Ramadan 2019 – Allah Loves – Episode 27 – Generosity in Trade

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So now I want to come on up until every counselor do brothers and sisters, welcome back to another episode of Allah loves. So this one, we talk about a common scenario that takes place, when you're in a place where you're negotiating or where you have to make a trade or particularly those that don't live in the Middle East. If you go to our hedge, or you go to certain countries where there aren't fixed prices on things, and you have to negotiate in the marketplace, a las panatela has given us our risk our sustenance and our circumstances, obviously. So to some people, an extra dollar doesn't mean that much to others, it's going to be the maker break of a transaction, the

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Prophet sallallahu wasallam says, and this had teeth in the law, you have to somehow bear some have sheera some help Allah, Allah loves the one who is generous when they buy generous when they sell and generous in the repayment. And that's, you know, the repayment of something is in collecting the repayment that's not necessarily a Riba obviously, or it doesn't include it at all, obviously, it doesn't recruit include any type of interest or usury. But this idea of people that are easygoing with the way that they trade, Now, obviously, one of the first groups of people that allow warrant in the poll and was waiting on it, and we'll talk 15 those who cheat with the scales, and it was

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just, you know, a point 01 addition, or something that you do, just so you can get something extra out of a transaction. Now, the believer is more worried about something happening in which they're going to be charged by Allah subhanaw taala, because they wronged a person. So the Prophet peace be upon him mentioned the station of gender of a person, the pleasure of a lost pounds out upon an honest merchant and honest salesman, someone who's honest in their trade, they don't cheat people, they don't try to take anything extra, they seek the extra from a loss of Hannah Montana. And the Prophet peace be upon him here is talking about a person who buys as well. And when a person deals

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with debt, or repayment, and things of that sort of, there are various narrations that are all around this idea of how we deal with one another in trade. Now, this is, you know, a situation in which we have to clarify that this doesn't mean being a fool. When you buy or sell. This doesn't mean getting taken advantage of. But it means not being someone who goes overboard with haggling, not being someone who cheats, obviously, someone who's who's gentle, someone who doesn't sacrifice or compromise any of their faith in the process of trying to get a few extra Durham's a few extra dinars, a few extra dollars, in the process of buying or selling something, that if there's going to

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be a little bit extra, it's okay. And sometimes you also have to have a generous heart, if you are someone who has been enabled to walk into a marketplace and it's easy for you, you know, to buy things and you don't really have to worry about that extra that hum that extra dollar, then, you know, maybe it means something to that salesperson that they get that extra five, you know, he has that extra $500 that you you let them have it, because maybe that person is indeed in need. And that's part of the axon, the excellence of a person. But if you see someone who's selling who's just trying to make an honest living, and they're having a hard time, you know, sometimes in some some

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countries you see people trying to sell Kleenex boxes or trying to sell anything just to get by, you know, it doesn't hurt you in sha Allah to Allah to give them as a means of subaqua and you know, even if you're paying a little bit extra, just for the sake of honoring that person in trying to have an honest living and trying to get by. So again, Allah loves when a person is gentle in buying gentle and selling and gentle in the process of repayment, we ask Allah subhana wa tada to make us amongst them along I mean zachman molfino Samadhi account