Ramadan 2019 – Reminder 17 – What is Ihsaan

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Speaker 1 discusses the concept of sand and how it worships a law. He explains that the sand is a mixture of consciousness and reality, and that the ability to see and hear everything is crucial for developing a sense of consciousness. He uses the analogy of taqwa to describe his faith in the ability to see and hear everything.

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After explaining the six pillars of Eman, he was then asked,

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what was the sand and he explained that the sand was worshipping a law

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as if a law sees one.

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All worshipping knowing that the law sees the person because we cannot see a law.

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But having that sense of consciousness or awareness of a laws presence,

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by unnecessarily in his essence that his essence is mixed up with us here but in his attributes that he knows, he sees, he hears everything that we do.

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So, that level of the sand, this level of faith called Sam, this level is what taqwa is all about. It is to develop that sense of consciousness.