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Hello, I'm gonna shut down rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala sugarfina, mousseline said now Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Germain my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam. Salam Alikum rahmatullah wa barakato

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Al hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen or praise be Unto Allah subhanaw taala Anisha to Allah Allah, Allah will be a witness that no one has the right of worship besides Allah subhana wa Tada we send our love greetings and salutations to beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to his pious family whose companions and all those who are following sunnah until the end of time, we ask Allah subhana wa Tada to grant us to be steadfast. So the sooner that we Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam to follow his guidance and his example in this dunya and to be in his companionship in the era. And in general for widows, I mean when hamdulillah

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Al Hamdulillah as you can see, the Masjid is quite empty today it's festive season inverted commas, people aren't leave, and for the sad few of us that are here so for work well hamdulillah hamdullah we have a job and this holiday period, either you are going to be on holiday or your kids are going to be on holiday. And as we said last week, the topic was can we as Muslims actually enjoy ourselves and what are the limits? And today inshallah we're going to speak about nine Halal holiday hex acts. So how can you enjoy your auditor to the max and still of course be Sharia compliant. And just to remind us that there is a space there is room in the Sharia for fun for laughter for enjoyment.

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Beloved, even sad was one of the taboo in the students with the Sahaba he said I saw them the Sahaba joking and play fighting over some good so they were like wrestling and tackling with W E style. You know, he saw the Sahaba they were like you know, playing around, not real fighting and laughing with one another. But when the night came, they were like monks, meaning they were deep in VEDA. So laughing and enjoying yourself does not show a lack of wushu and consciousness of Allah subhanaw taala Abdullah bin Ahmed, the son of St. Elena was asked by the next generation and they asked the the Sahaba meaning like Abu Bakr in Ramadan did the the great Sahaba did they laugh? Or were they

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only serious Akira focus Jana, Jana, and so say Abdullah Norma responded and he said, yes, they laughed. But they had Eman like mountains in their heart didn't diminish from the Eman at all. Sophia and even know Rena or the Rahimullah and this is the teacher of Imam Bukhari, Sophia and even arena great scholar of Hadith before Buhari. One man said to him, your chef, joking is not allowed and you must speak out people shouldn't joke and laugh. And then Sofia and Rahim Allah said it is sunnah to joke, but only for those who do so at the appropriate time to do so in the right time. The right place the right way is sunnah even obese also loved laughed and joked but in the right way.

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For those who don't know how to do it for them, they shouldn't shouldn't be joking around and playing around. So how can we enjoy this holiday in the best possible way full of enjoyment and of course at the same time, maintain our Eman so today inshallah we're going to do 100% huddle hacks, nine Halal hacks that will keep your holiday and guarantee you maximize your holiday. Nine tips in sha Allah number one. Rule number one, this is the most important rule. Do not miss your Salah no matter where you are, what you're doing. Last week we ended with the Sutra of the traveler. Even if you're flying Allah has you know traveling on holiday on enjoyment. Allah has allowed your condition

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to shorten your Salah to join your Salah. You decide but don't miss your Salah. But no matter as we said how beautiful it is that the day we die we can say in our hearts that through rain or shine good or bad. We have not missed a single day in which we did not make sudo to Allah. That's a beautiful thing. That is something that only the Muslim can say. Every single situation. Two weeks ago I had an exam I made sure I made my salah on time. Two weeks later I'm on some island enjoying my holiday, I'm still making sudo to Allah subhanaw taala so do not miss your Salah. And as you know people will say when I'm out of town or there's no Masjid around, we don't make salah. I mean, the

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more wherever might be, remember the resources of the blessings Allah had given him a special blessing. All of the Earth has been made a budget meaning you can make Salah in the road. You can make Salah in the parking lot, so long as it is clean free of NASA. And the Prophet said the only places that we do not make Surah are in cemeteries graveyards, so the graveyard is not a place for Salah and vicar. Things like that do not happen at cemeteries and the bathroom, any place where this energy is on the floor. You can't make Salah in that area. But if it's you know Subhanallah as I said, you're on the road some way you're in the mood some way you find a jamatkhana you can find

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one, make Salah even on the side of the road while hamdulillah do that in the airport, wherever it might be on the plane. Make Salah Do not miss

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Your Saara you might even say, but maybe I don't have water. What do I do if I'm somewhere in the middle of nowhere and there's no water take, we do think you make the moon SubhanAllah. And I, someone said, you know, include the moon and I said, Do people really need to make the moon? And just like that someone called me in the week? How do you make the moon 10 o'clock at night? I knew when I asked him, Where are you that you need to take the young 10 o'clock the evening. And so the way the beautiful story

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might have been, he asked about the Alon Omar the great Sahabi so he learned how to make the moon you just watch you basically wipe your hands and face with sand. And so he was in the desert and he became you know, he had a dream and he woke up and he has to make Genova a student from from having a dream. So he made chaos he made an analogy. Well, if we do that, yeah, mommy's like we do that you wrap your head and face and whistle you wash your whole body with water so I need to wash my whole body with sand so he had old in the sand like you know the crocodile. He had old himself in the sand. And the problem was very amused by that and said no, no, no even in Genova. All you need to do

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to take the young, even if you have Genova, you strike the sand with your hands with a Nia of, we do try we do, you wipe your hands off, you start you rub your right hand with your left, you rub your left arm with your right all the way to the elbow, you can strike the sand again, wipe it off, and then wipe your face just one time and you have to do of course this is if you don't have water. So if you have water, you can't do this. But if you don't have water, they it's so easy, meaning Allah has made it so easy to perform your Salah on time in the walk with will do in any scenario, any circumstance, you do that. So take your masala with you for the ladies, take your hijab with you.

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Take your bio with you take some water with you and plan your activities around the works. Marguerite for example is around eight o'clock. Make sure that look just just before I'm going to make you know whatever activity must happen happens often make Mercury before make money, whatever it might be, but don't miss the work. You know, plan your day around the work. That's the first thing and this is the key to success. You will not find any joy in life and in anything if we miss out Salah. So for those who are out of town, lot of massages here in Cape Town, go and see the different mosques that we have on offer, but always make your Salah on time. Number two, it is our

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responsibility as parents to entertain our kids in a halal manner.

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And in fact, our responsibility as husbands to make sure our families and our wives our muse visa Salam took it upon himself to entertain Aisha who we spoke about that last week Rhodiola Anna, and therefore it requires some thinking, because the minute we don't plan, that's when we open up to whatever is available. You'd find there are many websites and hamdulillah Google has some good stuff on the Ask him what you know, it's a good thing to type in family activities. Because the minute you type family, if you ask Hello fun things to do, you might not find much. You'll find Vakula or something like that. But if you ask family activities, family usually means clean activities. And

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you'll find this a website that will tell you every weekend, what fun family activities are happening, and you'll be amazed we live in one of the top tourist destinations in the world. There's so much to see in Cape Town that we haven't seen. So search for it, you'll find it. So plan your activities I even found out yesterday there's something called hotel bookings.com Hotel booking.com. If you go on that website, it shows you trips around the world hotels that are completely compliant, meaning resorts only ladies can go where they can swim and they can enjoy themselves. And it gives you all the eateries and all these things so it's a good place to search. So for Muslims, if you

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look at the enjoyment that is there for us

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take an opportunity to enjoy nature, the Sahaba the prophecy itself, they would admire the scenery. There's a hadith where the prophet of Islam would ride out with with Hafsa one day and one day with Aisha and then we just go for a ride to look at the scenery outside of Medina. And of course the wildlife which we have here in Cape Town, make use of physical sports and activities. Like we mentioned the Sahaba would wrestle and they would you know play fight be something enjoyable in physical activities. So today we are very much in those and the only soccer we plays FIFA, you know, on the on the Xbox, we should try Subhan Allah No, I'm speaking I speak to myself. Yeah, we should

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try to do some physical activities and especially and also for the ladies. We have the concept that physical sports swimming and these things are only for the main. It's it's not permissible. It's sunnah we know I show you students with an abuse of salaam to have these activities. But of course it comes down to the dress. How should she dress? We'll talk about that in a minute. Then, of course, indoor games board games, I know you'll find some fatawa that will say chess is haram. It's not correct. You'll find that if you play games, of course, so they're not gambling. And there's no evil involved in play your indoor games, play your video games so long as it's possible. Relaxing,

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spa treatments, massages. Enjoy these things so long as the person are doing

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It is of the same gender, right? And the example as we said, if the most sacred of women I shot on your lawn, how can you imagine what the most sacred of man the promises of them? Once all the people had scattered and knew they were alone? They were running around in the desert? Was she wearing a hijab and cup? No, she got undressed in a way that is now appropriate between husband and wife, and then now they were enjoying themselves. So so long as we observe those levels of sanctity, then you can enjoy yourself to the fullest to the max.

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So the disco let's talk about this code, how should we dress when we enjoy ourselves? For the sisters, as you know, in public or around a man that is not Mahara meaning or a relative, a man that you could potentially marry? Then all of you is really Agra and you can have the only thing which may or may be exposed? Is your face and your hands and some dispute with regards to feed my wife, some say yes, some say no. But those are the clothing that you should be wearing in public and around. So you, if you dress like that, you can swim like that you can take a walk on the prom, you can do whatever you want, so long as you dress like that. If you're around other females, children,

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or men that are not maharam that are maharam rather like your father, your brother, then you may have your arms open your neck, your head open, basically, your breasts and your navel to your knees should be covered. So those areas must always be covered, even between fellow women. So sometimes women don't realize that these are older between them, they sometimes get undressed in front of each other, which is not appropriate.

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And of course, today, we live in a time where the prophet will see the time will come where women will be covered head to toe, but they will still be naked, we say type of clothing, you can wait so tight, or have such material that is basically like there is no clothing. So it should not be so tight fitting, and that kind of Hamdulillah we have very smart people that have made Sharia compliant swimwear sportswear, it just takes some time to look into it. For the main remember your aura is from your navel to your knees, even when you are on below your knees. When we swim, when we play sometimes that short, is a bit too short, or shorts that we wait, I know you want to have it

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above the ankles, but that's too far above the ankles. If it's above the knee that is too far. So it needs to go below the knees. And this is in front of men and women, right? So even if you in the gym, we don't have these things where we completely naked in front of the changing was panela that's not permissible, right? That these clothing should be only time two people may see each other completely naked is husband and wife. Beyond that, there is an odor. Okay, and of course for the men and women, the clothing should not they should not emulate each other men can wear clothing that is for women and women can wear clothing that is for me. So beyond that, as we said last week, what is

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haram is a very small circle. What is halal is endless, there's no limit. So just stay out of that circle and you can enjoy yourself to the maximum. So point number one was about salah point number two was about planning your activities and dressing. Number three food while hamdulillah right? They, as a colleague of mine sit at work you know it's amazing they surprise you people never drank you even tasted alcohol ever. How can you enjoy yourself? So I said we make up by eating extra tonight we enjoy ourselves through eating well Hamdulillah you know you can get drunk on eating as well. Right? So we have taken that to the max and Subhan Allah when Allah speaks about when Allah

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speaks of agenda, he speaks about the food and drink of Jannah that is in us

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biologically and enjoyment by eating nice. And this is one of the things Allah Himself says yeah, you are nice oh people who knew me my fill out of the halal until Eber eats whatever is highlighted until April is good. Eat whatever I have put out there, go and eat it so long as it's valid and what are the WHO ARE THE shaytaan but do not follow the footsteps of shaytaan meaning if you eat incorrectly This is one of the steps towards shaytaan in hula Kumada will mean that he is a clear enemy to you. So how should I eat so many people they have a new three now The holidays are around food. They travel to other countries not to see the Eiffel Tower or to see whatever it is about the

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restaurants we're going to going to visit right the food holiday or food eating right on Hamdulillah. That's permissible nothing wrong in that so long as you need to follow the rules. Now usually when we travel, we are very spoiled here in Cape Town Durban and Johannesburg. We have had our certification what Allah Mohammed Al Hamdulillah for the MJC sunnah and all of them. They have made our lives very easy. You go to the shop and you can see what is Hala? Hala you just need to travel outside of Cape Town and even to other countries and you find it very difficult now no one has certified you don't know is this even vegetable packet the salad halal or not? I don't know.

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They have made our lives very easy to meet Allah bless them and grant goodness in the meanwhile hamdulillah

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How do I if I'm on holiday and there's no huddle stamp? How do I determine what to eat? What not to eat? Do I have to go and then take with me my butt

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Course and that's all I can eat. No, there are certain guidelines. So number one, if there is you should always search for those eateries and those items that are certified Halal once you go and meet the stamp duty. Now the responsibilities on the MJC if whatever is in the packet is not halal. They are responsible on piano and you are safe they certified it So Al Hamdulillah we are in the clear. Number two if we don't have a certified item doesn't mean the food is haram if it's not certified. Now it's our responsibility to do some homework. So you're in an area where there's not many certified Halal restaurants What do I do? Best thing to do? Find some Muslim, find some Masjid

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find the masjid and they will the Muslims would have told you with ease or check online where the halal restaurants

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if the absence of that you can't find you in some way, there's no Muslims, and I don't know what is halal or not what is the guidelines I can follow. So you go to a restaurant, check the menu. If there's any pork on that menu, just leave that restaurant, the risk of contamination is too high. Even the seafood, the pan that was used, so just walk out if we spoke on the menu, just walk away.

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If there's any land other protein that is halal, like chicken or beef, whatever it might be, you can ask the chef you can ask them and even go the step further and say let me see where you purchase it from. If the and if most of the suppliers are halal. You can see okay, this guy bought it from a halal supplier. So I know the meat here is halal. There is no pork on the menu. So in sha Allah this is a good indication that there might not be any kind of contamination and seafood and vegetarian dishes are always safe seafood is always had out. Remember you don't have to slaughter a fish in a certain way. The prophets of Salaam has made seafood older with Halal so long as it's not

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contaminated with alcohol or any other product there might be a sauce on it that has some kind of thing and so be aware of what you're eating. You can ask for example, you go to a restaurant where they're making certain things you can ask them to clean the utensil wash it before they make your your Eagle your almond or whatever it might be asked him so these are the things that Sharia allows. What about alcohol? Now you take a and I this happened to me a few weeks ago, you have a restaurant which you see food, so there's no haram food on the menu, but they sell alcohol and because they sell alcohol, they can't get a certification. What can I buy from that place? If you can choose the

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halal plus certified do that but you're in a place where there's no certification. The seafood is halal meaning if I buy it and I take it take away 100% Halal no sin on you. But there is a restriction the prophets of salaam says Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day let him not sit at the table. We hammer is being drunk. So you we cannot be in a company of people drinking alcohol. So if you go to that restaurant and is no one drinking alcohol Alhamdulillah maybe better for you to take your food takeaway even better, but the food is halal. So these guidelines, you need to think about it. And subhanAllah talking to people make food fun. So if you have a staycation, meaning

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you're staying in Cape Town, you're not going anywhere. You know all the hotel eateries go and look at the new places a few new places that opened up in Cape Town, have fun, you know, have competitions the prophets of salaam himself had a food fight. You know the resource alum had a food fight between Aisha and soda. So I shout out the Alana invited soda over supper she made the dish like a breed or something. It was a complete catastrophe. No one wants to eat it because there's so badly made. And so she threw the food in sodas face and soda. The Prophet said throw some food in her face. And so there's other ways of having fun with food. So, learn your cooking skills go for

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cooking class, and I must do some marketing here. hookah treats is always a good place for inspiration. So learn a recipe in the book factories well hamdulillah

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right. Number three was food. Number four is family. This is a very good opportunity for us to connect with family. And with time you know, we've physically and emotionally get get distance we get so busy that we haven't seen cousins and aunties and close even brothers and sisters parents. In months, we haven't seen people we haven't been in touch. And so part of your enjoy always being with family hanging out having a meal is fun. But it is also a great form of Ibadah it is a great form of worship. So ALLAH SubhanA the Prophet system says to us in hottie and Muslim, whoever wants his risk

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to be increased, you want your risk, yo yo 2020 Your risk must get more your salary must increase and you want your life to be extended, then keep good ties of kinship, get closer with your family members. So make a day. You know, sometimes we family functions, especially for for youngsters is boring. This uncle is again having a big family Marang whatever and so boring, so many other things I want to do. But there's a great act of worship another Hadith. The Prophet says a man went to visit a brother of his in another town so he traveled some distance to visit his brother. And so Allah sent an angel to law

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I'm on the road waiting for him. And when he came upon the angel, the angel asked him, Where are you going? So the man answered, of course, the man didn't know this was an angel. So the man said, I'm going to visit my brother who lives in another town. And so the angel asked him, Is there any favor or anything you want from him? Are you going for any dunya reason? So the man said, No, it's my brother. I'm just going out of my love for Him for allah sake. Just because I love him is my brother, I'm going to visit him, we basically go for social reason. And so the angel said, I am an angel from Allah to tell you that Allah loves you as you love your brother for his sake. Subhan

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Allah. So imagine, you're going to visit your family. For example, I family and Paul, I travel all the way to have supper the and Allah loves me for that. So it's a great act of worship and something which you enjoy. And of course, don't forget those distant family members, grandparents, I have gotten a handle on my law preserve our grandparents and parents, the old we forget, you know, forget about them. They also want to have fun old people also still have some as the AKC is old but not cold, right? They still have some humor in them. So take them with you and make time for them.

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As I said, families can be difficult. And the reality is families are complicated. And the Prophet SAW Psalm says the believer who mixes with people, he interacts with him, and he endures the harm. So sometimes people are harmful and they nasty, it is better than the one who does not associate with others. And it does not induce them to live reclusive Lee only for yourself. This is not ideal. Allah wants you to mix and socialize. Even if they're not the best of people, and you endure in their badness. The one who maintains relationships and resources is not the one who keeps good ties with a good family member, but it's the one who cuts him off. So you know, the we always we all have

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black sheep in the family is the difficult one in the family. It's easy being friends with a cousin and the auntie that is fun. But it's that difficult one. That's the one we need to make effort for. That's the one we need to go out of our way to invite and to welcome and so excited that we need to teach etiquette when you have a family there's going to be a lot of family suffers and functions. things to avoid, avoid arguing, you know, can you not go one evening without bringing back incidences relationships are difficult. We've all done nasty things to one another things were done to us. Leave that aside, can we not smile for one day Subhanallah weddings are going to happen and

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at waiting tables, people are picking up old negative stuff. If you can't say something positive and keep quiet don't complain about the biryani and the acne and this and that don't complain. Just enjoy And Alhamdulillah don't embarrass each other Subhanallah you know people ask you deliberately silly questions so you know how we results and you know the boy failed to the goal failed. You know, are you still looking for a job and you put the person on the spot in front of the whole family have some etiquette not to embarrass someone with silly questions. Don't compete. Yes, your hamdulillah your children got straight A's don't show that off and make other people feel down. And if you're on

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the receiving end, you receive those questions all the time. And then remember Allah subhanaw taala says when we evaluate a man out the bad man is when either hot above Umoja he alone when ignorant people speak to them will say something negative called will Salama they only respond with salaam that even though the person is saying some nasty stuff to you just respond by saying either Saddam meanie peaceful or nicely responding with kindness. Right? So do that. You know if you're the if there's some uncle that always brings up something that you don't like he always embarrassed you to say salaam, you know be the better person well hamdulillah

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then of course we're going to meet a lot of friends. And sometimes when I talk about friends, we immediately imagine an intermingling. We imagined our teenagers, yes, our teenagers, but even older couples, we find friends and the wives and spouses go out together. Nothing wrong with that so long as that quorum is maintained. And there is this concept of intermingling which we crossed the line. Sometimes we have to be aware of it we become a little bit more relaxed during a holiday time. We meet more people, we move social gatherings, we might be going running together, all these things are permissible, so long as you maintain that decorum. Now remember, the Prophet SAW Salem in his

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Masjid. So what is I got this question yesterday, couples getting married, they wanted to know what are the requirements from the Sharia in terms of segregation? So in Islam, we have segregation, but what must it be? So look at the masjid of Nabil Salaam in his time, must you remember we there was no upstairs downstairs. The lady stood at the back of the machine and the main way in the front and there was a physical space between them no need for partition, but there needs to be a physical space between them. The the men and women talk to one another. Yes. But for a specific reason not getting together mixing but you found examples. This lady will say something and the men would say

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something, but there's a space for them in and there's a space for women. If you do that, then you've maintained segregation will happen.

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The law any the dress code is maintained will hamdulillah the prophets of salaam had an entrance for the ladies of this one entrance the ladies would leave first and you will tell the main wait a little bit and then the ladies would know then the men would go so maintain this kind of basic segregation you at home at the table, let the brothers sit on one side of the table sisters than the other side of the table. You should never be alone with a member of the opposite sex unless she's a Muharram woman your mom your wife so and so forth. But this this your friend and your wife should not be sitting alone in the same room that is haram. So those things if you maintain it then yes,

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you can socialize but maintain that decorum maintain that level of respect. Number six, do not overspend in this time. This time Subhanallah people forget that January is coming and they forget school fees must be paid. They forget the infamous still be paid and so much goes to the fun things and there is no planning and people start the year broke and they start the year in a very difficult situation. Always that you get those jokes How many years is in January waiting for that PD to come right January so long it seems like it because we are all broke. This is not the way Allah wants to so as an Allah speaks about this, when he says yeah Benny Adam are Children of Adam, who those in a

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document that will imagine that there is nicely when you go to the masjid where Kulu wash Robbo and eat and drink, you know spend on eating and drinking and dressing nicely 1234 But don't go and be exist extravagant. And don't waste in Allah Allah your hibel Mazuri Fein, Allah does not love those who are wasteful. So before,

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before you go on holiday, and before you start spending on fun, understand how much you're going to need for the essentials. So make a budget, these things I must pay come January, I need to have so much leftover. And so this is how much I can for fun. And subhanAllah if you also Google you'll find you'll find blogs and things, fun things to do for less than 50 Rand these very, you know, we Alhamdulillah we live in a city where a lot of the things that are a fun can be free, you don't pay for anything when you go hiking or walking around these the lot of free activities to do. So don't break the budget, don't break the bank on holiday, and Muslim does not spend on fun and neglect the

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obligation obligations come first, you cover the obligations. And now the rest is for you to do and as you please. So long as it is as long as it is not haram don't end up in debt Subhanallah we spoke about the dangers of debt. You don't want to be in debt. And people spend the holiday so much that they regret it for the rest of the funnel. People are broke not even holiday time, Black Friday, they already broke Subhanallah they'd have no money even holiday time. So be wise about your spending habits. And all it takes is a little bit of budgeting. Oh, click on your bank account today. Look how much I have in me. Okay, I'm gonna get paid on the 25th I must then last from the

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25th of December to the 24th of January. How much do I need to pay for that? Think about those things behind Allah, it's not worth it. And you're not going to enjoy yourself, you know, a holiday will you have to think about ah, and you feel I'm spinning, I'm gonna be in a hole, you're not going to enjoy your holiday, you'll feel a lot better come January, and you have something saved. Even if you have to turn down some fun activities. So don't overspend. Number seven.

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You can actually enjoy learning, I know Subhanallah we find that the two are opposites, right? They oxymorons joy and learning don't go together. But these are Joy learning and Hamdulillah I am just coming back from holiday. And I travelled a little bit And subhanAllah it's amazing. You sit on this beach. And you see people of European backgrounds, they sitting there and they are reading a book. This is part of their holiday, they travel to the farthest end of the world to sit on the beach so they can read a book. And there is joy in getting, you know immersing yourself in a book. I'm not only talking I'm not talking about keep tabs now, let's say you must take somebody with you to

00:28:58--> 00:29:36

Clifton beach. Right? Right. I'm saying that to read a book of enjoyment is beneficial. And you'll have fun. And for those who have read or reading, they will tell you very few things come close to a nice book, believe it or not. I know those who don't read can't believe it, right. But go to the library, find the book. And maybe maybe for you and me or those of us who don't read maybe as much. We have to set the example for our kids. It'd be good to take our kids to the library, we must have been at the library take them. And so we're going to start reading and this could be the holiday where you inspire us, inspire your kids to read. We know this from an Islamic perspective that Allah

00:29:36--> 00:30:00

started with reading. Once you read it will open your mind it will expand your horizons. We had a youth Dora young people from different underprivileged areas that came to the masjid spend the weekend with us last week. Very sad to look at the thinking the mentality of these kids never open the book in their life. And kids won't want to open a book that needs to come from us. So we'll set that example

00:30:00--> 00:30:37

Once you enjoy an eating, you'll benefit a lot. Museums sound boring, but I promise you, you'll enjoy them the planetarium, learn about the things in space, you will have a good fun day. And you will learn as well. The Science Center is a good place as well. Arts and crafts learn to do new skills. There's a lot of things to experience that is good. And I must say again, yes, I'm all marketing. We're opening up, we just open launching today Alhamdulillah the bootcamp cultural hub, we are on the front page of the Muslim views today. That's that's almost you know, Hamdulillah. So today, we're launching the book up about the culture of the culture in the bootcamp, the head

00:30:38--> 00:31:11

teacher, that centerfold of the newspaper is all about the bootcamp. So one of the bootcamp people yes, you know, hats off to you, and the heritage and the legacy. And we want you to pop in and visit so in the holiday, make a trip to our hub, our our exhibition, all that funds is for hate, it's gonna go to feed people build the masjid so it's only it's not going to go to the Imam Slava or anything like that. It's going to go for the benefit of the community. So you'll have fun you will learn something and your money will go for a good cause. So please pop in during this holiday period inshallah. So learn something new this holiday, put it in your mind and again, as far as you are

00:31:11--> 00:31:17

responsible for your family, as you plan everything, plan the holiday as well. Number eight.

00:31:18--> 00:32:01

This is for the really gifted few. This is as the episode says most most people fail this this time most of us will fail except with a very special few more resources to blessings in which most people 90% of people will be lost they lose this blessing is haha well for all good health and free time, we don't use it as it should be done. Free Time comes either ways do haram in it, may Allah protect us or we just wasted this goes by for amusement, no sin, but we could have done so much more. So now for those of you that are in the higher grade class, those of us who aspire for a little bit more than fun, now that the work isn't there, and the responsibility you've got eight extra hours in the

00:32:01--> 00:32:39

day when hamdulillah now's an opportunity to do that Ibadah that you never ever got to do during the year. For example, that hour off the Fajr until sunrise that special you know, we know the Sunnah we have a mixed budget in the masjid and he sits until sunrise and then he makes trackers that he would like Hajj that he would like Hajj right so just to take maybe I speak to myself first not every home every day of the holiday but one day in order they were going to do that one day make that tag to that last third of the night to thank Allah for the year that we've had to pray to Allah for the year to come how many unfortunate people don't have holidays and we take that one one night so yeah

00:32:39--> 00:33:16

Allah in my holiday in my festivities I don't forget you I slowly remember you reconnecting with the Quran, not just Ramadan holiday time as well. And then that kind of EBA that you would never ever have done. When last we opened our cupboards, unpacked our cupboards gave our extra clothes that we don't use in charity use, I never have time for it. Now we've got the time to go and cook a pot of food for the needy Subhanallah and it could be a family activity. Now everyone get together you cut the carrots you know Subhanallah is the wife will be manager and chief in that and we will just do the menial work but to give us a family something good during this holiday shows our great gratitude

00:33:16--> 00:33:48

to Allah subhanaw taala or volunteering. Remember that while we're on holiday, some people's needs difficulties continue. Centers struggle now because even the staff is on holiday, who is going to help out maybe volunteer really this higher level stuff. May Allah bless you in that time. And then the last point, yes, chances are holidays. As I keep mentioning, Allah tests you, it is as it is us with hardship, sickness, poverty. But the bigger test is the test of pleasure.

00:33:49--> 00:34:27

Because when things are difficult, we naturally go back to Allah. But when things are fun and good and happy, we forget Allah. And so that is why this test now is more difficult than the exam it is this test when everyone is enjoying and exceeding the limits for you to maintain your Eman very difficult. And sometimes we do cross over if we've crossed into haram. Then even in that this guidance if we've done something wrong this holiday then the prophets of salaam says and this is the tip don't publicize that least you do the Haram hide it don't put it on Facebook and social media. Don't share it and tell people the prophets is all of my ummah will be forgiven for a sin except

00:34:27--> 00:34:59

those who commit the sin openly. Allah Hadith also means is a man who did some haram at night with a woman and he Allah forgave him but then the morning came and he told a friend about it so Allah I covered up your sin for you then you went to expose it now. I can't forgive that. So don't publicize your sins if you're going to take pictures of certain things, please your take pictures of it Brianna. hamdulillah fantastic, that nice bouquet treats Brianne you might take pictures we want to see those things that the Burano hub take pictures, but if some haram thing, don't do it, but if you do it and

00:35:00--> 00:35:35

don't publicize it, and then this lovely lovely Hadith lovely, beautiful Hadith. I know we overtime just must mention you say Nalli. Raphael was Victoria Sedna, Ali would say that if he heard a Hadith from the province of Salam that he never knew, he would ask the person to say see will lie you heard this I'm going to be sort of why Satan Alia was the from the beginning until the chances that you have something I don't have very unlikely. So I want you to really sway but you heard this directly from the Prophet of Allah, except when Abu Bakr told him something only Abu Bakr and this hadith in Alia has boubakeur and so Abu Bakr the Allah and tells us the Prophet Sultan says, I heard the

00:35:35--> 00:36:12

Messenger of Allah saying, There is no one who commits a sin. Then he purifies himself meaning he performance will do properly a good will do and then he stands and he makes to raka as and then he asked Allah to forgive him except that ALLAH will forgive him. Whatever sin you did, so you made a sin the night you woke up the morning you feel a bit bad about Miktek will do. Make two rockers ask Allah forgive me and Allah will forgive you. So even in the sun, there is hope for us and then the Prophet recited wala the NIDA Alpha Fisher and S for those who commit Phoenicia they commit immorality Oh ALLAH mu unforeseen Oh, they'll harm themselves that could Allah after they committed

00:36:12--> 00:36:38

the sun, they remembered Allah they realize these and Allah I went over the line for stock photo live an OB him so Allah will forgive the sins will may accrue to the Nova Illa Allah and who can forgive besides Allah while I'm you see through Allah Masada welcome Jana moon and then they don't continue in that then Allah subhanaw taala will forgive May Allah forgive all of us. May Allah have mercy on us. May Allah grant us safety and security this holiday period, Allah keep us safe. We make dua for Uncle Moon

00:36:39--> 00:37:15

Mohammed No uncle Mohammed who is battling with stage four cancer as we enjoying ourselves with people in sickbeds mela Grantham Shiva and Allah and all those who are six year farmer they live, you know, continue to live in have enjoyment in this dunya Allah when Allah takes us and them in a good state in a state of Eman, few announcements, as I mentioned, Alhamdulillah on the front page and Muslim us please take a copy. Read about it. The centerfold is about the exhibit that we opened up and the whole book up in reality. So please read about it. We are opening our book up cultural hub, it's opening soon. Today is the is the official launch. So please, when you have an opportunity

00:37:15--> 00:37:16

to pop in there.

00:37:17--> 00:37:49

And we need to say we say thank you to our youth team, who last week had a very good youth event games evening soccer tournament, and they had a bunch of Twinkie underprivileged kids that came and spent the whole weekend here gave him a good time so Mallory would our youth look, they just wrote exams and the harder they start and they begin with something ubaidah And Alhamdulillah they can enjoy the audit they've done the duty from them Allah reward them and grant them and all our kids all the best in the exams. I mean just a couple of feet or so let's get them hammered. Well, it will suck Islam was sitting having low blood I mean sinuata Kumar lover Catherine