All the Information Mentioned in the Quran was Already Present in Other Books. Who Created God?

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Asarco My name is Sabina. Forgive me for my own clarity. This is a rather spontaneous question. I have a friend, she's an atheist. And on our endless debates on the existence of God and all that we talk about, she has two claims she makes two claims. When I posted with the question of what the Quran says in terms of the existence of the universe and the world, and how it states many facts, she turns around, she says, well, that knowledge was not just for the ground, it actually existed before the ground, there's scriptures, there is books, before the ground was even written, detailing information about the universe. So it's not just this knowledge that is superior to the ground. What

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do I say back to that? Is she lying? Do scriptures exist? I mean, I have ignorance myself. But, you know, is this knowledge like, was this available before the Quran was written? And so secondly, another claim she makes is that I give the analogy of, you know, you have something in creation, who knows it, you know, the creator will know about everything about it. And I talked about, you know, if there is no God, how can we possibly exist? If you keep on going further and further and further and back, there's no end? And if there's no end, how do we exist? Then she says, Well, from a religious point of view, you say, Well, God is the end? Well, I say is an atheist, who says God is

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the end who created God? That's my question. Thank you.

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For two questions, which I can comment. The first question is that all the things mentioned in the Quran, wallet, the present before? So what's new, its present other scriptures and other books, etc. that the first question is second question Who created God? I find the first question is concerned, I do agree that certain things were present in time before the Quran, but they were not called as established facts.

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They will not call the established facts. For example, the thing I quoted that the sun, previously people thought that the sun rotating, there are certain things which were there in the Greek history and the philosophy of history. But for example, when the Quran speaks about the spherical shape of the earth, these Greeks, they believed that the Earth was spherical, but no one believed in them.

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So certain facts, not all, a small percentage for the science has come to know today, and what Quran mentions were told by people previously, but they fail to realize that the same Greeks mentioned 100 other things which were unscientific. The same Greek even mentioned that the center of the universe, which is totally wrong. So imagine if 100 points are mentioned, and mumble salatu salam picks up one, which is correct, that's also not possible.

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So I do agree with you, sister, that certain things were mentioned before signs established as a fact today. But these things weren't established that time. And to say that out of the 100, false things I mentioned, one thing is right, to pick up the one correct thing is again, also not possible once it's possible, but not 1000s of times system, because only a person who is even a scientist cannot do that. Only the Creator Himself can do and that's Allah subhanaw taala. So, I do agree with you, but that portion, which has been mentioned earlier, in earlier scriptures and other philosophical books, is a small portion, but that too, along with that portion, there are other

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things which unscientific mixed with that come into a second part of the question, that who created God, normally people in Dawa they used a false strategy of logic, which tips yourself, most of the people when they try to prove the existence of Allah subhanaw taala. They say that everything has a creator, for example, who created this book? How did the book come into existence? Somebody created it, who created it, they go back? Where did you come into existence, who created you, your father, who created a father, the grandfather, and then goes to God, who created this microphone, created the factory, who created the factory, and then the trend prove who created the sun, God who created

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the moon. So based on this the trend prove that everything has a creator, which according to me, is the wrong logic.

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In my strategy, but I spoke today and never said everything as the creator. That is the atheist who told me that the first person who will tell about the mechanism of this thing is the creator.

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I never said that.

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I say every created thing as a creator. But by definition, Almighty God is uncreated. It is like the person.

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Suppose my friend, he comes and tells me that my brother john was admitted in the hospital.

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He gave birth to a baby, was it a girl or a boy?

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Can you guess sister? Was it a girl or a boy?

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Whether john gave birth to a baby, mother, a girl or a boy

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but the john was admitted the hospital he gave birth to a baby, was it a girl or a boy

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Can you guess

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You can't guess Can anyone guess?

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How can a man have a baby? So to ask the question he gave birth to a baby, what is it a girl or a boy is illogical? The same thing, the definition of allies uncreated, the moment you say, Who created Allah He ceases to be Allah. Therefore the definition of God is uncreated. Therefore Almighty God has got no creator if either true Almighty God I hope that answers the question.