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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the history and political bases of Islam in the region, including the loss of political control and the rise of Muslims in Mecca. The struggles of the Prophet Luca and his followers, including their actions and the use of deadly drugs to kill people, have caused frustration and unrest. The importance of faith and witnessing in Islam is emphasized, as it is the only way to achieve victory in the Islam world.
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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu wa salam O Allah Silvia mursalin, wa aalihi wa sahbihi, Vanessa nabeshima t laomi, Dean Allahumma alameen homina homina homina solly, hot water, wasabi Happy

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Halloween, about yesterday I sort of left you with a bit of a riddle, the entire scene that I painted for you of the Prophet. So I said, I'm heading back and being overjoyed at the revelation of sort of describing Allah describing it as the most open, unequivocal victory enough a technological phenomena.

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How, and by the way, it's not that we will give you a victory, we already have given you a victory. That's actually what Allah says. So it's in the past tense. So it's understandable that there are two dimensions of that, in the Arabic language. When you talk about something that's guaranteed in the future, then you still use the past, which is kind of something like English, when you say Consider it done. Consider it done doesn't mean it's done yet. But it's as good as done. You see. So you're using the word done, which is in the past, but you're talking about something that is guaranteed to happen in the future. Right. So let's first talk about the politics of all of this and

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get that out of the way. You see all this time. The Quraysh saw firstly saw the profit, social and is someone insane. They saw him later on as someone who has some kind of agenda. You know, he's he's got something obviously, if he's trying to stir trouble, you know, he's trying to pit Brother against brother, father against son, etc, etc. Then later on, they saw him as a threat to the tribe, you know, and they basically considered him and all of those who followed him outlaws, their biggest complaint was he is hurting the unity of Makkah. He's hurting the unity of the leadership. That's what their problem was with the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam. So they never acknowledged the

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Muslims as a legitimate group. They just consider them criminals really outlaws, you know, that are a threat to the nation and a threat to the tribe. So even when they went to war with the Muslims, it's because they're going to war with those that have rebelled against them rebels, outlaws. But now for the first time when this negotiation that I refer to briefly happened with Sohail, and you know, so he'll have an AMA and then who's the father of agenda. I mentioned that agenda yesterday to you the one who came running away. His father's name is Sohail, he's the one who was negotiating. He was basically if he was alive today, he'd be on Fox News. That was the guy right? He was a very good

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negotiator debater, very loud, very aggressive. And he was the one negotiating on behalf of the mccanns. But the fact that this negotiation is happening, number one, if you consider somebody criminal, then you don't negotiate with them. You don't make treaties with them, you don't sign a document with them. The fact that they're signing a document with the Muslims actually meant that for the first time, the Quraysh have acknowledged the Muslims as a legitimate government of their own. So they that legitimize the Muslims in the eyes of the entire region, you see the most important people, the most powerful political people in all of Arabia were the people of Mecca. So

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if the people have makara, signing a paper alongside another group, then that group becomes super important. Now the thing is in all of Mecca, the just the year before I told you remember how the Quran gathered everybody to try to kill the Muslims. So they gather people from all these different tribes, those tribes were not necessarily enemies of Islam, but they figured, hey, if the Croatia is calling us, it's gonna be expensive for us to send our soldiers and take our horses and go into Medina and attack Medina, it will be expensive, but once we kill everybody in Medina will make a lot of money. So they weren't interested in destroying Islam, they were interested in making money.

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That's what it was. But that didn't work. They stayed outside Medina, the invasion of Medina didn't happen. And they had to go back all that money was lost. But not only was that money lost, they lost the credibility they used to have for Mecca. Next time I asked them to do something, they're not going to do it. Next time, courage says, Hey, want to come along with us, they're not going to listen anymore. Moreover, a year ago, we were ready to kill these people in their own city. A year later, they show up unarmed at the throat of Quraysh. And the courageous so scared that they signed a treaty. So who's this we I think we were backing the wrong horse here. We were backing the wrong

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side. These guys are so powerful, even though police are scared of them. And these guys are so fearless that they left their homes unarmed and showed up at the enemy's door. They don't even care. So this what this did, when this peace treaty happened, by the way, this is now years of no war, we will not fight each other. Right. And in this time, all these different tribes that used to not there weren't sure what's going on. Now all of a sudden, they have huge respect for the Muslims. They have huge respect for them. And now tribes after tribes after tribes are coming in and starting to accept Islam, because, you know, for for legitimate reasons, but also they see this is the new

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big power. So if you look at a map of Arabia before who they via the map of Arabia if the coloration colored a certain way, you know how they have election maps, and

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blue and red with Democrats and Republicans and things like that, if the kurush were a certain color, then most of the map was their color. And some of it was the Muslim color. Let's say why, because of who they be. And now the influence of the Muslims is increasing, you know, and the Quraysh are now getting choked. They're getting their influence is getting reduced and reduced and reduced and reduced. That's actually what happened. And in that sense, this was already a massive victory for the Muslims. Now, they didn't have to convince other tribes to come and accept Islam. other tribes were coming over to the Prophet's life for them to accept Islam. And when a tribal

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tribe leader comes in accepts Islam, you know what that means? The whole tribe is following. Right? So this is called animal food, the year of delegations people would come every year, you know, every now and then groups would come to meet with the prophet SAW Selim, and entire tribes would become Muslim. So yeah, at face value would look like we couldn't even make Hajj, we have to go back frustrated. But the victory that came to Islam as a result that was guaranteed already was bigger than any battle could have given us. It was bigger than any battle, some hope of a political standpoint, this was absolutely incredible as an advantage to the Muslims. But the Quran mentions

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all of this meaning what I just described to you the political gains, all of this is described as Ohara lambda Diwali HA, HA tala will be here. Other than this actual victory, secondary second status, some things you haven't had power over yet Allah has encircled that for you given it to you. In other words, the political gains of Islam and the political gains of the Muslims and the Muslim population increasing. Allah considers that victory number two, but not number one, something else is the top victory as far as allies concerned. And so that's what he describes as this final idea of certain facts. And to help you understand that, let's talk a little bit about frustration. How many

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people here have gone to HUD, okay, if you're going to HUD, you spend a lot of money. You it's very difficult to, you know, secure the package and all of that it's not an easy trip. And you have to say goodbye to your family, and you know, pack and all these concerns, and of course, the lines at the airport. And you know, when we go from the United States, actually, we have an easier time you show an American passport, you get a little bit easier time. You go with a Pakistani passport, a Bangladeshi passport, a serial Lankan passport, you know how you're going to get treated? Right? And so when you go and you see these people in the camps, and you see, you know, people standing in

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Long, long lines waiting to get your passport stamped and all of this other stuff, difficulty. I imagine even if we don't have those difficulties, somebody goes from here from Texas or from New York or California. They go and they make it all the way to Jeddah, right. It was a long flight, we have to stop over to stumble or we have to stop here. They're finally made it you know, and when we get there, and the you know, the passport control officer says sorry, your visa is not acceptable. You have to go back. If they say that to 100 people at the airport 100 people who came for Hajj, what do you think is going to happen at the airport?

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If you if 1000. If they said to 1000 people, let's see this eight to 1400 people who say your passport is not acceptable. You have to go back now this is not kuffar telling you that that's Muslims telling you. You can come back next year. You can come back next year. You are going to have riots at the airport. You can have microphone announcement saying calm down Everyone calm down, please take your is anybody gonna listen? No. There are well over between 14 118 100 people in front of the Prophet Solo Solo. They didn't take a flight with air conditioning and a flight attendant saying Would you like some more water? Would you like a hot towel? Would you like they didn't come

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like that they came through the desert. And they almost got killed several times. And now they're being told, go back home come next year. By the way, go back home come next year is not even a guarantee because who's telling you that your enemy is telling you that we would love to see you dead. So they may be lying to you already. They may not honor their Treaty. You know, we like Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah home, these people, their oath cannot be trusted. And they're telling you go back. And even if you did go back, even if you did go back, is it a guarantee you can even afford to come back the next time? The people who made it all the way to Hajj, don't you think they

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basically used up all of their life savings to make this this trip is not an easy trip to make, especially with somebody you know, these people barely had enough to eat for a day or two. And now they've got sacrificial camels that they're bringing with them. This is a huge amount of money that they spent life savings that they spent not only the risk that they came to make hudge so when they were told, go back. This is not just after a long flight. This is after attempted killing, attempting killing of the prophets. I send them off man almost being killed the prophets. I saw them being insulted during negotiations. Abu Jamal has just come in chains. This is one of ours. He has

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to be taken back. If a Muslim runs away from Makkah and makes it to Medina, what's the treaty, send him back. He can't stay send him back. Let him let him go back to that that you know, in the hands of the enemy again, and we've agreed to all of this

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Then the prophet SAW Selim says to them, shave your heads, let's go back take care of grandma.

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And would you would expect Why do we did the Prophet sighs I don't have a microphone, that I have a mountain he can stand on top of. So when he speaks, he can over over in his voice can be heard over everybody else's voice. No, he doesn't. He's speaking in a normal voice to 1000s of people, hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of people that are angry, like they've never been angry before, that are frustrated, like they've never been frustrated before. By the way, this is not just any city. This is Makkah, these are the people who tried to kill the prophet SAW Salem three times in war already three times within the last decade. And before then they tried to kill him when he used to live in

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Makkah, and he barely escaped. So these are not just any people. So the kind of animosity and the anger that the Muslims have inside them against these people is not a normal kind of anger. And yet, when the prophet SAW Selim says to them, take your arm off. Remember, I told you yesterday that nobody got up. And they all stay quiet? Let me tell you, if you had any other group of people on earth, sitting there, in those circumstances, they would not be sitting quiet.

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Nobody would be sitting quiet, there would be a riot, there would be chaos, nobody would be following chain of command. Everybody would be doing their own thing. There will be huge amounts of noise, yelling and screaming, there will be infighting. Some of them will say forget this, I'm going and I'm fighting them, I'll kill them myself. All kinds of chaos will be happening. And yet the they controlled all of that those eruptions of emotional earthquakes, those those anger eruptions that you can only expect from any human being. They were not able, they didn't display any of that, and they remain calm and settled. And they just sat there quietly, and not knowing what to do. Just

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containing that anger alone was one of the most huge accomplishments, one of the greatest accomplishments. So what does Allah say, LS has, by the way, the fact that they didn't fight, and the fact that they went back is not because they're cowards. So unless as Muhammad Rasulullah will live in America, who said that while Kufa Rama avena home, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi salam, and those who are with him. These people that are with him right now are intense. They're tough against the disbelievers. You will imagine an ayah like this one tough against the disbelievers would come when we're going into battle. But this is not an ayah where

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we're going into battle we're actually walking away peacefully, Allah saying, I know how tough you are. And I know how hard it was for you this time, to not fight to not fight. And that doesn't take away how strongly you feel against these enemies. And you are merciful and loving and caring towards each other. rahama obey now. And so then Allah starts describing these people and their qualities that are Homura and soldier, then you have the hoonah fundamental law, what is one and you'll see them in ruku in such that they're trying to make they're trying to earn special blessings from Allah, and they're trying to earn his contentment. By the way, our worship is accepted, when we

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follow the way of our messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Yes, Allah says but to be only Allah, the prophet is told to say Follow me, Allah will love you. So if in their head, what Allah will love us when we do Hajj, no, Allah will love us when we follow our prophets, I send them so if our Prophet says, Don't make hides, that's better for us. When our Prophet says, slaughter the animal and give the meat to these people, it's better for us. And so they're not interested in their what they want. They're only interested in following what our messenger wants sallallahu wasallam because they know that's better for them. You have to hoonah cobalamin Allah, he wouldn't wanna, they can

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put all of their feelings aside, and putting your feelings aside like anger and frustration and injustice, the feeling that you've been dealt with, and just say, putting that aside is not an easy thing. But they were able to put all of that aside, and just remain calm still. And so unless I see my home fee, would you hit him in a fetish suit, you'll find the marks of such that on their foreheads. And it also means the mark of humility, they will they will submit before Allah and they understand that submitting before Allah actually means submitting before whatever decision the Prophet tells you to make, even though every every cell in your body, every drop of blood in your

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body is going, your feelings are going against it. But your messenger said it and that's enough for you. You're able to control that and curb it and really put yourself tame yourself even though you're turning into a wild horse. And so now we get to this analogy Alyssa valleca methylome fit Alright, this is how they were described even in thought. It was a remarkable gift. Allah has told us that the followers of the prophet SAW Selim has been they have already been described in previous scripture, like these incredible people. Well, methylome filion Jean, and the way they are described in the Injeel in the scripture given to Jesus is cancer in Africa who for azzaro Festival, lava

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festival, Allah Suki listen to this part. This is the victory of the Prophet size of them. He says these people are like crop

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These two Bible describes these people like crop cropping seeds, that farmer puts in the ground. In Africa shadow, it brings its blade out like a little tiny piece of grass comes out of the ground for us as a whole, then it starts becoming reinforced, it reinforces itself, the little blade gets thicker and thicker, and it can stand on its own. It's not flickering in the wind, it can stand by itself now it's getting stronger, faster, but then it becomes hard and thick, meaning like the like the bark of a tree, right or a thick stem of a plant. First Allah Allah super hidden, it stands firm, on its branch, it stands tall, it's got a spine. Now, this is the the analogy of the

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companions is the analogy of a seed that turns into a tree or turns turns into a tall crop. And then unless as you observe are that the farmer who put it in the farmers who put it in are impressed with the growth with their growth. Basically, what this is describing is how a crop matures right? The greatest, the greatest victory of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi. wasallam is the maturity of his companions is the maturity of his comparing how much they were able to control themselves and remain firm on their faith. And it wasn't easy to do that. The prophets I said, I'm cultivated them to do that step by step by step to the point you know, in the analogy in the beginning, it's just a seed,

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a seed cannot take care of itself. A seed has to be watered, a seed, the soil has to be protected, insects have to be removed. When it's a small blade, it still has to be protected and guarded. When it starts turning stronger and stronger. It can first Allah Allah Suki, he can stand on its own. Allah is describing these companions were so mature, that even if they were all alone, and there was nobody else around to support them, or to give them reinforcement in their faith, they can still stand by their faith. They can still each one of them by themselves became an ambassador of Islam. This was the greatest victory of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam that he was able to produce

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people like that that changed the world. First or Allah soupy you arguable surah Leah Hiva became a local farmer. The farmer is impressed. And those the disbelievers are absolutely frustrated by these people understand this part of the analogy, this is the victory of the profit slice of them. A nation has risen, that can stand and hold on to its faith no matter what the situation outside, they will commit themselves to the faith. They don't follow the ways of society. They don't fall into peer pressure. They don't become weak on their own. They continue to find their strength in their loyalty to their Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, you cannot bend them. You cannot bend these people.

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And when you can't bend them, disbelievers hate it because they love people you can bend they love people you can influence but these people can't be influenced their their their stem is too strong. They stand on the spine. You know, the bark is thick, you know for Stella foster wireless. Okay, so Leo, Hiva hamilcar? What does that mean for you and me, what it actually means is we have to continue the victory of the Prophet of Allah Salallahu alaihe salam, and I'm especially talking to young people here, young people are considered impulsive, young people are considered weak in their willpower. In other words, you can just show them a couple of ads and they say, Man, I gotta get

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those shoes, or I gotta watch that movie, or I gotta get that kind of phone. You just give them what they should desire. And they'll just run after it, whether it's fashion or entertainment or, you know, some kind of luxury, they're just going to run after it one after the other. But if you can take those same young people, and you can give them the majority, that profit wants to give them some a lot more and you sell them, you can mature them into this crop, then they don't go into high school, and they don't go into college, following other people's trends. They stand on their own. They're not trying to imitate anybody. They're not trying to impress anybody. The only one they're

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interested in impressing is Allah, you have the hoonah phenomena law, he wouldn't wanna in the same ayah The only one they're interested in pursuing the favor of is Allah so long as he's happy. I don't need to impress anybody. They don't they don't want to fit in. They don't want to like talk to talk with anybody else. They don't look at somebody else and say, Man, I wish I had that. They don't just they don't have it. They have way too mature for that. And when people see other young people see that they say man what he's our age, but he's mature like he's twice our age. How is he like that? How is she like that? That came from their faith that came from the the crop that the prophet

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SAW Selim produces sallallahu Sallam that's the that's the power of it. Yeah, he was alright Leo, he will be he will go far where the LA Latina Avenue where I mean aside, he had him in Houma, Felton, Washington, Allah has promised those who believed and those who do do good deeds from among them, forgiveness and great reward. Now you tell me, what's the most important motivation to go to Hajj?

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Like Why Does somebody want to go to Hajj you know what you earn when you come back from the Hajj that's accepted. Forgiveness, clean slate. A lot promised these people a clean slate. They didn't get to do hard, but a lot of promise them forgiveness because what they did what they did

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What they did is actually the reason you and I are able to go to Hajj that's the reason we're able to go to Hajj You know, when they slaughter those animals, and they fed them to the crush. They're the reason we're able to slaughter animals today. And we give them a charity and eat ourselves there The reason we can do that, so they became the greatest victory of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam said this to you folks before, and during the series when I was was in Cape Town, but I'll repeat myself are messengers of the law of racism did not leave behind skyscrapers, and major highways and monuments. And like pyramids, and you know, other nations left these buildings behind. Our Prophet

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didn't leave buildings behind our Prophet left people behind people, people that were like buildings, people whose personalities carried Islam to this day, it carries Islam. And those that's actually what we that that's what Islam actually means to cultivate people and to turn them into something so powerful, so independent and so mature that society and trends and peer pressure, and media, none of that stuff wavers us, it doesn't shake us something new comes out nowadays. And Muslims are like, how do we respond to this? How do we respond to that? A tree stands the wind blows this way, the wind blows that way. The tree is still standing. The tree doesn't move. You know,

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that's what we're supposed to become. That is the victory of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam. That is why actually he is the final messenger. He's the final messenger because he produced people like that, because now those people will stand tall, and they have the book that will give them the strength to continue to stand tall. They will waver again, I pray that Allah azza wa jal makes us the continuation of the victory of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, especially our young generation, that they learn to stand tall and understand the purpose that was handed down to them. Leah coonara solutia hidden Aleikum, wa kulu Shahada, Allah knows. So the messenger could be a

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witness over you, and you must be witness over all humanity. You must stand tall and witness over all of humanity. And so this this is actually something very heavy that Allah has given us in this profound ayah in enough tecnologica for Tamil VEDA and this final IRA certified barakallahu li walakum Quranic Hakim when finally we accompany it with the King Solomon