Is there a way in which a Non Muslim can die which can lead him to Jannah

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AI: Summary © A customer asks a question about Jannah's policy on non Muslims dying and being sent to Jannah. The agent explains that the policy is only for those who have agreed to Jannah's policy and that if they do not want Jannah's guidance, they can die. The agent also explains that if a non-immigrant claims to be a Muslim, they will be sent to Jannah.
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Next question from abou Abdul Fatah from Ghana, is there a way or a manner that a non Muslim can die? which can lead him or her to Jannah? Very good question. Is there any way

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that a non Muslim can do

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any action that will lead him to go to agenda? The only thing that will make any human being or even a non Muslim, to go to Jenna is to agree that there is no god worthy of worship

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except Allah, and that Prophet Muhammad peace be upon with the Messenger of Allah. So before dying, if a non Muslim agrees and proclaim that bears witness, that there is no god worthy of worship except Allah. And Prophet Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, He will become a Muslim. So before dying, if you become the Muslim as long as he doesn't do it in the last moment of that, when the multiple moth when the angel of death has already come to him. And that type if he says, it will not be accepted, like as is mentioned in the Quran, that fear on when he was about to die, he says, I believe that there is no God but Allah it's too late. So before the last moment when the angel of

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that come before that,

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by the family before that one hour before that one day before that one day before that, if the non Muslim accepts Islam, and agree that they no one worthy of worship except Allah and agree that Prophet Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. He will become a Muslim and inshallah he will go to gender. All his passions will be for you.