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We should be very careful of such people. We should be very careful in harming such people. It shouldn't happen we have them and they raise their hands and they curses and Allah subhanho wa Taala accepts the DUA. So talking about how that sad. He was also from the monster Jabu Dharwad. So there was a man in Kufa, who used to curse 100 lira the Allahu Taala and who and he used to speak evil about that Aleta the Allahu taala. And so 100, south of the Allahu taala, who say to this man that don't do that, as Italy was a close companion of Prophet Muhammad, you can't speak bad about him. So this man said to her that sorry, who are you? Are you a prophet? That is what we also do. Who are

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you to tell me? Who are you to tell me? That's the statement we use. So this man said, Who are you? Are you a prophet? Should I listen to you? So that sad one team that I will curse you? This man didn't listen. Or that sad or the Allahu Taala who cursed him.

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It is mentioned in narrations that few days later,

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a mad camel came running in Kufa med caiman like it was looking for one particular person, it passed everyone and it found this man who used to insult her that led Allahu Taala and who and it trampled on this man, and it killed this man. That was the dwell for the Todra the Allahu taala. He was from the booster Jabu Dharwad it comes regarding at the terminal of the alo Talon. Upon one occasion at the terminal, the alo Talon was passing by, and 100 solder the Allahu Taala and who with his slave girl was coming out of the house and the wind was strong, and the slave girl was putting on a lighter clothing. So So one private part of the body was exposed. Now the trauma or the Allahu Taala

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and who we know about him, the all he had, so he he left the slave girl of Hadhrat Sodre the Allahu Taala and who and he he also lashed out that's either the Allahu Taala when he was done lashing before 100 solder the Allahu Taala and who could utter something, or that rumor or the Allahu Talon who remembered that the he's from Mustafa, Abu Dawa his dewasa except it straight away he started asking for forgiveness, or sad forgive his heart Forgive me, forgive me Don't curse me. That Isn't that sad. He was from the Musa with that word, talking about his other part of the life whenever we talk about the conquest of Persia, or the father of the Allahu Taala and who is remembered because

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the Persian army was in the number of 100,000 and Muslims were in the number of 30,000. So that tomorrow the Allahu Taala and who made have the target of the Allah Tala and who in charge of the Muslims and Alhamdulillah all praises belong to Allah, Allah subhanaw taala gave them victory with that little group compared to the group of Persia. Then two years later, again, the service services of other Tada the Allahu taala, who are needed, so again other tomorrow the Allahu Taala and who sent him to to conquer the capital of Persia. At that moment when they reach the diva diva Tigris, it was overflowed, it was overflowing, there was floods, and the Muslims couldn't cross and the

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Muslims were scared. So that Sodre the Allahu Taala who reminded everyone that listen, we believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala it comes in narrations that they crossed the river like they were walking on the river because of the faith they had in Allah subhanaw taala later on 100 Sodre the Allahu Taala and who was on his deathbed. He was lying down on the lips of His Son, and the son started crying. He started crying. So that's another the Allahu Taala who say to him that oh my son, you don't have to cry. Allah subhanho wa Taala has promised us Jana. I would like to stop there for a moment. And I would like to remind each and every person seated here, respected elders and friends, look at the

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optimism these people had in the Mercy of Allah subhanho wa taala. No matter how many sins we have committed, no matter what major mistake we have made in our lives, let us return to Allah. Allah subhanaw taala will forgive us as long as we keep returning to Allah. Allah is waiting, Allah is ready to forgive us. The Almighty is waiting, let us return to Allah do we all make that intention that we are humbly and we are humbly asking for forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala do we all make that intention Alhamdulillah so the father of the Allah Tala and whose son was crying so he said that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala has promised us Jana, you don't have to worry. Oh my son, go open that

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closet. in that closet. There is a cloth I was putting on that cloth on the day of further

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So when I die, bury me in the same cloth, bury me in the same clothing. I want to meet Allah subhanaw taala in this particular clothing, and that is how he passed away. If you have to go on Google, I hope people use Google. Do we all use Google? You know, Google Molana Google Sheets, Google, right? There is one famous Sheikh, Sheikh Google, you go and you right there anything and they give you the answer? Well, that's not the right man. Or you should always consult the scholars around you. Alright, so if you have to go on Google and if you have to search about the grave of others other the Allahu Taala and who you will find the written that has the target of the Allahu

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Taala and who is buried in China, but that's not the right information, according to most of the historians have the target of the Allahu Taala and who is buried in Iran. The person buried in China is the person who was sent by heathered Sodre, the Allahu Taala and who for a mission, so that is the life of her that sada the Allahu Taala and who and this is the men So now tell me especially those who are recently married, and may Allah subhanaw taala bless them with a very beautiful and wonderful child. Are you going to name your child side, Inshallah, in sha Allah may Allah subhanho wa Taala guide us and may Allah subhanaw taala give us the ability to practice on whatever has been

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said I mean, while can do that one on in hamdulillah