Ramadan 2019 – Allah Loves – Episode 17 – Humility

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Santa Monica, welcome back to Allah loves. So we talked a lot about healthy pride and some of these things that typically don't get associated with positive connotations in the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And then we got to gentleness. Now the best way to actually merge these concepts is to look at this beautiful ayah in the Quran, which a lot talks about a group of people that he loves a loss paradise says to the believers, many of them in common Dini, for Sophia to be calm in your humble home where you have Luna, that whoever amongst you turns away from his religion, then Allah will replace them with the people that love Allah and that are beloved to

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Allah. So Allah mentions that these people truly love Allah and they are truly loved by Allah. Then Allah mentions the characteristics and alasa parents Ana says as the Latin Allah meaning they are humbled amongst the believers, or is that an animal caffeine and they carried themselves with dignity amongst this believers. uj do not face a beauty law, they strive in the path of Allah, what are your halfmoon Aloma Tila and they don't fear the blame of the blamers. Now, we talked about an unhealthy pride and a healthy type of pride. There's also an unhealthy humility, there's disgrace and the nominalization Allah has an entire chapter distinguishing the positive sense of humility

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from unhealthy humility, a sense of humility, which actually leads to disgrace. So the Latin meaning or is it in either caffeine? So being humble amongst the believers, and being dignified amongst this believers? Does this mean being disrespectful to those that don't believe does this mean harming them? No, we just finished in the previous episode, the profit slice on maintaining a sense of connectedness and a sense of composure, in the face of tots. What this means is that you do not relinquish your faith or your principles, or your Islam in the presence of other people. So let's compare these two qualities together. And let's think about how we apply them today. All right, a

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little mini, humble amongst the believers, you'll find people Subhanallah that carry themselves with such dignity and courtesy amongst people that aren't Muslims with men, when they're amongst their own. They become ruthless, they suddenly let go of all those types of things. So you know, one of my Messiah talked about who was enough to come and the cool images that you take your beauty to the massage that some people you know, that's not just talking about your clothes, you take your beautiful add up your character and those types of things, you find people that are so courteous at work, that come to the messenger, then suddenly, out of a sense of comfort, demonstrate a certain

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sense of pride and arrogance amongst the believers. And that's not the way that we're called to be a villain either meaning Allah says we should humble ourselves with extreme humility amongst the believers. And that humility is actually a very strong word. Villa means humiliation, that you bring yourself down, you lower your wing, you bring yourself down, and you always deal with a great sense of humility. Now, you don't not deal with humility with people that are not believers. No. But at the same time, that humility that you have does not lead you to disgrace yourself with your faith amongst people that don't believe in it. So someone out of that same humility and mercy that they're

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that they're supposed to be showing amongst them what money might take that into the public. And not only will they accept taunt, and will they accept people that, that do things to them, but they'll actually hide their faith, they will actually relinquish it. So you know, someone might look at this verse and they would say, Well, does that mean I should go to like my non Muslim neighbor and I should like, bang on their door and Christmas and say, take down your Christmas decorations? Know what that does mean is that under eat, you proudly go over and you say, you know, we just fasted the month of Ramadan. We are Muslims, and we want to share this experience with you. We'd like to share

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these. We'd like to share our gift with you. And you know, please accept this gift from us. It's not relinquishing your faith in the presence of people that don't believe in it, and a loss. pantai then mentions uj doing Effie sobhita law that they strive in the path of Allah when I halfmoon Allah tala and they don't fear the blame of the blamers. I've known him or him Allah mentions here that notice that Allah did not say they don't fear the blame of the disbelievers. Because oftentimes, the people that persecute you most, or that try to shame you out of your Islam, most are other Muslims. There are certain things that you can do that your non Muslim friends accept of your Islam so gently but

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then you're amongst your Muslim relatives, and they want you to stop doing this and they feel ashamed of this. And they've internalized that they love that humiliation from the outside to where they're now most vicious with people on the inside. Right and it speaks to a collective issue.

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So low mozzarella and they don't fear the blame of the blamers. No one can push you away from your faith inside the community outside the community. No one can shake you out of your own ethical core and out of your own principles of good character and good luck inside or outside. No one can force you to act rudely or to relinquish anything of what Allah subhanaw taala loves inside or outside. So this is a package that comes together. And the last comment that I'll give on this is one that I found very insightful from hustle and bustle Rahim Allah. He said that the curse of the believer is that he excels in one good quality. And so he tolerates the bad quality that comes with that. So we

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talked about healthy pride. It's very rare to find people that can actually utilize good pride when it's necessary and good humility when it's necessary. So it's very hard to find people that can strike that balance. We ask a lot to give that to us and to make us humble in His sight and proud of the things that he teaches us to be proud of and to be beloved as a result of that alumna. I mean, see you all next time in sha Allah. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.