I just want to mention something very important, which is a different perspective about how we should understand, do I because we know that Doha is turning to our last panel with the Allies by asking a law what we want. And we very often understand it as a one way process, meaning that we just ask, we just expect the last panel Tyler, to answer which is fine, which is great, that's a really good thing to think in that way. But what I want you to start thinking, and this is a different perspective, is, is almost like setting your mindset is about

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having an attitude. When you make a glass, you are saying consciously, that this is what I want. So this is my aim is my goal. So for example, when you say, oh, Allah, forgive me, then your da here, your attention, your focus is about asking forgiveness from Allah, you want your sins to be removed. So therefore, your actions which follow the DA is that I'm going to do things which try to remove the sense. So I'm going to make Morris defar, I'm going to say, Hello, handy. 100 times, I'm going to do this, do that. So that is a focus a again, say you said, our law, you know, you're married and you want a child, make it like if you're a child, here, you're not just gonna, your daughter is

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almost focusing on you. So you're going to take the necessary steps in that regard, or like give me hella risk, you're going to take the steps. So Dora is not just asking a lot. But it's also focusing yourself that to take the necessary actions for achieving that drive. So it's almost like setting your agenda. This is your drive is what I'm wanting. So therefore, I'm going to look for those things. So look at that, from that perspective. And next time you ask a last time, think about what actions you're going to take to help that door.

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be fulfilled if obviously, it's within your ability, even when you ask Allah to grant you agenda. The necessary actions that are going to come from that is, what am I going to do for agenda so it allows you to focus your actions in Charlotte. I hope that helps.