Ramadan 2017 – Khatirah Night 24

Omar Suleiman


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Reflections on Terrorist Attack in Finsbury Park and Sister Nabra’s killing – This talk was delivered at the Valley Ranch Islamic Center.


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Not 100 reliable arminas salatu salam ala rasulillah

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Ernie wasabia sell them to semen Kathy, on your brothers and sisters somehow I don't know much of what to say just yesterday last night, I was reflecting on the people that have lost so many members of their family and seeing the members of those people that were lost to police brutality and the pain that it caused. But somehow not tonight, we we have so many awful things that have happened around the world for us to really reflect on

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and I just want you to think about you know, it just pains me to even think about what those last moments are like for our sister Nobre who was walking from you know, back to the masjid from stuccoed yesterday with her friends, a 17 year old girl, and somehow was beaten to death by a baseball bat and her body is found in a lake. May Allah subhanaw taala accept her as a shahida. May Allah make it easy for her parents and her family. I cannot imagine what her family is going through right now in these moments. And then somehow to law, we just hear about what happened in London, when a vehicle collided with people. It's not called a terrorist attack on a single one of the

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mainstream news outlets yet, a person goes into a crowd of Muslims screaming out Islamophobic things trying to mold Muslims over and not a single one of these mainstream media outlets has the integrity to call it a terrorist attack.

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A loss of hundreds Allah have mercy on those victims, may Allah subhanho wa Taala accept them as martyrs and this normal bond and make it easy for them in these families.

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What I was thinking of is when you connect that to some of you might have seen there was something that came out this morning, this artwork that was showing, it was a Syrian artist who had drawn the these world leaders, as if they were refugees. Imagine Donald Trump as a refugee, Vladimir Putin as a refugee, all of these different leaders, Barack Obama as a refugee, going one by one of the heads of state showing them as refugees. And somehow you can see the humiliated state of them in this artwork, and it's very powerful artwork. And the only thing that we learned from all of this, what not to have, and the law of often anomaly armineh law anymore. Don't think for a moment that Allah

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subhanaw taala is unaware of what the oppressors and the transgressors do. Don't think for a moment that will last Pentatonix unaware. And that does not mean that we comfort ourselves in a way that we don't try to make the situation better. I mean, these times are crazy, the fitna that we live in is really truly crazy. You can't be in a shopping mall, you can't be in a school, you can't be in a UPS store, you can't be anywhere, without wondering if some lunatic is going to do something to harm you or to harm someone from your family. And so spiritually, you always have to be connected to a loss. Because that one moment where everything changes suddenly, and you don't even have a chance to

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process what's happening. If you're in that situation. We you you don't know what to do. So you have to stay connected. And we have to commit ourselves to ending these this craziness and ending the cycle in whatever capacity that we can. But at the same time, remembering a loss of Hannah horchata is not unaware. Allah subhanaw taala is not unaware, even as we feel the sadness of our sister, young sister some how long, I mean, seeing the pictures pains me. And I mean, this is an active girl in the masjid just like any one of our girls that you know are our youth that are walking around the masjid outside a very happy young girl.

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We can only hope and we can only pray and shout lots out of that. Right now. Right now Allah subhanaw taala has already accepted her in that status of Shahada that she's already realizing the rewards in the paradise of Allah Subhana what's out and that none of that pain that was felt in this world remains with her now. But the pain of her parents, I don't know what to say except make you out for them make you out for them. This really hits so close to home. It really does make you out for the parents of this girl make her out for her family. I can't imagine what type of trauma and shock they're in right now. Yes, this happens overseas all the time. And people die all the time and

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go through these things all the time. And you know what we should always connect ourselves to the plight of the Syrian people and the plight of the Palestinian people and the plight of the people in Burma and wherever they may be. But at the same time, trying to always assign the human element to it. The human elements is where your empathy will come from. And that's where your route will be most sincere. And that's where again, you value what you have.

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you hug your children and you hold them close. You You remember that there might not that there might be a time where something crazy happens and this is all taken away. And even if it's not through at the hands of some murderer, or some terrorist, whatever it may be, even if they don't call them a terrorist Allah subhana wa tada has written down our times. And just last night when I said that enough sun mother taxi bovada woman said that enough soon be a Alden towards the verse was recited that no one knows what will happen tomorrow and no one knows in what lands it will be killed, and what place a person will die. We pray for those victims. We pray for them to be accepted

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as Shahada. We pray for their families, we pray for our communities. May Allah subhanaw taala keep us safe and protect our families and protect our sisters and protect the innocence all over the world and May Allah subhanho wa Taala never allow us to be a transgressing people never allow us to be an oppressive people. In the last few records on the last pinetown mentions of Wally moon, that they're standing up. They're standing on the day of judgment and their eyes are glazed. Because on that day, there are no excuses for these people. There are no excuses for these people on that day. And if you think that these oppressors look bad in the artwork, and I really want you to look at

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those images. Imagine how they will look on Yeoman piano.

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Imagine how they will look on Yeoman kiama Bashar and Donald Trump and hold these people if they don't make Toba. Allah knows their space. When the prophets lie. Some said that the nations are raised and everyone is raised, completely stripped of all clothes of all titles. And all they have are their deeds and the law anymore and the oppressors know that this is a date where no injustice will go We'll go unmentioned Allah subhana wa tada protect us from being a people of injustice and May Allah subhanaw taala Have mercy on our sister nebra and make it easy for her family. May Allah have mercy on our brothers and sisters in London that were killed today. May Allah subhana wa tada

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protect our communities and realize those that accept us as Shahada. I mean, it was like more famous than I want to come from.