Ramadan 2019 – Allah Loves – Episode 28 – Being Prophetic

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Santa Monica come on up until her two cats Oh, welcome back to another episode of Allah loves. So if you haven't noticed pretty much all of these qualities that we've covered are embodied most in the person of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. And so I want to speak to that as we're kind of coming down to the end of the series, when a lot tells us in the article in quantum to have bone Allah fit to be your only biblical Allah waetford Lagoon overcome a lack of affordable him. say if you truly love Allah, then follow me and Allah will love you back and he will forgive you for your sins and Allah is the most forgiving and the Most Merciful. You know, you read that I and you think

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to yourself, well how do I be prophetic? How can I actually be like the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and that's actually the point that the Prophet peace be upon him had such a comprehensive character. Well in nachliel, Allah who look in the mirror on an exalted standard of character, that Allah subhana wa tada had praised that Allah had crafted and Allah had given the Prophet peace be upon him the best of those manners, and the Prophet peace be upon him gives us something to aspire for, in every single aspect and element of our lives. But I want to go to another dimension of this, the prophet peace be upon him mentioned, the great reward of reviving a singer reviving a tradition of

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the Prophet peace be upon him. And so a lot of these good qualities are things that you might find in people and isolated incidents, and they're not necessarily tracing them to the Prophet peace be upon them or tracing them, even to any type of religious grounding. But when you start to revive a Sunnah, you revive one of these qualities that we've been talking about, and you directly trace it, to reviving a son of the Prophet peace be upon him and bringing the son of the Prophet peace be upon the tradition of the Prophet peace be upon him into your life, then that is the greatest way to earn the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now, here's the thing, can you actually be like the Prophet

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peace be upon him, no matter what I put towards the effort of worship, I'm never going to be able to worship Allah, the way the Prophet peace be upon him used to worship Allah, no matter what I put towards mercy and generosity and kindness and due diligence and all of these different things that we've covered, I'm never going to have enough of it. I'm never going to have what the prophet peace be upon him actually had. And that's actually why this verse and so beautifully, that if you're trying to be like the Prophet sallallahu, it is that Allah will overlook your shortcomings. And Allah is the one who is afforded Rahim Allah is affordable for means that Allah covers. So Allah is

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the one who forgives and covers for those faults, and then shows you a special type of mercy. Because you are in that process. It's an acknowledgement from Allah, that even if you try, you're never going to get there. But it connects back to one of the earlier episodes in which we talked about Allah loving those who are just trying, we're just in the process of that. So look at the life of the Prophet peace be upon him and particularly try to bring in the qualities of the Prophet peace be upon him, you know, reviving a son of the Prophet slice them in regards to something that's smaller is good as well. And it could have a major award because we don't be little actions that we

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do for Allah. But think about those qualities that we've spoken about. And know that even if you can't be just like the Prophet peace be upon the fact that that becomes your standard and that you're seeking it is enough for Allah subhana wa tada to love you, your biblical Mala. Were for lack of vinoba come to love you back and to overlook any of your shortcomings in the process. We ask a lot to make us like Mohammed sallallahu wasallam to make us love Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and to join us with Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam under his love in genital for the DOS alarm. I mean, does that mean lol hide on what's that? I want to buy what I got